IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-02-12

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Romsterstupid power outages.01:28
Romsterand my usp is too small to coep with my pc...01:28
Romsteryou'd think a 500va ups would be big enough01:28
Romsterit's not compiling01:29
prologicwhat's not compiling?01:29
prologicand a 500VA UPS is quite small really :)01:29
prologicNeed 1500VA minimum to give decent performance, endurance :)01:30
Romstermy pc i snot compiling the cpu is sitting on 800MHZ cpu scaling.01:30
Romsteris not*01:30
Romsterand yet the 500va bitches nearly every time with error over load. unless it's a short brown out01:30
joacimwhat's the wattage of an average desktop pc?01:31
Romster5 brownouts in one morning -_-01:31
joacimmy mac mini lies around 15W when idle01:31
Romsterabout 140 watts for the mobo roughly01:31
joacimlaptop in a desktop box01:31
Romsterat max load01:31
Romsterit's probably because i got 2 video cards even at idle they probably pull a bit01:31
prologicyeah depends what you have in it :)01:31
prologicit could chew up 200W at idle :)01:31
joacimdont know how much my desktop pc eats when idle.01:32
joacimbeen thinking about getting a meter for it.01:32
Romsterspent around $920 on my car so far can't afford a UPS atm01:33
prologicI wanna get some meters too01:33
prologicand do some statistical analysis of my home01:33
prologicover a 18month period01:33
Romsteri'm sure my computers chew alot.01:34
joacimI think my main desktop setup would be less than 60W when idle01:34
joacimthat's with my lcd01:34
joacimI wouldn't know for sure tho. I'd have to measure it.01:35
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prologicour household chews up 13-14MW/year01:35
joacimI have no idea what mine is. it has become a big trend here where the landlord pays for electricity, cable, and internet01:36
prologicoh lucky you01:37
Romsteri wish01:37
Romsterpower in Australia is getting expensive01:37
Romsterluicky prologic has his PV array01:37
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prologicso far it covers about 50-60% of our power01:38
prologicand pays for 70-80% (50c/kW buy back)01:39
joacimI don't think it is a good thing. I prefer to pay for all of that on my own.01:40
joacimI'd get to choose the provider01:40
joacimsometimes you have to share the connection with your landlord or a neighbour. It sucks when you don't have access to the router so you can change port settings.01:41
Romsterbuy back is pointless01:41
Romsterit's best to consume the power01:41
joacimor when the other guy reboots the modem all the time because he thinks the internet is dead01:41
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Romsterjoacim, many eyars ago me and a tech friend were sorting out an tv recepion problem it would always go out at the same time every night on a shared flat block01:42
prologicYes buyback is pointless - but for the time being it's very worth it01:43
prologicMy plan is to go off the grid in 5-10 years time01:43
prologicAnd completely self power our home01:43
prologicAssuming storage technology has improved greatly by then01:43
Romsterturns out the booster power supply was in one of the old mans unit. they turn /everything/ off when not in use... well the opoor other guy next door to him lost reception every time it was off.01:43
Romsterso we moved it to the roof on it's own circuit.01:43
prologicBased on current usage I need a storage array of 120-150kWh01:43
Romsteroff the light circuit :D01:44
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Romsterbest batteries are nickel iron prologic01:44
joacima personal thorium-based nuclear plant would be cool01:45
Romsterthey can outlive our life span.01:45
Romsterunless super/ultra caps can replace batteries01:45
joacimthis is pretty cool01:46
Romsteryeah i have watched that a few times.01:47
Romsteri want some for my car.01:47
Romsterif you think about it you could charge that up with a set of d cells and start the car.01:48
Romsteror a small solar panel01:48
joacimemergency crank =)01:48
Romsternever get stranded for long.01:49
Romsteri like the remarks he said when he took it to the mechanics lol01:49
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Romsterthere goes another brown out.01:52
Romsterqueue up rooster sound effect01:55
prologicdo some work! :)01:56
Romsteri'm on my lunch hour biatch01:56
Romsterbut i am heading back to work bbl01:58
prologicgood idea lunch time :)02:08
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timcowchip I'm "somebody" now07:43
timcowchipthe new phone books are!07:43
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timcowchiptkrat lives08:51
Romstertry mine pshevtsov
Romsterpkgadd -u that08:52
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timcowchipI forgot..can I git add a folder?09:00
pshevtsovRomster: thanks! the problem isn't in the chromium build. I accidentally removed shared-mime-info (note to self: don't trust pkgfoster blindly)09:01
timcowchipRomster: is firefox-32 the same as nightly?09:01
timcowchipas, is it on an update channel?09:02
timcowchipthe answer is no09:14
timcowchipI can't git add a folder09:14
frinnstwhat are you trying to do?09:15
frinnstyou can "git add <dir"09:15
timcowchipI'm pushing updated ports09:15
timcowchipI cd into the folder and git add the files09:15
timcowchip.footprint .md5sum and Pkgfile09:16
timcowchipI made a new one for tint2svn09:17
timcowchipit has the launchers feature09:18
z3brafrinnst, you can also 'git add dir'09:18
timcowchipI can?09:19
z3braThat what I do with my ports09:19
Romsterlol ok09:20
Romsterfirefox-32 needs a bump it's on 26 currently09:21
Romsteri was tryingot get java working with runescape but it's crap to get right.09:22
timcowchipoh, so its firefox-32bit then?09:30
timcowchipI need to generate a new REPO file and push it when I'm done with my commits, right?09:34
timcowchipgot to clean out all the sources and pkg.tar.gz files first09:35
