IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-01-20

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Romsterand back to work no time for anything atm.02:06
prologicRomster:  I have my docker host up and running02:42
prologiccomplete with a web management ui02:43
prologicif you can build that crux docker/lxc container02:43
prologicthat would be awesome :)02:43
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prologicI want to build a boot2dockercrux04:57
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Romsterprologic, i just got home. i'll have a go after i eat06:58
prologiccool :)07:37
prologicwant some incentive?07:37
Romsterwell when this is all done i can get hosting sorted with crux.07:38
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Romsterpacstrap i guess i could use the iso source todo that bit07:40
prologicwell I was gonna say07:41
prologicget it done by tonight07:41
prologicI'll throw you 0.01 BTC :)07:41
prologicI *could* do it myself ofc following all the documenation on docker.io07:41
prologicand several examples Iv'e found07:41
prologicbut gotta look after my daughter tonight :)07:41 <-- Good article about Microsofts secret war with tor07:43
Romsteri can probably manage this but i can't test it.07:44
prologicI can :)07:48
prologicjust build a base crux 3.0 image07:48
prologici.e: just core07:48
prologicand throw it my way to test07:48
prologicI believe you need to write a Dockerfile07:48
prologicand build a rootfs07:48
prologicfrom reading the docs07:49
prologicbut yeah more than happy to test07:49
prologicI can even throw you some free hosting on my already existing (Ubuntu+Docker) if you like :)07:49
prologicat least until it out gorws your needs07:49
Romstercould do that.07:49
prologicthe host itself is only the $5/month host 512MB RAM, 20GB Storage and 1TB Traffic07:50
prologicso there you go :)07:50
prologicit's logged07:50
prologic0.01 BTC and "some limited" free hosting :)07:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 30108:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.2508:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cmake: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dialog: updated to 1.2-2014011208:52
prologicwho's running a later kernel than what 3.0 shipped with?09:14
frinnstprobably everyone09:15
frinnstyou should atleast run 3.10.x09:16
frinnsti usually run the latest stable/rc or from btrfs-next git09:18
prologiclatest stable09:19
prologicokie dokie :)09:19
prologicanyone use any tool(s) to help manage kernel updates/builds?09:20
frinnstI do it manually. monitor via rss and mailing list announcements09:21
prologicme too09:21
prologickk :)09:21
prologicI planned on upgrading my desktop kernel anyway09:21
prologicwant to play with docker on the desktop more09:21
frinnst <- looks quite lovely09:23
joacimno wasteful pci slots. i like it =)09:25
frinnstpricey, but that's to be expected09:26
prologicnice board09:31
prologicwhat would you use that for?09:31
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prologic7x PCIe seems a lot of expandsion slots :)09:31
frinnstyeah i dont need it, but i *want* it09:32
prologicyes but why?09:32
prologicwhat *would* you use it for?09:32
prologicand the 7x PCIe?09:32
frinnstthey would mostly be empty09:33
prologicwhat a waste :)09:33
frinnstbut xeon and ecc + 8 dimms09:33
frinnstI WANT IT DAMNIT09:33
prologicI do like the 8x DDR dimms though09:33
prologicahh yeah09:33
prologicthat would be nice09:33
prologicbut I wouldn't need the 7x PCIe09:33
prologicat most one for a desktop09:33
prologicmaybe two09:33
prologic2x nVidia cards09:33
prologicGPU computing on the desktop09:33
prologic8x 16GB ECC high speed ram09:34
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Romster7x PCIe <- shit load of gpus and bitmining?11:31
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prologicRomster, how's the docker image coming along?11:57
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: use http:// for sources12:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: iftop: update to 1.0pre412:02
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Romsterprologic, i'm not making much progress tonight. i was super tired i ended up napping and i had one of them days that i was that busy my mind pretty much said that's enough information. i can't concentrate on this tonight. i see i can do a core lot of ports for crux but after that the docker scripts/alterations i'm not so sure about. and i can't focus to do that this evening. I can have a go at it tomorrow.13:26
prologicnps :)13:31
prologicQ: Does make menuconfig normally pickup the old running config?13:31
prologicAnd bring it in?13:31
prologicI hate make oldconfig (and tbh have never used it)13:31
prologicI believe it really doesn't matter13:36
prologicmake listnewconfig is good :)13:36
prologicbut I always use make menuconfig13:36
prologicI think I hardly ever care about new options :)13:36
Romstermake oldmenuconfig does a configure with a older .config13:36
Romstermake menuconfig will ask for the changes13:37
Romsteri always do a zcat /proc/config.gz > ./.config ; make menuconfig13:37
Romsterthis has been a unproductive evening.13:38
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prologicthere's a make oldmenuconfig?13:42
prologicare you sure :)13:42
Romsteroldconfig sorry or use silentoldconfig13:44
Romsteroldconfig  - Update current config utilising a provided .config as base13:44
Romstersilentoldconfig - Same as oldconfig, but quietly, additionally update deps13:44
Romstermake help13:44
Romsterwill list all the stuff in the kernel directory13:45
Romsternow that i napped i do not know how long i'll be to get tired to sleep before work again.13:46
Romsteralso headache...13:46
prologicI'm recompiling a new kernel on my desktop :)13:46
prologicshould have a working docker environment soon I hope13:46
Romsteryou could just grab the necessary tarballs out of core for now13:47
Romsteroff the iso13:47
Romsteruse jaegers updated iso13:47
Romsterwish i could help.13:48
Romsterand it's only monday not like the end of the week yet...13:48
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frinnstgod my body is falling apart14:18
frinnstshoulder still hurt from a pinched nerve and my wisdomteeth decided to start growing again14:18
prologicnot good :/14:22
prologicI'm starting to get RSI in my wrist14:22
prologicbtw http://docker.io14:22
prologicin case you missed the cool stuff :)14:22
prologicI'm building a port for it14:22
prologicwith instructions for how to get CRUX+Docker (full environment) working nicely14:23
just_rexhi guys. @frinnst: i know how bad wisdom teeth can get, my sympathy -_-14:24
Romsterwould you like my rsi in my wrist and a headache and on occasion a pinched nerve in my same wrist on that.14:24
