IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-01-24

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Romstercompiling... and compiling errors more compiling i'll get it eventually.09:10
frinnstdid you solve the openssl issue, romster? i see it too on my rpi09:26
frinnsthavent looked into it yet09:26
Romsteroh what issue is that?09:32
frinnstsome cryptolibrary wasnt built/added to the pkg09:48
frinnsti remember you had some issue with it09:49
Romsteri can vaguely remember it09:49
teK_there's logs for that09:49
frinnstbut i assume you got it working09:49
teK_and: hello world09:49
frinnsthelpful as always09:49
Romsteri'm fixing that many machines at work i cna't remember what i did 5 minutes ago.09:50
teK_challenge accepted09:50
teK_January 9th at 14:xx CET09:51
frinnsti rule at manipulation \o/09:51
teK_22:12 <@frinnst> Romster: i got the same ssl footprint error on my rpi09:51
teK_22:12 <@frinnst> i use ccache09:51
teK_22:13 <@frinnst> maybe we need to override custom makeflags completely in openssl09:51
teK_22:13 <@frinnst> unless someone feels the urge to fix the bug09:51
teK_you suck at being nice09:51
Romsteroh missing lib file yeah it turned out to be my distcc09:52
Romstersomething in openssl had changed.09:52
Romsterso they added some bug that make it omit that lib only on the last openssl update the one before that was perfectly fine.09:52
Romsterand because i have distcc on all my machines i reproduced the same result on all of them -_-09:53
Romsterseieng it's j1 i decided to try without distcc09:53
Romsteropenssl's build system is a utter mess.09:53
Romsterit's a disgrace.09:53
Romsterwhy arn't we using enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 i see arch and gentoo do09:57
Romsterwell gentoo commented it out.09:57
Romsterdont understand openssl stuff that much09:58
Romsterbut looks like a obvious speed up we are missing10:01
teK_configure script is not clever enough to detect10:03
teK_whether the compiler supports __uint128_t.10:03
teK_I find this surprising10:03
Romsteryeah like i said it's a mess10:05
Romsteri can live with the distcc bug but that...10:06
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prologicanyone ever built a ulibc+busybox crux?11:04
rexichnope, but I would love to try that11:04
prologicI think I might build one tonight11:05
prologicusing buildroot11:05
prologichave built several buidlroot based images arleady11:05
prologicand tried them out11:05
prologicquite nice build system11:05
prologicfor what it is11:05
prologicihmo all that makes crux crux11:05
prologicis rc and pkgutils11:05
prologicthose two main core ports/packages11:05
prologiceverything else is software11:06
prologicI have a fully working linux docker image down to 600K compressed11:07
rexichwhere can I read more about Buildroot?11:08
rexichnever mind, I've found it11:08
rexich600K? wow :D11:09
prologic15.6M live11:12
rexichwill a switch to uclibc as the main libc cause chaos among the programs (i.e. they will segfault/won't compile)?11:12
rexichcool :D11:12
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prologicno not necessarily11:19
prologica lot of software aill compile against ulibc11:19
prologicthe improtant stuff anyway :)11:19
prologicit will either compile or it won't :)11:19
rexichwell, yes, but I'm afraid some big ones won't, and I need them (firefox, libreoffice - which isn't compiled in crux, just repackaged)11:21
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prologicI have a working buildroot based distro/image11:28
prologicdocker image that is11:28
prologicwith a working package manager and config11:28
prologicput it this way11:29
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prologicI'm 98% certain you can have a working desktop with a busybox+ulibc based crux :)11:29
prologicfor varying degrees of "working"11:29
Romsteryou haven't lzo compressed the binaries11:29
prologicdoesn't hurt to try :)11:29
prologicmaybe FF doesn't compile11:29
prologicso isntall/build a simpler browser11:29
rexichI'll try this week, I'm interested :D11:29
prologiclibreoffice might "just work"11:29
prologicif it's all statically linked upstream11:29
prologicRomster, ahh :)11:30
rexichI believe LO is linked to libcups and glibc :/11:30
prologicyou reckon I should do that?11:30
prologicbut that'll make it slower ro run things11:30
Romsterstill calls glibc afaik11:30
