IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-02-11

timcowchip_kernel panic -not syncing: UFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)00:00
timcowchip_I can't remember what I did last time this happened00:13
timcowchip_menuentry "CRUX 3.0" {00:16
timcowchip_linux (hd0,msdos3)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 quiet00:16
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timcowchip_that didn't work, either00:20
jaegerwhat's your partition layout again?00:21
timcowchip_I suck at this00:21
jaegerdid you remember to set your filesystem and disk controller both as builtin <*> rather than module <M> in the kernel?00:21
timcowchip_in menuconfig?00:22
timcowchip_no I didn't00:22
timcowchip_is that it, then?00:22
jaegerpossibly. might have to adjust the grub line as well, depends on your partition layout00:23
timcowchip_I'll do an upgrade00:23
timcowchip_thanks jaeger00:24
jaegerWhen you're booted into the ISO to install and you get to the kernel compile step, you could also use "make localyesconfig" to help set some of those things properly00:24
timcowchip_make localyesconfig00:24
timcowchip_I followed the installation steps from
timcowchip_one thing didn't work00:26
timcowchip_make modules_install00:26
jaegerWhat error did you get?00:27
timcowchip_and I just saw why it might not have worked00:27
timcowchip_I forgot00:27
timcowchip_I just did make modules00:28
timcowchip_and it didn't error00:28
timcowchip_make modules_install00:28
timcowchip_has "_" between modules and install and I didn't see it00:29
timcowchip_so maybe that's why00:29
jaegeryeah, very different results00:29
timcowchip_I printed out pages 3 thru 6 of the
timcowchip_it was right at the end of the page00:30
jaegerAFK a while, driving home00:30
timcowchip_ok, drive carefully00:31
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timcowchip_cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage?01:08
nogagplzafaik yeah01:09
timcowchip_ok thanks01:10
timcowchip_gonig to try it again01:10
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Romstercp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz and don't forget System.map01:16
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timcowch1going to try the old 3.001:38
timcowch1still get kernel panic with 3.10.2801:39
timcowch1Romster: I did cp /boot01:40
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jaegerYou're going to have the same issues with 3.0-release unless you figure out what's missing from your kernel config01:44
timcowch1I made the file system <*> instead of <M>01:45
jaegergood. and the disk controller?01:45
timcowch1the sata device driver?01:46
timcowch1is that the disk controller?01:46
jaegerMost likely01:46
timcowch1ok I did that as well01:47
jaegerIf you can pastebin your partition layout and lspci -k output I can give suggestions01:47
timcowch1I'm on slackware....p.o.s.01:49
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jaegerer... those could come from slackware, too :P01:49
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timcowchip_ lspci -k01:54
jaegerok, so you need CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y and CONFIG_EXT4_FS=y in your kernel config01:55
jaegeryou said you already changed the EXT4 setting but make sure PIIX is builtin <*> as well01:55
jaegerIs your partition table gpt or msdos?01:56
jaegerok. so in grub you'll probably want something like this:01:56
jaegerset root=(hd0,msdos3)01:56
jaegerlinux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda301:56
jaeger <-- an example config you can reference if needed01:57
jaegerThis is actually the defconfig that would be on the ISO if I had configured it before a few minutes ago :)01:57
timcowchip_should I just download the new iso?01:58
jaegerI haven't uploaded this one yet, still adding features... besides, there wouldn't be much difference in terms of packages, if any01:58
jaegeryou could download that defconfig if you want, though if you get the right settings in yours it won't matter01:59
jaegerIf you upload your .config somewhere I could look over it01:59
timcowchip_it would be in /usr/?02:00
jaegerIt's in your kernel source tree as .config, or /proc/config.gz depending on the system02:00
jaegerAre you booted into slack currently?02:00
timcowchip_I rebooted02:01
jaegerok, so don't use /proc/config.gz, use the .config from your crux install's /usr/src/linux-3.10.2802:01
timcowchip_I have the crux partition mounted02:01
jaegerok, looks like a good start02:05
timcowchip_so piix <*>02:06
jaegeryes. It's enabled, looks like. line 916 of your paste02:08
jaegerSo if you use that kernel config and get grub configured properly it should boot02:10
jaegeryou're using the sabayon grub install to boot crux, I assume02:13
jaegerok, it looks reasonable to me (just looking at the CRUX 3.0 entry)02:15
