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timcowchipwhy can't I find an audio driver for linux-3.10.28?03:06
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timcowchipwhen I rebuild it using menuconfig03:07
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prologicdid you compile an audio driver for your system?03:10
prologicsounds like you don't have one in your kernel03:10
timcowchipno I didn't see one03:11
timcowchipdo I need to compile my own audio driver?03:11
prologicDrivers -> Audo03:13
prologicyou'll want some ALSA module compatible with your sound card03:13
timcowchipwhen using menuconfig?03:13
prologic# lspci | grep Audio03:14
prologic00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)03:14
prologic01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 HDMI Audio Controller (rev a1)03:14
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prologicgo back and find a driver suitable for your system03:14
prologicand either select Y (to build it into the kernel)03:14
prologicor m to build it as a module03:15
prologicif later, you can usually do: depmod -a03:15
prologicand modprobe <driver>03:15
timcowchipwhen I rebuilding the kernel I look for Drivers > audio03:15
timcowchipI didn't find any last time I tried that03:15
prologicyeah somewhere there03:15
prologicthere should be one for your system03:16
prologicunless you have such an exotic system that there's no audio drivers in the latest mainstream kernel tree :)03:16
prologicin which case with? :)03:16
timcowchipI had it working with linux-3.6.11 on crux03:16
timcowchipintel hda03:17
prologicwell go enable that then :)03:17
timcowchipsimilar to yours03:17
prologicand the alas sound support, etc03:17
timcowchipok I'll look again03:17
timcowchipthanks.......brb :)03:17
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prologicnps :)03:18
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timcowchipI found the intel hda driver under alsa stuff03:48
timcowchipstill not working though03:48
timcowchipalso "lspci: command not found"03:49
timcowchipgotta be root03:52
timcowchipand "lspci | grep audio" gets nothing03:52
timcowchipback to menuconfig03:53
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prologiclspci | grep Audio03:55
prologiccase sensitive :)03:55
prologiclspci | grep audio -i03:55
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Romsternice one sourceforge only today do they mass email me about updates that are 5 months old07:03
Romsterjust ordered a 2200va line interactive UPS. I am that sick of power interruptions.07:07
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timcowch1pstill no sound drive07:26
timcowch1ptried build-in and module07:27
timcowch1pdepmod -a?07:28
timcowch1plspci >
timcowch1p Audio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio C                                                               ontroller (rev 01)07:31
timcowch1p Audio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)07:31
timcowch1pI guess that's why its called a test iso07:35
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Romstertimcowch1p, lspci -k07:41
Romstertimcowch1p, did you set SND_HDA_INTEL ?07:51
timcowch1pmodprobe SND_HDA_INTEL ?07:52
Romstermake menuconfig07:52
timcowch1pas a module07:52
Romsterto see where it is in the menu hatchery07:53
Romsterand did you copy bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz and to /boot and do; depmod -a ; modprobe snd_hda_intel07:53
Romsterafter to see it loaded07:54
timcowch1pand yes07:54
Romsterinstall alsamixer and unmute the master with m key and use up arrow or a number key to jump up the master volume07:54
Romsterand play a sound.07:54
Romsterdid you also add yourself to the audio group and logout and back in?07:55
Romsterelse you won't have permission to use the sound device.07:55
timcowch1pI haven't done that yet07:56
Romster/usar/sbin/lsof +D /dev/snd/07:57
Romster/usr/sbin/lsof +D /dev/snd/07:57
Romsteris also handy to run as root to see if anything has opened the sound device and stopped you from using it.07:57
Romsteractually don't need root too see i guess07:57
timcowch1p >  aplay hahaha.wav07:59
timcowch1pI adde myself to audio07:59
timcowch1puid=100(timcowchip) gid=16(audio) groups=16(audio),10(wheel)08:00
timcowch1plsmod gives snd_hda_intel          29478  008:01
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frinnstyou could also have the wrong codec for intel-hda08:02