prologicI think it's small enough!11:30
rexichRomster: -O2 or -Os?11:30
prologicrexich, what does ldd say?11:30
rexichjust a sec prologic, I'll check now11:31
rexichrex@kiwi ~ $ ldd /usr/bin/soffice11:31
rexichnot a dynamic executable11:31
Romsteri uswe -O2 but -Os prefers small size over performance11:31
prologicthere you go :)11:31
prologicit won't need glibc11:31
rexichBUT: without libcups, LO segfaults11:31
Romsterdon't static libs still use libstdc++ for cxx and glibc?11:32
prologicreport a bug upstream!11:32
prologicI don't think so11:32
rexichlibcups is part of cups AFAICS11:32
prologicthey're statically linked :)11:32
prologicthey embeed their own libraries11:32
prologiciirc cups compiles/runs fine on embedded systems11:32
prologicso it'll be fine on ulibc11:32
Romsterhmm guess i was thinking of old compiled dynamic that bundled there own libs11:33
rexichI do not use printers on my laptops so I see no reason why the hard dependency of LO on libcups -_-11:33
rexichI've left it in /usr/lib and removed cups, and behold - LO works w/o segfaulting11:33
prologicwell that was a total failure11:33
prologicpython requires glibc11:34
Romsterstaticly link python but not good probably11:34
rexichit will be very big, defeating the purpose of being small :/11:36
rexichrex@kiwi ~ $ pkgsize11:37
rexichEnter port name: libreoffice11:37
rexichTotal kilobytes for libreoffice : 46118811:37
rexichguess I'll have to port the newest AbiWord on CRUX, I miss it although it sucks sometimes and it's buggy11:38
Romstercompile libreoffice i was gonna but its a huge job11:39
rexichyeah. worse than compiling firefox o_O11:39
Romsterfirefox is easy11:39
Romsterit's like trying to compile gnome11:39
rexichthe linker eats too much RAM and can fail if free RAM + swap < 4 GB :(11:40
prologicyou know what I use for writing documents now?11:40
prologicsphinx :)11:40
joacimI use a plain text editor and format my text in markdown11:41
joacimuse marked (OS X) to make a pdf based on that text file. Can use gimli and others too11:42
rexichjoacim: that's great, but it won't do for university stuff :(11:43
joacimwhat kind of university stuff?11:43
joacimwas fine for my kind of university stuff (history papers with footnotes)11:43
rexichdocuments with tables, pictures, complex formulas11:43
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rexichno, I don't plan to use latex :D11:44
prologicpretty much the same thing11:44
prologicvim + spinx11:44
prologicand then just make pdf11:44
rexichbecause they ask for the DOC(X) files here, I usually give them PDF and ODF (yes!) since the official format now in our state is ODF :D11:44
rexich*state -> country11:44
prologicso just give them PDF :)11:45
rexichI do :)11:46
rexichno complaints for now :)11:46
joacimthey say they demand times new roman and doc(no x) here, but most seem to be fine with pdf11:47
prologicchecking for suffix of object files... configure: error: in `/home/prologic/tmp/buildroot-2013.11/output/build/glibc-2.18/build':11:48
prologicconfigure: error: cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile11:48
prologicSee `config.log' for more details11:48
prologicmake: *** [/home/prologic/tmp/buildroot-2013.11/output/build/glibc-2.18/.stamp_configured] Error 111:48
joacimI've met a few people  that were offended when they found out that i didnt use ms word and didnt hand in my assignments in doc format11:48
joacimthey were my classmates and I was studying some kind of information tech or something11:48
rexichjoacim: I know that feeling :) haha11:49
rexichI use LibreOffice for writing and spreadsheets11:50
rexichbut for presentations I must resort to powerpoint, impress kinda sucks11:50
rexichprologic: :/11:51
rexichwait, weren't you compiling uClibc instead of glibc?11:52
Romsterhe was until python needs glibc11:52
rexichoh :( well, shit11:54
rexichso much for glibc11:54
rexich..or is it?11:55
Romsteroh i see that dreaded message alot it's usually when i dick around the CFLAGS11:59
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Romsteryou didn't remove glibc-32 by any chance?12:01
Romsteryou'd have to use --disable-multilib if you did.12:01
Romsterin gcc12:01
Romsterprologic, ^12:02
prologicon my host?12:03
prologicno I didn't12:03
Romsteroh you never got that error?12:03
prologicI can't work this out :/12:12
Romsterwhere is your tool chain coming from reinstall glibc glibc-32 binutils gcc libgmp libmpfr12:14
