IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-02-17

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bitwizehI have a question.00:21
bitwizeoops :)00:21
bitwizeI have a question: Are the Crux maintainers allergic to emacs?00:21
z3brai don't think so00:22
z3brawhy ?00:22
joacimI dont know. the emac is a cool little machine00:22
z3brait lacks an editor though00:22
nogagplzyeah cruxppc should work on emacs00:22
bitwizeEmacs the editor00:23
bitwizeNot eMacs, the machines from Apple00:23
z3braOh, apple made a machine called emacs ?00:23
bitwizethey made one called the eMac00:24
bitwizethe plural of which is, ostensibly, eMacs00:24
nogagplzI wouldn'00:24
z3brawhy do you think that maintainers don't like emacs ?00:24
nogagplzt say it's an allergy to, rather just nobody uses it00:24
bitwizeBecause Vim comes with the system, but emacs isn't even in contrib.00:25
joacimz3bra: it was intended for the educational market, and it was also cheaper than the iMac (I think)00:25
joacimwant a G4 Cube00:25
joacimthose are cool00:25
z3brajoacim, thanks for the hint ;)00:25
bitwizeI found a third-party package for it, but it says it depends on gtk and texinfo. You're on your own tracking down texinfo, too. And cvs, which it depends on even though it's not listed as a dependency.00:26
z3brabitwize, well, it's not in system because of size I guess00:26
z3brait's not in contrib because nobody use it, and thus, created a port for it00:26
z3bralooks like 2 crux users actually use emacs :)00:27
bitwizeOh ok.00:28
bitwizeI'm quite new to crux.00:28
z3braas I am :)00:28
bitwizeI take it small size is a paramount concern? :)00:28
z3brafor the installation medium ?00:29
bitwizefor the base distro00:29
z3brai think so00:29
bitwizeInteresting :)00:30
z3bragood night everybody !00:31
bitwizeGoodnight :)00:32
bitwizeI came across crux while looking for a distro to fall back to in case Slackware goes systemd00:32
nogagplzah but didn't you hear00:33
nogagplzcrux is secretly using systemd, it just lures people in with sysvinit on the surface00:34
bitwizeYou're trolling me. :)00:34
nogagplzwell it was worth a shot00:35
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Romstertimcowchip conky-lua uses lua not lua5102:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lua: 5.2.2 -> 5.2.302:04
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timcowchipRomster: thanks, but it seems to work now with lua5102:48
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timcowchipwhats that prt-get revdep command?04:51
rmulljust 'revdep'04:55
timcowchipok, thanks04:58
timcowchipprt-utils right?04:59
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nwegood morning06:29
nwehow are you guys?06:29
Romstertimcowchip, prt-get fsearch revdep06:40
Romstergood nwe06:40
nwehow are you Romster ?06:42
nweRomster: do you hvae gtalk?06:42
Romstermight on my phone. don't use it though06:43
Romsteri did setup facebook messenger in pidgin though06:43
nweaah I see, Why I wondering if because it doesnt want to connect to our works jabber-server or my gtalk account..06:45
nweand it?s doesnt say anyting from debug window..06:45
Romsterdunno about that sorry06:46
nwehehe np :) so what are you doing this morning/evning?06:46
Romsterjust finished work, scoffibg down chicken and off to darts in 1 hours time06:47
Romsteri also got my h3 130 watt headlight bulbes to fit to my car :D06:48
nweoh :) nice!06:49
Romsterso i'll have 55watt gid 6500k plus halogen 130 watt 500 or so k not sure exactly. be better than the 55 watt orange hallogens i got now06:49
Romsteri just hope my lens don't melt06:49
Romsterhids dont run very hot so i've removed heat from that part and the hids run off there own wiring loom.06:50
Romsteri dunno why every car i own i've done the headlights up in06:52
Romsterdo alot of night driving06:53
Romsterwithout adding extra driving lights06:53
nwemy new "server room" @ home
Romsternot a good spot for a printer but points for using a proper rack07:00
nweI but it there, because I dont want it in my livingroom :P it?s so ulgy :P07:01
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Romsteri can see spots ugh. i jsut put them in07:24
Romsternah i like cable porn07:24
frinnstnwe: nice07:50
frinnstpatchpanel? :D07:50
nwefrinnst: yupp07:50
nwefrinnst: do you like it?08:05
nwehmm I wondering what I have missed in pidgin.. to get it to work correctly on my machine..08:07
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timcowchip#  mount -t cifs // /media/WDTVLIVEHUB -o username=guest,password=09:08
timcowchipmount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system09:08
timcowchipmount error(19): No such device09:08
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timcowchipdo I need to add a cifs entry in fstab?09:14
frinnstno, you need kernellsupport for it09:24
frinnstoh, he left09:24
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Romsterheadlights are so bright now.11:44
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penguinfanGood evening everyone!13:08
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penguinfanHi Roomster, how is it going? Your brown outs still happening over there?14:35
Roomsterthey seem to have passed for now14:58
z3brahi Roomster !14:59
Roomsteri bet when i get my bigger ups i'll not get many brown outs again15:00
z3bra(hi penguinfan !)15:00
z3bradid you get my mail Roomster ?15:00
z3braabout glib-networking15:00
Roomsterglib-networking? not looked yet15:00
