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pitillothank you teK_ . fixed01:50
xveeelementary e17? is that the elementary os theme for e17?02:09
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xveessh is so useful...i should've used this sooner :/07:23
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Romsterare you kidding me07:32
xveeyea, i just learned about its tunneling ability07:34
Romsterah yeah great to tunnel out of your server07:35
xveehave you ever heard of freenet?07:38
xveei just came across it. it seems pretty useful07:38
Romsteri2p and tor as well07:41
Romsteri2p is more useful than freenet07:42
xveehm. i gotta check that out07:44
Romster dies lauging they can't handle vegemite. i eat that alot.07:55
RomsterThe Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a computer network layer that allows applications to send messages to each other pseudonymously and securely.08:04
Romsterseems down first i've ever seen this down...08:08
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xveelol at the vegemite thing xD08:13
xveetheres actual challenges surrounding them08:13
Romsteri have vegemite practically every day08:13
xveebrain activity huh? does it work?08:15
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xveei wonder if its as bad as my multivitamin. those things smell and taste pretty bad08:20
Romstertry it later prologic i dunno why it's down but that is the site.08:23
Romsterwho is this c0ck4m0u53 person the nick of leetspeak and rudeness.08:23
Romsterseen it on here a few times.08:24
Romsternever talks08:24
xveefor those who have ssh servers, how often do you get attacked?08:42
tilmanxvee: dunno, but the number went way down when i moved sshd off of its default port08:44
tilmanif you want to reduce the noise in your log files, that's a good idea ;)08:45
Romstermany times fail2ban denyhosts and using -m recent in iptables08:47
xveei did. i changed it to something like 899308:47
Romsternon-standard ports also help as per tilman08:48
tilmanxvee: as for real security, you should disallow password auth and force the use of public key crypto08:48
xveei also setup fail2ban to block people after 2 failed attempts too. i turned off public keys, root login, and set it up to only work with keys08:48
xveeis it better to have public keys than just pure rsa keys?08:49
tilmanuh, what?08:50
tilmanah, i see what you mean08:50
tilmanxvee: pretty sure the RSAAuthentication option is crap and can/should remain disabled08:51
xveepoop. gotta change that out08:51
xveei thought it would be better if i generated a key on here, sent it too the ssh server and disabled everything else08:52
tilmanyes, that would be PubkeyAuthentication yes (the default) and PasswordAuthentication no (not the default)08:53
xveeoh yea, thats what i meant. thats what i did xD08:54
xveethanks :)08:54
xveealright, well, im off to bed. goodnight everyone08:58
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Romsterxvee comes up with the weirdest stuff09:02
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nrxtxprologic: can you add your .hg directory to http-repgens ignore list :D17:43
nrxtxhm is it good or bad that wayland works fine on crux?17:50
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tilmannrxtx: huh? how would it be bad?19:24
prologicnrxtx, oh yes sorry! :)19:44
xveetop gear season 21 is starting :)19:55
prologicnrxtx, done20:12
nrxtxtilman: it pulls in new dependencies for mesa and cairo :D20:41
nrxtxprologic: i saw you copied my go port, is godoc working for you?20:45
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