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Romsterpenguinfan,Roomster and Romster is me i should setup a bouncer01:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: glib-networking: fix ca-certificate location, thank you z3bra01:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lua: use symlinks in libraries02:03
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timcowchipsabayon timcowchip # mount -t cifs // /media/WDTVLiveHub02:12
timcowchipPassword for root@//
timcowchipsabayon timcowchip02:12
timcowchipwhat's diff about my sabayon system?02:13
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timcowchipConnecting to "smb://" failed.  Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)02:32
timcowchipwhat does that mean?  Message did not receive a reply02:34
timcowchipif mounting samba shares was an olympic event, Italy would get the gold, Sweden wouldn't02:37
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timcowchipdo I need a samba entry in fstab ?02:54
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timcowchipI can browse my samba share with smbclient in crux03:31
timcowchipit has to be some kind of security block03:33
timcowchipthat is set to "anal" as default03:33
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timcowchipI meant to post that link in #samba03:36
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timcowchipmaybe this is why:
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renovaatiohi, just installed crux to get away from systemd04:42
renovaatioi am not a total noob, but I am not expert04:42
renovaatioI did install and use Archlinux back when it looked a bit like Crux04:43
renovaationow, I have a problem with the network. I am trying to setup the /etc/rc.d/net script with dhcpcd04:43
renovaatioWhen starting it I get: "no valid interfaces found", "no valid interfaces have a carrier"04:46
renovaatioi guess there is a problem with the module of my ethernet device04:47
renovaatiocan anyone give me a tip from here?04:47
renovaatiomy device is the Realtek RTL8188CE04:47
renovaationo, sorry, that's my wireless04:48
renovaatiothe ethernet one is 82579LM04:49
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timcowchipThis program is not installed setuid root -  "user" CIFS mounts not supported.06:41
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Romsterthere now i hve a decent UPS 2200va07:13
Romster1320 watt07:13
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timcowchipis it gas powered?07:23
timcowchipwait that's not a generator, you're talking about07:25
timcowchipI see alan has fixed his handbrake port07:43
timcowchipI should probably take mine down07:43
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timcowchipthe svn version doesn't work with openbox07:44
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timcowchipI think the handbrake devs are aiming at ubuntu07:45
timcowchipdoesn't make since to keep a crux port for something that needs to be run on unity07:46
Romsteri have a petrol generator as well07:47
Romsterbut my UPS was underpowered and tripping out on me07:48
Romsteron nearly every brownout07:48
timcowchipdoes petrol get "old" like gas does?07:48
Romsterwell i think your refering to gas as in gasoline and i use gasoline but we refer to it as petrol in australia. i disgress gas is a gas lpg gas natual gas.07:49
Romsterand it does gostable and lose it's octane rating after awhile07:49
Romsterbut we keep using it in the motor mower and refueling the jery can07:49
timcowchipkeep it fresh07:50
timcowchipthat's right its summer where you are07:50
Romsterand run the generator at least once a month to keep it in working condition07:50
Romsterlast month of it07:51
timcowchipheard thee's going to be mlb games there next month07:51
timcowchipdodgers and diamondbacks07:52
Romsterand it takes a year or two before gasoline/petrol goes stale07:52
Romsterit just loses some of it's octane rating07:52
timcowchipSTP gas treatment07:52
Romsterif i really have to i can empty it in the car and refill the jery can07:53
timcowchipthat's what we do, empty it into the car07:54
timcowchipnow the car won't start07:55
Romsterthat way it's not gonna get too stale07:55
nwegoood morning guys!07:55
Romsteri would prefer a diesel generator at some point07:55
Romsterhey nwq07:55
Romstererr nwe07:55
nwe:) how are you Romster ?07:56
Romsteranoied that i'll need to replce my window and it'l be about 300 bucks but i can put it off a bit and happy that i got my new ups07:57
Romsterso i don't have to suffer these random ups overload errors07:57
nweoh :/07:57
Romsterwhich i aklso have to pay back on my shop credit07:57
Romsterbut i got that annoyed i got me one07:58
timcowchip is no more08:08
timcowchipare you still maintaining that port Romster?08:09
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Romstertimcowchip, i haven't used that in ages i could update it08:25
Romstertimcowchip, is fusesmb still the right way thesedays?08:27
Romsterhat hasn't had a new version in ages.08:28
Romstercifs-utils should be more recent timcowchip08:32
Romstercool i want a frame on my wall for displaying pictures.08:33
Romsterand never liked the sd card idea.08:34
nweyeah :) I hope it will works fine :)08:35
timcowchipRomster: it needs to have --includedir=/usr/include/samba-4.0 \ to work with samba408:42
timcowchipor it can't find libsmbclient.h08:42
timcowchipbut it still works08:42
