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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-icu: fixes bug #98301:50
Romsterz3bra, don't use exotic CFLAGS on those ports it'l only break. typically -march=x64_64 -O2 is enough to work.01:52
Romsterthe rest of the ports should be fine with your custom CFLAGS01:53
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timcowchipRomster: thanks :)02:38
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nwegood morning!07:00
nwehow are you z3bra ?07:05
z3brafine and you ? :)07:05
z3bracool :)07:07
nweso what are you doing man?07:07
z3braI woke up to a failed compilation of gcc07:07
z3bramy system just can't compile glibc-32 and gcc07:07
z3braeach time I fix an error, an other occur, that's silly :/07:08
z3brawhat about you ?07:10
nweoh :(  I just got to work, so I taking a coffee right now07:11
z3brajust drank mine :)07:14
nwehehe :)07:16
z3braI don't have sudo access anymore on my PC07:24
Romstertimcowchip firefox#27.0-3.pkg.tar.gz uploading minor fix for fixed broken icon link07:27
Romsterz3bra, i can upload them ports but they should compile for you07:29
Romsterwhat CFLAGS have you set z3bra ?07:29
z3brathe default ones07:29
z3bra-02 -march=x86_64 -pipe07:30
Romsterthat should work then07:30
z3brait does not.07:30
Romsterso is gcc currently working?07:30
z3braIt complains that it can execute some bootstrap07:30
z3bragcc works (the version installed, 4.7.2)07:30
z3braI'm rying to compile 4.7.3 (the ports version)07:30
Romsterrebuild binutils libmpfr libgmp libmpc then try gcc again07:31
Romsterprt-get update -fr  binutils libmpfr libgmp libmpc07:32
z3brayeah i've done taht :)07:32
Romsterhmm well i'll build it and upload it too
Romsterthen you can download and pkgadd -u it07:34
Romsterprobably broken tool chain but i don't know why.07:34
prologicRomster, please email me the process and/or script you use to build ports and upload them to -- I'd like to work with you to automate this for x86_64 and provide a service (at least for x86_64 and 3.0, later on x86_64 and 3.1)07:35
z3brathanks you again Romster. :) I'll now try to rebuild glibc-32, hope it'll work this time07:37
Romsterif gcc isn't gonna rebuild i doubt that will as well.07:38
z3braMaybe that with the newer version of gcc, and the rebuild I did...07:39
z3braLet's find out :)07:39
Romsterno harm in trying07:40
z3brasure ;)07:41
frinnstz3bra: you have support for 32bit binaries in your kernel?07:43
z3braNot at the moment07:43
z3braSomeone told me glibc-32 is "vital" to the toolchain07:44
z3brafurthermore, I plan to install wine, which require 32 libs07:44
Romstervital in the point that gcc will fail without it.07:46
Romsterto recompile nor will 32bit apps work or compile either.07:46
Romsterjaeger, and myself have done the 32bit libs, and i maintian wine yeah it's alot of 32bit ports but most of them are small.07:47
z3brathey're small, yeah. But I'll have to compile them anyway07:47
z3brahehe, compilation failed ^^07:50
z3bra/bin/sh: /home/z3bra/src/work/src/build/sunrpc/cross-rpcgen: cannot execute binary file07:50
z3brasame problem than with gcc07:50
Romsterload average: 20.05, 12.38, 7.0207:56
z3brahow's it not already on fire ?07:57
Romstermy firewall has been up awhile now07:57
Romster18:57:17 up 131 days,  5:36,  3 users,  load average: 0.04, 0.03, 0.0707:57
Romsternah it's got a massive heatsink on it07:57
z3brathat's a minimum :p07:58
Romster131 days is low i had higher but power outages.07:58
Romstereven with a UPS07:58
Romstersometimes don't last long enough07:58
z3braeh, yeah07:58
z3brahow long was the outage ?07:58
Romsterit's on -j20 but gcc uses one cpu than distcc to bootstrap.07:59
Romsterlong enough for the UPS battery to go flat over 15 minutes or so07:59
z3braeeh... that's a long outage08:00
Romsterit happens08:02
Romsteri got a generator now just in case and guess what since i got it i haven't had to use it yet -_-08:03
z3braIA32 emulation was disabled on my kernel08:04
Romsteroh geez i forgot that yeah that'll also kill your compile08:04
Romsterisn't that in the hand book08:04
z3brathank you, gentoo users :p08:04
z3bratheir forum is a goldmine when it comes to compilation problems08:04
z3braactually recompiling kernel08:05
Romsteri gotta head out i'll upload this when i get back after darts08:05
