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timcowch1premoved emodules from my repo02:06
timcowch1p=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.02:13
timcowch1pcan't get fusesmb02:13
timcowch1prss-guard doesn't live at
timcowch1pstill can't mount flash drives02:15
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timcowch1pso far tolua++, gvfs, tkrat, gpodder, mygpocient, and udevil are working and updated in the repo02:23
timcowch1pas soon as qt4 finishes building, I'll check out 6 more ports02:25
timcowch1pI'm stuck on handbrake and conky-lua atm02:25
timcowch1pnot that anyone cares..I'm sure that I'm the only one who actually uses my ports02:26
prologicyou still can't mount usb flash drives?02:28
prologicthis "just works" (tm)02:28
prologicThere's really only two possibilities here:02:28
timcowch1pnope I even built vfat and msdos into the kernel02:28
prologic(Maybe three if your USB hw is failing)02:28
prologica) You don't have the right kernel modules loaded02:28
prologicb) You don't have the right file system modules loaded02:28
prologicRemember that you also _need_ the SCSI_DISK modules02:29
prologicOtherwise it really won't work02:29
prologicUSB Mass Storage (AFIAK) uses the SCSI DISK sub system(s)02:29
prologicLet me post up my 3.12.9 kernel config02:29
prologicso you can compare02:29
prologici.e: I have all my hardware working02:30
timcowch1pthanks :)02:30
joacimjust works here too02:31
joacimusb-stuff + mass storage + fat02:31
prologiccurl -q -o - | zcat | less -S -x302:31
timcowch1pprologic: my scroll wheel doesn't work02:33
prologicAlso **NB**:
prologicscroll wheel should *just work* too :)02:34
prologicAre you using the evdev xorg input modules?02:34
timcowch1pI use mrxvt with a scroll bar but it won't scroll far enough to read your config file02:34
timcowch1pI'm getting a new mouse tomorrow02:35
prologicuse the cursor keys02:35
timcowch1poh yeah, that works02:36
prologicAre you new to computers? :)02:38
timcowch1pNOTE: USB_STORAGE depends on SCSI but BLK_DEV_SD may02:38
timcowch1palso be needed; see USB_STORAGE Help for more info02:38
timcowch1pdo I need to modprobe something?02:41
nogagplzyou know if you want to cheat and make it easy for the first time, you can always steal the kernel config from something like arch, and just set the fs drivers to built in, should work oob with pretty much everything02:42
timcowch1pso if I copy /media/sabayon/usr/src/linux-3.12.0-sabayon/.config to /usr/src/linux-3.10.28/.config02:45
timcowch1pthen boot from the crux iso and setup-chroot then cd /usr/src/linux-3.10.28 then make all?02:46
timcowch1plike that?02:47
nogagplzrun make menuconfig just to be certain it is loading the right .config, precuationary, ensure the ext# support is builtin and not a module, and that should be all yes02:53
timcowch1pok thanks nogagplz02:54
timcowch1pdoes your libisofs still work?02:54
timcowch1pI have as a dep for simpleburn02:55
timcowch1pas soon as qt4 finishes building, I'm going to try using the sabayon kernel config03:04
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timcowch1pinstalled simpleburn and guess what it can't find my dvd burner03:09
timcowch1pyep I need new kernel config03:10
joacimshouldn't need a special config for that03:12
joacimonly thing I enabled is sata (ahci) and cd/dvd file systems03:12
joacimthe config defaults are pretty sane03:12
timcowch1pok I just copied /media/sabayon/usr/src/linux-3.12.0-sabayon/.config to /usr/src/linux-3.10.28/.config03:14
timcowch1pwhen I ru menuconfig I'll check for sata (ahci) and cd/dvd file systems03:15
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prologicThis really isn't all that hard :(03:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.1207:22
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xcb-util-wm: update to 0.4.007:26
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timcowchipI'm back with a 24Mb vmlinuz09:06
timcowchipmounting usb though09:06
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Romstera 24Mb vmlinuz09:20
timcowchipyes its a sabayon config09:20
timcowchipsomething for everyone09:20
Romstereven then i probably got junk in mine09:21
timcowchipit took 5 or 6 hours to build09:21
timcowchipmy original took about 20 minutes09:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.4509:23
timcowchipI should probaly try
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Romsterpower outage again... my UPS can't get here soon enough.10:18
frinnstSilk Road 2 Hacked, All Bitcoins Stolen - $2.7 Miliion10:23
frinnstUpdate 2: As the time passes there are more and more suspicions that this was in fact a SCAM by the Silk Road staff - and not a hack, we will post more details about it once, and if we get the full picture.10:23
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Romsterfu brown out.10:31
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penguinfanHi Everyone13:53
penguinfanhow is everyone?13:53
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Romsterbrown out again i am this close to turning off my pc until i get my bigger UPS or run off the generator.14:04
penguinfanmust be bad down under ;-)14:11
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Romsterit's never been this bad15:01
