IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-02-03

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prologicSorry about that guys21:55
prologicI had much difficulty in getting back online21:55
prologiceven my logger as well21:55
prologicFreeNode was/is under DDoS attack :/21:56
prologic <-- It's official. We have an "official" crux docker image (maintained by me)22:14
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Carlos-Riperhola a todos22:16
Carlos-Ripercrux es  similar a gentoo?22:17
jaegersimilar in that it is a source-based distribution, yes, but there are many differences.22:17
prologicin some ways sure22:17
prologicbut not really :)22:17
Carlos-Riperme pueden paras un link para instalar crux22:18
prologicsorry dude I haven't a clue what you just said22:20
prologicI cannot speak or read Spanish :)22:20
Carlos-Riperinstall crux22:20
Carlos-Riperstep by step22:21
pitilloCarlos-Riper: you'll see about CRUX and how to install it there22:21
Carlos-Riperhow many partitions you need for a good installation?22:23
Carlos-Ripersda1>boot, sda2>root, sda3>home, sda4>swap?22:24
jaegerDepends on your needs, minimum swap and root22:25
jaegerYou can do more if you prefer22:25
Carlos-Ripercrux looks like gentoo?22:26
jaegerWhat do you mean? Desktop environment? CRUX doesn't have a default one, you can pick which you like22:34
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