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prologicCan anyone recommend a usb card reader?04:10
prologicI bought one and guess what :) It doesn't work with Linux04:10
prologicthere are no drivers for it :/04:10
jaegerwow, didn't know there were any that didn't work, heh04:19
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prologicI hapen to own such a device04:24
prologicit works fine on the macbook air04:24
prologicbut I'm planning on getting rid of the mba04:24
prologicso poo :/04:24
prologicuseles card reader really04:24
prologicapparently I can't purchase some items from amazon.com04:27
prologicsuch a useless world we live in04:27
prologicI found a card reader that looks to work okay04:27
prologicthis one:
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Romsteramazon sucks they wont sell any electrical items, even those that use usb.05:34
prologicyeah they will05:34
prologicas long as you have a US shipping address05:35
prologicsign up :)05:35
prologicI just got my stuff orderd and shipped05:35
Romsterthey cleam not all electrical devices are compatable outside usa... well duh 110 vs 240 volt items. but the hell... usb is 5 volts it's usb works on anyhting with usb...05:36
Romsterstupid idiots.05:36
Romsteri read borderlinx as border linux05:37
Romsterdo they charge much prologic ?05:38
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prologicdont' know :)05:40
prologicfirst time user05:40
prologicwe'll see05:40
prologicI'm getting free shipping os far05:40
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Romsterwell if this is good i'll ordermy roccat keyboard and mouse from them05:46
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Romsteras it's far cheaper on amazon than from pccasegear not to mention they don't even have the keyboard on pccasegear yet despite being a distributor for roccat05:47
Romstershit is australia is far over priced and they wonder why we order over seas05:48
Romsterthan to shop locally.05:48
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Romsterprologic, i need to get a framwork going for my new site. i'd prefer not to use php and thinking circuits. but if the host supports that is the question and i still suck at using circuits let alone using it with a sql server.05:49
Romsteri just need to make a basic search page frontend to search a sql table and display the results.05:50
Romsterany examples on that?05:50
Romsteri can do the sql tables themself no issues there.05:50
Romsterif i have to i could knock it out in php with not much effort, done that in the past. but i feel php is ugly.05:51
Romsternot to metion so many security risks with php itself let alone poorly written php code.05:51
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prologicRomster, does your hosting support Python apps in general?05:55
Romsternot sure05:57
Romster-_- and i can't ssh in what's going on...05:57
Romstersite is up though05:58
Romsteractually no it isn't god damn it.05:58
Romsterwas chaced in my browser.05:58
Romsteri'll have to check that later. i can probably get it added if need be.06:01
Romstercircuits though apache would be nice and not sure on what sql engine to use yet06:02
Romstertried and tested mysql or would postgresql be better or even that fork of mysql.06:02
Romsteror i might just have to use what is provided. sqlite3 might suffer too much with the amount of data i'm gonna be storing.06:03
prologichow much are you paying for this crap?06:04
prologicit's not worth it :)06:05
prologicget a vm from these guys06:05
prologic$5/month and you can host as many things as you want06:05
Romsteri have like 7 domains now.06:05
prologic(within limits ofc)06:05
prologicyeah get a vm from them06:05
prologicI'm more than happy to do the domain hosting for you06:05
prologicthen just setup lighttpd06:05
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prologicand circuits.web web apps06:06
prologicand their vms are ssd backed06:06
prologicso it's fast :)06:06
Romsterso i can have a crux image on there?06:06
prologicdon't see why not06:06
prologicit's a full vm06:07
prologicthat's my recommendation06:07
Romstermake thing easy.06:07
prologicit's cheap, it's fast06:07
prologicit's flexible06:07
Romsterthought it cost far more than that.06:07
Romsteris there a limit on data quota over network per a month?06:07
prologicsee I have a real server at codero06:07
prologicand I run proxmox ve on it06:07
prologicso I basically have my own private virutalization06:07
prologicor private cloud06:07
Romsterand it's only for personal/projects stuff nothing illegal.06:07
prologicbut digitalocean is good06:08
prologicI hear great thigns about it :)06:08
prologic$5/month is nothing ihmo06:08
prologicprefect for someone like you :)06:08
prologicI pay $90/month for my server06:08
Romsterand i assume i can pay more for more storage should i need it.06:08
Romsteri can afford $5 a month easy and it'll be more reliable.06:09
prologic$5/month - 512MB RAM, 20GB Storage, 1TB Traffic06:09
prologicperfect :)06:09
Romsterthis is a joke what he is doing currently.06:09
prologicYou'll not run that out any time soon :)06:09
prologicseriously  :)06:09
prologicit's the best deal I've come across06:09
prologicI'd do it myself if I didn't have my own server06:09
prologicand wanted my own privateg cloud06:09
Romster1tb traffic hmm, what if my gets that popular and uses that amount of data? can i get a higher limit, but i doubt i ever will exceed that.06:10