Roomsteri'll read it tomorrow15:01
Roomsternearl \\15:01
Roomsternearly ready to pass out15:01
z3braThe ./configure flag need to be changed from --with-ca-certificate=/etc/ssl to /etc/ssl/cert.pem15:02
Roomsterthought it could read more than 1 file15:03
penguinfanisn't the parameter --with-ca-certificates  with "s" ?15:06
z3brapenguinfan, yes15:06
z3brabut compiling with /etc/ssl made me get the warning "Cannot open /etc/ssl: is a directory"15:07
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penguinfanyeah you seem to be right, I just checked the configure script and it seems to check first if the parameter is set and if not, it sets it to 3 options directly point to files and not path15:13
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penguinfanif test -z "$with_ca_certificates"; then15:13
penguinfan            for f in /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt \15:13
penguinfan                     /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt \15:13
penguinfan                     /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem; do15:13
penguinfan                if test -f "$f"; then15:13
penguinfan                    with_ca_certificates="$f"15:14
penguinfan                fi15:14
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penguinfanwow its confusing to see Roomster and Romster ;-) I think I mixed you up15:35
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deus_exthis is harmless, right? '/sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link'17:20
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Rotwangthis kind of app would make millions18:18
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z3braoops, wrong chan ^^19:08
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timcowchip_prt-get update -fr `revdep` was the command20:09
timcowchip_see what good it does20:10
timcowchip_revdep listed gvfs and samba among others20:10
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timcowchipnow I remember why I quit using this bitch21:57
timcowchipI got tired of spending what remains of my life, rebuilding samba21:57
jaegersamba will always report as broken in revdep22:00
jaegerany port that has linking deps on files in its own subdirs that don't exist in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH will have this issue.22:00
jaegerI'm actually rewriting a solution for that that got forgotten years ago22:00
jaegersyslinux, thunderbird, samba are examples22:01
timcowchipyes syslinux showed up as well22:01
timcowchipas did opera22:01
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timcowchipthanks in advance for finding a solution to the revdep issue :-)22:03
jaegerIt's something we should have fixed years ago, honestly22:03
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timcowchipany idea why I get "mount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system" when "mount -t cifs // /media/WDTVLIVEHUB -o username=guest,password="?22:06
jaegerdoes cifs show up in /proc/filesystems?22:07
timcowchiplet me see22:08
timcowchipmodprobe cifs?22:10
jaegermissing from the kernel, then. either the module isn't loaded or it wasn't compiled22:10
timcowchipok then its kernel rebuilding time22:11
timcowchipright after prt-get update -fr `revdep`22:11
timcowchipthaks jaeger22:11
timcowchipthanks :)22:12
jaegerwell, if you do that right now you'll rebuild some things that don't need it, such as samba, syslinux, etc.22:12
timcowchipits still rebuilding samba, from when I ran it an hour ago22:13
timcowchipI should wait for it to finish, yes?22:13
jaegerI doubt you needed to rebuild it at all, honestly22:13
timcowchipI know22:13
jaegerso you don't need to let it finish if it's already installed22:14
timcowchipok cool22:14
jaegertry this: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/samba RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep samba22:14
timcowchipctrl C then?22:14
timcowchip LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/samba RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep samba22:17
timcowchip** calculating deps22:17
timcowchip** check linking22:17
timcowchipsamba: ok22:17
timcowchipthanks again22:17
timcowchipnow to rebuild that kernel22:18
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timcowchip why can't I mount this thing?23:21
timcowchipcifs is in /proc/filesystems23:22
jaegerwhat's the error?23:22
timcowchippermission denied23:22
jaegercan you browse it with smbclient //WDTVLIVEHUB/WDTVLiveHub -N ?23:24
timcowchip# smbclient //WDTVLIVEHUB/WDTVLiveHub -N23:24
timcowchipDomain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.5.6]23:24
timcowchipServer not using user level security and no password supplied.23:24
timcowchipI think it uses share level security23:25
timcowchipI usually don't need a password23:26
jaegerDoes it work if you give the mount command no username/password options?23:26
jaegermount -t cifs //server/share /path/to/mount23:26
timcowchip# mount -t cifs // /media/WDTVLiveHub        Password for root@//
timcowchipmount error(13): Permission denied23:27
jaegerprobably have to set up some kind of security on the device side, or disable it23:28
timcowchip# mount -t cifs // /media/WDTVLiveHub        Password for root@//
timcowchipmount error(13): Permission denied23:28
timcowchipI can mount np with other os23:29
timcowchipI think it was set up for no-brainer connecting with winows23:29

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