IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-02-16

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kwarkhey, back with yet another issue installing crux02:55
timcowchipwhat's the issue02:58
kwarktimcowchip: so I just compiled the kernel and installed grub, then rebooted02:59
timcowchipdo you multi-boot?03:00
kwarktimcowchip: no03:00
kwarkVFS: Cannot open root device "sdb1" or unknown block(0,0): error -603:01
timcowchipI always have used other os's grub to boot crux03:01
timcowchipbut crux's should work03:01
timcowchipis sdb1 where crux lives?03:02
kwarkIt says "Please append a correct "root=" option: here are the available partitions03:02
kwarkbut then it doesn't list anything03:02
kwarkYeah sdb1 is where it lives03:02
timcowchipso it won't boot03:03
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kwarkyup it throws a kernel panic after that, it won't boot03:04
timcowchipif you boot from your install media, you can mount /dev/sdb /mnt03:04
timcowchipthen edit your grub config03:05
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kwarkI can even boot from install media with the line: CRUX root=/dev/sdb103:05
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kwarkand it boots ok03:06
timcowchipare running crux now?03:06
kwarktimcowchip: well this is a fresh install03:07
kwarkso no OSs present on any drive on this computer03:08
kwarksda is just a backup driv03:08
timcowchipcan you paste your /boot/grub.cfg somewhere?03:09
kwarktimcowchip: yeah I'll paste that and also will attempt to find the whole kernel panic dump/log and post it03:10
kwarkKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block03:11
timcowchipmake sure grub.cfg has "linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb1" and not "linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/#ROOT DEVICE#03:15
jaegerkwark: if it says "here are the available partitions" but none are listed then the kernel cannot see your drives at all03:17
jaegerwhich means missing controller support in the kernel03:17
kwarktimcowchip: it has both of those03:44
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kwarkjaeger: I suspected as much03:46
prologicwhat have I done wrong on my desktop re dvd playering/ripping with mplayer/mencoder?03:46
kwark# dmesg | grep -i sata [    0.808591] sata_sis: Unknown symbol sis_info133_for_sata (err 0) [    0.970867] ata3: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xdc00 ctl 0xd880 bmdma 0xd400 irq 19 [    0.970870] ata4: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xd800 ctl 0xd480 bmdma 0xd408 irq 19 [    2.584404] aic94xx: Adaptec aic94xx SAS/SATA driver version 1.0.3 loaded03:46
kwarkwow sorry for that blob, I'll get a pastebin03:47
prologicI have two dvd(s) here that won't play at all but play fine on my mythtv pc03:47
prologicperhaps it's just video output issues03:49
prologicnevermind (maybe) :)03:49
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kwarkI'm going to rebuild the kernel with all the relevant SATA stuff I can find04:19
prologicI think I might be missing some codecs04:39
prologicI always forget this every time :)04:39
prologicgoes to show how many times I bother to watch dvds :)04:39
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jaegerkwark: 'lspci -k' will tell you more useful info than checking dmesg for sata, probably.04:52
jaegerif you look for the modules that are listed as 'in use'04:52
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kwarkjaeger: just recompiled the kernel with aic94xx built in, issue fixed! Thanks!05:10
prologicthis is bizzare05:38
prologicI'm unable to play/rip dvds on my desktop05:38
prologicbut on my older media box it works fine05:38
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prologicam I the first to have a desktop pc with a dvd drive that did not have a region set?05:47
penguinfanstill using DVDs ? ;-)05:49
prologicman you have no idea05:54
prologicsee here's the thing05:54
prologicI'm kind of one of those peresons that's so pissed off at the whole DRM crap05:54
prologicthat it's easier for my to go out a buy DVD(s)05:54
prologicrip them to files and store them05:54
prologicfor convenience05:54
prologicnetflix/hulu, etc are great (and I use them) but they're more for the home theatre system (on the big scren)05:55
penguinfanoh yeah, for that you get 1000 points ;-) DRM is evil05:55
prologicand you don't get to "own" them in any way shape or form05:55
prologicI like to a) own (more or less) what I buy05:55
prologicand b) keep it in whatever form I like05:55
prologicthat means I buy CD(s) and DVD(s)05:55
penguinfanbuy and own05:56
penguinfanshould be the way05:56
prologicI have over 60GB of music my wife and I have acquired over the years from bought CD(s) all ripped to files as FLAC05:56
prologicwell these fat cats just don't seem to "get it"05:57
