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timcowchipgot my gpodder SBO package updated01:29
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timcowchipversion 3.5.2 converts provides extension for converting audio and video files with ffmpeg01:34
timcowchipguess I'll have to bring the goodness to Crux, when my flashing thing gets here01:35
timcowchipI hope fedex uses cross-country skiers to deliver packages01:37
timcowchipwe're snow-bound01:37
timcowchipcondition: white-out01:37
joacimI hope you dont have polish truckers01:38
joacimthey're somehow allergic to snow chains01:39
timcowchipnorwegian skiers would work01:39
timcowchipor swedish skiers01:39
joacima sami with his reindeer sled would be faster01:40
Amnesiahm, does one of you folks have experience with lvm and lilo ^^?01:41
timcowchipnot at the same time01:41
joacimi've used both, but I never used root with lvm01:42
Amnesiahm ok01:42
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Romster NBC: All Visitors to Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked03:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-icu: 0.9.25 -> 0.9.2604:09
Romsterwhat a stupid story04:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.25 -> 0.9.2605:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: pango-32: 1.36.1 -> 1.36.205:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: open-vm-tools: Updated to 9.4.0-128054409:20
Rotwangwhat If I added gtkspell support to pidgin?09:36
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Romsterpersonally i keep adding aspell support to pidgin10:16
Romsterand keep cursing that it's disabled but too lazy to keep editing it on every update to not disable it.10:17
RomsterRotwang, even if it was a soft dependency i'd be fine with.10:17
Rotwangsince my grammar is really bad it aid me a gret10:18
Rotwangit would help me a lot10:19
Rotwangbut I write in both: english and polish, and at the moment everything I write in english is highlighted -__-10:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: aspell-pl: new port10:21
RotwangRomster: if the gtkspell dependency is added it needs to be enforced10:23
Rotwangthat means pidgin would have new deps (enchant, gtkspell)10:23
RotwangI think I should write about this on the ml10:27
z3bradamn, keeps timing out :/10:27
Romsteri would prefer it added than not10:40
Romsterz3bra, what are you after?10:40
z3brasystem update10:41
z3braI still have 51 packets from xorg to fetch10:41
Romster i should have most of them or at
Romstertry the later first since it's faster speeds10:44
Romsterhmm i hadn't uploaded xorg on the later one.10:45
z3brashould I add this to PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRROR ?10:46
z3bra(I'm new to crux)10:46
Romsteryeah but just for now it's not a fast mirror.10:46
z3brathanks :)10:46
Romsterhang a sec i'll upload too
Romstersince it's on higher speeds10:47
z3braokay, thank you10:47
Romsteri have noticed freedesktop to be pretty unreliable.10:49
z3braI think it's more because of the traffic it gets10:49
Romstermost likely ok all files are there.10:49
z3bratell me when you're done10:50
z3braoh, okay nice :)10:50
Romsterit's done10:50
Romsternot as out of sync as i was expecting10:50
z3brait works! you're awesome ^^10:50
Romster log i just ran10:50
Romsternice to see you to crux.10:53
z3brait's a nice distro :)10:53
Romsterit sure is.10:54
z3bramoreover, i'm sure it'll teach me a lot10:54
Romsteroh that it will. it taught me alot and i'm still learning, lol.10:54
nrxtxz3bra: you can count on that :)10:54
Romsterhmm xrestop host is dead10:55
z3braThe install process was a goldmine on its own :p10:55
nrxtxmost fun until now was nvidia optimus on crux :D10:55
nrxtxfor me at least10:55
z3braAh, I don'(t use optimus ^^10:56
z3braBut the nvidia drivers compiled just fine10:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xrestop: fix dead source url10:57
Romsterwe have a bug tracker but most basic errors can be fixed by poking who ever is responsible for the port in here.10:58
z3braOne thing I love, is that the package manager is so simple, you can run multiple instances of it without problem11:03
z3braeg, installing programs during system update11:04
