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darklight_Is development for 3.1 underway ?13:40
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frinnstdarklight_: yes14:24
frinnstearly stages still14:24
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AlexS[fob]I have a mirror for crux: but apparently the mirror process could not connect to anymore15:22
AlexS[fob]anything had changed?15:22
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jaegerlooks like one of the addresses is down and the other needs to be updated in DNS. oops15:25
jaegerthanks for pointing that out15:25
AlexS[fob]no problem15:26
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Fayhello everyone16:02
Fayim a long time slackware user, but ive been looking something diffrent but similar to slackware, is crux alot like slackware?16:03
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rmullFay: I haven't used slackware, but my impression of it is that they tend to stay pretty close to upstream, without applying a ton of distro-maintained patches and stuff. Crux is like that too.16:06
Faycrux uses bsd init scripts right? rc.d etc.16:07
Fayawesome :)16:08
Fayis crux fairly well maintained? by that i mean fairly up to date kernel and package versions16:09
tilmanthe kernel would be your own responsibility16:10
tilmanports are faily up to date usually16:10
Faysounds perfect, thanks guys16:11
tilmanyou can use the port search on to see what's available and at which versions16:11
Fayokay, are the packages basically just tar archives?16:12
jaegeryes. They don't store metadata16:12
Fayso making my own packages is essentially just a single script right?16:13
rmullThe script is for building the package from source16:13
jaegerIt depends; sometimes you might want to make a pre- or post-install script to add users or the like but for simple things a single Pkgfile is all you need.16:13
Fayokay its just like a slackbuild then :) im sold.16:14
jaegerPretty similar, I imagine, though it's been many years since I used slackware16:14
jaegerIf you have the time/resources you can always try it in a VM before installing on real hardware16:17
Faythats what im gonna do16:18
Fayoh wow pkgfiles are really really simple16:19
Faywhat about proprietary drivers? specificly amd's gpu driver16:22
jaegerAs far as I know there's nobody currently maintaining an fglrx port. We have a small user base.16:22
jaegerI don't personally have any AMD/ATI video cards16:23
Faybut i should be able to install it manually right? sorry for the plethora of questions :) just wanna know what im jumping into16:23
tilmanit may be a pita though16:24
Fayeh i can work with a pita, challenge accepted ya know16:24
Fayis crux-3.0.iso 64bit? or do i need to build the iso?16:28
jaeger3.0 is 64-bit but there's a newer one available at that would save some build time doing updates16:28
Fayokay, im gonna throw it into virtualbox and have a go at it.  Thanks for the q&a fellas16:31
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jaegergood luck :)16:32
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Fayso it looks like the latest version is corrupt.  MD5 didnt match on gcc.  im trying the september one now17:07
Fayfrack actually im getting the error on both of them17:07
jaegerodd. when's that happening?17:10
Faywhen it tries to install gcc it fails, so i redownloaded it and ran the md5 and it gave this error --> md5sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match17:11
jaegerduring setup?17:12
Fayyea it failed in setup17:12
Fayi ran the md5 locally though, not in the vm17:13
jaegersetup doesn't do md5 checks17:13
jaegerI'm confused17:13
Fayoh no no sorry :) i booted it in a vm, partitioned, formatted, mounted, and ran setup, during setup GCC failed to install.  So i killed the vm and ran the md5sum against the iso and it failed.17:15
jaegerAh, ok. That makes more sense.17:15
jaegerI'll check the ISO17:15
Fayok :)17:16
Fay    <--- that one failed the md5sum aswell17:16
jaegerIt does pass for me17:16
jaegerdo you have rsync available?17:17
Fayyeah ill try rsync17:17
jaegerAt least that way if the first download is corrupted you can sync the delta without starting over17:18
FayERROR: crux-3.0-20131119.iso failed verification -- update discarded.    <-- thats the output of rsync...weird17:21
jaegerWeird indeed. Maybe some data corruption is happening during the transfer.17:23
jaegerI can't duplicate it here, seems to be fine. Do you ever have trouble with other large downloads?17:24
Fayno but i have really fast internet17:25
jaegerWell, I suppose you could try downloading it from another location or repeating the rsync command to see if it gets further along17:26
jaegerIs the file size correct? 278921216 for the 1119 image.17:26
Fayits not even downloading via rsync17:27
Fayokay i used the -W perameter lets see if it passes now17:28
Faygood to go17:29
jaegerGood deal. Very odd occurrence, though. Are you behind a restrictive university/corporate firewall or similar?17:30
Fayim behind my firewall, but i tried it on my laptop aswell (not behind my fw) and got the same error, my download speed is ~8MB/s though so i may have been bottlenecking somewhere17:31
jaegerThe main ports repos are updated via rsync as well, will be interesting to see if you run into trouble.17:32
Fayeh worst case i limit rsync baudrates on my firewall17:34
Fayinstall success!17:38
Fayokay, ive been up all night, but im sold, i am officially a crux user :) thanks for the help17:45
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Amnesiais anyone using ruby over here19:48
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jaegernot I20:02
Rotwangme neither20:02
Amnesiayou folks don't know what you're missing:)20:03
Rotwangnot much I presume20:04
Amnesiahell yes, ruby's awesome:D20:04
rmullSo I just found the BTC wallet I lost four years ago, it had 50 BTC in it20:09
jaegernot bad20:10
rmullNot bad at all20:10
Rotwangso how much is btc these days?20:12
rmull$1000 USD per BTC20:12
rmullMakes the math easy :D20:13
jaegerIt's like $960 now, I think... still nice :)20:13
tilmanrmull \o/20:27
xveenice rmull!20:30
xveebeers on you today20:31
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