nogagplzis that the right root= for crux02:15
jaegershould be02:15
timcowchip_the "CRUX 3.0" menuentry gives me kernel panic02:16
timcowchip_the other entries were created with "grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg"02:18
jaegerThat was before updating your kernel config, right?02:18
jaegermaking sure CONFIG_EXT4_FS=y and CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y02:18
jaegerso rebuild the kernel with the new config, copy the kernel and to /boot, and it should be happier02:19
timcowchip_thanks jaeger :)02:19
jaegernp, hope I haven't missed something02:20
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timcowchip_not yet03:06
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penguinfanwhat kind of window manager/desktop environment are you guys using? I am on kde and it would be interesting to see what others are using...05:50
Rotwangfluxbox + pidgin + firefox <- 90% of apps that are needed [;05:53
Rotwang+ urxvt05:53
penguinfanthats the blackbox based WM right?05:53
RotwangI think so05:53
penguinfanI use openbox whenever I need to rebuild / upgrade kde as it takes ages05:54
pshevtsovpenguinfan: dwm05:58
penguinfanpshevtsov: nice, how much time do you spent in getting your environment customised to your liking? Its all code based right?06:02
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timcowchipstill no crux06:03
pshevtsovpenguinfan: It has sane defaults, so I just patched it one time to add extra functionality (systray)06:04
penguinfancool, I should give that a try. it sounds interesting and fast06:05
penguinfanpshevtsov: thanks!06:06
penguinfantimcowchip: I browsed through the history log, you still have the kernel panic issue?06:07
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timcowchip my partitions06:09
timcowchip my kernel config06:10
timcowchip my grub.cfg06:10
pshevtsovprologic: Could you please correct mime-type of Pkgfiles of your ports? $ curl -I | grep 'Content-Type'06:12
pshevtsovContent-Type: application/octet-stream06:12
timcowchipI had crux installed on this machine before and it booted06:12
penguinfantimcowchip:  ok to analyse this it would help, if you can let me know what kind of H/W you are using. Is it some type of brand, or self build pc?06:13
timcowchipintel DM51006:13
penguinfantimcowchip: also, are you able to get a 'lspci' output?06:14
timcowchipoh yes06:14
penguinfantimcowchip: and what exactly is the kernel panic message? "cannot mount root?" or something like that?06:15
timcowchiplspci -k
timcowchipunable to mount root on unkown-block(0,0)06:16
penguinfantimcowchip: ok let me check the kernel config, if I can spot anything06:17
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penguinfantimcowchip: which of the grub menu entries are you selecting during boot?06:24
timcowchipD510 on a D510MO06:28
timcowchipGDOG on a FLYTIP06:29
penguinfanI meant the grub configuration, are you using the entry "CRUX 3.0" entry to boot?06:31
timcowchipthe other entries have the same result06:32
penguinfanan you installed crux on /dev/sda3?06:33
penguinfanwhats in /dev/sda1?06:34
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timcowchipits were I'm running grub from06:35
penguinfanok got it06:35
timcowchipI changed #ROOT_DEVICE# to sda306:36
penguinfanand the kernel file name also?06:37
timcowchip grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg  wrote  #ROOT_DEVICE# for some reason06:39
penguinfanstill here,06:44
penguinfangoing through your kernel config06:44
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timcowchipI guess the is just older packages with linux-3.6.1106:57
timcowchipno reason why it should be any different06:57
timcowchipis were I got the crux.iso07:01
timcowchipI see jaeger has uploaded a new one + defconfig for the kernel07:02
penguinfantimcowchip: I noticed that you have some items in the kernel config that are set to build as modules, can you try to change that for07:03
penguinfantimcowchip: SCSI Disk support07:04
penguinfantimcowchip: SATA (libata) uses the SCSI layer07:05
timcowchipit does?07:05
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timcowchipso I need to set it <*>07:05
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timcowchipwhen I'm running menuconfig07:06
penguinfanin menuconfig go to Device Driver -->  SCSI device support --> SCSI Disk support07:07
penguinfanyou can also check the help on that item, it references to SATA to sata in the description as well07:07
timcowchipok thanks penquinfan07:08
timcowchipI'll try that07:08
penguinfanthe thing that I am not exactly sure about is that it shows "ide-mode", which would indicate a bios seting that you might also want to check out . But try the SCSI option first07:08
penguinfansince your other systems are working fine no need to touch the bios07:09
