IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-01-07

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frinnst"Windows Update encountered an unknown error."08:25
nwenice error :)08:27
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prologic"sudo has encountered an unknown error."08:48
prologic"your system has been rm -rf'd"08:48
prologic"Please press ENTER to reboot"08:48
prologicMS Software Developers suck :)08:49
prologicor to put it another way08:49
prologicMaybe Windows users don't give two hoots? :)08:49
prologicAnd maybe that's also the attitude of Microsoft :)08:49
frinnstyeah their errors are not human readable08:49
prologictheir errosr are utterly useless08:49
prologicwaste of text08:50
prologicI learned the hard way back in 2001 not to use windows for anything08:50
prologicbecause I was studying software engineering at the time08:50
prologictry doing "real" development on windows08:50
frinnstyeah but good luck migrating smb's from microsoft08:50
frinnst"we want exchange!"08:51
frinnstthank god for office 365. if mail is down its no longer our fault and we cant do anything to fix it08:52
joacim"MS Software Developers suck :)"08:54
joacimheh. it really shows when they try to make software for OS X08:54
joacimor even gnu+linux08:54
frinnsttheir new osx/ios rdp client actually works08:55
prologicjoacim, I agree09:09
prologicbeing an OS X user at work :)09:09
prologicwork and suck are entirely different ihmo :)09:09
prologicit seems the more you try to make computers ot devices work for "users that don't give two hoots"09:10
prologicthe worse the software tends to be from a useability perspective when you're either a) a developer or b) a system or network administrator09:10
prologicthe same is even true of Ubuntu of recent times ihmo09:10
prologicI tried it once and went uggh09:10
prologicstraight back to CRUX :)09:10
frinnsttry administering sharepoint without blowing your own head off09:14
prologicthanks but no thanks :)09:16
prologicI refuse to administer windows desktops or servers09:16
frinnsti wish i could09:19
frinnstclash of clans is worse than heroin09:20
prologicyeah :/09:36
prologicI feel your pain09:36
frinnstyou also play?09:44
frinnstmy newphew talked me into start playing during xmas09:45
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prologicoh no sorry I don't :)09:47
prologicI meant about the work09:47
frinnstgood for you, never start :)09:48
prologicjust worked out how to enable developer options on my nexus 710:02
prologictap on the build no. 7 times10:02
prologicgeez :)10:02
prologichad to google that one!10:02
prologicbtw familiar with roms at all?10:02
prologicI'm thinking about installing Clean ROM10:02
prologicand customizing what Google Apps apps get installed10:02
frinnstnot really, i use a stock android for nexus10:06
prologicstock meaning?10:06
prologicthe google nexus android?10:07
frinnstthe official from google10:07
prologicahh k10:07
prologicyou just unlock it is all?10:07
prologicand root it?10:07
prologicand does everything still work?10:07
prologicwhat I mean is10:07
prologicdo all the google apps and services and updates still work okay?10:07
prologici.e: rooting it has no side effects other than giving you root access?10:07
frinnsti've installed "xposed installer" - lets you control what permissions are allowed per application10:08
prologicI think xposed does more than just that from what Iv'e read?10:08
prologichaven't really looked into it all that much tbh10:09
prologicbut sounds like I'm 5mins away from rooring my nexus 7 :)10:09
frinnstyeah but thats all i use it for10:09
prologicsoon as I find an usb cable that fits10:09
prologicahh k10:09
frinnstjust remember unlocking the bootloader will *wipe* everything10:09
prologicso you've rooted your phone/tablet just to give finer grain control over apps?10:09
frinnstiptables, adblock and stuff like that10:09
prologici.e: it'll do a factory reset?10:09
frinnstyes, and it will wipe the "sd-card" (the emulated storage)10:10
prologici.e: all app data storage10:10
prologicinstalled apps10:10
prologicetc etc10:10
prologicphotos, blah blah10:10
prologicgood thing I have nothing important on it10:10
prologicyet :)10:10
prologictbh I tend to keep important things on my own server10:10
prologicand currently utilize an owncloud isntance10:10
joacimIt'd suck if I lost my pictures folder10:11
joacimI have so many pictures saved from the internet10:11
joacimin case i'd ever need it10:11
prologicdo you also lock down location tracking?10:12
prologicwhat other meausres do you take to prevent unauthorized tracking of your device?10:12