Romsterit'll probably compile after you fix your kernel though08:05
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Romsterso much for that, was just a team noninaiton night thought i'd get to do some practicing.08:49
z3braRomster, that worked :)09:03
z3braMy system is now up to date \o/09:04
Romsterfigures i'm uploading stuff now lol09:04
Romsterh1 72 point font must enable CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION09:05
Romsterin the manual.09:05
z3brayeah ^^09:06
Romsterdamn it make me do extra work for nothing.09:09
z3brasorry :$09:09
Romsteris ok i should of asked if yo enabled that.09:09
tilmanIn order to crimp connectors onto a wire, a special tool is required. Note: Pliers are not crimpers! Neither are hammers, vises, needle nose pliers or flat rocks.09:10
frinnstI did09:10
Romsteri got crimpers yeah you can use other tools but nothing beats the real tool09:10
tilmani onced crimbed a cat5 cable using a hammer09:10
Romsterflat rocks that's new.09:11
tilmanit wasnt pretty09:11
Romsterdesperate times call for desperate measures.09:11
tilmancable has been working for 15 years though09:11
tilmanFUCK I'M OLD09:11
Romsteri once punched down telecom wires with a pocket knife09:11
Romsteron a krome block09:11
Romsterbecause it was too much effort to go drive back to work to get the damn tool09:12
Romsterhow old are you anyways09:12
Romsteri'm 36 now09:13
tilmancloser to 30 than to 3609:13
Romsterspring chicken then09:18
Romsterage means nothing much though some can keep doing stuff at 7009:20
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doomicideWhat'd be the easiest way to maintain my ports when I don't use crux as my main system? vm or a seperate partition? I got a new laptop and want to slap debian on it.10:52
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z3bracan someone explain me what is httpup meant for ?13:33
z3brais that to upload or download ?13:33
z3braand what, ports or builds ?13:33
dxtrz3bra: I'm guessing 'man httpup' will give you all your answers13:36
dxtrz3bra: I'm guessing 'man httpup' will give you answers to all your questions13:36
z3brayes and no in fact13:36
z3braI'm not sure to totally understand how it works13:36
z3bra"synchronize the local target directory with URL"13:37
z3brahow is it different from ports -u ?13:37
z3braIsn't httpup meant to UPload Pkgfile to a web interface ?13:38
z3bra(seams weird, it's http...)13:39
Romsterports uses drivers /etc/ports/13:40
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Romsterhttpup and rsync are the two common ones.13:40
Romsterhttpup uses curl to download off http protocol13:41
Romsterby using a REPO file13:41
z3braokay! So httpup is just a meant to update ports tree via 'ports'13:41
Romsterany file that does not match the hash gets downloaded.13:42
Romsterpretty much13:42
z3brafine. At first, I tough it was meant to upload a local port tree to a remote url13:42
Romstercore.rsync romster.httpup13:42
z3bragot it13:42
Romsterrsync is a bit more effecent but httpup has a pretty index page.13:43
z3braindex page ?13:43
Romsterthough you can generate it for rsync but you usually don't see it unless it's offered as a http page as well.13:43
Romster ports page13:43
Romstermany of them about.13:44
z3braoh yeah nice13:44
Romsterthough you can get similer looking on ports database on crux.nu13:44
z3braMmmh.. so If I want to share my local ports through a remote server that does not run crux, I have to locally update the REPO file with httpup, and then, scp the whole directory to teh remote serv13:46
Romsterthere is a repo gen command for that.13:46
z3brayeah I saw that13:46
Romsterthat i run on a post-hook script in my git tree.13:46
Romsteri can offer space on that you can git push too if you like. or pick any of the other server out there.13:47
z3braI can probably host it by myself for now13:47
z3braThat's only a few text files so it's not a big deal :)13:48
z3braBut thanks for the offer13:48
Romsteryeah not much space so it's easy to manage.13:48
z3braSo you upload your port tree via git isn't it ?13:49
Romsteri'm only offering because not everyone knows how to set one up.13:49
Romsteror have anywhere todo so.13:49
z3braokay, faitr enough :)13:49
z3braI'll do that !13:49