prologicmake it a) cheap enough b) easy05:57
prologicpeople will pay05:57
prologicmake it a) hard and b) expensive05:57
prologicpeople will steal05:57
prologicit's just common sense05:57
prologicbut I digress05:57
prologicI finally got DVD(s) working on my Destop PC05:57
prologicCRUX 3.0 :)05:57
prologicNote to self (and others)05:57
prologicif you ever have issues reading css keys, etc05:58
prologicit may be that your dvdrw device has no region set05:58
prologicuse regionset from contrib (soon to come)05:58
prologicanyone here use handbrake?06:03
penguinfannot me06:03
prologicI'm using alan's port of it06:03
prologicbut the gtk gui doesn't work06:04
prologicsome gtk2/gtk3 symbol conflict06:04
prologicthe cli is working just fine though06:04
prologicI prefer cli anyway :)06:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: regionset (NEW): Read/Sets the region code of DVD drives06:05
prologic^^^ as promised06:06
prologichandbrake is awesome06:16
prologicit "just works"06:16
prologicthat's the way I like software to be :)06:16
penguinfanwhat error are you getting on the GUI? GTK+2 symbols used with GTK+3?06:18
penguinfansomething like that?06:18
prologicsomething like that06:21
prologicabout using gtk2/gtk3 symbols in the same process06:21
prologicnever seen that before06:21
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penguinfanyeah you need to find out, which of the dependant libs is using the wrong version of GTK07:12
penguinfanits kind of a pain to resolve this07:12
penguinfanpkg-config through all the libs07:12
penguinfanused by handbrake07:12
prologicahh ic07:26
Romsterregionset... i've never had to use it07:26
prologicI'll look into it later07:26
prologicthe CLI works great07:26
prologicso *meh*07:26
Romsterand iv'e gone though a few optical drives07:26
prologicRomster, quite necessary on a drive that doesn't have a region set07:26
Romsterbtw best way of ripping a dvd is vobcopy07:27
prologicwell sure07:28
prologicby ripping you mean coping as-is07:28
prologicworks great07:28
prologicbut transcoding I'm using handbrake07:28
prologicwhich gives me a nice MP4/AAC video07:28
Romsteryes and decrypting07:30
Romstervobcopy then ffmpeg it.07:30
Romsterhnadbrake just does all that for you07:31
Romsterwodim -checkdrive07:33
RomsterVendor_info    : 'PIONEER '07:33
RomsterIdentification : 'BD-RW   BDR-208M'07:33
RomsterRevision       : '1.10'07:33
Romsteri still haven't bothered to burn a blu ray disc yet.07:34
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prologicyeah :)07:40
prologicI'm lazy07:40
prologichandbrake is nice :)07:40
Romsterok is the power gonna be nice so i can compile my kernel and setup docker...07:41
Romsteror do i have to wait for my UPS to arive.07:41
RomsterMATSHITA what sort of brand is that?07:44
Romsternever even heard of it.07:44
Romsterthat be why it never had a region set.07:45
Romsteryou can only set the region like 5 times too07:47
prologicno idea07:51
prologiclemme go find the part list for this PC07:52
prologicjust a sec :)07:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: skype add README07:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine add README08:00
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Romsterdon't you sepecify what brand/model of parts you get in your pc's?08:11
Romsteroh did you get a laptop or some slim pc case?08:17
Romsterdunno that brand, hopefully it's ok08:19
Romsteri know silverstone but looks like thats not the actual optical drive brand08:19
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prologicI got a slimerstone mini-itx case08:43
Romsteryeah so it's siilverstone case and a so claled silvertone optical drive for that case but it's made by some brand i've never heard of before.08:54
Romsterit's probably only that brand of drive that hasn't got the region pre-set that i've ever seen.08:54
prologicwho knows08:56
prologicit threw me off nonetheless08:56
prologicbut there's regionset in contrib now08:56
prologicso hopefully no-one will get triped up by this again :)08:56
prologicand it seems a useful tool anyway08:56
prologici.e: change the region of your drive08:56
Romsteryeah but there is only a limited amount of times you can do that.08:57
Romstersome users have multiple drives one set to each region.08:57
Romsteri've come across one customer with two dvd drives on two different regions. as they came from over seas and have dvds that wont play in australia regon.08:58
prologiclimited amount of time you can do that?09:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: db: update to 5.3.2809:36
Romsterprologic, there is like 5 memory locations prom chip once fused it's done.09:40
Romsterthe 5th change is what's stuck to permanently09:41
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prologicno really you are joking?09:44
penguinfanyeah thats normal09:46
Romsteri am not joking.09:46