Romsteroh i can pricing says it all06:10
prologicdon't expect your website to hit those kinds of traffic limits :)06:11
prologicthe web is very convuluted and competitive06:11
prologicjsut get an account, create your vm06:11
prologicand go nuts :)06:11
prologiclighttpd + circuits.web06:11
prologiccan't go wrong06:11
prologicgo CRUX too (I would)06:11
prologicor CentOS if you have to06:11
Romsteri don't i just like peace of mind knowing i wont get stuck if it ever happens.06:11
Romsternah crux is fine06:12
prologicanyway bbl06:12
Romsteri know how to work crux.06:12
prologiclike I said throw me your domains I'm happy to host them06:12
prologicI have a primary name server06:12
prologicand use as slaves06:12
Romsterhmm will it stay up this time and how much? 2 are business06:12
Romsterrest are my personal stuff/projects06:13
prologicI might even get one of thse myself for diversity and ns backup06:13
Romsterand has 2nd level sub-domains06:13
prologicmy server(s) have had a 99.999% uptime :) over the last 6 years06:13
prologic$ ssh root@bart "uptime"06:13
prologic 06:13:41 up 220 days, 17:57,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0006:13
Romstergood well i just don't want a repeat of the past again <<06:13
prologicI use to be with hurriacne electric06:14
prologican atom server running just crux on the metal06:14
prologicnow bart in a vm environment06:14
prologicit was up for 3 years before I migrated to codero06:14
Romsterso cost if you host and what can you provide?06:14
prologiceven up while the US's west coast was suffering those bad cycoles :)06:14
prologiche is on the east coast :)06:14
prologicnah I'll just host your domains06:15
prologicyou do your own hosting :)06:15
prologicfree :)06:15
prologicif you want I can host your vm too06:15
prologicbut it's not really worth it for me06:15
prologici.e: $5/month is not really worth my time/effort :)06:15
Romsteri got my domains on dynadot that a paid service i'm happy with that.06:15
prologicweb hosting is too competitive06:15
prologicwhat does that cost you?06:16
Romsterso i just need to do digital ocean and point my dns to them.06:16
Romsterlike $9.95 a year for a .com06:16
prologicfor registration(s)?06:16
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prologicdo they host the zones for your domains?06:16
Romsterya registrations06:16
Romsteri only got the nameservers to the free hosting i have now. i probably could do the zones there too? or on the VM06:17
Romstermaybe you can provide backup zones06:17
prologicwell either or06:17
prologicit's just a bit fiddly doing zone hosting06:17
prologicbind, setup zones, ensure they're correct06:18
prologicget slaves for redudnacy06:18
Romsteri'd liketo learn zone hosting. i know a tiny about about cnames a records06:18
prologicit's often easier to host the domains with someone else that already has all this setup06:18
prologicand just do the web hosting part06:18
Romstertiny bit about*06:18
prologicwell anyway06:18
prologicat $5/month with crux06:18
prologicyou can do whatever you want06:18
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Romsteri will see if i can do the zones on dynadot i'm pretty sure i can.06:18
prologiclighttpd + bind + circuits.web apps06:18
prologicwill do most of your web app needs06:19
Romsterso images you got one already for upload?06:19
prologicnot sure what the process is06:19
prologicmost cloud hosting providers will provide a recogvery image06:19
prologicboot into that06:19
Romsteri'm used to apache, will lightttpd handle lots of concurrent users?06:19
prologicand then just untar the crux rootfs onto the disk06:19
prologicsetup lilo, etc06:19
prologicand reboot06:19
prologicI used to run cloud vms off linode and slicehost many eyars back06:20
prologicand they ran crux06:20
Romsteri read somewhere fstab is not setup the same on a virtual VM06:20
prologiclighttpd is asynchronous and much faster and more lightweight than apache06:20
prologicgood for doing things like lighttpd + circuits.web (via proxy)06:20
Romsteri can always change later if need be.06:20
Romsterok i'll go lightweight06:20
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Romsterprologic, nrxtx my versionsort parsed list of
Romster65% coverage, i'll sql table this07:06
Romsterand use other tables to get modfication data md5sums of files and get scrpy to search for mirrors to add to the mirror list.07:07
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prologiclooks pretty simple07:52
prologicjust signed up a do acc07:53
prologicnot sure yet how to isntall crux07:53
prologicbut it should be possible :)07:53
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prologiclooks like there is a recovery cd/image08:00
prologicshould be just like how I did crux on slicehost/linode08:00
prologiclooks really easy08:05
prologicgonna get crux 3.0 running on it now ;)08:05
Romsterupload a special image afaik08:15
Romsteri'll do one shortly08:15
Romsteri think dynadot only does the dns names i'd have to setup bind and i know how complex bind is.08:20
Romsterperhaps teK_ could help me with bind probably uses it.08:20
prologicI just tried a bunch of things out08:22
prologica) they only support centos, debian and ubuntu08:22
prologicb) they do have a rescur image - but it seems broeken08:22
prologicc) no way to upload a custom image?08:22
prologicnot sure on c - I'll double check08:22
prologicI've filed a few support tickets with them on these issues :)08:22