Romsteryou cna use any tool but i use git crux uses git13:49
z3brayeah git is fine13:49
Romsterand a git post-hook for generating the REPO and index.html page.13:49
Romsterso it's done everytime i do a git push13:50
z3braI've never use post-hook before, but that's probably not hard to deal with :)13:50
Romsternah a few lines like a shell script13:50
Romsterjust be sure to make  it u+x13:51
z3braokay ;)13:51
Romsterportspage . > index.xhtml13:52
Romstersomething like that but you have to deal with the paths13:52
z3braI'll see that on time. First, I need to create the repo on my server13:53
Romstergit init13:54
Romsterthen edit the usual files.13:54
Romsteri'm usisng gitolite on my server13:55
z3brayeah I know that ^^ but that's a bit a mess with my server (I need to mount --bind the repo to /srv/http/, etc...13:55
Romsterdunno how you set yours up but it's not that messy.13:56
z3braall my repos are in /var/git/13:57
z3bra(I only have a single 'git' user)13:57
Romsterthough i got it as /home/git/13:57
z3braBut to make the port tree browsable via http, the repo must reside in /srv/http/webserver_root/13:58
z3braso I just mount --bind it13:58
z3braAh... I can't push to a non-bare repository ?14:00
Romsterwhy not symlink it and set the browser to follow symlinks?14:00
z3bramy browser can't follow symlink14:01
Romsterthat's what i do14:01
z3bra(thttpd is really, really dumb ^^)14:01
Romsterthen set it to do so?14:01
Romsterapache is probably overkill but it does the job.14:01
z3brayeah sure :)14:01
Romsterlighttpd might be a better choice14:02
z3braI ran lighty too14:02
z3braBut I wanted to try something even more simple14:02
z3bra-> thttpd14:02
z3bradoes only file serving and cgi14:02
Romsterand that's what happens no symlink support14:02
z3braconfiguration file is only 7 lines14:02
Romsterserver.follow-symlink="enable" don't work in thttpd?14:03
Romsterthen i guess mount --bind or cp -r everytime or rsync.14:03
Romsterbut that does use twice the space.14:03
Romsteryou'll have to figure something out.14:04
z3brain fact, thttpd can use symlinks14:05
z3braBut for security purpose, it does not go out of the web server root14:05
Romsterwell i set it per a directory.14:06
Romsteri guess mount --bind it is then14:06
z3braanother solution would be to create another user, with its own git repo within the webserv root14:07
z3branot orth it :p14:07
z3braI'll see if I can think of a clever way to do this14:07
z3braif not, mount --bind14:08
Romsterminimal meet configurable issues.14:08
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z3braare you sure that mount --bind double the space used on filesystem ?14:12
Romsterno cp -r and rsync does.14:13
Romsterbind does not.14:13
z3braoh, okay14:13
z3braI was scared ^^'14:13
Romsterif oyu had heaps of space you could jsut copy the stuff over.14:13
Romsterto the http root14:13
z3braI could, but I'd have to ssh to my server, then cp from the git repo to the http root14:14
z3brasuch a pain :/14:14
z3braMmmh, there is another solution14:20
z3braI could clone the repo in my server root14:20
Romsternope do it in post-receive hook14:21
Romsterin git14:21
z3brahow so ?14:22
Romsterthats how i do it14:24
z3brai see14:24
z3brawhere is the post-receive loated ? in the server-side git repo ?14:25
Romsteryes in hooks/14:26
z3braI'll need to compile httpup on my server then14:29
z3braas well as port page14:29
Romsterthere in prt-utils14:30
z3braat least, the repo exists :)14:36
z3bradamn, arch is killing me :/14:50
z3bracd httpup; make -> works14:51
z3braput 'cd httpup; make' in PKGBUILD, then makepkg -> fails14:51
z3braHow can then pretend that PKGBUILDS are simple ?!14:51
frinnststill simpler than rpm :)14:52
z3brayeah probably ^^14:52
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z3bradoes prt-get use a tool named "prtmk" ?18:20
z3bralet me double check18:23
nogagplzwhere did you get prtmk from?18:23
z3braI created it18:23
z3brato make the process of creating ports easier18:23
z3braWell, I can't reproduce the bug18:24
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deus_exnvidia-334.16 is sloooow.18:51
deus_exand it needs patching to build with 3.13.18:52
frinnstbuy amd next time ;)18:52
deus_exfrinnst: heh :)18:53
deus_exare amd drivers any good these days?18:53
