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xveehi everyone04:46
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xveehow do you do, prologic06:30
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prologicI do very well thank you06:58
prologichow do you do? :)06:58
xveemy body confused. i took a preworkout supplement thinking my friend and i were going to work out for a while, but he ended up cutting it short. i was really tired prior to that and thought the pre work out supplement would work. im still tired, but wired at the same time06:59
prologicI don't think humans were designed to take so many kinds of modern day drugs07:10
xveehumans aren't designed to stare at a computer screen either haha07:12
xveethey aren't too bad though07:12
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prologicdoes anyone have a 32bit libgl port?11:52
prologiccompat-32 ports collection11:54
prologicgot it! :)11:54
prologiccreating an updated steam port11:55
tilmanprologic: lennart's port works. you can just delete his ancient Depends on line12:06
prologicwhat you mean it works without any of the 32bit libraires?12:11
prologicthe version semed a bit out of date12:12
prologicat least when I went and saw Arch's steam PKGBUID :)12:12
prologiclennart, hi :)12:12
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lennartprologic: the version is irrelevant, i think. The downloaded file is updated without the name changing12:28
lennartprologic: and Steam will auto update the installed stuff anyway12:28
lennartprologic: but yeah, the port is horribly out of date12:28
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prologicahh ic12:40
prologicI kinda got a bit scarred with all the 32bit deps your port needed12:41
prologicin any case12:41
prologicI believe my newly updated port works great12:41
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prologicwith a prt-get depinst nvidia-3212:42
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frinnstnvidia-32 ? will that even run on a 64bit kernel?12:51
frinnstor does it only supply 32bit libs for mesa, perhaps?12:52
prologicnot sure12:57
prologicsteam seems to be working though :)12:57
prologicalso wtf/htf do you even use this stupid thing? :)12:58
prologicany free games?12:58
nrxtxfrinnst: nvidia-32 normally only deploys the libs13:01
prologicplus a bunch of symlinks13:01
nrxtxprologic: openttd, hedgewars, openciv, ioquake, sauerbraten, teeworlds, ...13:02
prologicahh nice13:08
prologicthanks :)13:08
prologicI found one so far13:08
nrxtxjust some i tend to play from time to time13:09
prologicthanks nice to know :)13:10
prologicI've never been much of a PC gamer13:10
prologicbut willing to give this whole steam thing a try :)13:10
prologicbig fan of valve supporting linux in this way13:10
prologicI'm kinda impressed so far13:11
prologicI might even get this installed on our media box13:11
prologicwhich normally runs mythtv13:11
nrxtx0ad is also nice but did not get it running on crux yet, megaglest too13:16
nrxtxbut this remembers me that i have to update my openttd ports :D13:17
nrxtxprologic: have steam running fine, also some games even tough i use Nvidia-optimus13:18
prologicthose games you mentioned13:21
prologicI can't find them on steam13:21
nrxtxyou won't find them there, they are open source and existed even before steam for linux was released13:22
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joacimCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key13:22
joacimjust updated ssh13:22
joacimopenssh rather13:22
prologicoh :)13:22
prologicyou weren't talking about steam games13:23
prologicright :)13:23
prologicjoacim, re-generate them?13:23
nrxtxprologic: i you're looking for a free one on steam team fortress 2 might be worth a look13:24
joacimI wouldn't know how13:24
nrxtxlooks like the init script needs an update13:29
nrxtxjoacim: normally you can look into /etc/rc.d/sshd for regenerating keys13:29
nrxtxssh-keygen -t ed25519 -N "" -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key13:33
nrxtxthat should fix it13:33
joacimyour first hint was good enough =)13:33
joacimbut thanks13:33
joacimalready figured it out ;)13:33
joacimlooks like the rc.d file is missing one line13:33
nrxtxvery good it was noticed before i pulled the updates on my rmeote computer :D13:34
nrxtxotherwise you lock yourself out of your server :D13:35
joacimwell i did this remotely =)13:35
joacimssh still worked, but it would complain about missing the file13:35
prologicif you just delete the host keys13:37
prologicthey get automatically re-created13:37
prologicit's part of the /etc/rc.d/sshd rc script13:37
prologicI believe13:37
joacimssh_host_ed25519_key isnt13:38
prologicwho's looking after openssh?13:38
joacimcrux system team13:38
prologicok core dev team :)13:38
prologicwe'd better get that rc fixed up13:39
prologicor lots of people will be locked out of their systems :)13:39
joacimdont know if anyone in power saw it in here, so i'm about to file a bug report13:39
prologicbest to anyway13:40
prologicso we can track it :)13:40
frinnstproblem with that is that rc.d/sshd will fail unless you rejmerge the sshd_config13:51
frinnstatleast it did for me13:51
frinnston one machine13:51
teK_nrxtx: I already reported that bug to frinnst et al :-)13:51
nrxtxfrinnst: did not help for me i had to modify /etc/rc.d/sshd13:52
frinnstyou could just have run the command and not add it to sshd :)13:52
frinnstanyways, sshd failing to start might be kind of a big deal13:52
frinnstso it needs to be bulletproof13:52
joacimdoesn't help the rejmerge crowd, or people doing fresh installs =)13:52
joacimbut in my experience, it does start, but the warning is annoying13:53
joacimnot going to open a ticket if it is already reported13:53
frinnsti think injecting it in the future 3.1 upgrade is a better option13:53
frinnstif my assumption is correct13:54
nrxtxfrinnst keep it consistent and add the 3 lines to startup script13:54
joacimit isn't a big change. three lines to /etc/rc.d/sshd13:54
frinnstoh, you got the error just by updating?13:55
joacimsysup -> rejmerge -> restart openssh -> error/warning13:55
frinnstoh, ok13:55
nrxtxon update or fresh install13:55
frinnsti got an error with a patched sshd-file without rejmerging13:56
nrxtxfrinnst: the sshd_config is one thing the missing key generation by /etc/rc.d/sshd is another13:57
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prologicnogagplz, what did you do to fix this btw?14:02
prologicI may run into the exact same problem on half a dozen crux hosts14:02
nrxtxprologic: ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -N "" -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key14:02
teK_00:37 < teK_> jue/jaeger/frinnst: sshd patch :)14:03
prologicnogagplz, ta!14:03
prologicdon't see why this can't go nito 3.0 right now14:04
teK_me neither14:04
teK_but again, my recommendation was ignored completely14:05
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: openssh: generate ed25519 key14:06
frinnsteveryone happy now? :)14:07
prologicyes :)14:11
prologicmuch :)14:11
nogagplzprologic: bad tab complete?14:22
prologicoh yes14:23
prologicsorry :)14:23
tilmanhurra new crypto14:33
prologicone thst's even easier for the NSA to break into14:34
prologichurra indeed!14:34
tilmanwhat are you talking about?14:35
prologicit was a joke :)14:35
prologicI forgot the smiley face!14:35
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tilmani forgot to laugh ;d14:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mpg123: update to 1.18.015:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chromium: updated to 32.0.1700.10215:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.3 -> 0.3.416:30
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teK_pitillo: you need to remove the $name parts from elementary-e17, otherwhise download and compilation will fail20:10
teK_same goes for terminology-e1720:13
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