Romsterheadache only happened tonight though14:24
Romsteri had wisdom teeth pain once never again14:25
Romsterworst pain ever could not sleep could not concentrate on anything i wanted to yank the buggers out.14:25
Romsterbut the pain went away and i still have them.14:25
frinnstthe tooth itself doesnt hurt, but im having trouble closing my jaw :)14:26
Romsterif they give me more grief i might have to get them out.14:26
frinnstits growing straight into the other tooth, pushing everything forward14:26
Romstermine have not fully emerged from my gum14:27
frinnstmine just did a year or so ago14:27
Romsterand i'm 36 now so i dunno if they ever will14:27
Romstergood idea14:28
just_rexfrinnst, that's an impacted wisdom tooth, i've had one but didn't make any problems, anyway remove it as soon as possible, it can get nasty :/14:29
Romstermine just don't know what todo14:31
Romsterso far only one major tooth ache and then they have not bothered me so i guess i'll leave them for now.14:31
Plazmawow. i've not used crux since 2.8 when it wasn't official multilib.. nice to see folks in here keeping it alive :D14:32
Romsterwe try too14:32
Plazmaso crux is straight multilib now right? it runs on 32-bit and 64-bit?14:41
jaegermore correct to say it requires 64-bit hardware and can run 32-bit applications14:42
Plazmaso it will not run on 32-bit hardware then..14:42
jaegermultilib dists won't run on pure 32-bit hardware14:42
Plazmaor at least 3.014:42
Plazmaok understood14:42
Plazmai was confused on that whole concept14:42
Plazmaand wrong , apparently14:42
jaegerUnderstandable, it isn't clear at first14:42
Plazmai was using 2.8 and i recall the multilib stuff was kinda of a tack on , and i think i ran into some issues with getting some of my stuff to work.. that's when i kinda left it alone for a whlie.. i forgot though what it was all about.. and 3.0 was right on the frindge of being released14:43
jaegerIt was an unofficial side-project at the time, pretty much14:46
jaegermultilib, I mean14:46
Plazmayea that's right14:46
Plazmawell, might as well put it on a vm and see what happens14:47
just_rexjaeger, how can I disable the multilib support completely? I know I can do this in the kernel config, and I did, but I do not need any 32-bit compatibility or libraries. should I recompile gcc with --without-multilib? what about /lib32?14:51
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frinnstif you want it gone completely you will need to rebuild the toolchain14:56
frinnstits probably not worth the effort14:56
frinnstthe current solution is a nice compromise14:57
Romsterwe decided that a multilib gcc is little gain to making it pure for those that do not need 32bit14:57
frinnstbut if you really want to i'd suggest you check out the x86_64 2.8 git repos14:57
Romsterthe only difference is the inclusion of glibc-3214:57
Romsterand the one extra option to kernel config14:57
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jaegerthey've pretty much summed it up... I'd recommend not going to that much effort but if you absolutely want to, rebuilding the toolchain is what you need14:59
Romsterthe majority of the work is in compat-32 repository15:02
Romsterwhich oyu only install if you have a need for them15:03
jaegerIf you go with the simplest solution of not installing/using 32-bit software just keep in mind that glibc-32 needs to be left installed or the toolchain breaks15:03
just_rexI won't touch it for now, thank you all for the clarifications. I can live with /lib32 for now.15:05
Romsterreally it's bugger all space consumed.15:05
Romsterand having a lib32 will only be a pain to those with OCD15:06
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joacimmesses up tab completion =)15:07
Romsterthat bad15:08
just_rex@joacim, yes it does, it annoys but I've learned to live with typing the slash by myself :D15:14
Romsteroh that bit ya15:14
Romsteri jsut type the slash never gave it another thought15:14
joacimfound this some time ago and thought it was interesting15:16
Plazmago kernel compile go15:19
Romsteri think i have stumbled upon that along time ago15:19
Romster 2011 Relicensed everything in here to be public domain. Go crazy.15:23
Plazmap/win 1515:25
prologicwee :)15:27
prologicLinux daisy 3.12.8 #1 SMP Tue Jan 21 00:58:07 EST 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux15:27
Plazmacp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz  .. should this be arch/x86_64 ?15:27
Romsterit's a symlink15:28
Romsteri do prefer to use arch/x86_86/boot/bzImage15:28
Romsteri do prefer to use arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage15:29
Plazmahandbook says x86 so15:29
Romsterdon't forget System.map15:29
Plazmajust FYI in case that was intentional15:29
prologicI don't think it cares really15:29
prologicmine's just /boot/vmlinux15:29
prologicI just "make install"15:29
Romsteri have multiple kernels installed.15:29
prologicwhat for?15:29
prologicit's not like you can run two at once :)15:30
Romstervmlinux-$verson and$version15:30
Romsterbecause i can15:30
prologicdo you ever switch to other kernel versions?15:30
jaegerI keep my previous "known working" config just in case15:30
Romsterand if i happen to mess up i can boot a older kernel15:30
prologicI almost have never done so15:30
prologicI norrmalyl keep the old version15:30
prologiclike jeager15:30
Romsteri can just tab at boot up pick older kernel15:30
prologicso you just keep the previous version15:31
Romsterif i have issues15:31
prologiclike most of us do :)15:31
prologicman it's late15:31
prologicTue Jan 21 01:31:24 EST 201415:31
prologicstill haven't finished docker on crux yet15:31
Romsteryeahi'm about to pass out15:31
prologicgot to build the aufs file system15:31
Romsteri'd help but i'm not in a good state tonight.15:32
Plazmaso since crux seems to be very BSD like . why not just use a BSD ?15:32
Plazmaalways curious on that to you lot15:32
Romsteri'm pretty sure BSD has less hardware support but i couldbe wrong15:33
prologicPlazma, because CRUX != BSD15:34
prologicwhen we say BSD-like15:34
prologicwe have BSD-style init scripts15:34
prologicand a BSD-style ports system15:34
prologicI don't think anything else is similar15:34
prologicit was the original Per Liden design15:34
Plazmathat's what i'm implying as well, i realize it's not a BSD15:34
prologicand it's stuck with us15:34
prologicand quice frankly we all like it :)15:34
just_rexyes, Crux uses the Linux kernel, not the BSD kernels15:34
prologicbut we are branching out I guess15:35
prologicor at least someo of us15:35
prologicCRUX ARM, CRUX PPC (old?)15:35
Plazmabut yea, just curious the whole "if it walks like a duck.." type of deal.. worked hard to make a linux kernel/os function like a bSD one .. somewhat15:35
