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RomsterSkype has been compromised. The new ads that are in every window in skype now have a malware ad in its rotation that will automatically open up your browser to an infected website. Downgrade skype.02:07
Romsterthe heck02:07
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joacimand people say i'm just being a grumpy old complainer when i tell people about the dangers of "gratis" ad-funded applications02:14
Romsterwell here is proof how it can be misused.02:14
Romsterwont affect me though since linux :D and blockers on those crap sites02:15
joacimbeen months since I last launched skype02:18
joacimthink I'm safe =)02:18
Romsteroff to lunch02:18
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xveeso, hows everyone doing?02:43
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Romsterdamn it duckduckgo is still down04:43
xveewhy not use startpage?06:11
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Romsterbecause duckduckgo does results from more than one engine and usually filters out more crap06:43
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Romsterjust found this08:11
Romsteroh tek found that ages ago -_-08:57
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nrxtxRomster: ah that one :D12:28
nrxtxRomster: ddg wasn'T down very long12:28
Romsterfew hours at the least. still not loading for me12:30
Romsterok what's going on not working here but on my 3g phone it works.12:32
Romstersaem as wont load but on my phone 3g it loads.12:32
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nrxtxStill not working?12:41
Romsterwhat the hell is going on12:44
Romsteri can get the ip just fine can't connect to those.12:48
Romsterguess my isp got demented12:48
Romsterwhat else are they blocking12:48
nrxtxthere were a few unresponsive server the last days12:49
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looophello, is crux multilib12:50
nrxtxRomster: what is the ip you get Romster ?12:50
Romsteryes, yes it is12:50
looopromster, so i can use skype wine in IT12:51
Romsterworks on my 3g connection not on my adsl2+. go figure12:51
looopsorry for the caps12:51
Romsterwe have skype for linux in contrib12:51
nrxtxRomster you could try opening
nrxtxotherwise blame your isp :D12:52
Romsteryou just need to enable compat-32 in /etc/ports/ and add it to /etc/prt-get.conf12:52
looopah ok, ty romster12:52
Romsterhmm now duckduckgo loads in midori but not in firefox O_O12:54
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looopmidori has duckduckgo automaticly i believe12:55
nrxtxcached frontpage i guess12:55
Romsteryeah but i can search so it's working12:56 does not load on anything.12:56
Romstercurl http://geti2p.net12:57
Romsterjust sits there no data12:57
Romsterrestart browser and it works -_-13:06
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Romsterhmm loads13:06
Romsterbut don't....13:07
Romsterbut they both still have welterde.de13:07
Romsterhmm and different main ips this is odd13:07
nrxtxRomster: maybe change your browser to something like uzbl or vimprobable? :D13:21 is yet anotehr ip and works and looks more update than geti2p.org13:22
Romsteri've poked the admins about the whole mess.13:22
Romsteri used to run uzbl actually.13:22
Romsterhave midori here13:22
Romstermidori uses duckduckgo for there searches by default looop13:27
Romsterbut that can be changed.13:27
Romsterlooop, just a heads up; prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base-32 before prt-get depinst skype13:28
Romsterelse qt4-32 will fail.13:28
Romsterrecent change on qt4 so i need to commit that on qt4-32 shortly13:28
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] qt4-32: aded dependency gst-plugins-base-3214:00
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rexichhello guys and girls, what's up?14:54
Rotwangmy cat is sitting on my lap14:55
Rotwangand I think I should was my cat14:55
tilmancats clean themselves last i checked14:57
tilmanso what did you do to it? :p14:57
joacimmy old cat liked to roll around in dirt14:58
tilmanbut when they are not sleeping or eating, they are clean themselves14:59
looopsome cats like to shower15:00
looopbut yeah cats are clean :)15:00
Rotwangshe isn't dirty, but her hair look like she might need a bath15:00
RotwangI've never tried to shower a cat15:01
looopa bath is worse lol15:02
tilmanthey'll probably hate you if you try to15:02
RotwangI give her food, she doesn't have a choice but to like me15:03
loooprotwang cats do what they please lol15:04
