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xveeafter recompiling everything with proper cflags, i think xlibfont is building properly00:58
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xveeanyone here use gstreamer?07:38
xveejaeger: i noticed you're maintaining the package. was wondering if you would have any idea as to why gst-plugins-good would say that it cant find gstreamer?07:43
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xveenvm, i think i figured it out.07:50
xveeweird. ffmpeg is having issues decoding videos on chromium.08:16
frinnstyeah if you have UTC and then time set to localtime things will be fucked up08:24
frinnstcflags has nothing to do with your clock but you might need to restart after changing timezone, dunno08:25
xveefrinnst: im not sure what happened, but after i rebuilt the entire system, it installed fine -shrugs-08:26
xveemy initial makeflag was incorrect so maybe that messed it up. i didnt' close it off08:26
frinnstonly because you changed timezone08:28
frinnstrebooting is probably easier than to rebuild everything (and reloading it)08:28
xveewell, when i did change time zones, i tried to install it a couple times and it was still failing08:30
xveebut yea, perhaps a reboot would have been a better first choice lol08:30
xveehey frinnst do you use flash player by any shot?08:31
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xveeit seems chromium has no html5 support. none of the pages i went to work. :(09:21
xveeor better yet, lack of mpeg409:24
joacimchromium is one of the browsers with better html5 support09:44
joacimyou're probably just lacking the capability to deal with h26409:45
xveei've installed h264, but ffmpeg has issues reading mpeg4 video09:47
xveeyea, firefox doesn't seem to be playing videos either. how would i get compatibility with h264?09:52
frinnstyou need gstreamer10:00
frinnstcurrently we disable gstreamer support in firefox to keep a shiteload of dependencies out. You'll need to rebuild firefox without gstreamer disabled10:00
xveei noticed gstreamer was in the ports. im assuming thats totally different10:01
xveedifferent process10:02
xveejust noticed the Pkgfile. enabled it. going to rebuild it now and hope mpeg4 works somewhat normally10:03
frinnstanybody have problems applying the apng patch for libpng?10:11
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nwehey, any idea about this problem.. I installed thunar yesterday, and when I starting thunar it doesnt have any icons...I have hi-color-theme installed, and I installed it with prt-get depinst thunar...12:16
joacimI think you'll need a more complete icon theme12:22
joacimlike tango or something12:22
teK_there was also a readme in the xfce-repo discussing this issue12:23
joacimhad the same problem myself, and there werent really that many decent alternatives in ports12:23
joacimI just ended up grabbing some icon themes from xfce/gnome-look12:24
joacimbut that doesnt always work that great as a lot of them will have tango or gnome icons as a fallback12:24
nweteK_: I cant find the readme file in xfce-repo..13:09
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pitillonwe: sepen is providing elementary-xfce-icon-theme if I remember right13:48
nwepitillo: I have installed them, but it still doesnt work.. I have also recomplie thunar after installing elementary-xfce-icon-theme13:50
nweright know I building tango-icon-theme13:51
pitillonwe: you need to setup the theme used in ~/.gtkrc-2.013:51
nweaha :)13:51
pitilloor tango, gnome... whatever :)13:51
pitilloprobably you can select it in xfce settings too13:51
pitillo(I don't remember how, sorry)13:52
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xveei recompiled firefox with gstreamer, but it doesn't seem like mpeg4 works19:11
xveeis there anything else i can do to make firefox support mpeg4?19:17
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