Romsterthen retry you probably broke your tool chain.12:14
Romsteri've done this before -_-12:14
prologicno I'm not going to do that12:15
prologicsince my toolchain _is not_ broken :)12:15
Romsteryour sure?12:15
prologicprove to me it's broken :)12:15
prologicI can compile lots of things12:15
Romsterwhat -march are you on?12:15
prologicx86_64 ctux 3.012:15
prologicvery stock standard install12:15
Romsteruse x86_6412:15
prologicI don't think i can!12:16
Romsteri have seen issues with me using amdfam1012:16
frinnstnative ftw12:16
Romsterdue to some SSE speed up ASM stuff.12:16
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Romsterwas todo with libgmp iirc.12:17
Romsterbut it was a long time ago.12:17
prologicbuildroot's build target is alrady x86_6412:17
Romsteryou could try copying the gmp and mpfr source into the repected directory for gcc. then let gcc boot strap itself though that.12:18
Romsterother than that *shrugs*12:18
prologicnah I don't think you're quite getting this12:18
prologicdo you know buildroot at all?12:18
prologicI'm not going to go mess with the build rools it provides12:19
prologicI may as well do it by hand then12:19
Romsterbut i know the tool chain i've broken and fixed my system many times12:19
prologicbuildroot is basically12:19
prologicwget buidlroot source12:19
prologictar xvf buidlroot-x.y.z.tar.gz12:19
prologiccd buildroot-...12:19
prologicmake menuconfig12:19
prologicyes and I'm saying it's not my host's toolchain12:20
Romsterhmp well i dunno12:20
prologicafaik buildroot is cross compiling12:20
prologicand building it's own toolchain12:20
Romsterbut host and target are both x86_64 so it's not rocket science.12:20
Romsterlook at how iso.git Makefile works for boot strapping then look into buildroot sources12:21
prologicI'll try using an external toolchain12:21
Romsterelse i have no idea and cant help.12:21
prologicand do a make clean12:21
prologicsorry Romster12:22
prologicyou're not telling me anything I don't know :)12:22
Romsterother than using already built packages and pkgadd them.12:22
prologicyou'd have to try out buildroot yoruself and see :)12:22
Romsteryeah i would have too sorry.12:22
Romsterweeks and weeks of customers is dumbing me down :/12:22
prologicI'm just toying around12:22
Romsterand i have to talk on there level.12:23
prologicyes and you're maybe treating others the same way? :)12:23
Romsteri often forget how expeareanced users are in here.12:23
prologicdunno just a guess :)12:23
Romsteryou haven't seen what i deal with.12:23
prologicgcc/glibc are complex beats12:23
prologicI'd rather stick to ulibc tbh12:23
Romsternah not complex just bloated.12:24
Romsterwont llvm take over gcc?12:24
prologicsame thing :)12:24
prologiccomplex -- itertwined features12:24
prologiclots of them12:24
prologiclatin root meaining12:24
prologici.e: bloated :)12:24
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Romsterglibc is because of backwards support. and gcc is because of all the targets it has to support.12:27
Romsterand now them dreaded gcc modules for extra pre-processing.12:27
Romsterwhich is why llvm came into existence.12:27
Romsternone of the gcc modules or bloatetness12:27
Romsterhonestly if oyu do not want bloat keep away from GNU12:28
Romsterbash good example12:28
Romsterbut you all know that already12:30
rexichpeople, what about musl c lib?12:30
rexichis it better to use instead of uclibc?12:30
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teK_depends.. use clang and something other than glibc and you will see quite a lot compilation failures12:31
teK_you may have a look at
Romsterwould probably have to stay clear of all gnu bloat to not use glibc12:33
AmnesiaRomster: checl out musl12:33
Amnesiait's awesome12:33
Romsteralready looking but ti depends on what functions the programs call12:33
Romsterneed to schedule a another holiday and i need time to fit my extractors and new muffler and 2.%" tail exhorts pipe to my car too... just got it today.12:37
Romsteri am not functioning too well tonight...12:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fpc: 2.6.0 -> 2.6.212:45
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prologicdoes anyone even use fpc?13:05
teK_fpc rocks13:05
prologicwtf uses it?13:05
teK_using lazarus.13:05
prologicyou? :)13:06
teK_it is really awesome for doing RAD for GUIs13:06