prologicotherwise just spin up a centos vm for now08:22
Romsterdamn i'd like crux.08:24
Romsterthey don't have to support it. it should run ok providing basic details on how boot loader and fstab should be setup08:24
Romsterseems a waste todo a swap partiton as well.08:25
Romsteri could do a swap file that's losetup mounted.08:25
Romsteror do without it08:25
prologicthey do provide a prebuild ubuntu image with docker instaleld08:26
prologicI was going to try and build a docker image for crux08:26
prologicdocker is a cli tool to manage lxc containers08:26
prologicbit like openvz/proxmox which I use now08:26
prologicwhy not :)08:29
prologicI'll try to build a lxc/docker container for crux 3.008:29
Romsterthat stuff is all new to me.08:34
Romsterhonestly i don't know half of python that i don't even know how i managed to even code any functions like i did years ago.08:34
Romsternow i'm taking on a project that i can barely code myself and getting help from others.08:35 is cool09:19
prologicbecause you can basically package up your applications with it09:19
prologicand run it anywhere lxc can run09:19
prologicwhich is basically any linux system with kernel 3.8+09:19
prologicand docker just makes it such a breeze09:19
Romsteroh even on that host?09:27
Romsterman i'm behind the times.... far too much windows work during the weeks is killing my ability to hack at linux.09:28
Romsterand find all these awesome newer tools09:29
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Romster all covered for installing in there RageRiot|09:35
Romsterany questions ask in here someone will chime in.09:35
Romsteryuo wont find a friendlyer distro than in here afaik.09:37
Romsteras in irc help09:37
Romsterthough replies may take some time.09:38
nrxtxRomster: the list looks nice09:51
nrxtxwill you make an api for querying it or provide a db downloaD?09:52
Romsterif i can manage09:57
Romsterwell i'll make a search page and look at making an API for other programs to query the database09:58
Romsternrxtx, and the tools i'll probably make available for others to use as well.09:59
Romsterso they can do that same listing with the commands.09:59
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xveehello gentlemen10:20
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nrxtxmaybe some people can have a look at their repository:
Romsternothing serious off that concerns me.11:59
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just_rexhello, friends :312:33
just_rexwhat are you up to?12:33
just_rexwhy the suspicious look? :D12:38
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Romsterwho the heck was that13:12
prologic <-- Someone feel like having a go of porting this to CRUX and creating a docker image of CRUX? :)13:20
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nrxtxprologic: can you have a look at your repository ( ;)13:24
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Romsterprologic, i could manage that.13:45
Romsterwill it work on that host you posted earlier?13:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: zsh: 5.0.2 -> 5.0.5, add prt-get completion, fix zshall, update README13:50
teK_cheers --^13:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.4413:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dar: update to 2.4.1213:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailx: update to 14.5.213:56
Romsterman tryign to push changes and opt.git keeps being changed at the exact same time 2nd rebase attempt13:57
teK_sorry :P13:57
teK_first comes, first served13:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] distribute: 1.4 -> 2.1. Renamed to setuptools13:58
joacimis that some annoying python thing?13:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: distribute -> setuptools dependency change13:58
Romsteracrux did not stay long.14:00
Romsterannoying python thing?14:01
Romsterit is if your refering to python calling it setuptools then decided to rename to distribute. and then they later decided lets go back to setuptools again.14:02
Romsterso i switched sources to setuptools on the old distribute package name.14:02
Romsterbut decided to just break everything and make it the right name again.14:02
Romsterso pkgrm distribute ; prt-get depinst setuptools14:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: newsbeuter: update to 2.814:32
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nrxtxRomster: i worked a little bit more on my repository browser, could be interesting if having a list with current version in the background19:43
nrxtxanyone else who is interested, feel free testing it19:44
tilmanlooks very hip ;D20:01
nrxtxwas bored of formatting the page myself, so just let a framework do it ;)20:04
nrxtxThere were some things i really missed in the official port browser, like see a port with dependencies and its versions from different repos directly20:08
prologicRomster, what an lxc/docker container - yes :)20:15
prologicRomster, I'm building a docker port now to manage lxc/docker containers20:16
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joacimoh man21:06
frinnstlooks great21:14
tilmananyone else having trouble building cups-filters?21:31
tilmanpdftoraster.cxx:(.text.startup+0xa89): undefined reference to `GfxColorSpace::setDisplayProfile(void*)'21:31
tilman*lightbulb*, brb21:33
tilmanmy poppler-build didn't include support for lcms221:34
tilmanso, i rebuilt that -> problem solved21:34
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