prologicI believe some are running CRUX on others kernels too afaik15:35
just_rexboth BSD and Linux are UNIX-like, but are not UNIX and are not the same15:35
prologicthe BSD-ish has nothing to do with LInux15:35
prologicit's more of a design/style thing15:35
Plazmayea i'm aware15:35
prologicjust_rex, actually that's wrong :)15:36
prologicBSD and LInux are both kernels15:36
Plazmathe BSD philosophy has many things + the kernel from the ground up so it's one useable system.. linux is just a kernel with that stuff 'tacked' on .. if you will15:36
prologicyou're referring to the userland experience15:36
prologicit's confusing :)15:36
prologicFreeBSD the kernel is also FreeBSD the userland OS15:36
prologicwhilst Linux - not so much15:36
prologicLinux + Debian/Ubuntu/CRUX/Arch/blah balh blah15:36
Plazmathat's what i attempted to say but failed15:36
just_rexyes, I meant to say that too :D15:37
prologicI came across minix3 yesterday15:37
prologiclooks quite nice15:37
Plazmai need to toy with minix15:37
prologicbut obviously very lacking in hw support15:37
prologicit's not worth my time I'm afraid15:37
prologicperhaps as a kvm guest maybe15:37
prologicbut the lack of spport is well just not worth it15:38
just_rexI've tried a lot of distros, I used Debian a lot, then Arch, but I am very dissatisfied with systemd so I switched all my computers to CRUX and I am happy now :)15:38
prologicit needs the kind of hacking and support Linux/BSD has received15:38
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Plazmawell i think that's always been the thing.. linux kernel tends to have better hardware support for newer devices as you have more people hacking around on it usually...but often BSD has better drivers.. that tkae a bit longer to get into the main distrobutions15:38
prologicor BSD forks e.g: Darwin15:38
just_rexI keep an eye on FreeBSD, seems interesting, now the 10th version is released15:38
Plazmaand many linux drivers are taken from freebsd15:38
prologicI've said it before and I'll say it again15:38
prologicsystemd is an abomination15:39
just_rexsystemd is the worst. period.15:39
Plazmaprologic: we've met before but i don't remember where15:39
Romsteryou do realise you can use runit form that AUR in arch15:39
Plazmaprologic: were you the python circuits guy?15:39
prologicI am15:39
Plazmaprologic: ahh15:39
prologicstill going strong15:39
Plazmaprologic: bitchin man.. not sure if you remember me, we didn't talk much15:40
Plazmabut through rebel_kid i think15:40
prologic10th year of dev this year15:40
just_rexI've tried that on Arch but I prefer the CRUX way :D15:40
Plazmanow he left and came back and left again because he's a chode :)15:40
prologicI still plan to try our runit15:40
prologiciirc it's compatible with rc-style init scripts15:40
Plazmai just have major ADD with the linux vs bsd stuff as well as everything else in my life .. i can never decide and when i do i never stay with it for long lol15:40
Romsteri used to run runit on crux ages ago was good15:41
prologicPlazma, there's medication fo r that :)15:41
Plazmai'm starting to think i need it, honestly15:41
Plazmai can't decide between editors, os's , toilet paper brands even :P15:41
Plazmawell not that far15:41
Plazmabut you get the idea15:41
Romsterlol oh dear15:42
Plazmaneedless to say i waste a lot of time :P15:42
joacimI just get whatever looks normal and doesnt have any stupid branding15:42
joacimproblem is, most things doesnt look all that normal and most things have some kind of stupid branding15:43
joacimlike army grade motherboards and  whatever15:43
Romsterand value vs quality for money15:43
Plazmaoh dear15:43
Plazmalooks like i messed up the grub install15:44
Plazmaran the script and made grub.cfg .. assumed it configuredit all for me but looks like i tdidn't15:44
Plazmaguess ill have to chroot15:44
Romsterdone that plenty of times15:44
Romsteri'm so getting to bed before i mess myself up for work later.15:44
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Plazmaahh almost fixed it15:51
Plazmabut must have typoed something.. got a grub display at least15:52
Amnesiasystemd's fucking awesome!15:57
Plazmahmm, not liking that.. not sure why.. got /dev/sda1 as /boot and /dev/sda3 as / .. i've copied the default line from the menuentry in the handbook and it's still failing16:03
Plazmaensured root was /dev/sda316:03
Plazmafor grub16:03
prologicI have to downgrade to 3.12.716:05
prologicthe aufs patches/module doesn't compile against 3.12.816:05
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jaegerPlazma: pastebin your grub.cfg somewhere if you want another eye on it16:15
Plazmaone sec16:16
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Plazmajaeger: menuentry "CRUX 3.0" { linux (hd0,msdos2)/boot/vmlinuz-3.5.4 root=/dev/sda2 quiet16:30
jaegeryou said /dev/sda1 was /boot? try (hd0,msdos1)16:30
Plazmaah ok16:31
Plazmai was trying to find the reference to that syntax but i could not on grub's page16:31
Plazmaso i must have overlooked it16:31
jaegerthe hd numbering is 0-origin, the partition numbering is not16:31
jaegerstrange choice on grub's part16:32
Plazmano go .. /boot/vmlinuz not found16:34
Plazmashould have just had one single slice .. prob be easier.. but i like having /boot on it's own16:35
Plazmaoh wait hang on16:36
jaegeryou can also use some tab completion in the grub shell to find files16:37
jaegerthings like ls (hd0,<tab>16:37
jaegeralso search --file16:37
Plazmahad linux (hd0,msdos1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 .. now tried linux (hd0,msdos1)/boot/vmlinuz root=dev/sda316:38
Plazmamight have to d just that with a grub shell16:38
Plazmai should have used lilo .. way easier16:39
jaegergrub's fine once you get used to the differences... but if you prefer lilo, definitely use it16:39
Plazmai should learn grub better really so it's a good exercise16:39
Plazmaso it looks like have hd0,msdos1 and hd0,msdos3 .. msdos1 i believe is my 100M /boot partition16:40
Plazmaand msdos3 is my /16:40
jaegertry ls (hd0,msdos1)/ and see if you can see the files in /boot16:41
Plazmaah yes you said that, sorry16:41
Plazmayep sure do16:41
Plazmaoh i bet i know the problem then16:42
jaegerso linux (hd0,msdos1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3 is likely what you want16:42
Plazmathat's what ihad before and it failed16:42
jaegerWith what error/output?16:42
Plazmacoudln't find /boot/vmlinuz .. but i think i know the problem now16:43
Plazmaill report back in a sec16:43
jaegerah, sorry, if should be (hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz16:43
jaegermeant to fix that but I'm working on 6 things at work, heh16:43
Plazmahaha, that's what i just tried16:45
Plazmaand it failed again but it was reporting something different so16:45
Plazmai may not have saved it16:45