prologice.g: mall wifi/4g tracking10:12
prologicthat do so by scanning for device ids10:12
prologicjoacim, yeah I tend not to "trust" mobile devices and use/own them only for convenience sake10:13
frinnstfrom google/apps ?10:13
prologicfrom anyone10:13
prologicmost malls in AU now track mobile and tablet devices10:13
prologicvia their bluetooth/wifi/4g/3g signals10:13
prologicnot kidding you10:13
prologicin fact most of our cities do too10:13
frinnstoh wow10:14
frinnsthow creepy10:14
prologicwe even have police vehicles equipeed with this kind of tracking as well10:14
prologicno seriously10:14
prologicI'm not kidding you10:14
prologicyou think it's bad in the US10:14
prologicwe (AU) are just like the US10:14
prologicwe follow the stupid bastards (sorry jaeger and other US guys) like little puppy dogs10:14
prologicdude currently ihmo sweeden, switcherland and germany are probably the best countries to be in right now10:15
prologicI'm going to have to try and find ways after  unlockgin my devices10:15
frinnstnot really, *all* ip-traffic (or any other form of traffic for that matter) is recorded10:15
prologicto hide the ssid(s) and other identifiers from prying eyes10:15
frinnstand sweden apparently are a "gold-partner" of the nsa10:16
prologicwell I'm sure you saw on the news10:16
prologicthat the AU government had been spying on the Indonesian preseidnet for many mayn eyars10:16
prologicsince the 70's in fact iirc10:16
prologichow f**king sad10:16
prologicI'm ashamed to call myself an aussie10:16
prologicif you ask me, these acts need to be criminal and those responsible brought to justice :)10:17
prologicwe live in such a paranoid world :/10:17
prologicsorry for all the deprssing chatter :)10:18
prologicbloody hell frinnst10:20
prologicwhat kind of usb port do these things have?10:20
prologicno standard cable seems to fit it?10:20
frinnstmicro usb10:20
prologicstandard micro usb?10:21
prologicthere's the confusion10:27
prologicI seem to have a lot of mini usb cables10:27
prologicgah ;)10:27
joacimI have lots of micro-usb10:28
joacimbut now i need a mini-usb10:28
prologicI'mm mail you a few :)10:31
joacimheh. gonna go buy one today10:31
joacimand a normal A-B cable. need one of those too10:31
joacimit is always the one you dont have that you need10:31
prologicfrinnst, walk me thorugh this again10:42
prologicEnable USB Debugging10:42
prologicadb something10:42
prologicadb something10:42
frinnstim not sure you need usb debugging, but you probably do10:43
prologicI created a port for android-sdk-platform-tools the other day and have that installed. asb version gives me: Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.3110:43
prologicI read somewhere you do10:43
frinnstboot into recovery mode (power + vol down)10:43
frinnstattach usb cable10:43
frinnst./fastboot oem unlock10:43
prologicthat's it?10:44
frinnstto unlock the bootloader, yes10:44
prologicoh right :)10:44
prologicthen I want to flash supersu to it right?10:44
frinnstyes, but you need to boot a custom recovery image first10:44
prologicoh ic10:45
prologicso three steps10:45
prologicI have an app for installing that10:45
prologicROM Manager10:45
prologicreckon that'll work as expected?10:45
prologicor just do it by hand?10:45
frinnstdoubt it works without root10:45
prologicapparently they claim it does10:45
prologicanyway I'll play it safe :)10:46
prologicthese tools/commands "just work" right? :)10:46
prologicso tesp #1 unlock the device10:46
frinnstyeah, might run into some udev/permission problems10:46
frinnstin that case just use root if youure lazy10:46
prologicoh wait10:46
prologicI misunderstood10:46
prologicpower the device off10:46
prologicthen power it on by pressing both vol down and power?10:47
frinnstmight be some other key-combination on your device. but probably not10:47
prologicpermissiong issueS?10:47
prologicthat doesn't sound particular good :)10:47
frinnstnah, its just that the udev-rule shipped with the sdk probably isnt installed10:48
frinnstdevice-node ownership and stuff like that10:48
prologicok I'm in recovery mode10:48
prologicoooh ic10:48
prologicI _could_ have installed it10:48
prologicbut I didn't10:48
frinnstso, "fastboot oem unlock"10:48
prologicdoing it all as root should be fine?10:48
prologicok so plug in10:49
prologicand fastboot oem unlock10:49
prologicas root10:49
prologic# adb devices10:51
prologicList of devices attached10:51
prologicno devices printed10:51
frinnstand you booted into recovery?10:51
prologicI haven't tried fastboot oem unlock yet10:52
prologicjust playing with the adb tool10:52