frinnstits getting there18:53
joacimmy mac has none of those issues18:54
penguinfaninteresting, are you running crux on your mac, joacim?18:56
deus_exjoacim: I need both of my kidneys, otherwise I would buy one ;)18:56
z3braI GET THE REFERENCE ! \o/18:57
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deus_exToo many grey hairs in my beard are caused by amd/ati to seriously consider switching from Intel/Nvidia combo.YMMV.19:01
joacimI remember people complained about ATI drivers ten years ago. I had no problems with them at all. Noticed no difference between them and nvidia drivers. Did something change?19:02
deus_exGreybeard <---my pirate nick.Arrrrr.19:02
joacimI sometimes use "magnum johnson" in online video games19:03
deus_exjoacim: That sounds  like stage name for swedish pr0n star to me :)19:07
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jaegerthe open source radeon drivers are really nice... the fglrx stuff can still occasionally be a pain in the ass19:09
tilmanati ftw if you don't need best performance19:09
jaegerthe amd drivers HAVE gotten a lot better over the years, though19:10
deus_exeverybody loves the underdog19:10
jaegerten years ago I wouldn't touch them at all, now they're ok19:10
tilman-> i didn't much notice the 'faster drivers' improvement :D19:11
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deus_exgt640 is huge step forward after 9600gt :)19:14
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joacimI have a GTX 260. The fan drives me crazy19:18
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joacimkeeps my feet nice and warm tho19:18
tilmani refuse to put up with that kinda noise ;d19:19
joacimthinking about getting one of those t-suffixed intel cpus19:19
joacimthink they should be good for a quiet system19:20
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timcowchip_I get "Missing Operating System" when I try to boot from Crux on a clip19:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feedparser: updated to 5.1.3, also fixed url and deps19:33
timcowchip_feedpaser 5.1.319:35
timcowchip_guess I'll try to download Crux 3.019:36
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deus_exconky finds nvidia-ctl lib at build, but later complains about 'unknown variable nvidia'.wth19:40
tilmanwrong name? :p19:41
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deus_extilman: typo in .conkyrc :) ? I don't think so, it worked just fine few nvidia releases ago.19:46
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timcowch2pjaeger: did you process your test iso with isohybrid?19:54
jaegerI usually do but there's always a possibility I forgot one. Which ISO is it?19:56
jaegerIf you have dumpet installed you can check with 'dumpet -i whatever.iso'19:56
timcowch2pit was this one:
jaegerspecifically the 20140205 one? That one is hybrid, yes19:58
timcowch2pI get "Missing Operating System" when I try to boot it from a usb drive20:00
timcowch2pI set my bios setup correctly20:01
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jaegerI'll test it here, will take a min20:02
timcowch2pok, brb20:17
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jaegertimcowch1p: booted without any trouble here. Maybe you should write the image out again20:20
jaegerdoes the downloaded ISO's md5sum match the .md5 file?20:20
timcowch1psorry I was away20:23
timcowch1pI'm downloading
timcowch1pit worked for me before20:24
timcowch1pdo I need a boot flag?20:25
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deus_exconky-git (2.0) has a new format for .conkyrc.20:33
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timcowchipdd if=/pathto/cruxiso of /dev/sdc not /dev/sdc121:10
timcowchipnow it boots21:10
jaegerYeah, that would work better. :)21:11
timcowchipthanks :)21:11
timcowchipI'm sure to be back with more questions :)21:12
timcowchiphere goes21:12
jaegergood luck21:12
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frinnstwroom wroom22:48
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timcowchip_ how does this look?23:51
timcowchip_I need to change #ROOT_DEVICE# to sda3?23:52
timcowchip_yeah, that's it :)23:54
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timcowchip_nope, that's not it23:59

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