IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-02-19

omgwtfi installed crux, but when I try to boot it off the hdd it says that it can't find the operating system...00:11
omgwtfI have no idea where I'm doing the mistake, I think I reinstalled it 10 times now00:18
jaegercan't find operating system is a BIOS message, I'm thinking. in other words the BIOS can't find the boot loader00:18
omgwtfi'm using in vmware00:19
omgwtfvirtualbox gave me something like: system halted no bootable medium found00:20
jaegerDid you install lilo, grub, or syslinux at the end of the crux installation?00:21
jaegerhow did you install it? does the BIOS in the VM know to boot the proper disk?00:25
omgwtfmainly used this
omgwtfas a guide00:26
omgwtfthis too
omgwtfhonestly, never had this issue before with other linux distros00:28
omgwtfcentos boots fine, ubuntu, backtrack, wtv00:28
joacimthe handbook on should be enough00:29
jaegerWhat config file and command did you use to install the boot loader?00:29
jaegerFor what it's worth I use CRUX in vmware vsphere and virtualbox both regularly00:30
omgwtfedited /etc/lilo.conf and after that I typed lilo00:33
jaegercan you pastebin it?00:34
jaegerthe other label references the same partition but otherwise that looks alright. did lilo throw any error when you ran it?00:38
omgwtfit said Added CRUX00:38
omgwtfif I remember correctly00:38
jaegerhrmm.. very odd. the only other suggestion I have is to double check the VM's BIOS boot order00:39
omgwtfwhere would I find the option ? is it power to bios ?00:44
jaegerNot sure what you mean by power to bios... but you should be able to enter the VM's BIOS at boot like a non-virtual computer00:45
jaegerAFK for a while, driving00:45
renovaatioOk i'm up for some more time into my new install00:54
omgwtfff, no, the bios boot order was fine00:58
jaegeromgwtf: that sucks. out of ideas here, sorry01:28
omgwtfnow I get another message01:29
omgwtfI've freshly reinstalled a vm again with lilo01:29
omgwtflilo loading crux01:29
omgwtfbios data check successful01:29
omgwtfkernel panic not syncing vfs01:29
jaegerthat one's easier to fix, missing either disk controller or filesystem support from the kernel01:30
jaegerwhen booted into the ISO, 'lspci -k | grep "in use"' can tell you exactly which kernel driver is needed for your disk controller, then you just make sure the filesystem is also enabled (both as builtin <*> rather than module <M>)01:31
omgwtfman I hope it'll work this time, I got sick of doing the same process without any success hah01:36
jaeger <-- here's a sample config you could use as a start01:39
jaegerIt has most of the things vmware can use enabled, aside from buslogic01:39
jaegerrenovaatio: up for some like you were planning to spend time with it? :)01:41
omgwtfwould I edit the .vmx file and paste that in ? :p01:45
jaegerno, you'd copy it to .config in the kernel directory before kernel compilation01:50
jaegerbefore "make menuconfig" would be best01:51
*** timcowchip_ has joined #crux01:54
omgwtfdamn, now it says Device 0x0800 inconsistent partition table 3rd entry when running lilo01:58
jaegerhrm, never heard of that one01:58
omgwtffirst sector of /dev/sda3 doesn't have a valid boot signature01:59
jaegerdoes lilo.conf still say boot=/dev/sda ?01:59
omgwtfshould I remove other=/dev/sda3 ?02:00
jaegerprobably no need for it unless you're dual-booting02:01
omgwtfI'd guess that lilo isn't happy that sda3 isn't a bootable partition02:01
omgwtfmoment of truth has arrived, rebooting :D02:02
jaegerah, that would make sense02:03
omgwtfwell now it's just plain stupid, still states not syncing vfs, and I installed the IDE drivers plus ext4 filesystem02:03
nogagplzbuilt into the kernel or as modules02:04
omgwtfsome were as modules, some built into02:06
jaegereverything needed to boot should be builtin - filesystem and disk controller and scsi disk support at minimum02:06
timcowchip_ localedef -i sv_US -f UTF-8 sv_US.UTF-8 ?02:12