frinnstdont remember the flags for fastboot10:52
frinnstbut the device shows a green android?10:53
frinnstshould say "FASTBOOT MODE"10:53
prologicit's listed under lsudb10:53
prologicas Google Inc.10:53
prologicand identifying itself as an Androind device10:53
prologicyes green funny looking power cell thing10:54
prologicwith it's lid open10:54
frinnstnot sure adb will detect it when you boot into fastboot-mode10:54
prologicand yes it does say FASTBOOT MODE10:54
prologicin red10:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.1f10:54
frinnstyeah then youre golden10:54
prologicok let's nuke this sucker :)10:54
frinnstNO WAIT10:54
frinnstjust kidding :D10:54
prologicpressed the wrong frigg'n button10:55
prologicpressed power instead of vol up10:55
prologicto select "yes I really want to do this"10:55
prologic"may void warrenty blah blah"10:55
prologiclet's try this again10:57
prologicI'm pretty hopefuly for a blidn guy :)10:57
prologic# fastboot oem unlock10:58
prologic(bootloader) Unlocking bootloader...10:58
prologic(bootloader) erasing userdata...10:58
prologicwoot woot10:58
frinnstwhen the bootloader is unlocked and wiped, download and copy this to the internal storage:
prologicnow I'm at a new screen10:58
prologicthat says "START" at the top in green10:58
frinnstsweet, should say bootloader unlocked or something10:59
frinnstjust press the powerbutton to boot normally10:59
prologiclock state unlocked10:59
frinnstafk for a few minutes10:59
joacimI like how copying addresses from the google search page give you a google redirect link10:59
prologicok I'm pressing power to boot normally11:00
prologicfrinnst, it's sitting at the 4 dots to sqaure animation for a while - still got the cable in though11:03
prologicfinally at the fresh new welcome screen11:13
prologicI assume I set it up again as per normal11:13
teK_frinnst: which league are you in (clash of clans)? :)11:21
frinnstsilver 2 :)11:25
prologicfrinnst, here's where I'm at11:26
prologicbooted normally finally11:26
prologicresetup my device11:26
prologicand currently restoring apps and settinsgs11:26
prologicI had google backups turned on from last time11:26
prologicjust enabled libart too btw and reboted just then11:27
prologicalso downloaded to my desktop - wasn't sure where I was to download it to :)11:27
prologicI assumed we were going to fastboot flash or adb flash the file11:27
frinnstcopy the file to the storage, download the clockwork recovery-image. boot again to fastboot-mode and run "fastboot boot <clockwork-recovery-image>, choose to install the superuser.zip11:27
frinnst&& done11:27
prologicok hang on11:28
prologicbest way to copy to the sd storage?11:28
prologicand downloading latest clockworkmode recovery to my local desktop?11:28
frinnsti use simple-mtpfs11:28
prologiccp over usb storage11:28
frinnstnexus4 doesnt have usb mass-storage support11:28
prologicsimple-mtpfs huh11:29
prologicgot a Pkgfile for it? :)11:29
prologicfound some11:30
prologicmight use straight mtpfs11:30
teK_frinnst: my son is gold 1 afaik11:50
prologicfrinnst, I'm downloading the Google Nexus 7 (2013 LTE) clockworkmod recovery image from:
prologicsound right?11:51
prologiccp to / (sd storage) on the device11:51
prologicfastboot boot <path/to/clockwork/mod>?11:51
prologicdo I need to be in recovery mode again?11:52
frinnstteK_: im in my newphews clan with his friends11:52
prologicfastboot mode11:52
frinnstreading 11-year olds talking to each other is sooooo awesome11:52
prologicand this won't wipe data will it?11:53
frinnstno, only unlocking it wipes it11:53
frinnstits a securityfeature11:53
prologicand other commands obviously :)11:53
prologicso I'll wait till the recovery is done11:53
prologicand all apps/data are back11:53
prologicI can probably copy over the over now11:53
prologicsee if mtpfs works :)11:54
prologic# ls -111:55
prologicInternal storage11:55
prologicwhere am I copying this to? :)11:55
prologicI just earned $14 from my bitcoin miner12:06
prologicin a week12:06
nweprologic: where do you register for bitcoin?12:14
prologicfrinnst, so got recovery-clockwork-touch- in /root/tmp (desktop) rebooted nexus 7 into recovery mode (fast boot mode), copied over using simple-mtpfs and can see it in / on the sd stirage; now fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch-
prologicfrinnst, actually I'm not sure where the bloody got copied to12:16
teK_frinnst: hahaha :D12:17
prologicfrinnst, ahh it's in /storage/sdcard012:17
prologicsound right?12:17
frinnstor /sdcard or whatever12:20
frinnstwhere you have Music, etc directories12:21