Plazmajaeger: so did you specify why you prefer a bsd-ish linux to bsd itself? i can't recall if you did above16:46
jaegerwell, (hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz makes more sense because it corresponds to /dev/sda1 which you mount as /boot... so vmlinuz exists in there, not in /boot/boot/vmlinuz16:46
jaegerunless you do some symlink inception or something16:46
jaegerno reason to do that, though16:46
jaegerI don't have a strong preference concerning bsd-ish. I use crux because it's an interesting hobby16:46
Plazmabam di it16:48
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux16:48
Plazmai used grub-mkconfig and it put a whole bunch of garbage up front16:48
Plazmajust removed it and made a tiny manual grub.cfg file and it worked16:48
linXeagood answer jaeger .. same reason I use what I use.16:48
Plazmaaaaand it failed on somethin gelse now, damnit16:48
jaegerI usually configure it manually as well16:48
jaegerthough I've tried to make sure grub-mkconfig works16:48
Plazmacannot open device sda3 .. unknow block.. i wonder if i screwed up fstab16:49
*** cryptorchild_ has joined #crux16:49
jaegerit might require versioning, like vmlinuz-3.12.8 or something16:49
jaegerif you specified root=/dev/sda3 in your grub.cfg it'll mount that before it gets to the fstab processing. more likely either your filesystem or controller support is missing from the kernel16:49
Plazmahmm.. maybe16:49
Plazmai didn't do much configuring with the kernel16:49
Plazmait's a vmware guest so16:50
jaegerdid you use the 3.0 ISO?16:51
linXeaguess you need to add "Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA" support for vmware to work.16:52
jaegerdepends on the controller used, vmware supports several16:52
linXeathat's true.. but those are the most commonly used afaik.16:53
Plazmaah yea.. 3.0 ISO16:56
jaegerthe defconfig on the ISO supports ATA_PIIX but it doesn't support all the options vmware supports if I remember right. And if you made your own config instead of using that, it wouldn't matter :)16:56
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Plazmayea the intel stuff seems to be already selected for my kernel17:00
jaegerYou might check with 'lspci -k' which controller is in use17:01
Plazmathe only other thing i could do is try copying from x86 vs x86_64 the and kernel17:01
jaegerIf you mean from the x86 or x86_64 subdirectory in arch/ they're the same17:02
jaegerwell, ok, that's not really true... but the bzImage file is a symlink17:02
Plazmajust throwingit out there though17:03
jaegercheck lspci for ATA,IDE,SATA,SCSI, that will tell you which one you need17:03
Plazmabah, dang17:04
Plazmaforgot tod o that prior to reboot17:04
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PlazmaPIIX4 it looks like17:11
Plazmahaving them built as module vs into the kernel shouldn't matter should it?17:12
tilmanhow would the kernel load a module from disk, if it cannot access the disk b/c the driver is missing? :P17:15
tilman(it matters for slch elementary stuff!)17:15
tilman(crux doesnt use initrd)17:16
jaegeryeah, what tilman said17:25
nwehello :) how are you guys?17:34
just_rexhow are you?17:54
*** just_rex has quit IRC17:56
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Plazmaaso PIIX4 is definitely there yet it's still failing.. any suggestions ? rebuilding the kernel again18:15
frinnstdat backlog18:23
frinnstwhat are you installing on?18:23
Plazmai recall with 2.8 over a year and a half ago i had very similar isseus and i fixed it, but i forgot what i did18:24
frinnstvmware? Feigr did that today, you need fusion mpt support for your scsi controller18:24
Plazmaand it was some driver thing in the kernel i'm sure18:24
Plazmahmm alright , that under scsi drivers?18:25
frinnst [*] Fusion MPT device support  --->18:25
frinnstno, directly under drivers18:25
Plazmaahh awesome18:25
Plazmalet's see if it works18:25
Plazmaso i know crux is minimal but.. i assume that when you install a package eitehr through ports or pre-built .. they come with manpags?18:26
frinnstports create "prebuilt" so its not separate like in freebsd18:27
Plazmaahh right18:28
*** Kruppt has quit IRC18:32
Plazmaoh bunk18:33
Plazmaeven with fusion mpt support it still has the same error..18:33
Plazmacannot open root device "sda3" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 .. please append a correct "root=" boot option18:33
Plazmaoh hm.. sr0 driver: sr .. unable to mount root fs18:34
jaegernwe: was it you talking about Intel NUCs a couple weeks back?18:42
jaegerPlazma: did you verify which controller is needed with lspci?18:43
Plazmayea PIIX 4 it says18:43
Plazmait'sin there too18:44
Plazma82371AB PIIX418:44
jaegersomething that might throw it off is that it could be using PIIX for the cdrom but not for the disk controller18:44
Plazmawell sr0 seems to indicate a cdrom driver later in the error debugs18:44
Plazmaafter the VFS stuff18:44
jaegercan you pastebin the lspci output?18:44
Plazmauhh.. possibly18:44
jaegerif not, just list the modules shown by 'lspci -k | grep "in use"'18:45
Plazmai don't know if i can pastebin it but i might be able to screenshot18:46
Plazmawell hmm - agpgart-intel ata-piix mptspi pcieport (repeated a bunch of times) uhci_hcd e1000 ehci_hcd18:47
jaegerata-piix and mptspi are the important ones here18:47
jaegerata-piix you already have in18:47
Plazmawell i just enabled fusion mpt in my kernel18:48
Plazmawhen i did the most rebuilt18:48
Plazmai do have an older version of vmware player too so maybe that's partly to blame18:48
jaegerIn the fusion MPT menu do you have "Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI" enabled?18:49
Plazmai don't think i saw the option but i'm looking now18:49
jaegerMPT covers SPI, FC, and SAS devices18:50
Plazmaoh it appears i did not.. hmm18:51
*** Rotwang has joined #crux18:52
Plazmaforgot it had options to it.. let's rebuild and see!18:52
jaegerI'm not very familiar with vmware player but at least in vsphere it's not uncommon for an IDE/ATA device to be configured for the optical drive and an SPI/SAS device for the hard disk18:54
jaegerseems like it might be the case for player as well18:54
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC18:55
Plazmai wonder if i got a cheap netbook how well crux would work and support the wireless..etc18:57
jaegerYou could always search around for "linux on X" where X is the model you want... if linux works well on it, crux will18:58
Plazmait's an odd feeling.. it's a pain in the ass to go through all o fthis but at the same time it's not that bad and it'skinda fun19:01
Plazmai have no idea why this annoying tedious task is fun for me19:01
Plazmai guess that is one thing to your point jaeger .. if linux runs well on it, then any distro likely will run, at least19:03
