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joacimlots of scammers there or something?00:31
joacimI think amazon refused to ship to hawaii or something because of something like taht00:31
joacimnorwegians are banned on some irc channels and websites too. they just banned the whole country00:31
rexichI'm not sure what's the reason :/00:39
joacimthere is a lot of trolls in norway00:39
joacimand some sites grew tired of dealing with them00:39
rexichmaybe there are scammers here at my country, but I've never met any such person00:43
rexichI generally mistrust electronic banking and I never shop online00:44
rexichwhat kind of trolls?00:45
joacimthe kind that goes online and makes people angry =)00:46
joacimbut i dont really think people know what a troll is00:46
joacimnot agreeing with someones statement is the same as trolling to some people00:48
joacimor just being ignorant00:48
joacimpretty much the only thing i import is culture. culture can be really overpriced in my country. sometimes 3-4 times as much.00:50
rexichI consider Trolls to be people that are preoccupied with demeaning and humiliating people, not with anything positive or creative at all00:54
rexichculture? such as? anime? :)00:54
joacimvideo games00:54
rexichcool :) I rarely play video games, I mostly tinker with linux00:56
rexichin my country most people cannot afford an original game, or a gaming PC00:57
joacimyeah i didnt play that many games when i toyed with linux either. but now i grew tired of "repairing" my computer just because00:57
rexichso "piracy" is rampant00:57
joacimso now i play video games instead00:57
rexichcool :D00:57
rexichI play sauerbraten sometimes00:57
joacimI can afford one I think. I'm just really greedy00:57
joacimmy old computer is good enough for most games anyways. why buy a new one =)00:59
rexichof course :D common sense01:00
RomsterPlazma, i have a few
Romsteri only build the big stuff for those on weak cpus01:38
Romsteror lack of ram as say firefox needs 10GB ram to compile now. and a few hours or more on a slow cpu01:38
Plazma10GB of raM to compile?01:41
Romsterrexich, i have can use git to push to me if you look in ports you'll see a few with in them.01:42
jaegerI built it twice today in a VM with 4GB/2GB for what that's worth01:43
Romsteri'll look at fpc after work01:44
Romsterwell i use a tmpfs for the soruce the compiled source and the compile process itself it dies if less than 10GB in total01:45
Romsterso the way i do it uses the most ram.01:45
Romsterbut is faster to compile01:46
Romsterbeen a bit slack on my ports lately that'll change when i get going.01:47
jaegerhrmm... I need to script a defconfig lint type tool for the ISO01:49
Romstertodo what?01:52
Romsterprologic, there is a option to disable modules not loaded in .config01:53
Romsteryou could run that on your running system01:53
Romsterrebuild modules01:53
jaegerto check that I've not left any of the options I want out of the defconfig when I update the ISO kernel version01:53
rexichRomster, thank you, I'll be setting up git tomorrow afternoon and I'll write to you about including some Pkgfiles I've made. I'm now gone to sleep, it's 2:53 here.01:54
Romsterrexich, send me a dsa key to monster dot romster at gmail dot com with your name and email and i'll set you up one. oh and the name of the ports tree you would like.01:55
Romsterand i'll give you the git details later.01:55
Romsterat some point i'm gonna move all that to my my new host. but currently it's all working ok01:55
rexichAlright, thank you very much. talk to you later, have a pleasant evening/day everyone. :)01:55
Romsterafternoon in australia :)01:56
rexichsee ya!01:56
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Romsteri don't mind hosting Pkgfiles they are small01:57
Romsterand gitolite makes that easy01:58
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aXiAli3nwhat do I need to do to get google earth (7.1) to work on 3.007:12
Romstera Pkgfile of google earth would be a start07:13
aXiAli3ni took the .deb and made a package out out of that07:15
Romsterdid that work07:15
aXiAli3nbut i try to run google-earth and it says 'googleearth-bin: No such file or directory'07:15
aXiAli3nthe website says it requires linux standard base libraries07:16
Romsterwell could just make a Pkgfile off
Romsternot many dependnecies and probably most installed already07:16
nwegood morning!07:16
aXiAli3ni'll try that07:17
nwehow are you folks?07:17
Romsterhmm needs 32bit libs from compat-3207:17
