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jaegerso dumb00:00
rmulljaeger: o.o00:16
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Plazmajaeger...any ideas though?00:35
jaegersorry, no idea00:36
joacimPlazma: what does locale say00:36
Plazmaen_utf-8 on all00:37
Plazmaerr en_us...sorry vm is down and irc from phone00:38
joacimdoes locale -a shwo that en_US.utf-8 is available on your system?00:38
Plazmaits using that and using urxvt...only seemz to happen when i use putty wth utf8 translation00:39
jaegerwell, my NUC is either DoA or won't boot without an SSD00:42
jaegergood times00:42
jaegerdon't have time to mess with it more right now00:43
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xveehey guys02:59
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jaegerand back03:33
jaegerheyo, vee03:33
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Plazmajaeger: hey .. so suposedly it might be a font issue on putty's side04:37
Plazmaso ill let you know later when i get the chance04:37
prologicAnyone still interested in a busybox/ulibc version of CRUX?04:45
Plazmaso.. if i make a package and Pkgfile and it works.. ifi want to upload it somewhere for others to use.. is that basically going through publishing a port?05:28
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prologicyou just publish the port07:30
prologicuse httpup to create some meta data about your cports collection07:30
prologicand serve this directory up statically using a web server07:31
prologicthen you can optionally register your ports coollection with the crux portdb (
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nwegood morning!08:31
frinnstmorning bitches!!08:53
nwehow are you frinnst ?08:54
frinnstwaiting 2 hrs for the fist cup of coffee is *not* healthy08:54
frinnstgreat, new toy arrived today08:54
frinnstaxel m80 thin client08:54
nwefrinnst: wtf? 2 hrs ? why ?08:55
frinnsthad to head out to a customer on my way in to the office08:56
frinnstbut im compensating now :D08:56
nweI really like hp-conrep / hp-rcu (change setting in bios from linux)09:14
frinnstoh? never tried it09:17
frinnstwonder if it supports my microservers :)09:17
nwefrinnst: looks like it supporting MicroServer Gen809:19
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FeigrimAnyone here running Awesome window manager on Crux?10:17
frinnstFeigrim: skapar en port :)10:48
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prologicI have a CRUX 3.0 Docker image12:46
prologicReady to go!12:46
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Plazmadocker image?13:10
Plazmawell toying around still with my putty settings connecting to my crux vm.. seems with UTF-8 translation on PuTTY i can get unicode to display but things like midnightc ommander have a bunch of letters on the menu bar and it's nasty13:10
Plazmabut if i us puTTY with just standard western translation, unicode obviously doesn't display but mc looks great13:11
prologicI'm building a base docker image for crux13:26
prologicand will maintain it as crux developers13:26
prologicactually I"m building a script that builds the docker iamge from the iso13:26
SiFuhHaha, how lame has this world become? I don't need a washing machine that thinks it is an arcade game and plays a 2 bit tune like I have won a level at the end of the wash cycle. I'd prefer a free drink for choosing that particular brand...13:35
prologicwelcome to this crazy ass world13:37
prologicI think they call it IoT now13:37
prologiclove these new buzz words13:37
SiFuhIoT Internet of Things?13:38
prologicyeah that stupid buzz word :)13:38
SiFuhI had to google that, although google itself has become a new word from a number in the decimal system to 'search'13:39
SiFuhKind of like vaccuming became hoovering ;-)13:40
prologicit's become a verb13:40
prologicas well as an adjective13:40
prologica noun13:40
prologicand god only knows13:40
prologicmaybe some use it as a swear word :)13:40
SiFuhor acronyms turned into words such as LOL. I banned my dad for using that too much.13:40
SiFuhWhat the google! Go google yourself, you google!13:41
SiFuhhmm almost13:41
Plazmaprologic: so what good will a crux docker image bee?13:41
Plazmalike i guess i don't see the point13:41
SiFuhPuTTY is a different app from MC in a shell.13:42
prologicPlazma, if you don't see the point13:43
prologicI highly recommend you watch the youtube video on docker13:43
prologicsearch for "docker"13:43
prologicfirst one I think13:44
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SiFuhgoogle it! haha13:44
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SiFuhhmm, never heard of a docker before, I just searched it too13:45
