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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: updated to 1.8.9p217:28
frinnstduktig :)17:38
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frinnstoh god how i hate the firefox buildprocess19:27
frinnstthey introduce new bugs with every release, and none ever get fixed19:27
joacimI guess they must've worked at apple19:37
frinnstyeah the current buildprocess has reached its limit19:41
frinnstluckily romster had a few patches for me19:41
frinnstthinking of using this buildscheme for 27.019:41
frinnst.. if it works :)19:41
frinnst"LinkedIn: Congrats, you got 1 profile views last week"19:43
joacimhaven't seen any xfiles since the 90s19:44
joacimafraid if i watched my memories of it would be ruined if i watched it again19:44
frinnstno, it's still as great as ever19:44
frinnstsome eps are ofcouse stinkers19:45
frinnstbut most of it is \o/19:45
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tilmanfrinnst: the first 5 (6?) seasons maybe. it took a dive afterwards19:47
frinnstim on s0719:47
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tilmanstory arcs not getting properly resolved sucked ass. iirc ;)19:48
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tilmanfrinnst: maaaaybe it was just 8 and 9 that sucked19:51
frinnstyeah the last season sucked19:51
frinnstdont think ive ever managed to power through it19:51
nwefrinnst: look on site :)19:52
tilman7x11 was the retarded samantha arc resolution19:52
frinnstnwe: what?19:53
frinnstthe upgrade?19:53
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nwefrinnst: dont you get this ? ?19:56
joacimwhen did mulder leave and the guy from stargate atlantis s01e01 take over?19:56
joacimthe guy who died19:56
tilmanjoacim: s819:56
joacimoh ok19:56
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tilmanie s7 is the last one with duchovny19:57
tilmannot counting random "look who's coming for a visit"'s ;)19:57
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nwefrinnst: vet  :)19:59
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frinnstIOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device21:56
frinnst/tmp/firefox-32-27.0b6-1-work/src/mozilla-beta/toolkit/mozapps/installer/ recipe for target 'stage-package' failed21:56
frinnstoh right, still had the old source in /tmp21:56
frinnstwas starting to worry 10gig no longer was enough21:57
cybinit has been a long time since i compiled firefox. but when i installed crux and was waiting about 2-3 hours. i _never_ even imagined that compiling a web browser would became such a huge thing. :)21:58
joacimI remember compiling firefox on an Athlon XP 2500+ and 512 MB RAM21:59
joacimit was kinda ok21:59
joacimDidn't take long, and 512 MB was more than enough22:00
cybini have no idea what it has compiled in detail. but it shouldn't be just the browser, but some other features too, i guess.22:03
joacimtried compiling it last year on an early C2D and 2GB RAM. Took two hours and I ran out of RAM near the end22:04
prologicbrowsers these days are almost as complex as the os themselves22:06
prologiclook at ChromeOS, FirefoxOS and many others :)22:06
BurnZeZ<prologic> browsers these days are almost as complex as the os themselves22:08
BurnZeZFar from it22:08
BurnZeZBrowsers are many times more complicated22:08
prologicreally you're going to rebut that/ :)22:08
prologicoh okay :)22:08
prologicsure you can have that one22:08
BurnZeZI can compile every piece of software on my system in under a minute on an old craptop22:09
BurnZeZCompiling a browser like firefox would take hours22:09
prologicthis is true22:09
prologicespecially if you only install the bare essneitla22:09
joacim209 installed packages on this system (no x11)22:11
BurnZeZI'm using Plan 9, though22:11
frinnstlol, still?22:11
joacimdon't think my system would grow that much if i installed x1122:11
BurnZeZfrinnst: Not really any reason to use something else22:12
frinnstmaybe i should give it a go in a vm22:12
prologic$ prt-get listinst | wc -l22:12
prologicAnd it's Xorg these days :)22:12
jaegerfirefox is still faster than webkit, at least :P22:12
prologicis it?22:12
frinnstprobably depends on what benchmark you run22:13
prologicin my experience it's slower22:13
jaegerthe "how long does this shit take to compile?" benchmark22:13
frinnstchromium seems a lot more bloated22:13
jaegernot talking about running, just building22:13
BurnZeZI used firefox a couple weeks ago on a lunix machine22:13
prologicbut then I'm always using compiz with ezoom22:13
BurnZeZIt compiled faster than webkit, and was faster after I disabled hardware acceleration22:13
frinnsti really dont understand the sudden rise of chrome/chromium22:14
frinnstits built by a fucking ads company ffs22:14
BurnZeZIt used to be better22:14
prologicit used to be better22:14
prologictill they fucked it up22:14
prologicthese days you'd be better off writing your own browser22:14
jaegerfirefox is fine for most of my needs, just have to use chrome for one thing - vsphere22:14
prologicwith python and pyqt and webkit22:14
prologicthere are several implementations already of simple ones22:14
frinnstjaeger: so you need pepper flash22:15
jaegerfrinnst: yes22:15
joacimgoogle were just that popular i guess22:15
frinnsti'd rather run the .net-client in a vm :)22:15
jaegerI sometimes do that as well, though some things require the web client now with 5.522:15
joacimand I think they figured out how to advertise "open source"22:15
frinnstoh you have rolled out 5.5?22:15
frinnstin production22:15
jaegerI might be mixing them up but I think vDP requires the web client but the update manager only works in the .net client :P22:16
jaegergood show there, vmware22:16
jaegernot 100%, I've got it on one cluster. The other still runs 5.122:16
BurnZeZmeiling% time mk >/dev/null22:16
BurnZeZ6.07u 2.88s 8.85r  mk22:16
BurnZeZKernel compile on the craptop22:16
BurnZeZLinux would probably take ~20 minutes22:16
prologicwhat's a craptop? :)22:17
BurnZeZIt's uhh...22:17
prologicjust joking :)22:17
BurnZeZcpu0: 2161MHz GenuineIntel Xeon5000-series (cpuid: AX 0x06FD CX 0xE39D DX 0xBFEBFBFF)22:18
BurnZeZcpu1: 2161MHz GenuineIntel Xeon5000-series (cpuid: AX 0x06FD CX 0xE39D DX 0xBFEBFBFF)22:18
BurnZeZA crappy gateway22:18
jaeger5.5's been great so far, seems rock solid22:22
frinnstomg its the best youtube clip ive ever seen22:23
frinnstthe fact that it's an add doesnt even bother me22:23
jaegerwow, that's fucked up22:23
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