Romsterwell you can but sometimes a dependency can be hit11:04
Romsterand at pkgadd times the database is locked if another pkgadd happens at the same time it'll fail.11:04
z3brayes, but if you're careful, that's fine11:05
Romsterit's pretty much a hit and miss doing that.11:05
Romsterbut it'll either work or fail not a in between result.11:05
z3brabut adding a package is so fast, it's hard to hit a locked databased11:05
Romsterit's possible i've done it.11:05
z3bragood job ^^11:05
Romsterbut yeah not common11:05
Romsterhey if something is possible i'll find it.11:06
Romsterdistcc on -j2011:06
Romsterbtw i do compile some of the bigger packages at if you got a weak processor.11:09
z3branah my proc is fine :)11:10
z3brathank you11:10
z3braThe problem is more with freedesktop actually11:10
Romstersome run really small cpus.11:10
z3brafor harfbuzz and such11:10
Romsterharfbuzz is small webkit isn't wine isn't nor is boost.11:10
z3brawell, I don't know if I can *safely* remove it11:12
Romsterwell prt-get dependent harfbuzz11:12
z3brais there a way to know which packages depends on another package ?11:12
z3bracool :)11:12
Romsterwill tell you if your using it.11:12
Romsterif you add --all it'll say everything you don't have installed as well as using it.11:13
Romsteryou probably need if it you want gtk11:13
Romsterprt-get deptree gtk11:13
Romsteralso awesomeness11:13
z3brayeah i knew about deptree :)11:14
Romsterand the [] boxes if no i it's not installed.11:14
Romsterso just testing crux out or your seriously moving to crux?11:14
z3braserious moving :)11:15
z3braI tried it out a few month ago11:15
z3braBut on a notebook11:15
z3bracompiling xorg was such a pain, I gave up11:15
z3braAnd now I got it installed on my main dekstop11:16
z3braxorg works just fine, as my nvidia drivers11:16
z3braI have my WM installed, as well as a few programs11:16
z3braI only need my webbrowser. Pkgfile is ready, But i need to update gtk11:16
Romsterwhich browser is that?11:17
z3braa webkit browser11:17
z3brabut even surf doesn't compile11:17
RomsterA webkit web browser with vi-like keyboard shortcuts, stable snapshot11:17
Romsterkinda like uzbl11:17
z3braor jumanji/luakit11:18
Romsteri maintain webkit i bumped it earlier.11:18
z3braIt's not installed actually11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nqp: 2013.12.1 -> 2014.0111:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: 2013.12 -> 2014.0111:18
z3bra(wainting for gtk to compile I guess ^^')11:19
Romstergot MAKEFLAGS set in pkgmk.conf ?11:19
Rotwangwebkit takes ages on my calculator to build11:19
Romster4 or 8 cores set -j4 or -j811:19
Romsterthere really is no need to do cores +1 or 2 more.11:20
Romsterit'l just slow it down. that was only true for older kernels with the big kernel lock11:20
Rotwangisn't it dependent on processor characteristics11:20
Rotwange.g. ht and others11:21
Romsterwell that too but going higher really doesn't improve times11:21
Romsteri've tired.11:21
z3braanyway, I'll build it during the night or something like that11:21
z3brathe hardest part is done now :)11:21
Romsterall it does is quiese more stuff up on the cores and not change the time to compile by much11:22
Romsteryeah installing ports is the easy bit once you got the kenrel config sorted.11:22
Romsterand xorg running on video drivers.11:22
z3brathat was my biggest fear11:22
z3brabut it went flawlessly11:22
Romsterbe sure run install scrips is on in prt-get.conf though11:23
z3bra(I'm still compiling xorg deps atm)11:23
Romsteryou'll be compiling webkit fo at lest 30 minutes even on a fast cpu11:23
z3brathat's not a problem :)11:24
z3brabut thanks for the hint ^^11:24
Romsternp nothing worse than waiting ages then seeing it fail.11:24
Romsterdoes that run crux?11:25
Romsterarm based crux?11:25
frinnsthm, seems the network is down..11:26
Romsterso i youtube and look what i find Optimus Crux With Terra Cooking Set - The Outdoor Gear Review11:26
Romster found that the other day. not sure what to think of it. old though.11:27
z3bra15 packages remaining ..11:34
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MarcusRwhat is the go to alternative for extremely lightweight X windowing?12:00
Rotwangit depends how ext12:01