frinnstcheck dmesg08:02
timcowch1palsaconfig: command not found08:04
frinnstsorry, alsaconf08:04
timcowch1pdidn't find anything08:06
timcowch1proot can aplay hahaha.wav08:10
timcowch1pdo I need to log out and back in after being added to audio group?08:11
pengiunfanyes ;-)08:11
timcowch1pthat's it then......brb08:11
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pengiunfanor use newgrp08:14
timcowchipnewgrp, I'll remember that next time08:14
timcowchipthanks everyone :)08:15
Romstertimcowchip, you may have similer issues with not being in the video group too. for graphics08:24
pengiunfangood point, e.g: camera08:26
pengiunfanRomster:never had issues with power outages during my stays in Australia, but constant Telstra outages ;-)08:27
prologictimcowchip, did you get your sound working finally?08:28
timcowchipI'll add myself to video there a plugdev group?08:29
Romsterpengiunfan, it's only been happening the past few days08:30
Romsteri'm not sure what is triggering it08:30
prologicIs there a plugdev grouop?08:30
prologicegrep plug /etc/group08:30
Romsterbut it's anoying that my 500 va UPS can't hold my pc up very well. most times it'll go error overload.08:31
Romsterso i'm upgrading to a 2200va line interactive one when it gets here next week.08:31
prologichow much is that going to set you back?08:31
Romsteri get it at trade price08:31
Romsterbut retal is about $390 i can't say what the trade price is08:32
Romsterit's bigger than i need but i'd prefer to have one that'll do the job. i could run two machines off it later on.08:32
pengiunfanoutage is reported as :Under investigation ;-)08:34
RomsterTotal Customers off Supply 53808:34
RomsterSignificantly Affected Areas There are no areas significantly affected by power outages.08:35
RomsterEnter your postcode to view details of any current power outages in your area.08:35
Romster    Postcode08:35
Romster    Subscribe to SMS/Email Power Outage Updates08:35
Romsterthat does not say about the 8 or so brownouts i've got per a day08:35
Romsterand not just me this entire side of victoria as far as i know. since severs in other small towns near here also been sending emails about power failure.08:36
Romsterme generator is fine for longer outages. it's these short ones that are pissing me off.08:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.4 -> 0.3.510:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: import efitbootmgr and gnu-efi from contrib13:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: export efitbootmgr and gnu-efi to opt13:49
teK_jaeger --^13:49
jaegerThanks. :)13:49
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Romsterif it's not the power it's the internet...14:00
frinnstget redundant connections, romster14:02
Romstermore money -_-14:07
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rmull_Romster should be employed full time by the Crux Foundation14:52
joacimpaid in fosters14:53
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penguinfanHi Guys15:17
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penguinfanquick question, how is the crux install cd made? I want to create my own version of the installer CD with additional packages and different versions. Just so that I can redeploy my machine quicker.15:21
penguinfanbut I want to do it in the same manner the real official release is made.15:22
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: flex: updated to version 2.5.3815:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: file: updated to version 5.1715:24
jaegerpenguinfan: it's a bit of an involved process but doable, certainly. take a look at;a=summary15:25
jaegerspecifically the 3.0 tree and the Makefile in it15:25
penguinfanjaeger: ah great! This is exactly what I was looking for! thanks!!15:27
jaegerno problem15:28
jaegerI build updated ISOs periodically but currently am focusing on new features so mine can be broken, possibly15:28
penguinfangood to know15:29
penguinfanI kind of want to add KDE, which I am using, and its a pain to always rebuild it ;-)15:29
penguinfanok I am heading to sleep now. 0:30am here. Enjoy the rest of the day!15:35
jaegertake care15:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: update md5sum18:39
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timcowchip_if kernel configs are modules do they need to be modprobed in rc.local for every boot cycle like slackware?19:44
