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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mplayer: 2013-09-12 -> 2014-02-0600:08
jaegerI just uploaded another test ISO for what that's worth00:10
timcowchip_jaeger: cool00:11
timcowchip_do you have a link?00:11
timcowchip_thanks :)00:12
jaegerIf you do use it please note that it's a test and while I think it should be working properly I haven't tested it yet00:12
nrxtxjaeger: did you make any further test on the order of module loading or will you just use built-in?00:13
jaegerI did more testing and I had no luck any way but builtin. Even firing mdev after all modules are loaded and settled results in the same failure00:14
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timcowchip_timcowchip@sabayon ~/Downloads $ md5sum crux-3.0-20140205.iso02:46
timcowchip_737ce7441eb2ebab81974861075c2832  crux-3.0-20140205.iso02:46
prologicanyone an expert with ssh remora port forwarding?02:46
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nwefrinnst: it isnt so much to configure...05:38
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frinnstmute / unmute the right outputs?07:46
nweeveryone is un,ute07:52
Romsteri think you mean everything.08:19
Romsterlspci -k08:19
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nweRomster: yeah I mean everything ^^09:39
nwethe builtin soundcard is Realtek, but It using intel-hda..09:39
frinnstmaybe the default pcm device is configured to use another output?09:46
nwefrinnst: I will take a look after the lunch..09:48
nwefrinnst: stupid question.. but how can I see which output it using..09:59
frinnstwell you can usually tell from the application10:02
frinnstaudacious for example10:02
frinnstalsamixer is also useful10:03
frinnstbut i dont remember exactly10:03
frinnstgoogle ftw :)10:03
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nweI using alsamixer10:17
teK_jaeger: still no update from nvidia?10:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libssh: 0.5.5 -> 0.6.011:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vlc: 2.1.2 -> 2.1.311:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: updated to 1.2.511:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: added missing dep11:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Added supervisor: A system for controlling process state under UNIX (and it's dependency meld3)12:39
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jaegerteK_: nothing official. there are some unofficial patches floating around, though13:32
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Carlos-Riper1hola como instalo programas en crux?16:01
Carlos-Riper1prt-get thunar16:02
Carlos-Riper1install programms prt-get thunar?16:02
jaegerCarlos-Riper1: check 'man prt-get' - most like you want something like 'prt-get depinst thunar'16:03
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Carlos-Riper1prt-get install thunar16:06
Carlos-Riper1config error can't access /usr/port/core16:07
Carlos-Riper1config error can't access /usr/port/opt16:07
Carlos-Riper1config error can't access /usr/port/xorg16:07
jaegerhave you updated your ports using 'ports -u' ?16:07
jaegerCarlos-Riper1: you should read this:
Carlos-Riper1gracias :D16:09
jaegerDe nada16:09
jaegersolo un poquito16:09
jaegerNot enough to be very useful, sorry16:10
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Carlos-Riper1como instalo un programa en crux, cual es el comando?16:26
Carlos-Riper1and install a program on crux, which is the command?16:26
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pitilloCarlos-Riper1: take a look to CRUX's handbook
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stdevelHey everyone!21:30
stdevelIs there a bug tracker or a mailing list for the contrib packages? Just discovered that the open-vm-tools port is out-of-date (404 url)21:31
stdevelBut IIRC that's only for the core and opt ports isn't it?21:37
Rotwangnot only21:40
Rotwangthere is a drop down menu21:40
stdevelAh! There it is, didn't see that.21:41
frinnstor you can mail the maintainer directly, it should be listed in the Pkgfile of the port21:43
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stdevelThanks for the tip frinnst21:46
stdevelSeems like the maintainer has other things to do ;) There is a open bug from April 2013:
stdevelfrinnst: Haha, awesome :D21:47
frinnsti'll send him a mail21:48
stdevelOh thank you21:52
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timcowchipwhen my new hardware gets here>>>>>>>
timcowchip I'm putting Crux on it22:14
timcowchipI can't wait!22:14
jaegerI wondered who made those clip type usb drives22:23
jaegerI have one that has oracle branding on it, got it from a rep22:23
stdevelUrg, nearly midnight in germany. good night everyone! ;)22:26
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xveehi everyone22:45
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