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nwe good morning!06:08
nwehow are you prologic ?06:12
prologicgood thanks :)06:13
nwenice to here :) are you doing?06:13
nweare you doing something fun?*06:13
prologicoh yes06:14
prologicI'm doing Docker :)06:14
nweoh, nice :) I have looking on it at the work.. looks nice.06:17
Romsterhome finally.07:04
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frinnstjaeger: I see you are as active as I am on linkedin :)07:49
nrxtxtime to try docker08:15
nrxtxbut first find a fix for godoc :/08:16
Romsteri'm just about to bump my kernel version and rebuild it with the options requred for docker.08:17
Romsterand my other machines need doing as well.08:18
nrxtxdon't miss the iptables stuff :)08:22
Romsteri read it wasn't in there before.08:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qt4: added missing dep (see FS#952)10:05
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nkrisprologic: godoc is fixed12:45
nkrisi'll upload the new pkgfile in some minutes12:46
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jaegerfrinnst: once every 4-6 months kind of thing? :)13:42
frinnstyeah sounds familiar ;)13:51
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prologicnrxtx, fantastic. send me the Pkgfile for me to throw in contrib -- docker needs it :)15:50
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nrxtxprologic: maybe you should merge it with yours because of your profile stuff16:24
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pedjajaeger: I used Arch patch to build nvidia with 3.13.1, so far so good :)16:57
pedjaoh, goody, 3.13.2 is out.16:58
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z3brahi !18:27
z3braI just installed crux, and because of the kernel (3.6), I can't compile the latest nvidia drivers. Is that `safe' to use the latest stable kernel (3.13) ? If not, which is the maximum version I should use ?18:29
frinnstyes, you should always use the latest stable18:31
z3braoh, fine then!18:32
z3braI finished my installation yesterday, but the actual nouveau driver I'm using is.. meh..18:32
z3braI can see glitches when moving windows18:33
z3braanyway, thanks for the fast answer =)18:34
frinnstnp, afk again :)18:34
z3brabye :)18:34
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xveehi everyone18:34
jaegerz3bra: use 3.11.x or lower for the current nvidia driver19:03
jaegeror patch it using a third party patch such as the one arch uses19:03
z3braoh, because the Pkgfile version is buggy with 3.13 ??19:04
z3braI'll patch it I guess19:05
z3bra(I just installed the new kernel ^^)19:05
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z3brakernel panic19:10
jaegerno, because the current nvidia driver doesn't work with 3.12 or 3.13 yet19:11
jaegerer, sorry, I think I'm mixing it up with zfs/spl19:11
jaegerIt might work fine with 3.12 but not 3.1319:11
z3braoh, okay19:12
z3brawell, I'll fallback to 3.11 then19:12
z3bra3.11.10 [EOL]19:13
z3brawhat does that means ?19:13
tilmanend of life19:13
tilmanno more updates19:13
tilmanmeans you're fucked19:13
z3brais that a bad thing ?19:13
tilmanbut that'r what you get if you want proprietary drivers19:14
jaegerIt just means they won't update that kernel anymore, nothing wrong with it19:14
tilmanno more updates is bad, yes19:14
tilmanjaeger: well, no more fixes for security issues either19:14
jaegeryes, I just mean that it will work. "you're fucked" is a bit of hyperbole that indicates otherwise19:15
tilmanadmittedly it might not be *that* bad on a desktop19:15
jaegerIf you want to patch, here's the one arch uses:
tilmanif it's sitting behind a router/firewall19:15
jaegerThe only reason I haven't patched opt/nvidia is simply because I don't know if the patch is safe19:16
z3brayeah, I'm currently dual-boot ing with arch19:16
z3bra(until I can setup everything fine on crux)19:16
z3braso getting patches/PKGBUILDs will be fine19:16
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eregusjaeger: nvidia drivers work perfectly with 3.1219:31
sepenRomster: <--- and modules??19:31
sepenI had a port in the past but I copied modules and firmware too19:31
sepenI think you will need to create $PKG/lib/modules before call 'make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$PKG modules_install'19:32
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jaegereregus: yeah, I corrected myself above, was mixing up with zfs/spl19:32
sepenand also you'll need to be care about make_footprint function from pkgmk, since only `uname -r` is replaced to <kernel-version>19:34