teK_crosscompiling was a peace of cake with that13:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fltk: fix source url13:17
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prologicI'd rather use Python :)13:20
prologicand wx13:20
teK_we have other delphi applications so lazarus for wince (!) and powerpc or arm (don't remember) was a perfect fit13:21
teK_no visualc++ for me :>13:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ghc: romster -> contrib13:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libedit: romster -> contrib13:31
Romsterlets all use python for everything -_-13:33
Romstercan only use what the devs decided to program the program in. i got more to commit but working on the remaining bugs.13:33
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: 2.4.51 -> 2.4.5213:45
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.51 -> 2.4.5213:47
frinnstlovely, no contact with north america13:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify]: gstreamer: new dependency gobject-introspection14:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify]: gst-plugins-base: footprint update for new dependency gobject-introspection introduced to gstreamer14:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify]: gstreamer1: new dependency gobject-introspection14:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify]: gst-plugins-base1: footprint update for new dependency gobject-introspection introduced to gstreamer14:11
Romsternorth America net go down?14:12
Romsterdamn it missed a file14:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base: include .footprint file I missed in prevous commit14:16
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prologicfinally got a buildroot built with python14:32
prologic33M tarball14:32
prologicanyone here know how to get a system-wide ssh agent working properly with xfce4? for years I've put up with using eva. $(ssh-agent -s) in my ~/.xinitrc and running ssh-add (by hand) when I login on a terminal -- I'm sick of this now :)14:35
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jaegerprologic: try keychain14:39
jaegeror start it in your .xinitrc14:39
jaegerthose are the options I know :)14:40
jaegerwell, there are probably others but maybe keychain will do it. or if there's some keychain-style xfce app that prompts you the first time it needs the key14:40
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prologicand it's just a simple daemon?14:44
prologicmy main problem is that ssh-agent doesn't persist14:44
jaegerdoesn't persist in what way?14:45
prologicso when you open a new termianl14:45
prologicit doesn't pickup the already running ssh-agent14:46
prologicprobably because I tend to prefer logging with a login shell14:46
jaegerhrmm... so you're doing this in your .xinitrc: ?14:46
jaegereval `ssh-agent`14:46
prologicroot@vz1:~# docker run -i -t prologic/tinyfs python14:47
prologicPython 2.7.3 (default, Jan 25 2014, 00:29:37)14:47
prologic[GCC 4.7.3] on linux214:47
prologicType "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.14:47
prologicahhhh :)14:47
prologic51.5M live file system14:47
prologicjaeger, yeap14:48
prologicand it works14:48
prologicexcept when I launch a new terminal :)14:48
jaegerprologic: try this instead: ssh-agent startxfce414:48
prologicI see :)14:57
prologicI'll have to try that!14:57
prologicthanks :)14:57
jaegerthat way it should inherit the environment settings for everything you launch in that X session14:58
jaegerkeychain works a different way, if I remember right. I think it sets the environment variables for every new shell.14:58
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adilixhi all16:26
adilixi have a question about installation16:26
adilixdo i have to compile a kernel, i mean is it a must do or does crux installa default kernel ready to run16:26
joacimyou have to configure and compile your own16:27
prologicyou _can_ copy the kernel from the cd16:27
adilixi saw some videos on yt and on all installations they had to compile a kernel16:27
prologicif you want to delay configuring and compiling a proper kernel later on16:27
adilixaa crux privides me a ready to use kernel16:27
prologicnot entirely16:28
prologicbut there's obviously one on the cd16:28
prologicyou can use it to at least boot your system to a working state16:28
adilixhow is it mean "not entirely16:28