prologicfrom simple-mtpfs's point of view?12:21
prologicNB: it doesn't look like that from the device itself :)12:21
prologicusing an terminal emulator12:21
prologicbut _is is_ where ALbums, Music, etc folders are12:21
prologic# cd nexus/12:22
prologic# ls12:22
prologicAlarmsAndroid  DCIM  Download  Movies  MusicNotifications  Pictures  Podcasts  Ringtones  superuser.zip12:22
frinnstso to boot the clockwork recovery image: boot into fastboot on the device12:22
frinnstrun fastboot boot <recovery image> on your computer12:23
prologicyeap gotcha12:23
prologiclet's see :)12:23
prologic*fingers crossed*12:23
prologicwow holy f**k12:25
prologicthat was quick12:25
prologickk got a new style menu now12:26
prologicI assume is clockworkmod12:26
prologicI assume I install the supersu.zip12:26
prologicthen reboot?12:26
prologicawesomly simple12:28
prologiccouldn't be simpler!12:28
frinnstbut reading the backlog suggest otherwise :D12:28
prologicthe only thing that made is hard for me12:28
prologicwas no clear instructions ont he web for anyone like us12:28
prologicthat prefers the CLI12:28
frinnstyeah, there are a shitload of stupid guides12:28
prologicjust being overly cautious :)12:28
prologicmostly windows guides too12:29
prologicI appreciate the help too btw :)12:29
prologicI suppose I could have read lots of confusing guides and bricked my device12:29
frinnstno problems12:29
frinnsti think you need to be *really* good to brick your device12:29
frinnstits quite foolproof these days12:29
prologicbut your help was rather invaluable :)12:29
prologicso it should be haha12:29
prologicfortuantely I can only count on one hand the no. of times I've bricked my own PC12:30
prologicbut I run out of fingers and toes the no. of times I've accidently firewaleld myself out of a network!12:30
prologicfrinnst, safe to run/test?12:40
frinnstdunno, never used it12:41
prologicyou just konw it's rooted because you can what?12:41
frinnstdownload afwall+ and test that12:41
prologicsu - from a terminal?12:41
frinnstyeah, that would also do it12:41
prologicI mean I do have a termianl on this12:41
prologicis there a default root pw?12:41
prologicbest to set one?12:42
frinnstthe superuser.apk will popup12:42
prologicany point in setting one?12:42
prologicahh yeap12:42
frinnstno, you will probably break something :)12:42
prologicit just pops up and asks you permissions12:43
prologicgotcha :)12:43
prologiccli ssh tools?12:44
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prologicdamnit m y desktop X froze sort of13:12
prologicrebooted and now X is f'd up!13:13
teK_did you do the mesa update? Which vga controller do you have?13:14
teK_what's f'd pu?13:14
prologicsomething in X is segfaulting13:15
teK_have you tried doing gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia?13:29
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prologicnot yet :) will try shortly13:49
prologicand we're back13:54
prologicthanks :)13:54
prologicnot sure which did the trick13:54
prologicbut all ports up-to-date13:54
prologicnow have a fully rooted nexus 713:54
prologicwith sshd running on it :)13:54
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joacimgreat day. my isp downgraded me from 10 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up to 20/214:01
joacimand my mac thinks my monitor is now a tv14:01
frinnstuh, why ?14:02
joacimswitched cable from hdmi-dvi to minidp-displayport14:03
joacimi guess the edid is different over dp14:03
frinnstyeah but your isp?14:04
frinnsthow can they "downgrade" you just like that?14:04
frinnst10/5 > 20/214:04
joacimno idea. i went to their office to pick up a new modem. i guess the guy at the desk thought it would be a good idea to downgrade me14:04
prologicyeah wtf14:05
prologichow can they just do that14:05
prologicI'd go bannas at them14:05
frinnstyeah id beat him up :D14:05
prologicso wouold i14:05
prologichow dare you touch my f'n internet :)14:06
joacimgonna get some bros together14:08
joacimand smash some windows14:08
prologicI'd just go yell at them until they up your upstream speed back!14:09
prologic5Mbps -> 2Mbps is just crap14:09
prologicgreat increase in downstream though14:09
prologicbut seriously I want more uspteram!14:09
joacimdon't really care about the downstream14:09
joacim10 Mbps was ok. 2 Mbps is not =)14:09
prologicI think I get barely 6Mbps/384Kbps here14:09
joacimI can get 50/5 if I paid al ittle bit more14:10
prologicI'm off a !@#$!@3 rim node14:10
prologicAU/Telstra cheap infrastructure to save costs on running cables to suburbs14:11
