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Plazmaso is it fair to say that the packages in crux are just simple 'overhead' stuff around existing source code to keep it in package managment tracking and ease of installation/removal?00:34
jaegerIt's a bit of a simplification but I suppose so01:23
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jaegerWoot, NUC is running. Now to get it configured.01:48
Plazmajaeger: it was just so i better understood it.. that's how i've understood it with your guyss help and my reading and toying with stuff02:03
Plazmai just want to be sure i'm accurate02:03
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prologicPlazma: (Sorry meager) -- No. "packages" are tarred and compressed binaries of the "built" ports they represent.02:27
prologicYou can always tell by the name: foo#version.tar.gz02:27
prologici.e: normally you can ship "binary packages" to another "identical machine" with "identically installed software"02:28
prologicports build packages :)02:28
prologicmore precisely, ports downloads and syncs the specifications for individual ports in the format Pkgfile/.md5sum/.footprint and related files. pkgmk builds these into packages. pkgadd installs them to a system or path (equivalent to tar -C /path/to/rootfs -xvf ... + managing the /var/lib/pkg/db)02:30
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Plazmaprologic: so ifi build a package i can put it on another crux ystem and install it02:32
Plazmawithout source complication02:32
prologicas long as the two criteria I mentioned are met02:33
prologicidentical system, identical software02:33
prologicor more precisely identical ahrdware02:33
prologicidentical configuration02:33
prologicwe do not keep, store or record metadata about built packages02:34
prologicpig-get is an attempt to do just that - but it's limited, unmaintained (but it works) and hardly anyone uses it in practise02:34
Plazmapig or prt02:34
nogagplzpig-get would be for a good alias though, break the monotony of prt02:38
jaegerFor the record I'm usually pretty pedantic and I find it pretty funny when I try to avoid being pedantic and someone else steps in to do it :D02:41
prologicyeah I'm always pedantic02:41
prologicbut I hardly have the time to chat :)02:41
prologicwaiting for Plone rebuilds at work does this02:42
jaegerI've been trying to tone it down a bit lately, been bitched at for it :P02:42
prologicby whom? :)02:44
prologiclemme at em!02:44
prologicI don't think I'd ever tolerate that kind of non-sense in here02:44
prologicit would make me very sad and probably leave the crux community :)02:44
prologicmust always be nice to your peers and even nicer to your strangers! :)02:45
jaegerAnyone mess with limelight yet? Going to have to give it a try on the rpi or NUC02:45
prologicDoes Per Liden ever come by?02:45
prologicnever heard of it02:45
prologicyou'll have to post a link02:45
prologicgoogle turns up other useless crap02:46
jaegerer, that's the one for the pi, there's another one somewhere02:54
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prologiclemme have a looksie :)03:04
prologicSo... What?03:05
prologicit streams your PC basically to another?03:05
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prologiceven if it's as intensive as a game?03:05
jaegerSo it seems. I haven't tried it yet03:06
prologiclooks interesting enough03:07
prologicI may look into it if it's as good as it says it is :)03:08
prologicperhaps it would be a good way to stream DRM protected streaming media (and it's audio) to disk for future re-watching without re-downloading the same stream multiple times03:08
prologicanalogus to recording Free-To-Air TV from a Tuner Card(s) to Disk03:08
jaegerIt seems rather steam-specific but I'm not 100% sure03:09
prologicwell the concept at least03:10
jaegerThe interesting part is that you can theoretically control the game from the weaker device... so I could have my rpi or NUC hooked up to my TV as an HTPC but be able to play steam games there using the power of my gaming machine03:10
prologicI'm looking to do this for home03:10
prologichulu+netflix+bbc viewing over my private proxy (written in Python no less!)03:10
prologic+and+ work out a way of "recording"03:11
jaegerhrmm... the display from my NUC is shifted just slightly off the screen ot the left03:24
jaegermaybe 10 pixels03:24
jaegerhappens in console and X both03:24
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jaegerMight be caused by the mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter or cable, I suppose03:26
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prologicmy new HiSence 58" LED/LCD display we bought last year for xmas does that oto03:34
prologicit depends on the content you're playing03:34
prologicbacked by a MythTV PC-style box03:34
prologickinda annoying a little but not sure what I can do about it really03:34
prologicthe blackbox desktop is otherwise correctly scaled/position03:35
jaegerEverything's shifted equally here03:41
jaegerconsole or X, no matter the app03:41
prologicmaybe it's the same for me03:42
prologicbut I'm too blind to realize what's really going on :)03:42
jaegerhrmm... xbmc doesn't like me tonight03:51
jaegernever mind, recompiling sdl seems to have fixed it03:56
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joacimjaeger: is overscan on the nuc or tv enabled?07:50
nwegood morning07:51
joacimmy old samsung pc monitor had this public display type feature. It would shift the image a pixel or two in either direction to prevent burnin issues07:51
joacimor something similar to burnin, except it is for lcds because you cant just call the same thing on different types of monitors by the same name07:52
joacimmorning dude07:52
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joacimI should read before I respond. glad you fixed it. =)07:53
nwehow are you joacim ?07:54
Romstergood evening from down under07:55
joacimtired =)07:55
joacimtoo early for me07:55
joacimwish I could be a deadbeat and sleep until noon every day07:55
Romsterfood coffee and time to get my hands on more crux07:55
nwejoacim: haha :) I was up at 06:00 today :P07:55
frinnsthm, openssh doesnt have a client for rlogin, right08:14
Romsterprologic, hows the work going on? im free and in the right frame of mind. well not free i have some crux stuff todo but i can help if your still stuck08:38
Romsterfrinnst, what bad stuff about docker?08:39
Romsterso now i have fltk and fpc to look at.08:39