prologicthen please configure/compile your own kernel to your needs :)16:28
prologicit's the iso's built kernel16:28
prologicwith lots of extra stuff that you probably don't need16:29
adilixok, is this kernel like the kernels you can find in other distros16:29
prologicnor will it match your hardware exactly either16:29
prologicit's the linux kernel16:29
prologicthe one you get from kernel.org16:29
adilixaaa ok you mean afterwards to compile a resonable kernel for my thinks16:29
prologicdownload, extract, cd /path/to/kernel16:29
adilixok ok i got it16:29
prologicmake menuconfig, make all, make modules_install, make install16:30
adilixyeaa i know these thinks16:30
prologicbut joacim's right16:30
adilixis it a must do16:30
prologicyou must do it eventually16:30
adilixlol why?16:30
prologicthere _will be_ some things that will not work16:30
joacimMy thinking is that you might as well do it from the start16:31
adilixwhat kernel comes with crux 3.016:31
prologicone we built16:31
prologicor jaeger I think does the iso building16:31
adilixyea wich version i mean16:31
prologicactually I think it's older than that16:31
adilixits a good kernel not so old16:31
adilixi think the kernel is ok16:32
prologicthe version is in the iso.git soruce repo16:32
adilixthe lts kernel is much older16:32
prologiclike we said16:32
prologicyou will and must eventually compile your own kernel16:32
prologicyou will not be able to get away with it for long :)16:32
adilixi am not a kernel junkie16:33
joacimdont have to be one16:33
adilixi am only looking for a ready to use kernel with the distro i am getting16:33
adilixi come from archlinux, stoped to use arch as the changed to systemd, i hope crux will never go for systemd, so i can start using linux again16:34
prologicwe will never do that16:34
joacimi dont know much about kernel stuff at all. making your own config doesn't take long. linux has some very sane defaults. you just have to add your filesystem and disk controller (probably ahci) to the config (make menuconfig)16:35
prologicbut you must learn to compile your own kernel16:35
prologicwe don't do this for you :)16:35
prologicit's really easy :)16:35
adilixwow that sounds really great16:35
prologiccrux is designed to be easy and simple16:35
joacimadilix: what about crunchbang16:35
prologicfor varying degress of "easy" for some folks16:35
adilixist ahci enabled on the default kernel in crux16:36
prologicdepends on your experience16:36
joacimi dont think ahci is enabled by default16:36
prologiccoudln't tell you16:36
prologicwe don't use it :)16:36
prologicit's config is on the iso.git repo16:36
prologicI'm sure you could find out :)16:36
adilixi have looked at crunchbang but i am looking for a linux thats like archlinux , i mean compiling my software by self16:36
joacimit is if you are asking about the kernel that the installer iso boots with16:36
joacimhow about gentoo or one of its spinoffs?16:37
adilixi have compiled very often kernel its not a big mess16:37
adilixgentoo is to complicated16:37
adilixthe PKGBUILDs in crux and archlinux are very easy16:38
joacimit is somewhat complicated, but i think they ahve a few kernel options for people who dont want to run "make oldconfig && make && make modules_install && make install" once a month16:38
tilmancrux might be too complicated, too, then16:38
adilixno, crux PKGBUILDs are easy and undestandable16:38
prologicit's Pkgfile16:38
prologicnot PKGBUILD16:38
prologicremember Arhc stole from us16:38
prologicmany years back16:38
adilixyes, sorry :) PKGFIle16:39
prologicthen became popular somehow16:39
prologicgod only knows why16:39
adilixyes i know it16:39
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*** acrux_ has joined #crux16:39
adilixi have used crux before archlinux16:39
prologicacrux, trust us wehn we say this16:39
prologiccrux is not for the faint hearted16:39
prologicyou will have to learn a few things16:39
prologicbut it _is_ really easy and simple to use16:39
joacimprologic: people in screenshot threads often use arch, maybe that's why16:39
prologicthere isn't much to it really16:39
tilmanit's rather high maintenance16:40
adilixi have some knowledge in crux linux16:40
teK_tilman: what? arch?16:40
prologicit certainly can be tilman is right16:40
prologicespecially when updates break other packages16:40
prologici.e: broken libraries16:40