prologicthey stick (in my case) a DSL powered RIM which homes in the area connected to and share a single input bandwidth14:11
joacimthis is based on cable tv. my old adsl was 20/1.5 at most.14:11
prologicit's f'n crap14:11
joacimthink it averaged at 16/1.214:11
prologicand what's worse is in m area14:12
prologicthere are at least a few hundred houses on this rim14:12
prologicall sharing a single copper DSL powered rim node14:12
joacimI thought norway was bad =)14:12
joacimI guess we just seem bad when we are next to sweden14:12
prologicthis country is swimming with copper14:13
prologicjust ask Romster :)14:13
prologicand our beloved NBN Co proejct that our previous Labour govt. started is now ruined thanks to current Coalition/LIberal14:14
prologicawesome job there Tony Abbot14:14
prologicanyway I'd better get to bed14:14
prologichave work tomorrow (been sick for 2 days with a cold)14:14
prologicit's late :/14:14
joacimnot sure what i think about coalition governments14:14
prologicI'll tell you what I think14:15
prologicwhich is what I always say14:15
joacimi feel like it is cheating when a bunch of parties nobody want in power just can get together and form the majority14:15
prologicAll they care about is putting more money in their back pockets.14:15
frinnstheh, everybody loses instead, yay \o/14:15
prologichehe :)14:15
prologicthanks again frinnst :)14:15
prologicand g'night14:16
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*** pitillo has joined #crux14:24
joacimaw fuck it14:27
joacimjust got off their support line. turns out they downgraded the upload for everyone now14:28
frinnstwith no warning? how is that legal?14:29
joacimi dont think it is14:29
joacimcontract was signed for 10/514:29
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jaegerThere's undoubtedly some fine print that says "we reserve the right to blah blah blah without notice" in it somewhere14:29
joacimit is fine that they want to upgrade, but downgrading the upload is bullshit14:29
joacimyeah i guess14:30
joacimgoing to move later this year, so i'll see if i can find a place with decent cable options14:30
*** bedis has quit IRC14:32
frinnsti've beem with the same isp since 200114:37
prologicif it's a while befor eyou move14:37
prologicI'd go read that fine print14:37
prologicand fight them on it14:37
prologicassuming there is no "we reserve the right to blah blah balh without warning" part14:38
frinnsti doubt they can change fundamental things with their agreement14:38
frinnstatleast if the laws in .no are similar to those in .se14:38
frinnstthat would *not* fly in sweden14:39
prologicneither here14:41
joacimthe company that handles my phone service dont pull bullshit like this. i've been on the same phone service since 200714:41
joacimeven tho they've made made new plans and discontinued my old one14:41
frinnstthats my isp too14:41
frinnstwell, they own my isp14:42
joacimwith my plan i have to pay a minimum of 30 NOK each month14:42
joacimthe minimum for newer plans are 100 or something14:43
joacimmy isp is get. i'll probably go back to nextgentel when i move, unless altibox is available in that area14:44
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tilmanjue: are you subscribed to the spectrwm mailing list? did my mail get through to it (back in december)? the archives aren't public :|16:48
*** doomicide has quit IRC16:51
juetilman: yes and yes, if you mean the patch for spectrwm.117:10
tilmanthanks :)17:12
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libxfont: update to 1.4.717:13
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gettext: update to
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.917:56
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xveehi everyone19:22
xveehow do you gentlemen do19:49
joacimdoing well19:50
joacimgetting rich on selling my cards on steam19:50
xveewhat kind of cards?19:50
joacimdupes and summer cards19:50
joacimcards from games i dont care about19:50
xveeoh thats cool. make that money!19:50
joacimmade .95 euro already. Just barely enough for a cheap loaf of bread19:51
xveeyou live in sweden right?19:52
xveeprice of living isn't too bad there, is it?19:53
joacimit is expensive, but you make more than enough money19:53
joacimcan do pretty much anything and still make a decent living19:53
xveei read an article some time ago that sweden had some of the best paying teachers19:54
xveeour school had a teach aboard program and wanted to go, but its too expensive19:54
joacimteachers in norway are always complaining about low pay19:55
joacimi think people who do it for the money should get a job where they would make a lot of money19:55