SiFuhSorry got distracted  Dockers is a brand of khaki garments and other accessories from Levi Strauss & Co.13:46
SiFuhhoovering googling LOL and dockering ;-)13:47
SiFuhOk that video is kind of useless13:49
SiFuhwikipedia = Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. <- Now that makes sence. I just save watched 47minutes of video13:50
SiFuhsaved watching*13:50
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prologicI watched the video13:53
prologicfor entertainment reasons :)13:53
prologicI'd already read all the releveant docs, etc13:53
PlazmaSiFuh: well i use PuTTY to ssh to themachine so..13:53
SiFuhPutty from Windows?13:56
SiFuhPutty - Window -> Translations -> Handling of line drawing characters -> Use unicode line drawing code points13:57
Plazmayea its set that way13:57
Plazmaits not just crux, it's an ylinux it seems at least13:57
Plazmausing lucida console too , tried a few other fonts with the same result13:58
prologicDoes anyone realize the significant of my doing this (crux docker image)? :)14:00
SiFuhYep I realise14:01
prologicyou can easily (2 commands) spin up a crux instance in the cloud and use it for watever you want :)14:01
prologicI'm sure more docker hosting/clouds will become available quite quickly too14:01
prologicbut those two I know do it so far14:01
SiFuhPlazma  open Putty connect to the box, and if you have screen installed  open screen then run mc14:01
SiFuhdoes it display the menu correctly?14:02
Plazmagood idea, give me a sec14:02
Plazmawould tmux work or screen required14:02
frinnst The service or information you requested is not available at this time. Please try again later.14:03
frinnstFUCK HP.COM14:03
Plazmatell us how you reall feel14:04
jaegerprologic: I realize it but have no use for it myself, heh14:05
SiFuhhello jaeger14:05
jaegerhey, SiFuh, long time14:06
jaegerhow are you? still BSDing?14:06
SiFuhgood, you?14:06
jaegerPretty decent in general14:07
jaegerwoot, found a missing brain scan14:07
prologicjaeger, heh :)14:10
prologicwhy because you don't run up crux servers?14:10
prologicor don't use the cloud?14:10
prologicor? :)14:10
jaegerJust don't really use cloud servers. I have vsphere infrastructure at work and at home14:11
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jaegerpossibly the best extension ever14:13
Amnesiafrinnst: :D14:13
frinnstnice find jaeger! hope it wasnt an important one :D14:13
jaegerIt is, actually, otherwise I wouldn't have searched for it :D14:14
SiFuhI can see advantages to this, but it actually reminds me of a cross between a jail, a loop mounted image and windows applications.14:14
prologicjaeger, ahh that's why14:14
prologicI don't use cloud services either14:14
jaegerOne of the investigators here couldn't find it, turns out it was in the wrong place on the network storage14:14
prologicbut I'm migrating my proxmox ve infrastructure to docker14:14
Plazmahmm mc -a works with utf-814:14
Plazmalets see what that one does14:14
jaegerWith that said, it takes a LONG DAMN TIME to search dicom headers in 8.0TB of NFS storage14:14
prologicideally I'm trying to move to crux on the metal + docker14:14
frinnsti'd avoid docker in production for now14:14
frinnsti read some nasty stuff recently14:15
PlazmaSiFuh: i got it.. i had to pass -a14:15
Plazmasomething about disabling stickchars?14:15
SiFuhI saw ir14:15
prologicfrinnst, I've read the same :)14:15
prologicbut I don't think the risk is high enough to not use it :)14:15
prologicfor small-scale production14:15
prologicobviously it's all very new hoever14:15
prologicyou are right14:15
jaeger8.0TB of files that are an average of 46K makes NFS cry itself to sleep14:16
prologictry 4M files across 16,000 dirs14:16
prologictotalling a span of 400GB14:16
prologicthat made NFS at UQ's QCloud cry until it died14:16
prologicthat's 4,000,000 files14:17
prologicoh wait sorry14:17
prologic16 million files14:17
jaegerI wish I could switch this to something else... FC, iSCSI, whatever besides NFS14:17
SiFuhplan9 ?14:17
prologicyeah NFS sucks :/14:17
prologicwhen it goes away your server goes bye bye14:17
Plazmaplan9 !14:18
jaegerNFS is fine for other things... like our vsphere datastores14:18
jaegerthose are big files and not large numbers of them14:19
jaegerhrmmm, wonder how many scanning sessions we have currently14:19
frinnstnfs3 on that export you were searching on?14:21
frinnstvmware could really improve a lot on nfs too14:21
frinnstthere are some nasty issues in some usecases14:22
prologicI've seen hosts go down in a ball of flames14:23
prologicbecause of nfs going away14:23
frinnstyeah well with iscsi that will happen too14:24
frinnstlike when we had a netapp guy here to replace a battery on a controller14:24