penguinfanit depends on the RPC type09:47
penguinfanRPC-1 does not enforce a limit09:47
penguinfanRPC-2 does09:47
RomsterSo, DVD player manufacturers set a compromise: if the region code can be changed at all, it can only be changed a small number of times; usually something like 5. After the 5th region code change, it can no longer be changed at all.09:48
prologicO see09:48
prologicHow do I check the RPC type?09:48
penguinfanbut there are some drives with hacks so you can get around that limit.09:48
Romstersome drives you can set to region free.09:48
Romsterstupid crap they do for dvd movies. most people get around it09:49
penguinfancheck out
penguinfanit's old but maybe you'll find something newer09:52
prologicI'll have to look into this09:54
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prologicpenguinfan, thanks :)10:45
prologicappreciate it10:45
penguinfanyou are welcome!10:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pip: update to 1.5.212:24
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prologicmike_k, thanks :)12:26
prologicmuch appreicated :)12:26
mike_kprologic: but without full path to python interpreter and a 'chown' call (seems redundant, as I build everything with fakeroot). is it ok?12:27
prologicoh yeah sure12:28
prologicthe chroot thing is just out of habit really12:28
prologic-but- it's best if you put /usr/bin/python12:28
prologicI wrote up an issue on this on flyspray12:28
prologicyou can get into situations where you (like myself) have and use virtualenv(s)12:28
prologici.e: python virtualenv or virtualendwrapper12:28
prologicand building such ports fails miserably12:28
prologicsince we will and should only ever ship just the one python12:29
prologicI think it's okay to use /usr/bin/python here12:29
prologicI had a big discussion with Romster over this :)12:29
prologicit's an inconvenience to Python developers :)12:29
mike_kI use pip few times a week, but rarely run sysup or take care after my ports =( You are welcome to take over pip/virtualenv-related stuff though.12:29
prologichardnlt anyone else would notice12:29
prologicif you like - I don't mind at all12:30
prologicas a demo12:30
prologictry this:12:30
prologicvirtualenv $HOME12:30
mike_kmmh, I'd avoid building ports from inside virtualenv )12:30
prologicsource ~/bin/activate12:30
prologiccd /usr/ports/contrib/pip12:30
prologicpkgmk -d12:30
prologictry it :)12:30
prologiceven if it's not a virtualenv per say12:31
prologiceven if $HOME/bin is in your $PATH12:31
prologicand it has $HOME/bin/python12:31
prologicwhich I do almost everywhere :)12:31
prologiclike I said - inconveniences python devs12:31
prologicno one else would notice12:31
prologicbut ihmo not a big deal to use /usr/bin/python12:31
mike_kfind . -name Pkgfile | xargs grep | wc -l  : 114   find . -name Pkgfile | xargs grep | grep bin/python | wc -l : 3212:32
mike_kwe need a dicision to make things uniform here12:32
prologicI'm +1 for /usr/bin/python12:33
prologicbecause of this very reason12:33
prologicif you're a python dev12:33
prologicyou'll end up having to:12:33
prologicsudo su -12:33
prologicprt-get depinst blah12:33
prologicor remembering to deactive from the env you're in12:33
prologicbut if $HOME is a virtualenv too12:33
prologicyou're kinda screwed12:33
prologicand as I've said beofore /usr/bin/python should always be python-2.7 (2.7.6) and this will/should not change any time soon12:34
prologici.e: we do not need to (nor should) worry about Python 3 at this stage12:34
prologicafaik I'm the only one that maintains Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 ports of Python12:34
mike_kmaybe it's just me activating virtualenv for certain projects. so I have no such pain. Let's make a decision, it's not hard to update all the ports after that.12:35
prologicOTH, When and If Python apps that depend on Python 3 explicitly become more mainstream and we decide to start packaging them. We should put python3 into opt (whatever the 3.x latest version is) and package foo as foo-py312:36
mike_kI am not yet into python 3. it's nice you have ports and I'll test them to see how it integrates in CRUX12:36
prologicI use them regualrly to test circuits on CI12:36
prologicand via tox12:37
prologicso yeah I keep them maintained and working :)12:37
prologicI'm +1 for explicit /usr/bin/python setup.py12:37
prologicI've stated quite valid reasons :)12:37
mike_kI see. sorry, have to go. thanks!12:37
Romsteri wouldn't mind putting pip in opt along side setuptools that i maintain now.12:57
Romsterbut if prologic is gonna take it i'm also fine with that12:57
Romstermike_k, in those cases you should use a chroot or docker or VM to update the stuff and commit it to crux.12:58
Romsteri always build everything in a chroot currently before committing.12:58
Romsterwith me everything is a big discussion -_-13:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: db-32: 5.3.21 -> 5.3.2813:05