timcowchipif I move /home to /media/home then edit fstab, I can have sda2 for Ctux?19:35
sepentimcowchip: you need a NTFS partition ;D19:35
timcowchipoh, ok:)19:36
sepentimcowchip: yep, but be sure to copy with all you need, as for example rsync -XvAa /home /media/19:36
sepenI mean file attributes, etc.19:36
sepens/file/file and dir/19:37
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timcowchipsudo rsync -XvAa /home /media/home19:54
timcowchipguess I'll need to chown -R /media/home/timcowchip timcowchip19:56
timcowchipdo I need to use the same UUID  "/" and "/media/home"?20:03
timcowchipthat doesn't make sense, I'm only mounting it once20:04
timcowchipdoh! it should have been20:15
timcowchipsudo rsync -XvAa /home /media20:15
timcowchipsudo rsync -XvAa /home /media/home20:16
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timcowchiplike this?21:14
jaegertimcowchip: you don't need to mount sda1 twice, it doesn't really make sense to do so21:16
timcowchipthen "cd / && sudo mv /home /old_home && sudo mkdir /home"?21:16
timcowchipI'm trying to not mount sda221:17
jaegerYou are trying to move /home off of sda2 to free up some space?21:17
jaegerok, unmount /home and /media/home both21:17
jaegermake a new temporary location for home such as /tmp/home21:17
jaegermount /dev/sda2 to /tmp/home21:18
jaegerrsync -av /tmp/home/ /home/21:18
jaegerthat will copy everything from sda2 to /home (which is now on sda1)21:18
jaegermake sense?21:18
timcowchipyes, I already did that with /media/home instead of /tmp/home21:18
timcowchipso now I just mount sda1?21:19
jaegerjudging from that screenshot you mounted /dev/sda1 as /media/home when it was already mounted at /21:19
jaegersda1 is already /, you don't need to mount it again21:20
timcowchipso just mount sda1 at /21:20
jaegerif you copy data into /home (which is on sda1 since you unmounted sda2) it's already in the right place21:20
jaegerremove sda2 from the fstab file, leave sda1 as it is21:20
jaegerthe end result is that all the data that was on /dev/sda2 (which was mounted to /home) is now on /dev/sda1 in /home (and sda2 is not mounted at all)21:21
timcowchipI need to edit fstab, "sudo mount -a", mkdir /home and move /media/home to there21:22
jaegerI must be misunderstanding your setup, why mount -a?21:26
timcowchipto reload fstab?21:26
timcowchipit doesn't seem to work, though21:28
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timcowchipit seems I need to change my ~/ to /media/home/timcowchip, then not mount sda2 in fstab21:40
jaegeryou should not need /media/home at all21:40
timcowchipto use sda2 for Crux21:41
timcowchipand keep sda1 for sabayon21:41
frinnstsda1 is not your crux filesystem?21:42
timcowchipoops the link is broken21:42
frinnstsda2 is(was) your home?21:42
frinnstyou want to use sda2 as / for crux?21:42
jaegerunmount sda2 entirely, move all the data that was on it to /home, and done21:42
timcowchipcan't unmount....busy21:43
jaegerare you booted into sabayon now?21:44
jaegerare you logged in anywhere as your regular user?21:44
timcowchiplog out?21:44
jaegeryou'll need to log out and back in as root only so that /home isn't in use21:44
frinnstyes, that's easiest21:45
frinnsti was gonna suggest something more complicated :)21:45
timcowchipsuggest away21:45
frinnstno, please for the love of god21:45
frinnstuse the simplest solution :D21:45
timcowchipor grow another brain cell21:45
frinnsti can tell you later what i was thinking21:45
timcowchipso logout, umount /dev/sda2, mv mkdir /home, mv /media/home /home ?21:47
frinnstyeah more or less21:48
timcowchipI forgot log in as root21:48
frinnstthe /home dir will already exist21:48
timcowchiphere goes21:48
joacimmv mkdir?21:49
frinnsttypo probably21:50
nrxtxprologic: did it work?21:51
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timcowchiprsync -XvAa /media/home /22:13
frinnstwhat i was gonna suggest was to mount sda1 to a temporary directory and copy your home to /tmpdir/home/22:22
timcowchipthanks :022:23
timcowchipshould be labelled "Future Home of Crux"22:26
timcowchipthe flash clip gets here tuesday22:27
timcowchipmake that monday22:29
joacimgparted turned me to drink22:38
joacimevery single partition created with that application has gaps between them22:38
joacimI see them in other partition managers.22:38
joacimI just use straight up parted now22:38
timcowchipjoacim: ok, I'll try parted next time22:40
joacimgparted might be ok for people who dont keep booze at hand by their computers22:41
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