jaegerYeah... there are obviously out-of-the-box differences but the linux kernel is still the foundation19:04
Plazmawell i got past that issue, but now i have another :/19:06
Plazmaand it scrolls so fast i can't read it well19:06
Plazmabut asking me for root passwrod for maintenance.. fdisk -l yields nothing19:06
Plazmawhen i do that19:06
jaegercheck fstab at that point19:09
Plazmafstab looks good.. got / and /boot i there to the right partitions19:11
*** blueness has quit IRC19:13
Plazmai forget, fstab is picky about tabs/spaces isn't it19:14
jaegerI don't think it is19:15
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux19:17
Plazmayea, thought it was for some reason19:18
Plazmawell this things hosed now :/19:18
Plazmait scrolls by so fast i can't figure out what it's telling me19:20
Plazmaall i know is that it prompts to to maintenance mode19:20
Plazmaand when i enter it, nothing is mounted or even available19:20
rmullPlazma: Sorry, I came in late - do you have any livecd or something that you know works? Maybe you could snoop on someone else's kernel config.19:21
Plazmarmull: oddly enough i'm considering that19:22
jaegerPlazma: can you manually mount /dev/sda3 in the maintenance mode?19:23
Plazmadon't think so.. fdisk -l doesn't even list it19:23
Plazmayea, ext4 support is built in too so that's not the issue19:24
Plazmaonce i get this working i'm going to upload the kernel config file to your guyss wiki or something :)19:24
jaegerIf fdisk can't even see it that kinda sounds like disk controller again19:24
Plazmayea :/19:24
Plazmaahh, fb1024 is much nicer19:26
nwePlazma: when you booting up with crux installer have you run lspci -k |less19:27
nweand then check after your SATA controller? to see which kernel driver it using?19:27
rmullPerhaps there is something other than the controller that didn't get turned on19:30
Plazmanwe: yea i did that.. sec i pated it aboev19:31
Plazmaagpgart-intel ata-piix mptspi pcieport (repeated a bunch of times) uhci_hcd e1000 ehci_hcd19:32
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC19:32
Plazmanwe that is19:34
jaegerwhat kernel version are you using? I could generate a config that I think will work19:35
Plazmawhatever is default in the 3.0 iso.. 3.11.16 ?19:36
Plazmacan't check atm19:36
jaeger3.6.11 probably19:36
Plazmayea that sounds right19:36
jaeger <-- might work19:36
Plazmai wonder if i can configure basic networking booted into the crux-installer19:37
Plazmaso i can ssh it over once it's chrooted or something19:37
jaegermodprobe e1000, dhcpcd19:37
jaegerIf you want to SSH in you'll need to edit /etc/hosts.allow to add "sshd: all" and start the ssh daemon19:37
jaegerthough if you just want to copy files from another host that's not needed19:38
*** kkozlova has joined #crux19:41
*** kkozlova has quit IRC19:45
tilmannetcat tar pipe <319:46
Plazmafor those playing along here's my lspci when booting from crux cd -
*** bartleby has joined #crux19:52
nrxtxPlazma: can you do an "ls /dev/sd* /dev/md*" on live cd and on maintenance mode?19:53
rmulltilman: indeed19:54
*** svechkar has joined #crux20:02
Plazmalive cd: ls /dev/sd* yields /dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 /dev/sda5   .. trying now in maintenance mode20:02
Plazmano go on maintenance mode.. no such file or dir20:04
*** svechkar has quit IRC20:14
*** just_rex has joined #crux20:25
PlazmaEXT2-FS error: coudln't mount because of unsupported optional features (244)20:28
PlazmaEXT3-FS  error couldn't mount becasue of unsuppored optional features (240)20:28
Plazmausing EXT420:28
Plazmaso not sure if those are relevant20:28
PlazmaEXT4-FS (sda3): INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem...20:28
Plazmaseems to continue to recover and then re-mounted with null options20:29
rmullthe unsupported optional features is not important20:30
Plazmathats all i can seem to see i ndmesg20:32
Plazmanothing else of particular interest20:32
Plazmaany other logs otehr than dmesg i can use ?20:33
*** rexich has joined #crux20:38
jaegernot if the system isn't mounting and coming up properly, no20:48
Plazmayea, damnit20:49
jaegerok... so the things you should need to get this up and running are SCSI disk support, fusion MPT (SPI), and ext4, theoretically20:52
Plazmabut the thing is, those are there.. in dmesg it even shows it loading fusion MPT20:52
Plazmaand ext4 support is there.. too20:53
Plazmaand scis disk support, i'm sure of it20:53
rexichguys, sorry for interrupting, but I must ask you something: seeing a mail from the crux mailing list, it says 'ports/opt (3.1): [notify] gimp: 2.6.8 -> 2.6.10' - is Crux 3.1 out?20:53
nwejaeger: I setting up the same machine I building kernel right now20:53
jaegerrexich: not yet20:54
jaegernwe: the same?20:54
rexichjaeger: thank you.20:55
jaegerPlazma: any chance you can copy the kernel .config out somewhere so we can look at it?20:55
jaegerrexich: welcome. we've started discussing 3.1 but not very far along yet. :)20:56
*** doomicide has joined #crux20:56
nwejaeger: yupp20:56
jaegernwe: the same as what?20:57
nwethe same configuration as Plazma ...20:58
*** svetpolt has joined #crux21:00
Plazmabam, hang on21:01
Plazmagot the file finally21:01
*** lasso has joined #crux21:06
Plazmajaeger: trying your config file now21:07
nweI saw that21:14
nwegrr wrong window :)21:14
Plazmathanks also , apreciate the help21:14
frinnstrexich: no, that was because of my fuckup :)21:16
*** svetpolt has quit IRC21:17
rexichfrinnst: alright, it got me confused and wondering about CRUX 3.1, but okay :D21:19
Plazmajaeger: your config worked!21:21
Plazmawish i knew wtf i did wrong21:21
jaegersorry, was helping a coworker. glad to hear it21:22
rexichPlazma: are you discussing compiling kernel 3.13?21:22
Plazmajaeger: just kinda bothers me beause i don't know what i did wrong.. but i did a diff on our configs and you had way more21:23
jaegerhow odd21:23
jaegerI wonder if the config got truncated or corrupted in some way21:23
Plazmaok so this is probably stupid but.. pkgutils like pkgadd .. they are used mostly when you download packages manually yes?21:29
Plazmaprt-get seems to get packages from ports.. ?21:29
Plazmaor am i confusing things..21:29
jaegerpkgadd installs packages that are created by pkgmk from ports Pkgfiles21:29
jaegerprt-get wraps them all with some nice functions21:29
Plazmaahh ok21:29
Plazmaso packages are all gotten from ports then21:30
Plazmaits just their binary21:30
jaegersometimes people have binary packages around but mostly you build from source21:30
rexichafaics, [core], [opt], and [xorg] come compiled on the CRUX disk, you just compile the rest from the other ports; when you update the ports, you actually rsync the changes to the Pkgbuild and patch files host->local machine21:32
Plazmai guess when i hear packages i think binary21:35