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timcowchipcan anyone mount a samba share?08:51
timcowchipanyone? anyone?08:52
frinnston phone08:56
Romsteri feel like dropping that port timcowchip feel free to pick it up for yourself09:03
timcowchipok, thanks Romster09:05
timcowchipit actually is the only thing I've gotten to work for mounting samba shares09:06
timcowchipI'll push it to my repo09:06
Romstercifs-utils in opt09:24
Romstershould do what you need09:25
Romsterfuse is overhead09:25
timcowchipI've got cifs-utils09:25
timcowchip" sudo mount -t cifs -o user=guest // /media/wdtvlivehub" doesn't work for me09:26
timcowchipI get "Permission denied"09:28
timcowchipI'll read some here:, thanks :)09:28
timcowchipgotta sleep now09:29
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z3brais there an "official" port for 32bit compat software ?10:59
z3bra(I need the 32 bit nvidia drivers)10:59
z3braoh, nevermind11:01
z3brajust found compat-32 ^^11:01
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nwehow are you z3bra ?11:10
z3brafine and you ?11:10
nweIt?s okey sitting and waiting for a  meeting, I will demostrate our new ticket-system :P11:11
z3braoh, nice11:12
z3brafor ports and such ?11:12
z3braerf nevermind11:12
z3bragot it ^^11:12
nwenope :)11:12
z3brayeah, at your work11:12
z3braSo you're responsible for the new ticket system11:13
z3brathat's nice11:13
z3brafetching some food11:14
nweoky cya11:15
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Romsterprologic, what's up with dockers network section12:44
Romsteron the test script.12:44
Romsteronly CONFIG_BRIDGE shows up after i took off the =.$12:45
Romsteron linux-3.13.312:45
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penguinfanRomster, Yeah I tought so with the similar nicks ;-)13:22
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penguinfanrenovaatio: were you able to solver your NIC problem?13:24
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Romsterjaeger, nvidia does not run on linux-3.13.313:31
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Romsterand that works on kernel 3.13.3 now13:41
Romsterprologic, is this good enough? ./ |wgetpaste13:44
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Romsteroh forgot the cgroup mount point added.13:48
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Romsterdocker pull  prologic/crux14:06
Romster2014/02/19 12:05:50 dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: permission denied14:06
Romsterand i'm in the docker group now.14:06
Romsterwhy dial unix?14:07
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renovaatiopenguinfan: yes, it was a matter of kernel building. I did not build the necessary modules14:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cdrkit: added EFI patch19:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mpg123: update to 1.18.119:27
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.5919:31
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xveehi everyone20:08
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timcowchip_Romster: would you like me to take over amrwb as well?20:26
timcowchip_# ports -d20:27
timcowchip_Collection  Name             Port       Installed20:27
timcowchip_contrib     amrwb  
timcowchip_I guess I can't if its in contrib..........nm20:27
timcowchip_plaese update though20:28
nogagplzyeah when he has a moment he'll take a look20:32
timcowchip_I know........busy is the life of Romster20:34
timcowchip_me, I just take naps and draft fantasy baseball teams20:44
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Romstertimcowchip_, i'm not aware of anything using amrnb and amrwb pkgrm it, make sure you check the new dependencies on gst-plugins-bad{,1}21:56
Romsteroff to work bbl21:58
timcowchip_have a good day22:12
timcowchip_I think cllementine needs something that needs it22:13
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timcowchip_so gst-plugins-bad used to need amrwb, but no longer does, thanks Workster22:29
timcowchip_I'm going to pull clementine from my repo22:30
Worksterthat is correct, i have yet to see if ffmpeg or anything else uses amrnb and amrwb22:30
timcowchip_its git version is the same as the one in contrib22:30
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Worksterwe have opencore-amr in gst-plugins-ugly22:32
Worksteryeah ports -u22:32
Worksterpkgrm amrwb; pkgrm amrnb; prt-get sysup22:33
Worksterbut make sure you check prt-get deptree gst-plugins-band and ugly for anything missing22:33
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timcowchip_I have made ports for wmbiff and obconf, if anyone's interested23:42
jaegerobconf is already available in contrib23:43
jaegerthough if you wanted to do it differently or something, far be it from me to stop you :)23:45
timcowchip_so it is.............oh well23:48
timcowchip_things have changed since my last tenure23:49
nogagplzshould obmenu be in there too come to think of it23:49
timcowchip_I use menumaker23:49
timcowchip_doesn't always find everything though23:50
timcowchip_like dmenu does23:50
timcowchip_obmenu would be useful23:50
nogagplzyou heard the man Romster, get to work!23:50
joacimheh. xml config files suck. I have configuring openbox without obconf and obmenu23:56
joacimtimcowchip_: I have a port for obmenu if you want23:56
joacimlatest version (1.0)23:57

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