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frinnstwhat a brilliant sport15:18
jaegerI... er... what15:22
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tilmanomg, this isn't satire15:45
frinnstthe narrator makes it so much better too15:46
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nweany idea about this.. it happening when I visting some site.. one of then was aftonbladet.se18:10
nweand youtube..18:11
nweit looks like it have something todo with flash..18:11
nrxtxnwe: what's your graphic card?18:12
nrxtxrebuild them cleanly, often that can be a reason18:14
nweI reinstall the machine yesterday..18:15
nrxtxthere is no crash when visiting those pages without flash-player-plugin installed?18:16
nwenrxtx: I using google-chrome-stable from debian repo..18:17
nweand there is flash (pepper) builtin..18:18
nrxtxnwe: why that and not the one supplied by crux?18:18
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timcowchipmy clock agrees with the time in irc18:58
timcowchipthat's never happened before18:59
timcowchipi love my 24Mb kernel :)18:59
jaegereverything working now?18:59
nwenrxtx: you mean chromium?19:00
penguinfan24MB wow, kind of big ;-)19:00
timcowchipits a sabayon config19:01
jaegerspeaking of kind of big... about to install a noctua nh-d1419:01
timcowchipnoctua nh-d14?19:02
penguinfanthats austrian ;-) nice!19:02
penguinfanvery quiet fan!19:02
penguinfanI am austrian so I totally support this hehe ;-)19:03
jaegerIt's not going to look as nice but it should cool much better than the corsair h60 I use now19:03
jaegertimcowchip: dual heatpipe and dual fan CPU cooler19:03
timcowchipwe used to call that a radiator19:04
timcowchipdoes it use antifreeze?19:05
jaegerno idea internally19:05
jaegerparts of it are still called radiator19:06
timcowchipsounds COOL19:06
jaegerindeed :)19:06
timcowchipshould I yry ?19:14
timcowchipwill it allow me to mount usb and play wave files?19:17
timcowchipjaeger must be busy with the phillips head19:19
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timcowchipwell, here goes, brb19:21
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penguinfanmorning, here is 4:20 am ;-)19:22
meisternu:) Yes, morning, evening, afternoon, what have you19:22
meisternuI actually have a question, anyone here use openbox or familiar with it? I've been trying to get a program to launch from the menu for days now. Driving me up a wall. All the other programs in menu.xml work fine, just not this one program... yet it runs when you type it in the terminal. 0_o19:24
penguinfanhow are you calling it?19:24
meisternuIt's Anki, I just do a <command>anki</command> in the xml file, I tried /usr/bin/anki, no go.. yet when I type just "anki" in a terminal iit opens.19:25
jaegerIs it in a location that's in your path but not the path openbox uses?19:26
meisternuare you referring to anki, or openbox's config files?19:27
penguinfanare you getting any messages? or simply nothing?19:28
meisternuthe executable is at /usr/bin/anki  I've tried calling it like that in the xml file as well with no results19:28
jaegerYou might also check that your <item> definition has no missing quotes or the like19:28
meisternuNo messages19:28
jaegercan you paste the <item> from menu.xml to pastebin?19:29
meisternuHere, I'll do a pastebin of it19:29
penguinfanopenbox usually gives an error when it can't call or find a file19:29
jaegermaybe a dumb question but have you restarted/reconfigured openbox after changing the menu.xml?19:30
meisternuyep, I do that everytime I edit the file.19:31
meisternuI see the item in the menu, click on it... nothing happens19:31
jaegerno idea what would cause that but I suppose you could try launching a script that runs anki or something like that19:32
meisternuI've tried it with and without startupnotify19:32
penguinfananki is a python app so you probably have some issue with the path. try to rung openbox in foreground and see what the error message is on the console19:32
meisternuHeh, I never thought of that actually19:32
meisternupenguin - to do that I'd have to close X, and just do an exec openbox-session & ?19:33
penguinfannot sure of your config but basically yes. startx would also just open some terminals without window manager and then you could call openbox just like that19:37
meisternuAlright, I'll see what I can do and report the results19:38
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meisternuAlright, that's really strange... it opens fine when I just execute startx to open openbox19:43
penguinfanyou mean anki works fine?19:44
meisternuyes, just as I had it in the menu, it opened with no errors19:44
meisternuYet when I normally log in through Slim, it doesn't open.19:44
penguinfanhow is slim started?19:46
meisternuthrough rc.config19:46
meisternuboots up with the system19:46
penguinfanthis sounds like some path issue19:47
penguinfanlet me try this here quickly19:47
meisternu:) Nothing's ever quick when it comes to compiling, for the most part.19:55
penguinfanyou are using anki from alan's port right?19:57
meisternuyes, except I upgrade it to the latest version19:58
penguinfanah ok19:58
meisternuI'm going afk for about 30 mins, let me know if you find something.20:06