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frinnstwe moved over everything to the healthy controller and when he ripped out the old one everything just went black14:24
frinnst"thats not supposed to happen"14:24
prologicripped out the wrong one?14:24
frinnstthe whole backpanel just went black14:25
frinnstlets just say that wasnt a good day14:25
frinnstluckily only one customer noticed it, it was down for maybe an hour or something14:25
SiFuhOracle VM Machine ;-)14:27
MarcusRso if i wanna switch from debian to crux, should i try to forget everything that i have learned so far and start from scratch or?14:28
SiFuhread the handbook ;-) but do not forget your debian skills14:30
SiFuhyou will need them ;-) but it is ok to forget any windows skills and your name and address and stuff like that14:31
MarcusRnot a big fan of windows i'm afraid14:32
SiFuhI'm afraid of windows big fans14:33
MarcusRmy workplace migrated from xp to win714:37
MarcusRoh the joy when nothing worked anymore14:38
jaegerwas out of the office a bit but yeah, NFS can cause huge issues if it breaks... but it doesn't break often, fortunately14:40
jaegerA couple years ago there was a period of maybe a month and a half where I was coming in every morning and spending 2 hours fixing broken VMs due to NFS falling out from under them14:41
jaegerWe finally figured out that ZFS' deduplication was the issue. Our data is too large for un-deduping snapshot data to work without cratering the whole system14:42
jaegerMarcusR: general linux stuff applies equally to both, just don't stick with apt-get and dpkg specifics14:44
jaegerah, my count finished... 61287 scan dirs with an average of 22k-ish files each14:45
jaeger1.348 billion?14:45
jaegerthat 22k might be old info but it's a decent ballpark14:48
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MarcusRhow would a old Lenovo T60 like mine behave if i installed an SSD?15:36
MarcusRis it worth it or is it overkill15:36
SiFuhit will be faster15:39
SiFuhif it doesn't break the size limit15:39
SiFuhdoesn't a T60 use ide as opposed to sata?15:41
jaegerIt's been a while since I've seen a T60 but I think it's limited to SATA 1 data rates. With that said an SSD will still stomp a platter drive at those rates15:42
jaegerIt just won't run at its full potential15:42
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MarcusRSo for all those curious, yes the T60 supports SATA300, SATA II, or SATA 3.0Gbs drives.15:46
rexichhello people :)15:52
SiFuhhello person15:58
rexichwhat's up here?16:00
SiFuhthe topic and every previous message typed and sent16:02
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jaegerMarcusR: ah, good to know16:06
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Plazmaahh.. rebuilt mc from source with s-lang vs ncurses.. beautiful!16:09
Plazmamaybe ill build a few packages and make a port for all this stuff16:09
MarcusRjaeger, dunno if that makes a difference or not?16:14
jaegerMarcusR: not a difference that anyone would likely notice outside of benchmarks16:18
jaegerMost daily usage is far more random reads/writes of small files than sustained throughput16:18
MarcusRhow does lean linux distros like crux fare with SSDs?16:19
jaegerThey fare well. It's not really important which distro you use, more about your partition alignment, filesystem, mount options16:20
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MarcusRaah ok16:21
jaegerIt would matter if you used a really old kernel that doesn't support TRIM but otherwise pretty agnostic16:22
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Plazmaso when one installs llvm port, clang comes with it?19:00
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tilmanPlazma: yes19:19
Plazmathought so19:20
tilmangrep clang /usr/ports/opt/llvm/Pkgfile ;)19:20
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Amnesia :D19:31
Plazmatilman: ahhh thats what i was trying to think about19:33
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joacim"Get laid, not Linux."20:36
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prologicjaeger:  holy shit :)21:44
prologicI thought 16M files was a lot :)21:44
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frinnstprologic: lightweight :)22:19
frinnstjaeger is the data-king :)22:20
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prologicfrinnst:  eh? context? :)22:38
prologicsorry lost what anyone was talking about :)22:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2014.0122:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chromium: updated to 32.0.1700.7722:39
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