rexichif you need a binary package but you are offline, or you are too lazy to build it (firefox for example), you can pkgadd it from the ISO/CD21:36
rexichbut be careful, dependencies, lib versions etc.21:36
Plazmai was just hoping there would be some repository of binary packages or something i could do for large things such as that21:36
Plazmaor libreoffice21:37
rexichinterestingly, from what I've noticed from its Pkgfile, LibreOffice isn't compiled at all, just repackaged for CRUX21:37
jaegerI think libreoffice is generally regarded as not worth the effort to compile over using the binary distribution21:39
prologic"packages" are just tar balls of built software21:40
prologicwe provide all the "right" tools to help build, pacakge and manage your system(s)21:41
prologicpkgutls + prt-get and/or pkg-get21:41
prologicnot many use pkg-get - and I suspect it's because modern hardware is quite fast and compile times low21:41
prologicat least that's true on a Core i7 :)21:42
Plazmaoh so some ports in fact have binaries then?21:42
prologicwe package chrome this way21:43
Plazmasmart :)21:43
Plazmai just was trying to understand21:43
Rotwangyeah, LO is not worth the effort21:43
prologicCRUX is a fast more flexible system that users give credit for21:43
joacimstill takes a while to build something like a browser21:43
prologicand far simpler to use, maintain and understand21:43
joacimeven with super fast hardware like a cutting edge C2D21:43
prologicdoesn't really take all that long21:44
prologicI built 3 kernel last night21:44
joacimabout an hour or two on my system21:44
prologiconly took a few mins at a time21:44
prologicfinally settled on 3.12.721:44
Plazmaaww no gnome/gtk in ports :P21:44
joacimmy kernel takes about 4-6 minutes i think21:44
Plazmaor kde21:44
Plazmanot that i use it anyway21:44
prologicI said "modern hardware'!21:44
prologicyou don't sound like you have modern hardware ;)21:44
prologicPlazma:  yes there is21:44
prologiclook at
prologicgo download the gnome httpup/rsync file21:45
Plazmaohhh wow21:45
Plazmalook at all that stuff21:45
prologicwe have gnome, mate, ode and xfce421:45
prologicas well as all window managers21:45
prologicwe quite literally package/port eveyrhing21:45
prologicwelcome to CRUX :)21:45
joacimprologic: it is as modern as it gets. P6 architecture!21:46
prologicso what how men cores?21:46
prologichow fast do they tick?21:46
joacim2 =)21:46
prologicyou cheap guy you :)21:46
joacimE5600. a little over 3GHz21:46
prologic8 core here at 3.2Ghz21:46
prologicthat's why I compile a lot faster :)21:46
Plazmaaww joe editor.. i assumed that would be in contrib21:47
prologicPlazma: con't worry so much about contrib/opt/core/others21:47
prologicthey're all the same :)21:47
prologicit's just the core/opt are maintained by the core dev team21:47
Plazmawell i'm at the list of ports21:47
prologiccontrib are maintained by the select few that are entitled to contrib to the combined contrib repo21:47
prologiceveryone else just maintains their own and publishing them21:47
jaegerwe don't have an updated gnome repo as far as I'm aware21:47
prologicI'd be a contrib maintainer myself21:47
joacimI thought about getting the Q6600 or something, but I figured it would be a better idea to go for the E7600. better single thread performance, and my power supply is already being strained by a GTX 260. which is also top of the line cutting edge technology21:47
prologicbut for the lack of time21:48
jaegerI have ghetto gnome 3 ports but that's all21:48
Rotwang'ghetto gnome 3 ports' lol21:48
prologicjaeger:  we do have working mate ports?21:48
prologicI saw ml posts about this21:48
prologicyeah we currently don't have a Gnome maintainer do we?21:48
joacimin about 4 months, someone will start working on cinnamon ports again21:48
prologicused to be you jeager iirc :)21:48
jaegerI also made some ghetto cinnamon ports21:48
prologicPlazma:  fact is, most of us maintain what we use and need21:49
jaegerIt's just that usually nobody uses that stuff besides me so I don't clean them up and publish them21:49
Plazmaand you publish it21:49
prologicat times this changes and we drop the ports for someone else to pick up21:49
rexichpeople, what about the newest abiword? must I make a Pkgfile for it? :)21:49
prologicdon't we have one?21:49
jaegerIf you don't see it in the portdb then make one :)21:50
rexichprologic: two of them, but quite old21:50
prologic3 listed21:50
rexichthree, sorry21:50
prologiccheck those out first21:50
rexichI did, they're old21:50
prologicso clone/fork it and update it21:50
prologicand publish a new one to your own ports repo :)21:50
prologicwe love duplication :)21:50
prologicwhich reminds me21:50
joacimand then we have 4 listed! =)21:51
rexichI plan to make a little repo of my own, but I have no hosting space at all. any ideas? it's just Pkgfiles.21:51
prologicoh well :)21:51
prologicone point to note (as always)21:51
prologicCRUX is not for everyone21:51
prologicwe don't particular car dot cater for the novice user21:51
joacimrexich: I use github. you can use bitbucket also21:51
prologicyou are _meant_ to read, learn, "do work"21:51
prologicwe provide all kinds of tools to make it all nice and easy21:52
prologicbut I don't think we will ever fully automate everything to a point like Arch or Ubuntu21:52
prologica) we don't have the resources21:52
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC21:52
*** nwe has quit IRC21:52
prologicand b) we don't have the need/inclination21:52
rexichI know, I do not consider myself a novice user. I did everything by myself, just following the Handbook and some trial and error (I successfully compiled the kernel on the second try) :)21:52
*** nwe has joined #crux21:52
jaegeruh oh, sweden fell off the internet for a few seconds there21:53
Plazmabtw, deptree is pretty amazing21:53
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:53
Plazmai'll give you points for that one21:53
prologicjaeger:  really wow :)21:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:53
prologicyes deportee is nice21:53
prologicin fact pet-get is quit enice21:53
prologicI love the wy in which it works21:53
jaegernot really, no :) I was just joking because nwe and mavrick61 timed out21:53
prologicby leveraging of our ports system21:53
prologicand the Pkgfile(s)21:53
Plazmapet-get or prt-get ?21:53
prologicno fancy crap21:53
Plazmawell that was my initial confusion .. like freebsd you have ports, and you can also use pkg_add21:54
prologicf'n auto correct21:54
prologicI hate OS X sometimes :)21:54
Plazmaand it will get it from some random url and install it21:54
rexichprologic: that's why I just love CRUX and dumped Debian and Arch for it :)21:54
prologicPlazma:  yeah we do not publish binaries21:54
prologiconly ports21:54
prologicports, pkgmk, pkgadd, pkgdel, pkginfo are all the low-level pkgutils tools21:54