penguinfanI am suspecting that your locale setting is the problem, but I am still trying to confirm this20:07
penguinfanI guess you have UFT-8 configured but through the slim login without a shell its probably not enabled and anki needs that20:07
penguinfanjaeger suggested it before, maybe it helps if you create a small script that explicitly sets the locate to UTF-8 and then calls anki, instead of calling anki directly20:10
jaegeralternatively, set the locale in .xinitrc before launching openbox20:12
penguinfangood point20:13
dxtrWhat precompiled packages are on the CD20:20
dxtrIs it all of core?20:20
teK_core +;a=blob;f=packages.opt;hb=3.1 and;a=blob;f=packages.xorg;hb=3.120:22
dxtrThanks :)20:25
dxtrHmm.. fakeroot? Do pkgmk have support for that?20:25
teK_% alias pkgmk20:26
teK_pkgmk='fakeroot pkgmk'20:26
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dxtrAlso, where is the list with installed packages that pkginfo reads from? The man pages doesn't say that much20:33
penguinfanyou mean /var/lib/pkg/db ?20:36
penguinfanits a simple text file20:36
dxtrpenguinfan: Hmm20:39
dxtrI'm literally checking the sources now20:40
penguinfanwhat are you looking for?20:40
dxtrHow it gets what version of a package is installed20:41
dxtr% grep fakeroot /var/lib/pkg/db20:42
dxtr% pkginfo -i|grep fakeroot20:42
dxtrfakeroot 1.20-120:42
penguinfanthe format is at line level20:43
penguinfanso 1st line is the package name20:43
penguinfan2nd is the version20:43
penguinfanand then all the files that the package inclused20:43
penguinfanfinally a empty line20:43
dxtrI'm a moron20:43
penguinfanno problem20:45
penguinfantry something like this20:45
penguinfangrep -C1 -e ^fakeroot /var/lib/pkg/db20:46
penguinfanshould give you the name and the version number20:46
meisternuI'm back, I'm not sure if it helps but I"m using ZSH, but I have the Lang made known in a few places, ~/.zshrc, and /etc/profile. I had to do that just to get anki to run to begin with.20:48
dxtrThat's cool20:48
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penguinfanmeisternu: welcome back20:48
meisternuThanks, and I also tried a script, but it didn't work. Perhaps I didn't create it correctly.20:49
penguinfanyou should be able to get anki running by just exporting LC_ALL20:49
meisternunothing else? just export LC_ALL ?20:50
penguinfanexport LC_ALL="en_US.utf8"20:50
penguinfanthen call anki20:50
meisternuok, I'll try that too20:50
penguinfanput that into a script and call that through openbox menu20:50
penguinfanits probably also possible to add this into the openbox menu config, but I don't know how without researching this20:51
timcowchipan hour and a half later, I'm back with a 13.5Mb defcon vmlinuz20:51
meisternupenguinfan: It worked! Thanks for the help there, you too jaeger20:52
penguinfangreat news!20:53
meisternuThat program was giving me such a headache, couldn't figure out for the life of me why it wouldn't work :P20:54
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penguinfanhaha ;-)20:55
penguinfanso what are you going to learn with anki?20:56
meisternuI'm studying Japanese, so I've been out of practice for a few days :P20:56
penguinfangood luck ;-) Alan, who created the port ,  is also learning Japanese very hard ....20:57
penguinfanwe both work here in japan20:57
meisternuOh yea, it's extremly difficult. Oh you do? That's awesome.20:58
meisternuAnki is really nice for studying Japanese though20:58
penguinfanI am cheating a bit here because I am half japanese ;-)20:58
meisternuyou're probably already fluent ;P20:58
dxtrI know Swedish.. At least that's something :P20:59
penguinfanproblem is that you have to keep using it otherwise you forget easily20:59
meisternuthat's another language I'd want to learn, along with norwegian20:59
dxtrmeisternu: Well you learn pretty easily wen you live here21:00
meisternulol I'm sure21:00
penguinfanwell, good luck to you then! I am heading to sleep now, just turned 6am here21:00
meisternuah yikes, thanks again for the help21:00
penguinfannow worries21:00
penguinfanno worries! ;-)21:01
dxtrmeisternu: So where are you from, then?21:02
meisternudxtr: USA21:02
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meisternuactually while I'm here, does anyone know why all my man pages are unreadable,  well I can read most of it but it's filled with gibberish and [ESC] everywhere.21:10
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timcowchipno more
timcowchipno more /usr/ports/contrib/amrwb21:33
jaegermeisternu: maybe a locale issue? haven't seen that one21:33
meisternujaeger: I guess it's possible, but I did follow the manual as far as localedef was concerned.21:34
timcowchipno more /usr/ports/timcow/trojita21:34
jaegermeisternu: does it work if you explicitly set your locale to C?21:35
jaegeryou might also try LANG instead of LC_ALL21:36
jaegerexport LANG=C, export LANG=en_US.UTF-821:36
meisternujaeger: where would you suggest putting that?21:36
jaegerI would try it in a console session first just to see if that's the issue21:37
meisternujaeger: no go21:39
jaegerSorry, no idea here, then21:39
meisternuheh thanks for the try, it's more annoying than really necessary. I just like everything to work properly. :P21:40
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