Romsterprt-get depinst mesa3d-3207:17
Romsterwill get you close.07:18
Romsternot a easy one to port.07:18
aXiAli3nlol, i'm giving up07:18
aXiAli3nnot worth it. i don't know enough07:19
aXiAli3nthanks anyway07:19
Romstereh i can give it a try07:19
Romster sepen has google-earth07:21
Romsterneeds work07:23
Romsteractually they have 64bit so no need for 32bit libs07:24
Romsteroh i see you messed with the deb file07:25
Romstereasier to use the rpm
Romsterhacking at sepens port now07:27
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Romsterweird ldd file exists run it does not exist... what is this trickery07:39
aXiAli3nyeah it's very strange07:42
Romsteri can tell you it's not a crux issue. wonder what they have done07:42
nrxtxRomster: can you post the ldd output?07:43
Romsterthere is none07:44
Romster$ ldd googleearth-bin07:45
frinnstglibc issue?07:45
Romster/usr/bin/ldd: line 117: ./googleearth-bin: No such file or directory07:45
Romster$ file ./googleearth-bin07:45
Romster./googleearth-bin: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=693eb30111744b4518910a316785d954c7a1b0fd, stripped07:45
Romsternever seen that happen before.07:45
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6088 Oct  8 06:40 ./googleearth-bin07:46
frinnsti have when running pure. it would do that whenever i touched a 32bit binary07:46
frinnstmajor glibc incompatabilities?07:46
nrxtxRomster: that's an dynamic loader issue, happens if the linked c-libraries are not compatible07:46
Romstereh glxgears-32 works on ldd07:46
Romsteroh maybe i need to LD_LIBRARY_PATH07:47
nrxtxe.g. /lib*/ld-*.so.* different names07:47
frinnstmight expect lib to be -> lib3207:48
RomsterLD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/share/google/earth" ldd ./googleearth-bin07:48
Romstercomes with a ton of libs07:48
frinnstyeah, but no c library07:48
Romsterls /usr/share/google/earth |wgetpaste07:48
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteroh that it needs a glibc as well?07:49
frinnsteverything does07:49
Romstersystem ones not good enough07:49
nrxtxRomster: try: "objdump -p egoogleearth-bin | grep NEEDED" and check if libld is correct07:49
Romsterobjdump -p googleearth-bin | grep NEEDED |wgetpaste07:50
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterthere we go07:50
frinnstahh, first nicotine of the day07:50
Romsterhmm i lack expeareance with binaries07:50
nrxtxthere you go07:51
Romsterso i need to make sure i have all those07:51
nrxtxthere is is thath in /lib32/ available?07:52
nrxtxotherwise create the symlink as in /lib07:52 is in glibc that's ok07:53
nrxtxand the symlink is fine?07:53
nrxtxif that's ok take strace and have a look why it fails loading
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Romsterwell i need to look though the list.07:56
Romsteri doubt they will allow strace07:56
nrxtxthey cannot prevent tracing the part before main() is executed, where glibc loads the libraries07:58
Romsterexecve("./googleearth-bin", ["./googleearth-bin"], [/* 33 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)07:59
Romsterstupid error message when the file exists.08:00
Romsterhmm gcc4208:00
Romsterah it's in gcc as well no issues there08:01
Romsteri need a better bit of code to check this. doing it manually sucks08:01
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nrxtxRomster: can you run it again with "-f -ff" as parameters?08:04
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Romstereh i may as well throw this in the too much effort basket08:07
nrxtxRomster: then you have a incompatible elf-header08:07
Romsterthis is off
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nrxtxglibc incompatiblities are the most likely reason for this08:08
Romsterso really i'd need a older glibc to run it.08:08
Romsterhow messed up is that.08:08
Romster does not state a glibc version.08:09
RomsterFaking a Linux Standard Base runtime08:09
Romsterld-lsb 3-708:09
nrxtxcheck "objdump -T googleearth-bin | grep GLIBC"08:10
Romster0000000000000000      DF *UND*0000000000000000  GLIBC_2.2.5 __libc_start_main08:10
Romsterthat is a really old glibc but our later glibc should be compatable with older functions.08:10
nrxtxRomster: version depends on the function08:11
Romsterthat might have something todo with this problem08:11
nrxtxwaht is the highest entry?08:11
Romsterthat is the only entry08:11
nrxtxweird, anyway the PKGBUILD will fix it i guess08:13
Romsteri'll mess around with this later on.08:13
nrxtxand the end of this journey after digging deeper we will having the same result i guess08:13