timcowchipthanks again07:09
Romsterpenguinfan, pekwm07:19
*** timcowchip has joined #crux07:22
timcowchippenguinfan: it worked07:23
timcowchipMake sure to include drivers needed to bring up your root filesystem! Such as "SCSI disk support", filesystem and disk controller.07:25
timcowchipFor example:07:25
timcowchipfrom the handbook07:25
timcowchipthanks again penguinfan07:26
Romsterand buildin07:27
Romsterbuilt in*07:27
Romsteri once got so mad i sent and did sed m to * :D07:30
Romsterand worked07:31
Romsterwhen i was new to linux07:31
penguinfanmust have been a huge kernel ;-)07:31
Romsterit was07:31
Romsteryou using crux?07:32
Romsterfor how long i started on crux 2.107:32
penguinfanyou might know alan (the kde maintainer) , he recommended it to me07:33
penguinfanfor me I think it was 2.6 or something like that07:33
Romsteryeah we know him07:33
penguinfanwe both work in Japan now07:33
Romsterjust never seen you in irc07:34
Romsteri sure hope away from that reactor07:34
penguinfanhaha yes in yokohama07:34
Romsterare you japanese? you seem to know english well07:35
penguinfanI am Japanese/Austrian07:35
penguinfanI speak English, German and Japanese07:35
Romsterso your a hybrid07:35
Romsterwow so vastly different languages07:36
penguinfanyeah, english is the easiest ;-)07:36
Romsterfew germans in here07:36
Romsteryou should hang around in irc it can get interesting at times07:37
penguinfanyeah I read through some of the history logs and it seems interesting and funny at times.07:38
nogagplzRomster what's your background, only australian or something more mixed07:38
penguinfan"austrian" ;-) no kangaroos ;-)07:38
Romsteri'm born here in australia but my biological father is a pommy07:40
penguinfan;-) cool where is australia?07:40
Romsterwhere in australia you mean?07:41
Romstera small town called portland in victoria07:41
penguinfanah nice07:41
penguinfanVictoria, been only to melbourne07:41
penguinfanand SA, adelaide07:42
nogagplzyeah melbourne's nice07:42
nogagplzI've only been within 900KM of it, but still it's better than sydney07:42
penguinfanWould be interesting to see how far the CRUX community reaches07:46
penguinfannogagplz, where are you from?07:47
nogagplzin australia too07:47
penguinfanah nice07:47
frinnstwhats a "pommy"? :D07:50
penguinfanbritish I guess07:50
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prologicpshevtsov, what issue does this cause?08:17
Romsterbritish yes08:23
Romstercrux goes as far as the internet goes i guess08:23
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z3brahi everybody08:35
Romsterhi z3bra08:38
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #crux08:40
z3brahow are you :)08:41
nwehey z3bra08:46
z3brahi :)08:59
nwehow are you man?09:00
z3brafine and you ?09:03
z3bragood :)09:06
nweIm at work right now so..09:09
z3brasame here..09:10
z3braI need to work09:10
Romsteri'm at home :D09:21
penguinfanme too home as well ;-)09:22
pshevtsovprologic: No ability to quickly look through the Pkgfile or .footprint from the ports page in browser09:23
penguinfanprologic: I also noticed what pshevtsov reported09:24
penguinfanyou can verify this when clicking on the P, F or M link on the ports page. Instead of showing the content like it does for other ports, it tries to download the files.09:26
penguinfanI guess the question is whether this is intended or not. But I agree that its easier to view the P file online instead of downloading and then viewing it09:27
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prologicok sure09:32
prologicI didn't really realize it was such a big deal09:32
prologicmy ports are also all available at
prologicI'll try to fix this - but it's non-standard :)09:32
prologicI guess I'll explicitly set a mime-type of text/plain for Pkgfile .footprint and .md5sum for my crux vhost (lighttpd)09:33
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prologicThere you go10:29
prologicFixed :)10:29
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RomsterAdd in marines landing supported by helicopter gunships at 6:15 and you're guaranteed not to sleep in.11:05
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penguinfanRomster: are you maintaining the "tor" port in contrib?12:19
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prologicprt-get info tor12:43
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Romsteri suposed to be it probably needs a bump13:46
penguinfanno problem, just noticed that the source files themselves seem to be unavailable for that version.13:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Added docker (NEW): Pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Added docker-bin (NEW): Pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Added docker-git (NEW): Pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Added go (NEW): The GO programming language15:27
