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prologic!@#$ I hate perl dependencies01:53
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prologichow bad is an upgrade from crux 2.7 -> 3.0 going to be :)08:53
prologicI'm thinking it would be easier to just re-install :)08:55
joacimI dont know about perl, but I can't stand python or ruby. Don't like you're sometimes forced to use their package managers08:56
joacimI rather manage that stuff myself, or make a port for it08:56
prologicWell I don't mind making a port for it09:38
prologicand I have a full mythtv 0.27 port with everything enabled09:38
prologicbut the sheer no. of perl libraries (3rd-party) needed are kinda insane :)09:38
prologicI'm a Python dev and I like that the Python std. lib comes with "batteries included" :)09:38
prologicanyway re upgrading my medix/mythtv box from crux 2.7 to crux 3.009:39
prologicI'm not sure how to go about it :)09:39
prologica) re-isntall from scratch a new 3.0 b) upgrade incrmentalls from 2.7 -> 2.8 -> 3.0 c) try to build mythtv 0.27 anyway and duplicate necessary/required ports09:39
prologicor c) do what I plan to do and separate our the backend/frontend and rackmount a new backend into my rack :)09:40
frinnsti'd go for option B10:06
frinnstor, i guess its 32bit?10:07
frinnstin that case, lock the toolchain on 2.8 and then just edit the repo files to 3.010:07
prologicyeah 32bit10:13
prologiccrux 2.7 i68610:13
joacimcpu too?10:13
prologicno cpu is a Core i310:13
prologic64bit capable10:13
prologicbut only 2GB of RAM in it10:13
prologicit's quite new hardware :)10:14
prologicI'm kinda thinking d) wait a few months, save up money to buy a rack-mounted backend unit/server and separate it out, move the antenna and hdtv cards and then re-install the old frontend then into just a frontend :)10:15
joacimshouldn't have to lock the toolchain then10:15
prologicno I wouldn't have thought so10:16
prologicoption b is definately worth a try maybe)10:16
prologiccould take many hours to get up and working properly though10:16
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jaegerI'd suggest just doing a new install and getting it out of the way14:51
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rmullWhat bitcoin client do people here like?19:51
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nweany idea how I can do so vlc start automatic when I insert an dvd/cd into my dvd..20:37
frinnstudev rule?20:37
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nwefrinnst: okey, will search on google :) hasn't work with udev so much..20:40
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prologicrmull, bitcoind itself here21:11
prologicjaeger, I like your attitude :)21:11
prologicmaybe I'll do just that!21:11
prologicjot down the drivers needed, firmware, etc21:11
prologicand just rebuild21:11
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jaegerprologic: I like to do fresh installs now and then to clean up cruft... usually it's easier and less time-consuming than cleaning said cruft manually21:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.0 -> 0.3.121:55
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xveehello everyone22:29
xveehappy new year and best of wishes to you all :)22:33
jaegerheyo, same to you. :)22:34
xveethanks jaeger! be safe everyone.22:35
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tilman"the nsa claims [...] that every attempt to implant iOS will always succeed"22:45
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