adilixoh yes broken libraries is really painfull16:40
prologicwell most of us don't find it _that_ painful :)16:41
teK_this is SO relative16:41
prologicif you remember to keep your system up-to-date16:41
prologic(which I often don't do)16:41
prologicyou'll be fine :)16:41
teK_you have to spend a gazillion more hours on suse, ubuntu etc. to find out why stuff won't work16:41
teK_which is a simple grep on CRUX16:41
prologicthat's true16:41
adilixok i gona to test a crux installation in my VM to test it out how thinks work16:41
teK_I could explain our startup logic almost in code in under one minute to another linux user :-)16:42
prologiccrux's simplicity comes from it's lack of complex architecture (under the hood)16:42
prologicadilix, be sure to read the crux on VM wiki page16:42
adilixyea i am on it16:42
prologicteK_, go on :)16:42
teK_yeah, I did explain it to him.16:43
teK_end of story =)16:43
acruxhi all16:43
teK_hi acrux16:43
prologicoh :)16:43
teK_he got it and found it elegant16:43
teK_'so you are linking scripts into directories?'16:43
teK_no.. we iterate over a bash array :-)16:43
prologiciteresting :)16:44
tilmanzero-linky startup16:44
prologicI always like to explain CRUX like this16:44
prologicthat's it16:44
teK_top features are: rc.conf, tar.gz packages and awesome Pkgfiles :)16:44
prologicpretty much16:44
prologicprobably realisticly the only features16:45
teK_no parsing has to be done by the distro when sourcing rc.conf :]16:45
teK_prologic: well beside the greate (core) devs?16:45
prologicit's just a bash script16:45
prologicoh yes16:45
prologicof course :)16:45
prologicthe awesome great core devs16:45
prologicwho desreve BTC as donations :)16:45
prologicanyway I think I'm going to bed16:46
teK_take care16:46
prologicI have docker images for crux now (3.0)16:46
prologicadilix, that's one way you could try crux :)16:46
prologicdocker pull prologic/crux16:46
prologicdocker run -i -t prologic/crux /bin/bash16:46
adilixis it possible to use pacman in crux16:47
teK_I dont think so16:47
teK_never heard of anybody even trying or thinking about that16:47
teK_tilman: are you still using crux then?16:47
prologicadilix, no not a good idea16:48
tilmanof course16:48
prologicyou'd ruin your nice crux system16:48
teK_still a zsh user?16:48
prologicwe do however (quite often) rip off their PKGBUIDL files16:48
prologicfor things we don't have ports for16:48
teK_do we? :D16:48
teK_did you notice the prt-get completion by chance?16:48
prologicyes :)16:48
prologicwe do!16:48
prologicall the time16:48
teK_I dont16:48
prologicthose lousy guys stole our crux design16:48
prologicit's only fair :)16:49
tilmani did not16:49
prologicteK_, I noticed :)16:49
teK_tilman: I'm looking for feedback on that and am planning to expand support for pkgmk & friends16:49
teK_so it does not work for me only? :P16:49
tilmanis it very new?16:49
teK_that's cool16:49
teK_< 7 days16:49
prologicteK_, that would be cool16:49
teK_it came with the last zsh update16:49
teK_5 days ago, to be precise16:50
joacimoh my16:50
joacimi didnt know zsh had completion for prt-get16:51
teK_it hadn't until I wrote it..16:51
joacimgreat job =)16:52
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC16:57
teK_can we apply for this please:
tilmanare we debian devs?16:59
teK_crux > debian so technically yes?16:59
adilixi dont understand right what is going on17:10
adilixi try to install crux in VBox and i get this -> This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU17:11
adilixwhy ?17:11
adilixUnable to boot17:11
teK_try setting OS type to linux 64 bit..17:12
adilixok but why?17:12
adilixi use the x8617:12
adilixok it boots now17:13
teK_because crux went pure 64 bit with 3.017:13
teK_you can install -32 stuff, though17:13
adilixthe image i downloaded is only 64bit?17:13
teK_all are (since 3.0)17:14
adilixno more 32bit?17:14
teK_there is a 32bit compat repository17:14
teK_for skype, steam and friends17:14
rexichhello guys & girls17:26
rexichcrux > debian :P17:27
rexichbtw, 2.8 is the last Crux version that is 32-bit?17:27
adilixi got it17:29
adilixits the only one distro around the world as only 64bit system, cool17:30
tilmanno, you did not ;)17:31
*** MarcusR has joined #crux17:31
rexichmy other netbook is 32-bit only Intel Atom N270 :(17:31
rexichtoo bad :(17:31
tilmanrexich: iirc, that's the plan17:31
adilixlol, you can install from 2.8 and upgrade later package by package17:32