Romsterunless aXiAli3n feels like doing so.08:13
Romsterthat's a tool i should be using more of.08:14
nrxtxRomster: i got used to it when having the exact same error message when guys from freepascal built broken elf headers, took me two days finding out they forgot adding the elf header size to the offset to the assembly start address08:15
Romsterthat reminds me i need to fix fpc i had forgot.08:17
Romsteramazed no one reported that sooner08:17
Romsterdoes no one use any of my stuff08:17
RotwangRomster: my colleauges at work laughed that crux 3.0 was released to honour all of the three users of crux08:21
Rotwangit is hard for three users to use all the ports08:21
Romster3 users just us devs?08:22
Romstergranted we are small but not /that/ small.08:22
Romsteri woulnd't mind soe figures on portsdb rsync downloads of unique ips count08:23
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aXiAli3nthanks for trying. google maps will work for me for now08:32
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nrxtxRomster: that reminds me i could make a hedgewars port08:41
nrxtxthere i need fpc :D08:42
nrxtxna there is already one in contrib :)08:44
nrxtxwho is playing it? :D08:44
Romsterobliviously no one currently08:47
frinnsthedgewars? looks like worms08:55
frinnstso sloooow08:59
frinnstimporting a backup from a usb-drive08:59
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Romsterthink the name was trademarked so they use hedgewars09:22
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frinnsthow can outlook suck so bad?12:33
frinnstrandom profile-corruptions, pst-file corruptions when stored on a fileserver12:33
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frinnstnftables looks nice13:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-net-dns: 0.73 -> 0.7414:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
PlazmaI have an idea.. for the main site.. why not have URL that is that links to the handbook ?14:22
nogagplznah, that's too easy :P14:27
teK_you could argue that for about every sub-url we have.. there's a wiki running our site that just has a differnt URL scheme..14:27
Plazmawell the handbook is kinda of a tome of wonderful info so14:28
Plazmajust a thought was all :)14:28
Plazmawow, that was nice.. i just got a syncfile and named/placed it correctly, and then edited prt-get.conf and it worked14:49
frinnstwow ;)15:03
frinnstThe Internet - a step by step guide on video15:03
frinnsti love these videos :)15:03
jaegerIt's too early for horror movies! :D15:04
frinnstits in romster-language for added bonus15:04
Plazmaso.. i managed to compile joe editor on my own without any issuesand it's a simple package so i'd like to try to make a pkg for it.. i wrote a small Pkgfile for it already.. kinda unclear on what to do next15:07
frinnstpkgmk ?15:09
Plazmayea, thats my next logical step but.. it doesn't tell me how to use it i guess .. or if it did, i overlooked it15:11
frinnstcreate a dir and place the pkgfile in it, cd into it and type "pkgmk", does it build?15:12
Plazmaoh that's really it? hang on15:12
frinnstif so, pkgadd <package> or pkgmk -i15:12
Plazmahmm, loks like the source is hosted on sourceforge with their sill redirect stuff15:13
Plazmaok to just put the url in the pkgfile?15:13
frinnstpretty much, yeah15:14
frinnstcheck out the ports in /usr/ports/core,opt,xorg etc for examples15:14
Plazmaoh looks like it failed.. guess ill toy around with it15:27
Plazmalet's ee how my glib upgrade goes15:28
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Plazmaso any of you got time to look at a Pkgfile for me and seew hat i'm doing wrong?16:36
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frinnstmake install will not install it in a pkg17:39
frinnstmake DESTDIR=$PKG install didnt work?17:40
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frinnstyou might want to tweak it a bit :)17:48
Plazmaprdownloads? where did you get that17:50
Plazmafrinnst: also the source file downloaded does not use a ./configure .. just make and make install when you build from source17:50
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frinnstfrom their homepage18:27
Plazmaoh.. well18:28
Plazmai feel about like an idiot then18:28
Plazmaohh.. so i need the source file.. acutally in the dir i make the package in18:31
Plazmafors ome reason i thought the source url acutally was tied into pkgmk to download it18:31
frinnstit is18:32
frinnstpkgmk fetches the file in source18:32