Plazmaexcept those you already said.. the big ones :p21:54
prologicthen prt-get the higher level tool21:55
rexichjoacim: thank you, I will try those both21:55
prologicyes I switched from Debian about 10 years ago for CRUX :)21:55
prologichaven't used another distro for desktop or server use since21:55
joacimprologic: there are binaries on the installer image, but those are probably too old for most people.21:56
*** lasso has quit IRC21:56
rexichprologic: I can see why, it's simple and makes me wanna learn more. and Debian's slow and overly complicated packaging system...21:56
rexichjoacim: yes, they are old, but sometimes these can help (rp-pppoe for example)21:57
jaegerThere are trades as always... a less complicated packaging system has fewer features21:57
prologicjoacim: those are not for use other than for an install media21:57
prologici.e: install from usb/cd21:57
prologicthere's an entire build process that builds all the core/opt/xorg ports and packages up the installer (a bash script) onto the iso21:57
jaegerthanks to that I've compiled firefox twice just today21:57
prologicCRUX is simple because we make it and keep it that way21:58
rexichthat's just so cool :D21:58
rexichI appreciate its simplicity21:58
prologici.e: we don't implement features that are complex with heavy requirements21:58
RomsterMakefile but it really does 3 runs of pkgmk -r -i or pkgmk -r -u21:58
prologicnor do we adopt complex things like systemd - because they violate so many principles it's not even funny21:58
rexichprologic: what about the init system? This one isn't the same as the Debian SysV, how is the CRUX one called?21:58
Romsterfor now i hope we arn't forced to systemd in the futire due to removed stuff out of the kernel21:59
prologicwe use err21:59
prologicwait guys what init do we use again?21:59
prologicthat's the one21:59
prologicsysvinit + rc (bsd-style) scripts21:59
prologicnothing more21:59
Romsterbut you can easly use runit or something else21:59
prologicplain and simple21:59
prologiccat /etc/rc.d/sshd for an example21:59
rexichit's SO simpler than Debian's, I just love it21:59
rexichyeah, I wrote my own wifi script as a service, and a power saving script for laptops as well22:00
prologicthe only other init systems I (and anyone) could recommend would be runit22:00
*** bartleby has quit IRC22:00
prologicanother I can't quite remember the name of22:00
prologicand maybe even supervisord (python)22:00
prologicI often combine CRUX's standard sysvinit with supervisord anyway22:01
Romsterrexich, might wanna look at wicd22:01
rexichprologic: the current one is perfectly suited for CRUX, in my humble opinion22:01
prologicgets you nice user land editable services/daemons and control22:01
prologicuser land as in non-root22:01
prologicrexich: that's why we haven't changed it :)22:01
rexichprologic: please please please never change it :D22:02
Romstermaybe old but it's stable and does the job22:02
rexichRomster: "wpa_supplicant -B -D nl80211 -i wlan0 -c /etc/wifi.conf && dhcpcd wlan0" is all I need :D22:02
jaegerdhcpcd has a wpa_supplicant hook now so you might not even need that22:03
prologicwell it's not really my call :)22:03
prologicit's jaeger, tilman and others :)22:03
prologicbut I'd like to think I have some influence coming from a software engineering background22:03
rexichjaeger: that's even better, then!22:03
Romsterbbl work22:03
jaegerit expects your wpa config file to be named wpa_supplicant.conf but it's there and works22:04
Plazmawow, prt-get install fpc ... weeee22:04
Plazmaoh it looks like it failed22:05
rexichjaeger: I'll try this, thank you22:05
rexichI erased Arch from my laptop and switched to CRUX. it was scary at first, but I succeeded into getting XFCE to work, and I wasn't afraid to tweak and learn Pkgfiles, congifure scripts etc.22:06
rexichthen, a friend of mine brought me a broken netbook, I had a similar one, so I joined their best parts and I've made myself a little computer I now use all the time22:07
rexichand CRUX lives happily on it, on a 8 GiB SD card :D22:07
rexichit's fast, actually22:07
jaegerI used to run it on an asus eeepc, sounds similar :)22:07
rexichit is an asus eeepc :D22:08
rexicha franken netbook :D22:08
prologicPlazma:  pet-get depinst ...22:10
prologicalways use depinst22:10
prologicunless you want to install ports manually22:10
prologicwithout dependency tracking22:10
Plazmagot joe compiled, score22:11
Plazma=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:22:11
PlazmaMISSING   538aa35bfe2db9330b7847908b2abebd  i386-linux-ppc386.bz222:11
PlazmaNEW       53396d180e1f4f1363c605aaa2d9c049  i386-linux-ppc386.bz222:11
Plazmathat's interesting..22:11
Plazmaalso.. i wonder why it's not pulling the 64bit one22:12
rmullWhat repo is it in?22:13
Plazmaoh no that was for fpc22:16
Plazmai didn't lookfor joe, that was easy enough to compile on it's own22:16
rmullthe port is out of date22:16
rmullcontact the maintainer22:16
rmullRomster: ping22:16
Plazmaold version too22:17
Plazmahow come the port though isn't using the x86_64 package22:17
rmullProbably because it hasn't been updated since crux switched to 64-bit22:17
rmulljust guessing though, check the commit log for clues22:18
*** blueness has joined #crux22:25
Plazmawe.. 2.6.2 fpc was released about a year ago now22:26
Plazmaand the port is 2.622:26
Plazmaso it's probably a good guess :D22:27
Plazmawell i got it installed via source anyway.. not suing a port22:30
Plazmathe latest so22:30
Plazmais ther a fancy option in prt-get to display the rough estimate of how much disk space a port + dependencies will take?22:31
rexichPlazma: as far as I know, nope :(22:32
Plazmabeen having some fun and now have 4.8/8G of this VM full22:32
Plazmajust installing random shit to see if it works22:32
rmullYou could build the package and check the size of teh package before installing it, but nothing ahead of time afaik22:32
Plazmahmm.. like prt-get build or something?22:33
rexichnope, there is no such command :/22:40
rexichI usually estimate it from the info about the packaged tarball22:41
rexichi.e the package's unpacked size22:41
rexichbut from one package to hand22:41
rmullYou can use pkgmk to build without installing22:41
prologicthis is how package area built22:43
Plazmayea thats what i was thinking with pkgmk22:43
prologicpgmk does not install22:43
prologicpkgadd does22:43
Plazmafor a minimal linux distro that doesn't cater to newbies, you guys are pretty friendly22:44
prologicyes yes we are :)22:44
prologicand we like to keep it that way22:44
prologicnot catering to Linux novices/n00bs does not imply we will not help you22:44
prologicin fact most of us are more than willing :)22:44
prologiceven about non-CRUX issues like kernels, drivers, software, suggestsions22:45