adilixhave always fun17:32
rexichI plan to give it a new life as a file and printer server, so I will think about that, thanks :D17:32
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:35
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: util-linux: update to 2.24.117:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.57, posix man pages to 2013a17:48
adilixanother question17:49
adilixis crux in active development17:49
teK_of course17:49
rexichobviously it is :D17:49
teK_have fun17:49
adilixthx as always :)17:49
adilixwow 2min ago17:50
teK_18:48 < cruxbot> [core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.57, posix man pages to 2013a17:51
teK_*hint hint*17:51
tilmanwow, that bot rocks17:52
adilixa workaholic bot17:52
teK_our best team member17:54
tilmanhe don't sleep17:54
tilmanhe don't get the burn out17:55
adilixis mate desktop in the repos18:00
joacimnot in any official repos18:01
adilixbut in unofficial18:04
joacimthere are some ports for mate somewhere out there, but i dont see them linked anywhere18:04
joacimdont know how well it works18:06
*** doomicide has quit IRC18:20
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:23
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux18:32
*** twyf has joined #crux19:47
*** teK_ has quit IRC20:18
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-glamor-egl: updated to 0.6.020:23
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to 7.3.020:23
frinnstaaaw fuck20:23
frinnstforgot the notify20:23
joacimdont swear20:25
joacimthis is a christian distro20:25
rmulloh, because crux?20:25
frinnstjoacim: they dont understand your norwegian humor20:27
frinnstgo easy on them20:27
joacimheh. nobody understands my humor20:30
Amnesiawhat's norwegian humor like?20:31
Amnesia& what's the relation between crux and religion^^?20:33
MarcusRnorwegian humor is fleksnes20:36
MarcusRfor me :D20:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.30.320:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sysstat: updated to 10.2.120:39
*** teK_ has joined #crux20:42
MarcusRhe was very tricky to understand20:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: bitlbee: initial import21:34
*** deus_ex has joined #crux21:35
*** Lukc_ has joined #crux21:37
rmullaww yeahh bitlbee22:04
rmullI had a port going for that, now I don't need to22:04
*** frinnst has quit IRC22:25
*** frinnst has joined #crux22:25
*** frinnst has quit IRC22:25
*** frinnst has joined #crux22:25
rexichI'm reading it22:50
*** doomicide has joined #crux22:59
*** MarcusR has quit IRC23:06
*** twyf has quit IRC23:12
joacimHe seems a bit "us vs. them"23:13
rexichhe does. what's the license of LLVM and clang?23:15
adilixafaik clang is under BSD if i am right23:17
adilixand LLVM is MIT if i am right23:18
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC23:18
joacimit is short, which is great for me =)23:20
joacimthis is my favorite23:20
adilixlol yea its really the best23:22
rexichI see why Stallman is unhappy about it, the license is way too liberal unlike GPL23:30
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux23:30
adilixthen i dont understand him23:31
rexichwell, the access to the source code of the programs with BSD license is not guaranteed23:32
rexichand he expects free software to allow unrestricted access to its source code23:32
adilixi think with a BSD licence you have acces to the source23:34
joacimI feel it is more restrictive. it is like someone is forcing you to share23:34
joacimit should be your own choice23:34
rexichof course it's your own choice, nobody forces you to use GPL :D23:34
rexichadilix: I'm not sure about that.23:34
adilixits true, its not a must do to use GPL23:35
rexichthe BSD license only says nobody takes blame if the software breaks and that it must be said who wrote the software originally, and also mention that BSD is the license23:36
rexichand that's it23:36
joacimI have a feeling that someone like mr richard stallman would bother me about my choice23:36
joacimif i chose something that wasnt fsf and gpl23:36
rexichno guarantees or any obligations of the user of the application/code that it should or must share its source code23:36
rexichyou can write software and license it however you wish, it's on your discretion23:37
adilixyes for sure23:37
joacimpeople already bother me about my choice of macs instead of thinkpads =)23:37