pshevtsov+1 for dwm12:01
Rotwangreme it should be12:01
frinnstpersonally i cant stand tiling managers12:01
frinnsti need a floater oO12:01
MarcusRwell it is an old celeron with 512megs of ram with shared videoram12:02
MarcusRolder females computer12:02
MarcusRsenior citizen12:02
Rotwanggo for fluxbox12:02
RotwangI have ubuntu with fluxbox on a virtual machine12:03
Rotwangwith 512 megs of ram12:03
MarcusRi am using fluxbox on mine here now12:03
MarcusR2 gigs of ram on a core212:03
MarcusRi find it snappy12:04
frinnstdont think the window manager will be the bottleneck, it will be apps such as browsers and stuff12:04
Rotwangespecially the web browsers12:04
MarcusRwith ghostery installed i find this old piece of Lenovo usable atleast12:05
MarcusRdunno how the celeron will manage12:05
Rotwangwhat is a "ghostery"?12:06
MarcusRwell noscript does things like that too12:08
Romsterpekwm here12:16
Romster<frinnst> i need a floater oO <- dies laughing12:16
frinnstatleast someone got it!12:17
frinnstso, systemd into debian12:17
Feigrhave the decided now? again? :P12:17
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Romstersystemd makes me wanna puke12:22
RomsterIan's behaviour was driven by prejudice, lack of knowledge and outright hatred. He said in an email he'd rather drop Gnome than let systemd win,12:25
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stdevelHey folks!12:26
Romsterhi stdevel12:26
stdevelShort question - is there any chance to see a non-official contributed i686 image for CRUX 3.0? I understand the approach to go fo x86_64, but I have some legacy machines here and CRUX was my favourite source-based distro so far. Currently playing around with Gentoo but I liked CRUX more. ;)12:27
Romsterstdevel, i've been thinking of rolling a newer iso for i686 but i've only gone as far as bump port versions and package them in
Romsteryou could roll your own if you so wished too.12:30
Romsteriso.git off crux.nu12:31
stdevelAh great12:31
stdevelTo be honest I never built a CRUX iso :D12:32
Romsterit's basically most fo core as it is now but without the multilib gcc toolchain.12:32
stdevelIs there any documentation of how to do this?12:33
frinnstyeah theres a new document on the wiki regarding building an iso12:36
stdevelSounds great I will have a look at it12:38
stdevelBut IIRC as CRUX is a rolling-release distro, installing CRUX 2.8 and upgrading to the most recent packages should also end in an up-to-date system. Am I right\12:38
Rotwangcrux is not rolling release12:39
MarcusRanyone tried sinit?12:41
z3brasinit ?12:43
z3brais that an init system ?12:43
stdevelOkay so without CRUX 3.0 i686 ISO I won't get the most recent packages12:43
z3braany link ?12:43
Rotwangstdevel: crux dropped support for i686, deal with it [;12:44
z3braMarcusR, looks great :)12:44
stdevelToo bad.12:45
stdevelReally liked that for my legacy machines12:45
MarcusRbeen talks here about the suckiness of systemd12:45
MarcusRand i like the name of sinit, suckless init12:46
z3braI personally used minirc + busybox init for a while on archlinux12:46
z3braWas not that bad. I wish I knew of sinit ^^12:47
z3braI'll try it when I'll get my crux up to date12:47
stdevelOkay guys12:51
stdevelSee you again when I have no i686 anymore :p12:52
z3brabye :)12:52
stdevelbye ;)12:53
Romsterz3bra, i may roll a i686 image at some point.12:54
Romsteri'm busy with a project currently.12:54
z3brathat was for stdevel I guess :)12:54
Romsteryou could learn to make your own or just maintain a ports tree along side the multilib core12:54
Romsteroops yeah stdevel that's now lefty12:55
Romsteryou know i'm doing too much when i get nicknames confused.12:55
z3brahehe i see i see12:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: radeon-ucode: updated to 2014020914:17
eregussinit was announced just 4 or 5 days ago14:19
eregusI wouldn't use it yet14:19
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z3braDo you think that I can remove glibc-32 safely ?15:05
z3braprt-get dependent glibc-32 returns nothing15:05
jaegerNot if you want to continue to build things :)15:06
jaegerRemoving it will break the toolchain15:07
z3braokay :) thank you then ^^15:07
jaegerIt's the only -32 port that's required if you don't really use multilib, though15:07