teK_that moment when you realize that Rotwang was not talking about a woman15:04
looopdo the shower thing, it takes 2mn, hold her put water on her, wash it, rinse it, done15:05
joacimthen you have to dry her15:06
looopwith a towel yes15:06
joacimowls seems easier15:08
looophmmm not loading for me15:09
looopgot it15:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.2.3 -> 2.2.415:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: midori: 0.5.6 -> 0.5.715:09
looopthis is cool15:09
looopowl taking his own bath15:10
looopi had no clue you coould have a owl as pet15:11
Romsterthat is so addorable15:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.11 -> 1.7.1215:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pango: updated to 1.36.216:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.2616:51
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Plazmaso using 2.8 if i only have i386 machine. will it still be fairly up to date?17:20
Plazmasince 3.0 is only x86-6417:20
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frinnstnot really, there will be security issues17:47
frinnsti'd install 2.8, prt-get lock glibc, gcc, binutils etc and then edit /etc/ports/*.rsync and change those to 3.017:48
frinnstthen ports -u && prt-get sysup17:48
frinnstyou'll probably run into a few issues but nothing major17:49
frinnstand there are probably other ports you want to lock as well, filesystem, pkgutils etc17:49
frinnstand ports17:50
Plazmafair enough.. the concern was that 3.0 is strictly x86-64 and having a pentium M device that's strictly i38617:52
Plazmaassumption was it wouldn't run or install on it17:52
frinnstyeah dont install any 3.0 binaries :)17:53
z3bracan you help with my new kernel ? (3.12)17:59
z3braI can't boot it17:59
z3braudevd complains that it cannot open /dev/null17:59
frinnstcan you post the kernel config somewhere?18:09
tilmanz3bra: devtmpfs18:09
frinnstyeah, thats probably it18:10
z3braalready set :/18:10
tilmanif udevd complains it means the kernel did boot18:11
z3brammmh, good point18:11
tilmananyway, that seems weird18:11
tilmandouble-check your config18:12
frinnstwhat was the previous kernelversion that you could boot?18:12
z3bra(the kernel from the install)18:12
frinnstand are you using the same config, did you run make oldconfig after copying the old config to the new kernel source?18:12
z3bradid not know you could do that. I'll try it18:13
frinnstso you only used the kernel from the ISO?18:13
z3bra(I installed crux yesterday18:13
frinnstand the config from the iso?18:13
z3braI'll try using the oldconfig18:14
frinnstyou could take a photo of the screen and post someplace if you still have issues18:14
z3brayeah I will if the problem persist18:14
z3braI can also boot another partition and paste var/log/boot18:15
z3brai get the 'uunknown filesystem "devtmpfs"' error18:25
Amnesiaz3bra: check out /etc/rc18:25
z3braBut its enabled in my .config18:25
frinnstand are you *SURE* you are booting the kernel you think you are?18:25
z3brafrinnst,let me check that18:26
z3braYou're right...18:26
z3braMy /boot is on another partition18:26
frinnstwell, i wont lie, ive done that too18:27
z3braAnd each time I recompile the kernel, I copy it to /boot, wich is on the same partition18:27
z3brawell, let install it again ;)18:28
frinnstwell atleast you were willing to check it out, most people are so sure of themselves that they refuse to have a look to confirm :)18:28
z3braAt first, I was to to say that I was sure18:29
z3braThen I though: "That'd be a shame if it's that..."18:29
z3brals /boot18:29
z3braAnd seeing nothing else than kernel was a choc ^^18:30
z3braokay, reboot18:31
z3brathank you ^^18:31
z3braOh, one more thing18:32
z3braisn't /etc/locale.conf sourced at boot ?18:32
frinnst/etc/profile is18:33
frinnstand /etc/rc.conf18:33
z3braSo I have to add LANG to it ?18:34
frinnstthats what i usually do18:35
z3bra(it's been a long time since I last used a rc.conf)18:35
z3braOkay thnaks :)18:35
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z3bracan someone tell me how to handle git repos in Pkgfile ?21:54
frinnstmy mesa3d-git port:
z3braI personnally used sha1 commit as version, But it was weird to me22:00
prologicI do too :)22:12
prologice.g: docker-git22:12
prologicthat way the git port is an explicit git revision22:12
z3brayeah sure :)22:12
z3brabut you have to update manually the Pkgfile then22:12
z3braand with frinnst version, you just rebuild the package. There are pros and cons obviously :)22:13
z3braI'm loving crux more and more :D22:15