pshevtsovWow! Golang in contrib!15:28
prologicYeah :)15:31
prologicIt's needed to build docker15:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: go: Renamed README.rst -> README15:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: Remvoed use of PKGMK_NO_STRIP in favor of .nostrip15:33
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pshevtsovprologic: why golang depends on hg?15:38
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prologictechnically I should add git too15:46
prologicgo get ...15:46
prologicdepends on either git or mercurial15:46
prologicprobably svn too15:46
prologicinternally the Pkgfile fetches (temporarily) until they fix it upstream godoc and vet15:47
prologicso mercurial is needed for those two15:47
prologicas they're in an upstream mercurial repo15:47
prologicMaybe when they fix it in go 1.3 I'll remove that dep15:47
prologicand leave it up to you (a Go developer?) to install svn, git, mercurial depending on the sources of packages you use :)15:47
prologicgo packages that is15:47
pshevtsovoh yes I see15:49
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prologicnps :)15:57
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timcowchipgod morgon17:55
timcowchipjust been reading the irc log since a year ago18:13
joacimdigging up trash on us?18:13
timcowchipon me.......I have been a real pain in the ass at times18:14
timcowchipI was looking for question I've asked and were answered so I don't ask them again18:14
timcowchipanyway I got jaeger's test iso up and running18:15
timcowchipwas going to update my ports next18:15
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timcowchipI was thinking of taking down the enlightement modules19:59
timcowchipand maybe all the qt stuff19:59
timcowchipis qt5 ever going to happen?20:00
prologicthe logs at
prologicanyone a good web designer?20:00
prologicor know of a good out-of-the-box irc logs indexer/webapp?20:00
prologicI wouldn't mind improving this service in terms of the webui (or lack thereof)20:01
joacimdont know about logs, but i've seen a lot of channels use this thing that creates statistics based on irc logs20:01
prologicthrow some ideas around20:05
prologicbut one caveat20:05
prologicbe careful of dependencies, etc20:05
prologicit would be preferrable if it was just a nice simple python app20:05
prologicwith a nice simple html+js ui20:06
prologici.e: I ain't running up a lamp stack just to display/view irc logs20:06
prologicwhat I use now is called irclog2html20:06
prologica static irc log file renderer20:06
prologicrun via cron20:06
prologicand it has it's limitation20:06
prologici.e: no unicode support20:06
joacimI don't really know too much about them. don't really remember any names either.20:07
prologicall good20:08
prologicjust putting it out there20:08
prologicmostly because a) I'm time constrainted to do anything about it20:08
prologicthe service works20:08
prologicthe bot logs (irclogger)20:08
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rmullSo debian will go with systemd20:49
*** doomicide has joined #crux20:57
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timcowchipfstab question21:14
tilmanIN AL WE TRUST21:14
timcowchipif I add entries to fstab for other partitions, do I need to include the crux partition?21:16
jaegerNot sure what you're asking21:17
timcowchipright now it is: #/dev/#EXT4FS_ROOT#    /         ext4      defaults               0      121:17
timcowchipcommented out21:17
timcowchipif I were to add: /dev/sda2    /         ext4      defaults               0      121:18
timcowchipshould I also have: /dev/sda1    /         ext4      defaults               0      121:18
rmullone root partition21:18
rmullnot two21:18
timcowchipif I were to add: /dev/sda2    /media/sda2         ext4      defaults               0      121:18
timcowchipshould I also have: /dev/sda1    /         ext4      defaults               0      121:19
timcowchipor leave it commented out21:20
joacimif your system currently doesnt need the one for root, you dont need one when you add the one for /media/sda221:20
timcowchipcool :)21:20
timcowchipgot udevil-4.3 to work21:21
timcowchippretty soon I'll be mounting willy nilly21:21
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timcowchipI get a samba error when booting23:33
timcowchipduh.......error opening config file '/etc/samba/smb.conf23:35
timcowchipguess I should create /etc/samba/smb.conf23:35
*** timcowchip has quit IRC23:37
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux23:50
prologicshouldn't a default have been shipped with the port/package?23:54
prologicyeah there is a default23:55
prologicrename this and edit to your hearts desire23:55
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:59

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