prologiceven the occasional off-topic discussion :)22:45
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:54
Plazmaso i thought when you did make menuconfig .. it tried to detect your hardware and select kernel options for you?22:54
Plazmamaybe i'm wrong22:54
jaegermenuconfig doesn't.... you might be thinking of localyesconfig or localmodconfig22:54
rexichPlazma: nope, if you do not have a .config file already in the folder it will create a default one22:55
Plazmaahh maybe22:56
prologicthis is a myth22:56
prologicthe kernel config never detects your hwared22:56
prologicit never has and probably never will22:56
prologicyou _have_ to identify your hardware yourself22:56
jaegerlocalyesconfig and localmodconfig are probably the closest to it22:56
prologicit's a bit of a pain spot for me too22:56
prologicbut it's not that big of a deal22:56
prologicI probably wouldn't recommend it though :)22:57
prologicyou'd be building the entire kernel!22:57
prologicit'd be quite large :)22:57
prologicour/my recommendation is to "learn the kernel"22:57
prologicit's valuable to do so22:57
jaegerI think we're talking about different things here, heh22:57
prologicstart with the cd/iso's kernel22:57
prologicand tweak22:57
prologicwhat am I getting confide about? :)22:58
jaegerlocalyesconfig and localmodconfig don't build the "entire kernel"22:58
prologicokay not strictly speaking22:58
jaegerthey make a config based on what's currently loaded22:58
prologicbut localyesconfig would select everytig right?22:58
prologicoh really?22:58
jaegerthat's allyesconfig22:58
prologicooh I see22:58
prologiclocal yes config22:58
prologicnever used that hehe :)22:58
prologicgood one!22:58
prologicI +1 that22:58
jaegerlocal*config guess based on the current config and loaded modules so it's a bit of a combo22:58
prologicboot the iso cd, install, install the kernel it ships with22:59
jaegernot quite hardware detection but as close as you'll get without another tool22:59
prologicand make localyesconfig22:59
prologicgood idea :)22:59
prologicat least it gets you started22:59
prologicit'll work fine22:59
prologicbecause we ship a decent kernel and config on the CD/ISO22:59
prologicwith enough modules/builtins for most hardware22:59
rexichinteresting :) I build the kernel with make menuconfig, always, I know my systems from inside out22:59
prologicright? :)23:00
jaegerregarding the config targets I wonder how many times you'd have to build a randconfig to get a working one, statistically23:00
rexichguys, does anyone still use SCSI today?23:00
RotwangSCSI as a protocol probably most of us [;23:01
prologicdunno :)23:01
prologicmaybe someone should test this23:01
prologicwith kvm and a bit of Python/Fabric :)23:01
rexichthe CRUX kernel from the CD has SCSI support, according to the Handbook23:01
prologicYes SCSI is still used everywhere23:02
prologicmostly for USB for consumer stuff afaik23:02
rexichwell, I don't have such hardware, only SATA, AHCI and IDE23:02
prologicYou will need it for USB Mass Storage afaik23:02
prologicor irrc23:02
jaegerIt's rare to find some of the older SCSI hardware such as centronics connectors around but the protocols are still quite common23:02
rexichprologic: is it something like a USB to SCSI bridge?23:02
prologicnot sure :)23:02
prologicI don't compile kernels every day :)23:02
prologicpretty sure I _have_ to have the scsi sub system enabled for usb devices23:03
jaegerfor mass storage, yes23:03
jaegerfor HID/PID, no23:03
jaegerif you're using SATA, SPI, SAS, or USB mass storage, it's SCSI underneath23:03
jaegerprobably others as well but that's the general idea23:04
prologicthere you go :)23:04
prologicthanks meager :)23:04
prologicf'n auto correct23:04
rexichthank you jaeger meister :D23:04
prologicSCSI is still widely used and certainly not dead23:04
prologicit's used a lot in the commercial/enterprise market23:04
prologice.g: iSCSI23:04
prologicIHMO I don't think it'll go away any time soon23:05
rexichI see. maybe the protocol won't, but the connectors yes. I haven't seen SCSI around since...I can't remember :)23:05
jaegermostly SAS these days23:05
rexichyes, SAS23:06
prologicyes I suspect you're right23:06
*** cryptorchild_ has quit IRC23:07
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux23:07
rexichI have a SAS disk, but I don't have such an interface, I've got it as a gift and it sits in the pantry, gathering dust...maybe it's it a connector a little bigger than SATA?23:07
rexichbut smaller than SCSI?23:08
jaegerThere are actually about 10 different SAS connectors but mostly they're similar to SATA, yes23:08
jaegerSFF-8482 connectors are compatible with SATA drives. You can even run SATA drives on SAS controllers but not the other way around23:09
rexichactually, now when I see it, it's not SAS, it's only one connector, there is no power connector on this hard drive...strange!23:10
rexichit's the one above
rexichis that SCSI?23:11
jaegerThat looks like Ultra32023:12
jaegerolder SCSI, yeah23:12
jaeger68- or 80-pin SCA or SCA223:13
*** Rotwang has quit IRC23:13
rexichinteresting :) thank you jaeger23:13
jaegerI might have a controller that can run that in a box if you need one :)23:14
rexichI'm not sure the drive is worth the effort, I think it's broken :(23:15
jaegerat this point it wouldn't be too surprising23:16
jaegerI think I might have one or two of thsoe around in the 9GB range :D something like that23:18
rexichmy dad brought it to me, he told me his friend threw it away, so if I can I should try formatting it, checking it if it's okay and then use it for whatever I wish, but I don't have that kind of a controller, so the drive is a mystery :D23:18
rexichand it's 80 GB, so...idk23:18
jaegerIf you were really curious I bet you could find a controller for it on ebay or at a local computer shop but it's probably not worth the effort23:19
rexichwell, we don't have eBay here :)23:19
jaegernothing similar?23:19
rexichnope. paypal doesn't allow transactions with my country. I can buy online directly from a debit card, but the taxes and fees are kinda too much23:20
rexichand the shipping, the customs...expensive. especially if it's 50+ EUR23:21
frinnstwhy dont they allow it? is your country a member of the "axis of evil" or something? :D23:26
frinnstmacedonia, right?23:26
rexichaxis of evil? whaaat? hahaha23:28
rexichto be honest, I don't care if I can't use ebay, most of the stuff I need can be found here or in Serbia, so I can travel and get it there23:28
rexichor order it there and they can send me the stuff here23:29
frinnstyeah, but still wierd23:30
rexichit's disrespectful, but it's their problem, not mine. less money for them!23:32
frinnstoops, late23:33
rexichbye frinnst23:33
*** doomicide has quit IRC23:51

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