frinnstRomster: there were some major'ish unsolved bugs as in dataloss/crashes08:47
frinnstiirc, couldnt find the reference yesterday when i looked08:47
prologicRomster, it was never about being "stuck"08:48
prologicI always aclk the proepr time to do anything I "want" to do :)08:49
prologicfamily, work, etc :)08:49
prologicit's done however08:49
prologicsearch for crux on index.docker.io08:49
Romsteri never said stuck?08:54
Romsteror did i08:54
Romsterwell i'm gonna get me a $5 host and i wanna setup crux on that.08:55
Romsterthen i'll need help on the database and circuits for the search page.08:55
Romsterand me and the other guy will database the results off my version sort python stuff.08:55
Romsteronce a base system is up i will hopefully manage on extending it.08:56
Romsteri'd prefer learning circuits and use python on the site than ugly php.08:56
Romsteras i used todo08:56
Romsterso much todo and so not up on programming.09:00
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prologicRomster ... but i can help if your still stuck10:43
prologicRomster, if you give me a few more days or so10:43
prologicI'll probably have lots of docker images you can just spin up :)10:44
prologicI'm planning on creating quite a few based off the crux base image I've already created10:44
prologicand I'm thinking it would be nice to cut the size down a bit as well -- image is at 350MB atm10:44
prologicbut docker uses a layered/union file system so it's not that big of a deal10:45
Romsterprologic, not in a huge rush but i'll need help i haven't even got he databwse sorted yet. but if i had a search page setup with an example sql database i can work off that.10:49
Romsteri gotta learn bind and wanna setup my own email server as well on ster.so10:50
Romsterso i got a few things todo.10:50
prologicsetting up your own meil server is painful10:52
prologictoo painful for me :)10:52
Romsteri'd like ot try and some spam filter i can attempt that another day. so far i just want lighttpd circuits and a search page to a sql database so i can display tabular data.10:54
Romsteri'll start on an example page and layout etc.10:55
Romsterand some templating system, mako probably.10:55
Romsterand other pages i want to setup that wiki.10:55
Romsterthat i've only messed a bit around with.10:55
Romsterwith a wiki i can just add content than havign to mess with html all the time.10:56
Romsterno wonder my sites get left stagnating it's tedious.10:56
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prologicdo you know any javascript?11:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libvorbis: updated to 1.3.412:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lm_sensors: updated to 3.3.512:03
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Romsterprologic, a little javascript i used to write a little.12:48
Romsterbut that was awhile ago12:48
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jaegerjoacim: I fixed XBMC crashing on start but not the image shift issue. It doesn't even seem like over/underscan because the entire image is shifted left14:11
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joacimOS X have this thing that lets you limit the throughput15:01
joacimsimluates package loss too15:01
Plazmaprologic: so prt-get isn't used heavily? i thought it was the de-facto way to do it now15:01
joacimcan use that to pretend you're still using a 2400 bps modem15:02
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frinnstPlazma: ?15:41
nwehey folks!15:44
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Plazmafrinnst: prologic said something about prt-get not being used in production much15:50
Plazmaoh he said pkg-get ..15:51
Plazmanot sure if that's different or some old thing15:51
Plazmaso yea disregard then, sorry15:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntp: include configuration to avoid ddos atacks16:02
Plazmaoh wow nice! glad that got fixed16:03
Plazmathe ddos ntp exploit stuff16:03
Plazmaopendns had some exploit too16:03
teK_was fixed already, forgot to bump the release, though..16:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntp: update md5 sum19:57
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nwegood evning!20:04
teK_hi there20:11
nwehow are you guys?20:12
prologicPlazma> frinnst: prologic said something about prt-get not being used in production much <-- pkg-get20:14
nwenice to hear :) so what are you guys doing?20:20
Plazmaprologic: yea i corrected myself :)20:21
MarcusRpreparing for bed20:21
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rmullAnyone have any idea if crux is growing in popularity, stable, or dying out?20:35
teK_we are not doing statistics at present20:36
teK_you can check out
teK_if you want to believe these numbers20:40
teK_heck we do not even track our users with GA or piwik :-)20:42
rmullHow about IRC traffic?20:42
rmullHas it ever been like, 100 nicks instead of 50?20:42
teK_not that I could remember20:43
rmullthanks teK_20:43
teK_no problem20:43
rmullwas just curious20:43
teK_publicity never was one of CRUX' intentions20:43
teK_or gaining any to be precise20:44
rmullsure, but you need at least a few users to help keep ports fresh20:44
teK_< Rotwang> Romster: my colleauges at work laughed that crux 3.0 was released to honour all of the three users of crux20:46
rmullI don't suppose crux is in any need of donation for any reason20:50
teK_as long as Per keeps up the domain an mavrick61 our server: not reall20:51
joacimhere you go20:52
joacimmake advertisements for crux20:52
rmullThis presents 4chan users with ads? I assume the result would be that we would get an influx of 4channels20:55
joacimthey're not that bad. most are pretty harmless outside of their moms basement20:56
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: wget: updated to 1.1521:10
teK_this actually makes sense21:20
Rotwangsince when "penguin" is a swear word?21:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: iasl: updated to 2014011421:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] virtualbox: updated to 4.2.2221:43
frinnstRotwang: lol21:55
sepen"...on which side are you fighting? independence from the eu?.."21:57
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joacim"The 'euromaiden' protests are in favour of closer European integration"22:58
joacimNow I'm offended22:58
joacimnorway isnt integrated with europe now? because we're not a member of the EU? =)22:58
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