prologicI think I'm guilty of that too :)13:05
prologicbtw no need for pip to go to opt ihmo13:06
prologicsetuptools is enough13:06
prologicI'm already thinking we ought to have a "python" collection of ports13:06
prologickind of why I said and still believe (a while abck)13:07
prologicpackaging up python packages is kind of duplicating what pip does13:07
prologicthere are +'s and -'s ofc13:07
Romsteri just like pkgutils to track everything.13:13
Romsteri may be pig headed and stoburn though. than to use gem and pip13:13
prologicwell like I said pros/cons13:15
prologicit's nice to have pkgutils track everything13:15
prologicbecause then you can have some sort of guarentee your system is sane and contains no cruft13:15
prologicbut on ther other hand it's duplicated work and efrot13:15
prologicgem, npm, pip, cpan13:15
prologicall install their own stuff13:15
prologicand tbh13:16
Romsterif it's needed for some Pkgfile i run then i package it.13:16
prologicI let the system install setuptools, python and pip13:16
prologicand install everything else via virtualenv and pip13:16
prologicbefore the setuptools/distribute mess13:16
prologicI used to even bootstrap them myself13:16
prologiccurl -o - ... | python -13:16
prologicboth setuptools/distribute and pip13:16
prologicbecause until recently you could not guarentee distrbutions got aht right13:17
Romsteryeah the stupid thing of deciding to change to distribute then go oh we'll move back to setuptools -_-13:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pbr (NEW): Python Build Reasonableness -- required by stevedore13:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: stevedore: 0.10 -> 0.14.113:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv: 1.10.1 -> 1.11.213:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv-clone: Use /usr/bin/python and fix dependency on setuptools (was distribute)13:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenvwrapper: 4.1.1 -> 4.213:17
Romsteri might be a few versions old on a port but i do make sure they all work.13:18
prologicthey didn't just move13:18
prologicit was an entire development nightmare13:18
prologicthey started doign all the new dev in distribute and pip13:18
prologicthen decided to move it all back to setuptools/distutils13:18
prologicand pip uses setuptools13:18
prologicthe guy that started it all was/is a dick13:18
prologiche single-handedly screwed over the python community for at least 3-4 years there13:19
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penguinfansame here, I also want pkgutils to track everything ;-)13:20
prologicpip can track all it's isntalls too13:21
prologicit doesn't matter in the end13:21
prologicit's best practice anyway for python devs and apps to use virtualenv anyway13:21
prologicso if you're done rm -rf the env13:21
prologicgoin gto bed shortly13:22
Romsterwell for virtualenv i don't mind using pip13:22
Romsterbut for system installs.13:22
prologicRomster I'm pushing up a crux-python docker image13:22
prologicit should be up soon before I leave on holidays in the morning :)13:23
Romsteryou already made one and got it offical?13:23
Romsteras i have seen13:23
prologicno that was "crux"13:23
prologicI'm making a prologic/crux-python13:23
Romsteri haven't done my kernel yet got into messing with crux 3.113:23
prologicbased on crux13:23
prologicadds git mercurial python setuptools and pip13:23
prologicready to rock'n'roll with python dev13:23
Romsterlike i mentioned why not do that. than ports -u then prt-get depinst pyhton then rm the ports after. that seems silly when you use python for everything.13:24
prologicI'll even make my ircnotifier bot use it as a base image13:24
prologicso you have an idea of a) how to build your app and b) how to test and deploy it via Docker13:24
Romsterbut i really jsut mentioned doing ports -u opt than the entire tree.13:24
Romsteri haven't done json yet for filter-tool but i'll see how i go sometime13:25
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mike_kprologic: that was fast! Please, also change the virtualenv port maintainer14:49
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timcowchipprologic: re: some gtk2/gtk3 symbol conflict
timcowchipsed -i -e 's/GHB_PACKAGES="gtk+-3.0 $GHB_PACKAGES"/GHB_PACKAGES="gtk+-2.0 >= 2.10 $GHB_PACKAGES"/' gtk/configure.ac19:18
timcowchipfixes the gtk2/gtk3 conflict19:18
timcowchipmy port installs fine, but I get19:20
timcowchip(ghb:12092): GLib-GObject-ERROR **: cannot create instance of abstract (non-instantiatable) type 'GtkBox'19:20
timcowchipTrace/breakpoint trap19:20
timcowchipwhen I try to run ghb19:20
timcowchipalan's port looks like he borrowed it from klaatu's slackbuild19:22
timcowchipmine is from handbrake svn19:22
timcowchipRomster helped get it working a while back19:23