z3braCreating Pkgfile is so easy compared to arch PKGBUILDS22:16
prologicArch stole their PKGBUIDL format from us22:16
prologicand overcomplicated it :)22:16
prologicAnd re revision (rebuild), etc22:16
prologicI kinda prefer to make this explicit22:17
prologicand force me (the maintainer) to update the port to a particular revision22:17
prologici.e: test the latest - if it breaks22:17
Rotwangstole is a big word22:17
prologictry an earlier one22:17
Rotwangremember that it is an open source world22:17
prologicborrowed :)22:17
prologicliberally stole22:17
prologicwhatever :)22:17
z3braYeah, arch was kinda ike crux in the early days22:17
prologicmany many years ago Arch was born out of CRUX's ideas22:18
z3brayep ^^22:18
prologicThe website really should say it's a CRUX deriviate22:18
z3brato me, it's still a great distro. But it's not as flexible as it was22:18
z3brahence the distrohop ^^22:18
z3brayeah probably haha22:18
z3braanyway, Crux is just LFS + ports22:19
Rotwangcrux is not lfs22:19
z3braso.. Every distro written from scratch is a kind of crux derivative22:19
z3braRotwang, ah ?22:19
z3braI read somewhere crux is "LFS with a package manager"22:20
Rotwanglfs is a distro on its own rights22:20
prologicCRUX != LFS22:20
z3braok ok ^22:20
prologicIt was designed before LFS existed22:20
z3brareally ?22:20
prologicLFS is a thing on it's own22:20
prologicyes really22:20
z3bragood to know ^^22:20
prologicCRUX is one of only a handful of unique distros22:20
frinnsti think lfs + ports is a pretty good general description22:21
frinnstthey are obviously not related22:21
prologicDebian, CRUX, Redhat22:21
prologicto name s few22:21
Rotwangit is, but it is also misleading22:21
prologicI always like to say22:21
prologicCRUX == filesystem + rc22:21
prologicfilesystem + rc + pkgutils22:21
z3brahehe nice22:21
prologicyou can quite literlly build a CRUX system with just these three ports22:21
prologicnot  a working one ofc22:21
prologicyou need glibc at minimum22:22
prologicand whatever else libs you need22:22
prologicI have a Docker image here locally of CRUX 3.022:22
prologiccalled pcrux (pico)22:22
prologicwith just a handful of core packages22:22
z3brathat'd be fun to build crux with musl + busybox22:23
z3bra(if possible)22:23
z3braanyway, I'm liking it a lot :)22:23
nrxtxstill a lot of work with musl22:23
z3brayeah sure22:24
nrxtxa lot of stuff depends on broken glibc behaviour22:24
nrxtxand stops working if you remove the hundreds of compatibility layers22:24
nrxtxeven bugs are emulated in glibc to prevent the need of recoding stuff22:25
z3braI can't wait for my system to be fully updated, and create my own port :)22:25
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nrxtxz3bra: just some parts
prologicyeah I'm starting to dislike glibc these days22:28
prologicit's sooo fat22:28
prologicand bloated22:28
prologicmy resulting pcrux image is 49MB iin size22:28
prologic11MB compresses with xz22:28
z3braI can't actually follow uris x)22:28
prologicbut I'm thinking of rebuilding it with busybox and ulibc22:28
z3bra(no browser installed22:28
nrxtxprologic: even eglibc goes better22:28
z3brahow's uclibc ?22:29
nrxtxyou'll run in less problems than uclibc or musl22:29
prologiceglibc is what?22:30
prologicgentoo's version of glibc? :)22:30
joacimgentoo was my first thought too22:31
frinnstprobably not very useful anymore, since ullrich stopped being the glibc dictator22:31
joacimthey put their e in front of everything22:31
nrxtxgood point is eglibc has more configuration options and allows remove old compatibility layers22:31
nrxtxbut there are behind with its versions22:32
nrxtx2.14 is last22:32
frinnstglibc devel has picked up pace in the last year or so22:32
nrxtxah no they have 2.19 in svn already :)22:32
frinnsteasier to land patches etc22:32
frinnstthey just released it22:33
nrxtxeglibc version?22:33
frinnstno, sorry glibc22:33
nrxtxprologic: if you want to give musl a try there is a port in my repo22:34
nrxtxbut one important thing they still miss is scheduler switching22:34
nrxtxah sorry that meanted to be for z3bra22:42
z3braI'll not try things like that for the moment ^^22:45
z3brabut thanks22:45
prologicwhat is it anyway?22:48
nrxtxprologic: another c-library musl-libc.org22:48
nrxtxthere is a good selection of c-libraries those days22:52
nrxtxeglibc, glibc, musl, bionic, ...22:52
nrxtxbut glibc still dominates22:52
nrxtxis it still being developed?22:58
nrxtx is nice even though the tests are done by musl developers23:01

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