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jaegerthanks for taking some time to look at it, I'll keep digging00:03
tilmanmaybe you should first use a profiler and see where the process is spending its cycles00:03
tilmancd $kernelsrc/tools/perf && make00:04
tilmanand get a debug build for gnome-shell00:04
jaegerhrmm... wonder if that's something I'll actually understand :D I guess it can't hurt to try00:05
tilman(CFLAGS="-O0 -g", configure --enable-debug as a random guess, then pkgmk -ns -kw00:05
tilman_then_ tweak your wrapper script to run:00:05
tilmanperf record /usr/bin/gnome-shell00:05
jaegerDoes the kernel's profiling support need to be enabled or is that only for profiling the kernel itself?00:06
tilmanthe latter00:06
tilmanrunning the shell for ~30s should suffice00:06
tilmanafterwards you can "perf report" to see what's up00:06
jaegerthanks, I'll try that. Should be an interesting learning experience00:06
tilmanlet me know if you need a little hand holding =)00:07
tilmangonna crash now00:07
jaegerwill do, thanks!00:07
jaegertake care00:07
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xveehello everyone07:59
joacimhey xvee08:36
joacimyou asked to see some of my stuff a few days ago08:36
joacimstill interested?08:36
nwegood morning08:42
joacimmorning =)08:42
nwehow are you guys?08:42
joacimdoing fine. a bit tired08:42
joacimand you08:42
nweim fine, I have just eating some breakfast..08:43
joacimxvee: <- this contains gnome-mplayer and gmtk, but not gecko-mediaplayer08:44
joacimI never made one for gecko-mediaplayer since I was trying to use webkit based browsers at the time, and it seemed like gecko-mediaplayer wanted gecko/firefox to build08:45
xveejoacim: i want gecko-mediaplayer to get youtube to work08:57
xveei found this nifty little tool that forces html5 to play, but for some reason, wont without gecko-mediaplayer08:58
xveeim trying to go as open source as possible, but flash is the only thing left thats really holding me back08:58
joacimgecko-mediaplayer depends on gmtk anyways08:58
joacimwhich my tarball contains08:59
xveeare you on chrome or firefox by any chance?08:59
xveeoh yea, you have a mac08:59
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tilmanjaeger,frinnst: can you add --enable-glx-tls to xorg/mesa3d and compat32/mesa3d-32? that one makes dota2 work for me10:53
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frinnstyeah we need it for glamor too.13:09
frinnsti'll add it to xorg13:09
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: build with --enable-glx-tls13:15
tilmandon't leave compat32 to bitrot plx13:17
frinnsti dont commit to that repo, romster or jaeger will pick it up13:19
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tilmanok, thanks13:35
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jaegertilman: any known side effects of enabling that?14:35
jaegertilman: I left perf report running overnight and it hasn't printed anything :/14:36
tilmanjaeger: not that i know of14:37
tilmanperf report is just the user interface; it should show stuff instantly14:37
jaegerthat's kinda what I figured14:37
tilmantry "perf record less randomreadme" to learn how it works14:38
tilmanit will write the results file ( by default, iirc) once the child process (here: less) exits14:38
jaegerperhaps I'm missing some lib it needs to display14:38
jaegerIt did create perf.data14:38
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tilmanjaeger: does it work with a trivial test case?14:47
jaegerdon't know yet, was trying to recompile it with TUI support. I'll test the trivial case first, makes more sense14:52
tilmanTUI not needed14:52
tilmani like the basic interface better even14:52
jaegerAh, ok. Yeah, it worked fine, seems like14:53
jaegerinstant output14:53
tilmanhow large is the from gnome-shell?14:53
jaegervs. 232K for the less test14:54
tilmanshould be fine14:54
tilmancare to upload the 5M one?14:55
jaegergrrr, fuckin' scp14:56
tilmani've never seen that before14:57
jaegerfigures. :(14:57
jaegersame result for you?14:57
tilmanit just sits there for me as well14:57
jaegerI'll try generating a new one14:57
tilmanthere's another thing you can try14:58
tilmanignore the perf record stuff; just run gnome-shell14:58
tilmanand then  run "perf top"14:58
tilmanthat might give some clues to the problem itself14:59
jaegerinteresting indeed. jumps to the top of the list15:00
jaegerwith [kernel] and behind it15:01
tilmanyou're interested in the names of the functions in gnome-shell that are at the top15:01
tilmanyou should be able to zoom into gnome-shell15:01
prologicgot a port for the android-sdk-platform-tools in my repo if anyone's interested15:01
jaegergnome-shell isn't even listed... am I invoking perf top wrong?15:02
jaegerit just shows a bunch of libraries and a few processes. htop, bash, perf, Xorg15:02
jaegerI rebuilt gnome-shell with CFLAGS set to -O0 -g but it doesn't support --enable-debug in its configure script. I also did not strip it15:03
tilmanthat should be fine :|15:05 popped up in the list but it's 0.00%15:06
jaegermy perf top output doesn't look like what the perf wiki shows, wonder why15:08
tilmani'm pretty sure the wiki is outdated15:08
jaeger <-- there's what it's displaying15:10
jaegerIt complains that it can't find a vmlinux file so kernel samples won't be resolved, is that the problem here?15:15
tilmannope, since you're not interested in the kernel15:16
tilmanwe only care about userspace processes15:16
jaegerdso: gnome-shell.orig (/usr/bin/gnome-shell.orig, Functions, NOT loaded, 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)15:22
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jaegeralso interesting: results are different when running perf record as root and via sudo15:31
jaegergood to know15:31
jaegerwell, slightly different. still not much info15:32
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Rotwanghai hai15:56
tilmanjaeger: sorry, no ida16:13
jaegertilman: no worries, thanks for trying to help :)16:16
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: build with --enable-glx-tls17:23
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xveehi everyone. would someone be willing to test something out for me? if you have chrome or firefox, you can install grease monkey addon and add the following script: . if you go to youtube, you can change the default player which is set to auto to html5. can you let me know if it plays for you?19:55
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nrxtxxvee: long time for an answer was on holiday :D -> did not try bumblebee with the open source drivers23:05
xveenrxtx: ha its okay. i figured holidays and all, no too many people would be active23:14
nrxtxxvee: what i still did not test is first optimus support in official binary drivers:
xveeonce i get my computer back, i might give it a look see.23:36
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