z3braI hope i'll manage to build it15:07
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jaegerz3bra: if you already removed it you can reinstall it from the ISO if need be15:11
z3brano it's still installed. But ports -d says it has to be updated :)15:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: fixed broken icon link20:05
timcowch1firefox.......there's another 8 hours of build time20:06
frinnstits just a tiny fix, dont bother updating if you dont think its important20:07
timcowch1thanks frinnst, I haven't installed yet20:09
timcowch1my flash disk gets here tomorrow20:10
timcowch1I downloaded jaeger's test iso20:11
timcowch1then its "dd bs=4M if=/path/to/crux.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync"20:16
timcowch1isomaster says jaeger's test iso contains firefox-27.0-2.pkg.tar.xz20:30
MarcusRhow long does a new install take on a olde core2duo20:33
jaegerRotwang: regarding pidgin/aspell - if you want it, go ahead and add it. I have no strong preference, myself.20:33
timcowch1a week and a half20:34
MarcusRfor real?20:34
timcowch1probably leave it on overnight though20:34
jaegera new install doesn't take long. install the binary packages from the ISO and build your kernel20:35
timcowch1right, I forgot everything is pre-built20:38
timcowch1its updating firefox or webkit that takes all night20:39
timcowch1for me anyway20:39
timcowch1will prologic's ports be move to contib?21:20
timcowch1I was planning on enabling the contib ports, but not if that guy's ports are in there..........jk:)21:21
timcowch1maybe this is a mailing list discussion and not app for irc21:23
timcowch1I will install prologic's audacity anyway21:25
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timcowch1gotta have feedparser for gpodder21:27
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timcowch1actually Alan Mizrahi's audacity is 2.0.3 while prologic's is 1.3.721:33
timcowch1it also points to ffmpeg-compat21:34
timcowch1so I'll be modifying Alan's pkgfile for 2.0.521:35
timcowch1I see feedparser is already in contrib and its 5.021:37
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prologicre my ports -> contrib21:47
prologicno, not all21:47
prologicI will likely cull some/most of them as I go through them21:47
prologicso far only supervisor and it's del have moved to contrib21:47
timcowch1oh ok, thanks ptologic21:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] libsoup: 2.44.0 -> 2.44.2, added dependency gobject-introspection21:57
joacimthere is a package manager for os x that uses git for its syncing of packages/scripts. changes that users make to their scripts are not thrown out the window when users update their system22:00
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timcowchipwow, irssi is diff than weechat22:08
frinnstirssi is lovelyu22:09
nogagplzyeah weechat smokes it22:09
frinnstirssi is perfect in every way22:09
nogagplzonly a fist fight bare chested in the snow will determine the ultra champion default irc client of the universe22:10
joacimI like both22:11
joacimirssi has some nice things to it22:11
joacimand so does weechat22:11
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MarcusRirssi is tricky to learn :(22:14
prologicyou guys are silly :)22:15
prologicX-Chat is the best :)22:15
teK_gamersIRC > *22:16
z3braMarcusR, worth it :)22:16
z3braas you can use it over ssh22:16
MarcusRi have it on the N9 but it confuses me22:16
nogagplzyou can use weechat over ssh too22:18
z3branogagplz, yeah the same goes for weechat22:19
joacimwhy dont you guys just use telnet?22:19
joacimit is pretty good22:19
joacimjust have to remember to pong22:19
z3braCommandes are too long to type22:20
z3braPRIVMSG #crux hi all22:20
z3brathat's a pain22:20
joacimmy mom used to buy those for me22:23
joacimflared jeans22:23
z3brais that a bad practice to build packages in $HOME/tmp/work ?22:31
z3bra(~/tmp being tmpfs)22:31
frinnstnot at all22:34
z3brafine :)22:36
z3bragod, I can't build glibc-32 and gcc :/22:38
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joacimthis would've made sense if they reimagined it as a dialup bbs23:26
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