xveewhat are some good paying jobs there?19:56
xveeill brb19:57
*** xvee has quit IRC19:57
joacimconsultant :p19:57
joacimoh ok19:58
*** pitillo has joined #crux20:00
*** xvee has joined #crux20:01
xveeyea. i think its really hard to find something that you love oding, and make decent money at it20:06
xveebut the cliche line of do what you love and money will come has some merit to it20:06
*** Rotwang has joined #crux20:06
frinnstFirst of all, as people keep asking about it. Netflix. This will indeed come to Raspbmc soon. As some of you have been curious as to how this is achieved I'll briefly explain here. Another PC will unfortunately be needed to stream it. This PC will play the stream and capture the Netflix window, which will then be streamed over the network to the Pi.20:06
xveefrinnst:im pretty sure there is software that does that now20:07
frinnstnot for arm20:07
xveewell, when i was looking at how to get netflix going for my rpi, they kept suggesting this one program20:07
frinnstx86 xbmc uses wine i think20:07
xveeyea the program i was looking at is suppose to run on another machine20:08
jaegerwine/pipelight are options, or streaming from another machine20:08
frinnstyep, and requires it to be windows from what i've read20:08
xveex86 most likely, rpi team said itll do20:08
jaegerthough xbmc is really bad at handling streams in my experience20:08
frinnstI tried to watch some various streams on my rpi. youtube worked ok. svt-play (swedish state-tv archive) suuuucked20:09
frinnstit was like everyone had seizures20:10
jaegerI tried to stream some video to my x86 xbmc machine from my main box a few times, xbmc couldn't keep up for some reason20:10
jaegerand this wasn't even HD Or high bitrates, it was SD video at ~700kbit/s20:10
frinnstover ethernet or wifi?20:10
xveeprobably wont help, but have you overclocked it?20:10
jaegergigabit ethernet20:11
jaegerit's already quad core 1.6GHz, that should be plenty :P20:11
jaegerI'll guess you meant the rpi, though20:11
xveeyea i did my bad20:11
xveejust reread what you wrote. you ran it on the x86 machine20:11
jaegerI didn't even try it on the rpi, figured it wouldn't work since the x86 machine couldn't do it20:11
jaegerI could stream easily from one machine to another with vlc, for example, but streaming to the xbmc machine was a joke20:12
jaegerI wonder if they fixed that in 12.320:12
xveemy pi was having issues with some videos stutter, after a small oc it played quite a bit more smoothly20:12
frinnsti guess i'll keep my ps3 for netflix and desktop for regular videos and youtube. i dont want wifi on my supersecured network :)20:13
jaegerIt was something specific to streaming in this case. The rpi can play 1080p h264 without trouble20:13
frinnstgah, god damn c7000 with its failing fans20:15
frinnstalways the same chassis20:15
frinnstluckily i dont have any keys to the office so no heading back to work for me20:15
xveefrinnst: how mind blown where you in the silvia fight?20:16
frinnsti was all broken up by it :D20:17
frinnsti screamed out loud20:17
xveei see wut u did der20:17
xveedo you do any martial arts?20:17
frinnstnasty nasty20:17
frinnstno, but i did jiu jitsu for about a week when i was 720:18
frinnsti've watched ufc 30-90 during my vacation and over the holidays20:18
xveeim actually learning brazillian jujitsu now, but have been doing muay thai for some time. seeing silvias fight brought many nightmares lol20:18
frinnstim at 102 now20:19
xveei dont really keep up with all of the fights, but man, its one hell of a sport20:20
frinnstyeah me neither and yeah it is20:20
frinnstsome fights really suck the life out of you though. silva vs thalis etc20:20
frinnstzzzz fest20:20
xveeoh yea.20:20
xveeyou sit there with the -____- face the entire time waiting for something to happen20:20
*** xvee has quit IRC20:44
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xveehey guys, xlibfont fails to build. it says the newly created file is older than distrubted files and to check the clock. the clock time is correct though23:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.1 -> 0.3.223:25
frinnstoutput of "ls -lh /etc/localtime" ?23:29
*** leetspete1 has joined #crux23:31
frinnstyou have the wrong timezone but "correct" time, so the clock is fucked23:32
xveelocaltime is set to UTC23:34
xveelet me change it los angeles23:35
xveechanged it to los angeles still gives me the same error.23:40
xveeim wondering if perhaps my flags were off when compiling stuff23:40
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