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xveewas freenode acting up yesterday, or was it just me? my internet was constantly going up and down before freenode completely refused to connect04:36
prologicit was04:42
prologicand still is04:42
prologicit's under DDoS attack04:42
prologicgot me too rather badly04:42
xveesurprises someone is still doing it. i read someone was ddosing them some time ago...some user must be butthurt04:50
prologicwhat I don't understand is why04:57
prologicand who the f**k?04:57
prologicI mean what is wrong with these people04:57
prologicit's cowardness04:57
xveekeyboard commandos i guess :/05:52
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Romsterthey all feel tough behind there keyboards but in person they are 16 year olds with no life no future.07:44
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xveegahh, thats getting really aggrivating07:45
Romstersadly xvee07:45
xveeRomster: there was someone on here named workster..i was wondering if that was you07:46
Romsteryeah that's me at work07:47
Romsterif you look same hostmask07:47
Romster/ns info workster07:48
xveeha i figured07:48
Romstermuch like i got i can do *.ster.so07:49
xveeoh btw, thanks so much for uploading binaries07:49
xveemakes my life easier with chrome.07:49
Romsteri wanted to get but the parked domain they wanted like 100,000 bucks like get real07:49
Romsteri need top update that one too07:50
Romsternp xvee i should get to automating that process07:51
xveei was suppose to install crux on a friends machine tomorrow. im really glad i got the hand of wpa_supplicant. i can do update it all from the wireless network07:51
xveethe only major thing that i'd be installing would be xorg. so, i wanted to say thanks for the precompiled stuff. i think i saw xorg there too, not sure07:53
xveejust realized with the big stuff compiled, installing it on atom stuff becomes a lot more easier07:54
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Romsterthat's on the iso08:14
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jaegerALL: There will be a bit of downtime soon while one of the hard drives in the server is replaced.14:08
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jaegerALL: The hard drive is replaced and the server is back up.14:43
prologicwell that was easy :)14:47
jaegermdadm is good software, usually very easy to do stuff like that14:48
prologicI'll say14:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 27.017:00
frinnstseems their security pages it not yet updated17:00
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nwehmm strange, After I reboot my workstation, now my mouse doesnt work..19:10
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nwejaeger: so what are you doing a day like this??19:27
pitillofrinnst: is ff building right with libpng 1.5.17?19:28
jaegerquerying sql for reporting for management types, helping coworkers troubleshoot AD auth with ruby, rebuilding RAID arrays19:29
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xveegrr. the schools firewall is blocking ssh tunneling. i must find another way19:32
xveei cant even ping out. how strange19:33
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frinnstpitillo: are you having problems or is it a general question?20:21
pitillofrinnst: I've got problems on the cubieboard. It was looking for a newer libpng version20:23
frinnsthm, well i run a newer version here locally but i'll fire up a vm and test20:23
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frinnstforgot i ran a newer version20:24
pitillothat's what I thought :)20:24
frinnstpossible they changed the required version in 27 without me noticing :/20:25
frinnstoh fvck it20:31
frinnstyeah i get that too20:31
frinnstif you cant, wait: bump the $release and comment out the ac_add_options --with-system-png line20:31
frinnstI suspect it will change the footprint somewhat. i'll push a fix as soon as its done building20:32
pitilloyeah, I'm on the way20:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: switch to bundled libpng20:52
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