timcowchiptrouble with svn and git ports is source developers keep commiting changes19:23
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timcowchipRomster: has lua51 been updated?20:00
timcowchipI get "llua.c:32:21: fatal error: tolua++.h: No such file or directory" when I try to build conky-lua20:01
timcowchipI did "cp /include/tolua++.h to /usr/include/tolua++" and conky-lua built20:08
timcowchipguess I need to edit my tolua++.Pkgfile20:08
timcowchiplooks like I should edit my handbrake.Pkgfile as well20:22
timcowchipcd build20:23
timcowchipmake DESTDIR=$PKG install20:23
timcowchiplooks like make is missing20:23
timcowchipcd build20:25
timcowchipmake DESTDIR=$PKG install20:25
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z3bratough it was my terminal :p21:23
z3braanyway, I'm having an issue with my webkit browser (dwb)21:24
z3braI get the following error:21:24
z3bra GLib-Net-WARNING **: couldn't load TLS file database: Error reading file '/etc/ssl/': Is a directory21:24
z3brahow is that wrong ?21:24
z3braisn't /etc/ssl supposed to be a directory ?21:24
timcowchipI don't have an /etc/ssl21:25
timcowchipbut then I don't use webkit21:25
z3brawhich browser do you use ?21:25
timcowchipits a firefox version21:26
z3brafirst time I heard of it :)21:26
z3braoh, okay21:26
z3brahow does it deals with ssl then ?21:26
timcowchipdownload to ~/ and run it from there21:27
timcowchipits on an update channel21:28
z3braI miis to much library21:29
timcowchipthere's usually a new version every night21:29
timcowchipyou're missing libraries?21:29
z3bralike libxul, and such21:30
z3braI don't want to install a whole bunch of libraries just to see how it looks like :)21:30
timcowchipdo you use firefox?21:32
z3branope, dwb21:32
z3braa much, much, much lighter browser. Based on webkit, that focus on keyboard navigation21:33
timcowchipI think I've heard of it21:33
timcowchiplike uzbl21:35
z3brayeah kinda :)21:35
timcowchipor jumanji21:35
timcowchipor luakit21:35
timcowchipor surf21:35
z3brasurf is not the same at all21:35
z3brasurf does not have tabs, or key navigation, or anything else21:36
z3brait's a single window that uses webkit to render a single page21:36
z3brais you click on a link, it will either follow the link, or open the link in a new instance of itself21:37
timcowchipor you can make your own webkit browser21:38
z3brawhy ?21:38
z3braI just want to fix my current browser :)21:38
timcowchipI also use opera21:40
timcowchipit depends on qt not webkit21:40
timcowchipwebkit takes me 14 hours to build every time its updated21:41
z3brayeah haha21:41
z3braanyway, qt is the same I guess21:41
jaegerz3bra: perhaps it should be looking for /etc/ssl/cert.pem instead of /etc/ssl21:41
z3brammmh, fair point21:41
timcowchipyes but I have a lot of ports that depend on it21:41
z3brai don't useQt atm :)21:42
timcowchipgood fot you21:42
jaegertry rebuilding glib-networking with the --with-ca-certificates line replaced21:42
jaegerif that fixes it, report it to Romster21:42
z3brathanks for the hint i'll do it21:43
jaegerThat's a guess based on the "GLib-Net-WARNING" line, it might not actually be glib-networking21:43
jaeger(just seems likely)21:44
z3brajaeger, that works, thanks you !21:47
z3braHow should I report the error ?21:47
z3bravia private msg, mail, bugtracker ?21:47
jaegeremail the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile21:47
z3braoh, yeah sure ^^21:48
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timcowchipbuilding alan's handbrake port with gtk fix22:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spamassassin: 3.3.2 -> 3.4.022:10
timcowchipthere should be a mail biff port22:16
timcowchipwmbiff or gnubiff22:16
*** timcowchip has joined #crux22:28
timcowchipalan's hanbrake port works with gtk fix22:29
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timcowchipI sent an email to crux-contrib@lists.crux.nu22:48
timcowchipwhich was stupid, as its not a contrib port22:48
timcowchipI'll email the maintainer22:48
timcowchipfor mail biff, gkrellm works23:07
timcowchipthis script called from conky works: curl -s -u <email address>:<password> | grep fullcount | sed 's/<[^0-9]*>//g'23:09
timcowchipfor gmail23:09
timcowchipI forgot  does pkgmk run pre or post install scripts?23:20
timcowchipI know prt-get has --install-scripts option23:21
joacimI don't think it does23:25
timcowchipok, thanks joacim23:25
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timcowchipprt-get depinst  --install-scripts udisks223:33
joacimyou can make prt-get run install scripts without having to pass that option every time23:35
joacimI think the install scripts from any official repo should be safe to rerun even when you don't need to23:36
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timcowchipok, thanks again joacim23:55

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