timcowchip_I have CONFIG_VFAT_FS=m yet I can't seem to mount my flas disk19:46
timcowchip_with crux19:46
timcowchip_np with gentoo19:46
timcowchip_I seem to remember adding myself to thhe plugdev group with debian19:48
rmulltimcowchip_: How are you performing the mount?19:49
rmulland... is the module loaded (lsmod)19:49
timcowchip_I'm in sabayon atm19:50
jaegererror messages would help, too19:51
timcowchip_needed to do some transcoding with handbrake, which I haven't got working on crux as yet19:51
timcowchip_it says I'll be done in 10 minutes19:51
timcowchip_then I'l reboot19:52
timcowchip_egrep plug /etc/group gives "plugdev:x:441:user,timcowchip,usbmux" in sabayon19:52
joacimdid you remember make modules_install?19:54
jaegercrux doesn't use a plugdev group by default19:55
timcowchip_I'm trying to mount with spacefm19:58
timcowchip_haven't tried just using "mount" in a terminal19:59
timcowchip_I was hoping to have it just show up when I plugged it in20:00
timcowchip_to use as my device in gpodder20:01
timcowchip_handbrake's done, going to reboot20:01
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timcowch1plsmod >
timcowch1pshould I se vfatfs?20:08
jaegergrep vfat /proc/filesystems20:08
jaegerok, it's not enabled in your kernel20:09
timcowch1pbut, CONFIG_VFAT_FS=m20:09
jaegerdid you build and install the new kernel after changing the config?20:10
timcowch1pI think the CONFIG_VFAT_FS=m was already set20:10
jaegerdo you have /proc/config.gz ?20:11
jaegerif so, try zgrep VFAT /proc/config.gz20:11
prologicif it's m20:12
prologicyou'll have to modprobe it20:12
prologicthat's why we have /etc/rc.modules20:12
prologicwhich is just another bash scrip that's run at startup20:12
prologicso you can put your modprobe stuff in there20:12
prologice.g: /sbin/modprobe vfat20:12
prologicor maybe it's called vfat_fs20:12
jaegerodd that udev didn't do it for you20:12
prologicoh that's true it should too :)20:13
prologichaha didn't think of that20:13
prologictbh I compile everything into my kernel20:13
prologiconly nvidia is a module20:13
prologiccheck dmesg? see why udev didn't pickup the device, it's file system and load the vfat_fs module?20:14
timcowch1phow do I dump dmesg to a file?20:16
timcowch1pits already in /var/log/message20:17
prologicdmesg > some_file.txt20:20
prologicnormal unix redirection, pipes, etc20:20
timcowch1pI have just "depmod -a" in rc.modules20:22
timcowch1pshould rebuild everything into the kernel or modprobe everything in rc.modules?20:23
timcowch1pI guess I don't why modules are used20:23
timcowch1pdon't get20:24
timcowch1pdoes it have something to do with when the drivers are loaded during the boot process?20:26
jaegerout of curiosity, what do you get from 'cat /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug' ?20:30
timcowch1psomefile.txt >
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timcowch1pa blank20:30
timcowch1pwhen I was in Viet Nam, we had a duty referred to as "burning the shitter"20:47
timcowch1pthe shitter was a shack with 3 holes in a bench and sawed-off 55 gal drums underneath20:48
timcowch1pthe duty consisted of pulling out the drums, filling them with jp5 (jet fuel) and igniting20:49
timcowch1pthen replacing the now empty drums under the bench20:50
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timcowch1pone marine decided to never be assigned this duty again20:51
timcowch1phe was told to "burn the shitter", so he drenched the entire shack with jp5 and burned it to the ground and when asked "wtf!" replied " you told me to burn the shitter, so I burned it"20:53
jaegerproject specifications unclear :P20:54
timcowch1pwhen I modprobe vfat, "grep vfat /proc/filesystems" gives me vfat20:58
timcowch1pbut spacefm still says "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd, missing codepage or helper program, or other error20:59
timcowch1pIt mounts the 300Mb crux portion of my verbatim clip21:00
timcowch1pbut not the rest of the 4Gb on it21:00
timcowch1phave to take my daughter to her award ceremony, bbl21:07
rmulloooh, awards21:10
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joacimI never got any awards22:07
joacimeven tho i am a part of the generation that got awards just for breaking wind22:08
joacimmy friends had piles of awards in their rooms22:08
joacimI should buy myself a diploma I think22:10

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