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xveenew goal: get gecko-mediaplayer02:07
xveeto install02:07
joacim-shouldnt be a problem02:22
joacim-install gmtk and gecko-mediaplayer02:23
joacim-i have some ports for gecko-mediaplayer and gmtk. they're old but they should still build after a version bump02:23
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xveehm. can i have a look see? i wanna attempt to make a pkgfile on my own. think it stime i learn anyway. would be cool to have a cheat sheet02:39
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prologicjaeger, I think I agree with you03:30
prologicjaeger, trouble is I don't do this all that often :)03:30
prologiconce you've built an appliance or server it tends to stay that way for years on end :)03:30
jaegerI try not to let things get stagnant like that. It might seem like a lot of work but I think it ends up being less in the long term.03:38
xveehey jaeger do you use any tools to monitor the computers real time?03:40
jaegerNot really real time, no. I use munin and nagios and keep an eye on some syslogs03:42
xveeall your computers run linux?03:52
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xveehey joacim i checked out your ports, but dont see gecko media player04:18
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jaegerxvee: the ones I care about do04:28
xveejaeger: thats pretty cool. must be nice not having a bunch of thnks go wrong04:30
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xveejoacim: have you gotten gecko media player to plac enice with chromium?05:41
prologicjaeger, I think I need a way to manage multiple machines, servers, etc and keep them in sync with updated software - a configuration management tool for crux boxes :)05:50
prologicall my machines run crux05:50
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Romsteri got 6 machines on crux and am finding a sysup tool would be nice06:55
Romsteri got 3 cpu types though06:55
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prologicwell needs to be a bit more sophsticated than just s sysup tool07:27
prologicit needs to be a tool like ansible, chef, puppet, or salt07:27
prologicthat manages the machines's configuration and state07:28
Romstergoing back to windows to play a game in steam... because i'm too lazy to bother with steam in linux.07:33
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prologicwe have a stream port for crux07:45
prologicgeez lious :)07:45
prologicjust install it already :)07:45
frinnstfuck, i need to get veeam certified this month07:56
frinnstthought i had until march07:56
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frinnstyeah, backup software08:50
frinnstoh noes, i failed the online cert09:59
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frinnstasked a bunch of hyperv questions :(09:59
Romsterand when i have time i don't feel in the mood too....10:00
prologicanyone have issues with playing movies on google play on crux?10:03
prologicdoesn't work here for me, just a black/blank flash player window10:03
frinnstgoogle play?10:07
frinnsti only see android apps / books on google play10:08
frinnstbut quite possible that they require a newer flash than what adobe provides for linux10:08
frinnsti've started to see it on various sites10:09
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prologicand this is in Chrome11:59
prologicwhich includes a flash player right?11:59
prologicanyway I've tried two movies - no workie workie12:00
prologicwoot woot12:10
prologicgot my bfl 5GH/s miner few days ago, and just got it working12:10
prologicmining at ~6-7 GH/s12:10
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joacimaw shit. xvee just left. the least he could do was wait 11 hours for me to get out of bed13:36
jaegerprologic: which window manager/decorator do you use with compiz these days?13:43
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frinnstwhat a bunch of cunts15:23
tilmanfrinnst: watched the talk?15:32
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frinnsttilman: yeah20:28
frinnstbtw, is there a "part 1"? :)20:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: grep: updated to 2.1620:33
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tilmanfrinnst: yes, should be on yt as well21:19
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prologicjaeger, XFCE4 - been using that for a few years now22:16
prologicjaeger, wish I could get full-screen-zoom like compiz with WMs like blackbox or windowmaker though - wouldn't mind going back to simpler WMs :)22:17
jaegerdoes compiz still need a window decorator?22:17
jaegeralso, I wonder if anyone's making something to replace it, it seems dead22:21
jaegerfair point, though wayland's a long way from usable22:22
jaegerusable as a drop-in replacement, I mean22:23
prologicjaeger, the version I'm running does yeah22:35
prologicjaeger, tbh I'm not sure of the future of vcompiz at all22:35
prologicsince canonical have taken it over :/22:36
prologicand ihmo ruined it22:36
prologicI'm running a slightly older version22:36
prologicyeah Wayland is not a drop-in replacement22:36
prologicnor does it have the ezoom functionality that I depend on22:36
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