rexichuse whatever you wish, I won't judge your choice :D23:38
rexichI use neither, but an Asus netbook :P23:38
rexichit's slow but I love it23:38
joacimthinking about getting a netbook23:38
joacimhaving a portable second computer would be nice23:38
rexichthey are becoming rare, unfortunately23:38
joacimdon't care how slow it is, as long as teh keyboard and battery is decent23:39
adilixi had an netbook as a second PC with archlinux installed, worked very well23:39
rexichI use the netbook as my main computer because it's light, small, I can read from it, the keyboard is perfect, I can tweak the hardware and software and I've built it from two similar netbooks :D23:39
rexichI like to tinker with things23:39
rexichand since I can't afford a hard drive now, I use a 8 GB SD card, enough for everything but my university stuff, that resides on the big laptop23:40
rexichminimal computing rocks :) and CRUX fits in that description perfectly23:40
FeigrI wish there was a bigger choice of fanless ARM netbook-like laptops, all there is are chromebooks. I like the concept of a laptop with no moving parts23:40
rexichme too, but I like the Asus netbooks23:41
rexichI can work on this one for 7-8 hours23:41
rexichbut my battery is dead :(23:41
adilixFeigr i wish that too23:41
rexich*can -> *could23:41
adilixchromebooks are limited23:41
rexichthey are23:41
rexichARM is slower than Atom, still :(23:42
jaegerTheir pricing is attractive, at least, with the exception of the chromebook pixel23:42
adilixyes but for server tasks its enough23:42
rexichwhat about general daily usage?23:42
adilixrexich you mean with ARM cpus23:43
joacimdo they still make that efika netbook?23:44
jaegerI don't think it's produced anymore23:44
adilixefika netbook?23:44
jaegerif you mean the genesi smartbook23:44
rexichyes, ARM netbooks that are suitable for listening to music, watching videos, writing documents, recording audio, skype/ voip, programming in c/python/bash23:44
joacimefika mx smartbook23:44
rexichsomething with 2 GiB RAM or more23:45
adilixrexich you can do these things with an ARM based PC23:45
joacim2GB RAM? Good luck compiling firefox =)23:45
rexichadilix, is there such a netbook?23:45
adilixor a kernel23:45
joacima kernel would be fine23:45
rexichI compile kernel on my netbook without any problems :)23:46
rexichI compile Firefox on my big laptop, with  3 GB RAM and 2 GB swap23:46
adilixrexich i dont know of a netbook but small boards with ARM cpus are veru much out there23:46
joacimonly package i had trouble building was firefox. had only 2GB of RAM last time I did it23:47
adilixrexich i mean like cubieboard and so on23:47
rexichI know adilix, but I prefer something like a netbook23:47
adilixnotebooks are rare23:47
rexichI know, and that's just too bad23:47
adilixrexich the problem why they are rare is because there is no win on these notebooks and thats mean no selling them23:48
rexichI supposed that would be the reason :(23:49
adilixits to risky to build such notebooks for only linux users23:49
rexichyeah, there is not a lot of us23:50
rexichcan somebody please enlighten me, is there any way to make firefox less bloated when compiling?23:51
joacimnetbooks are kinda limited. 11-15" laptop is more useful to most people.23:51
Feigrif Chrome OS is the way to get more of those types of machines on the market then so be it, as long as it's easy to install something more agreeable on them23:51
adilixanother way to get such ARM notebooks is, to getr some of the android netbooks out there and try it ou with linux23:51
rexichmine is perfect for me, I won't switch until it breaks :D23:51
joacimi know exactly what I want from it, so a netbook is fine, but I'd probably go for a general laptop if it was my only computer23:51
rexichFeigr I agree completely23:52
adilixFeigr but can you install a linux on the chromebook23:52
rexichadilix you can :D23:53
rexichthat's the good thing about chromebooks23:53
Feigryeah the current ones aren't locked down or anything, hopefully future ones wont be either23:53
adilixi know it doesnt act like a real notebook23:53
adilixthere is somethng locked it the chromebook23:54
rexichI think you can unlock it easily via a uefi menu so you can boot Linux from an external USB flash or DVD23:54
rexichARM or x86-64, never mind which kind23:55

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