z3brawhy ?09:42
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Romster-32 denotes 32bit10:09
Romsterreally carry a axe with your toung no wait a park bench O_O10:11
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frinnstall goats do this, Romster10:43
frinnstdont you know anything about nature?!10:43
z3braHow would you guys rename a file with spaces in it ?10:45
Romstermv foo\ bar foo_bar10:47
Romstertype a bit then tab tab10:48
Romsterauto compete10:48
z3braI came to this:10:49
z3bravar=my\ file\ bla\ bla\ has\ spaces\ in\ it mv "$var" "${var// /_}"10:49
z3braRomster, but you have to type the whole new name with underscores10:49
Romsterdepends how many files your talking about.10:49
z3brafor man10:49
Romsteror script it.10:49
z3brafor many files, I'll use a for loop10:49
Romster1 just do it manuually10:50
z3braThat's what I do.10:50
z3braBut each time I do this, it's a pain to me10:50
z3braI just wanted to know if somebody had a clever way to do it :)10:51
Romsterscript something10:51
z3brathat's my last choice :p10:51
Romster or find one already done10:52
z3braI'd like to do this "on the fly"10:52
z3brayeah I found something, but it require ''10:52
z3bra(which is default on debian based distrib)10:52
z3braanyway, thanks for trying :p10:52
Romsterrename 'y/ /_/' *10:58
z3brayeah, that's rename.pl10:59
z3bra(look at the first comment)10:59
Romster/usr/bin/rename util-linux10:59
Romsterman rename10:59
z3brathe unix tool is: rename expr str files10:59
Romsteryou'll have it already on your system10:59
z3braSYNOPSIS rename [options] expression replacement file...11:00
z3braSYNOPSIS rename [options] expression replacement file...11:00
z3braSYNOPSIS rename [options] expression replacement file...11:00
z3braoups, sorry11:00
Romsteroh hmm The POSIX version of 'rename' doesn't do regular expressions, only one-time substring matches.11:02
z3brayeah, exactly11:03
Romsterthat thats dumb11:03
Romsterwell that's dumb*11:03
z3brafor sure11:03
Romsterjsut do it in bash11:03
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jaegerz3bra: another option would be tr " " "_"14:08
z3braYeah but it does not integrate well to rename a file14:14
z3braAnyway don't bother, that's not important ^^14:14
jaegermv "$file" "$(echo \"$file\" | tr \" \" \"_\")"14:15
jaegeractually you could remove the quotes from the echo14:15
z3bralonger that mv "$file" "${file// /_}"14:16
z3brabut yeah14:16
jaegermv "this is a test" $(echo "this is a test" | tr " " "_") for example14:16
jaegeryeah, it's longer, just offering an option14:16
z3brasure, thank you ;)14:16
z3braDoes anybody have a small utility to get the size of an installed package ?15:10
jaegertry pkgsize from prt-utils15:13
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jaegerhaha, nice15:16
jaegerthat first FAQ entry is great15:17
z3brajaeger, thanks, that's perfect :)15:21
z3brawhat is the difference between finddeps and prt-get depends ?15:24
jaegerfinddeps checks executables and libraries for linking, deptree just shows a tree of dependencies listed in the Pkgfiles15:24
z3braokay great :)15:25
z3braI'm falling in love for crux :p15:25
jaegerGlad you like it. :)15:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.1118:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql: update to 5.5.3618:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wpa_supplicant: update to 2.118:25
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.5818:26
dxtrWhat's an appropriate version string for a package that downloads from a git repository?18:55
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jaegerif it's a specific tag or branch maybe that tag/branch name or version... if master, how about date +Y%m%d ?18:56
dxtrOh yeah, forgot that it was a shell script18:59
dxtrThanks, jaeger19:13
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timcowchipfirefox nightly is 3019:31
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dxtrjaeger: I just realized that all port trees on that point to github it giving a 404.19:47
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timcowchipanyone else have trouble viewing this page?
timcowchipor this one?
timcowchipSecure Connection Failed20:21
timcowchipAn error occurred during a connection to The OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a date in the future). (Error code: sec_error_ocsp_future_response)20:21
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timcowchipyawn :o20:29
timcowchipgot handbrake built, but  GLib-GObject-ERROR **: cannot create instance of abstract (non-instantiatable) type 'GtkBox'20:29
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timcowchipsed -i -e 's/GHB_PACKAGES="gtk+-3.0 $GHB_PACKAGES"/GHB_PACKAGES="gtk+-2.0 >= 2.10 $GHB_PACKAGES"/' gtk/configure.ac20:39
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timcowchip GLib-GObject-ERROR **: cannot create instance of abstract (non-instantiatable) type 'GtkBox' and something about openbox not being compiled for image loading21:33
timcowchipanyway that's where handbrake is at for the moment21:34
timcowchipso far I've updated gpodder, udevil, tkarat and added tint2svn21:34
timcowchipbut my publish repo doesn't reflect the updates21:35
timcowchipwhat's going on with giyhub?21:43
timcowchipI was thinking about switching to gitorius21:45
teK_github has no delay between push and publishing21:46
timcowchipthere's just the delay between github publishing and crux pulishing21:47
teK_the portdb is refreshed daily at 7am21:53
timcowchipso where is my tint2svn port?21:54
teK_7am CET21:54
timcowchipcentral europe21:55
timcowchipwhat time is there now?21:56
teK_almost 11pm21:56
timcowchipso 8 more hours21:57
timcowchipor 10pm PST21:57
timcowchipOK THANKS TEK :)21:57
teK_haha :p21:57
timcowchipcan't find my sound card.....guess I'll have to rebuild the kernel22:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: 0.21 -> 0.2323:06
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