Plazmaso in my build directory i just have the Pkgfile you created .. and it seems to complain it can't find joe-3.7.tar.gz18:33
frinnstpkgmk -d18:33
frinnstyou can enable it in to automagically download in /etc/pkgmk.conf18:33
Plazmawell it loks like it errord at md5sum, then made md5sum18:33
frinnsti forget its not a default18:33
Plazmathen errored on build.. hmm.. anymore logs i can check to see why it failed?18:34
frinnstyou should see a complete output on the console18:34
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Plazmathats all it's giving me frinnst19:23
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Rotwangmd5sum is different19:27
Plazmawell it seems to imply it generates a new one19:29
Rotwangindeed it does19:30
Rotwangthe generated md5 sum from downloaded archive is different19:30
Plazmaoh hmm19:30
Plazmaso whats the best way to fix this then19:32
Rotwangdownload correct archive19:33
Plazmauhh correct archive?19:33
Rotwangeither the md5sum provided by the port is wrong19:33
Rotwangor your downloaded archive is wrong19:33
PlazmaRotwang: oh no.. i'm making a package19:33
Plazmamostly just for fun and to learn19:34
Rotwangrm .md5sum19:34
Rotwangpkgmk -um19:34
Plazmaahh there19:34
Plazmaoh look at it go19:35
Plazmawow it worked19:35
Plazmathanks guys19:36
Plazmashouldn't i  be able to see it with pkginfo -i now though?19:43
Plazmai'm not sure what your tyring to tell me19:46
RotwangPlazma: the port system is well described19:50
Rotwangin the handbook19:50
Plazmabut i'm not speaking about ports at the moment19:51
PlazmaRotwang: this was me just toying with and making my own package .. and thanks to you all i managed to do that19:54
Plazmaand i was just asking if now htat i've installed it as a package, i thought pkginfo would show it19:54
RotwangPlazma: it should19:54
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frinnstwell did you *install* it?19:56
frinnstor did you just build it19:56
frinnstyou can have pkgmk install it with "pkgmk -i"19:57
frinnstor pkgadd <path to package>19:57
Plazmaahh i guess i just built it19:57
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Plazmaohh there19:58
Plazmai had it built as source first19:58
Plazmai just removed it and intalled via pkg.. there it is19:58
Plazmathats what i was suspecting but hehe20:06
Plazmai wonder how well if at all i can get crux on a chromebook20:19
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teK_search our ML archive, I think that somebody asked that question over there21:01
Plazmaah ok21:04
Plazmagot unicde working.. woot21:04
Plazma seems to say you can but it requires running something on top of the existing chrome stuff so21:08
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Plazmayea.. cheap enough though, good hardware so21:21
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Plazmawow, llvm is a beast22:03
frinnstwhat, to build?22:18
frinnstgive qt4, chromium or firefox a go :)22:18
jaegerwebkit beats them all22:19
Plazmayea.. to build22:19
Plazmawell i got utf-8 support working.. using rxvt-unicode and have my locale set22:19
Plazmabut it seems when PuTTY is conneting to it with UTF-8 translation, midnight commander gets all screwed up graphical wise22:20
frinnstwhat hardware are you running on?22:22
Plazmaits' just a vmware22:22
frinnstcurious since you thought llvm took a long time to build22:25
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Plazmahad to abort.. leaving for the day22:56
Plazmacan always try tomorrow22:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tabbed: 0.5 -> 0.622:58
jaegerMaybe he should have gotten "/facepalm" instead23:24
teK_or maybe you don't try to catch chicks with the geek stuff if you can't handle it23:26
teK_of course a worthwhile chick will spot the syntax error instantly23:26
jaegerwoot, got my NUC23:40
Plazmawhat is that23:43
Plazmaalso.. i'm not a fan of SO :/ . too many elitists23:43
Plazmaanyone else use midnight commander?23:46
Plazmaor mcedit?23:46
Plazmaseems with western encoding with PuTTY connecting to a utf-8 termina.. i don't get utf-8 but mc displays great.. when i do a UTF-8 encoding on PuTTY , it display all these weid symbols for the menu bar23:54
Plazmahaven't tried with another OS yet.. just my crux vm.. but i'm sure it wouldn't matter23:54
jaeger <-- it's that23:58
jaegerI've not used mc in years23:58
jaegerjesus christ, the cardboard box the NUC was in makes the intel chime when you pull it open23:59

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