timcowchip_no its en_US, right?02:12
timcowchip_sorry to interrupt :)02:13
jaegertimcowchip_: do you want english or swedish locales? :)02:14
jaegerif you want en_US. use en_US02:14
renovaatiojaeger: yeah, i'm still not too advanced so it is quite a challenge02:14
timcowchip_clementine is in russian02:14
jaegerrenovaatio: hopefully enjoying it, at least02:14
renovaatioyeah, it's my hobby right now02:14
jaegerer, actually, I don't think sv_US is even valid, maybe sv_SE02:14
jaegerrenovaatio: what's the origin of your nick?02:15
renovaatioi want a new life, I am building it02:17
jaegerrenewal, then02:17
renovaatiorenovatio, greek for "renewal" in a broader sense02:17
jaegerI thought it was latin but I'm no expert02:17
renovaatiomight also be latin02:18
renovaatiolemme check02:18
*** timcowchip_ has joined #crux02:18
jaegerNo biggie, just curious :)02:18
timcowchip_no, not valid.........localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-802:20
timcowchip_if you were asking02:20
renovaatioseems mostly associated to latin02:21
jaegertimcowchip_: yeah, you might also want en_US.ISO-8859-102:21
timcowchip_ localedef -i en_US -f ISO-8859-1 en_US.ISO-8859-102:23
renovaatiodamn there is no gpasswd app02:24
timcowchip_clementine is still in russian02:24
jaegerdo you have LANG or LC_ALL set?02:24
jaegerrun 'locale', see what it says02:25
jaegeryou can set the locale explicitly with export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 or whichever you want to use02:25
timcowchip_do I need to "export LANG=en_US.UTF-8" only once?02:26
timcowchip_or put in ~/.profile or somewhere?02:26
jaegerIf you do it at a prompt it'll only persist for that session and things started from that session... if you want it to be global you'll need to do it elsewhere... /etc/profile or rc.conf or something02:26
timcowchip_I already did it for this session after reading last friday's irc log02:27
timcowchip_clementine is still in russian02:27
jaegerperhaps it doesn't use locale settings and has its own configuration02:27
*** renovaat1o has joined #crux02:27
jaegernever used it, just a guess02:28
jaegerhello again02:28
*** renovaatio has quit IRC02:28
renovaat1ofeels good to be able to run irssi from my new install02:28
timcowchip_irssi blows02:28
renovaat1oi prefer weechat myself. You have a better alternative timcowchip_ ?02:29
jaegerI'm an irssi user, too02:29
renovaat1onever heard of quassel02:29
renovaat1oi feel really secure in this distro02:29
renovaat1onew feeling. I like that.02:29
jaegergood deal02:30
omgwtfselected the ide generic driver02:30
omgwtfhope it fucking works this time02:31
renovaatioso, about audio, flashplayer and all that stuff, any documentation on it?02:31
jaegeromgwtf: what does lspci say? I can probably tell you *exactly* which driver you need02:31
timcowchip_the crux mantra "hope it fucking works this time"02:31
omgwtfjaeger, the output was bigger than my screen :D02:32
renovaatioif it doesn't work, then you screwd up somewhere, right?02:32
jaegeromgwtf: try this: lspci -k | grep "in use" | sort | uniq02:32
joacimmeh. works every fucking time for me. ;)02:32
jaegerrenovaatio: pretty much, yeah02:32
jaegerrenovaatio: regarding audio, flash, etc. - audio is pretty simple. alsa-lib is usually installed by default, you can add alsa-utils and alsa-oss for some extras02:33
renovaatioI was using Archlinux. I thought the crew there were douchebags. And when they chose systemd, it was just too much. Then I went to debian. Then they chose systemd. Then I did my homework. I have to chose between freebsd, slackware, or crux. crux it is, at least for now02:33
jaegerload your sound module, unmute the channels with alsamixer or amixer02:33
jaegerflash, install the plugin from ports02:34
renovaatiojaeger: I LIKE THAT. that's the way it should be02:34
jaegerI have a couple VMs running things with systemd, it pretty much stays out of my way02:34
timcowchip_worked pretty well for me02:35
renovaatiomy problem with systemd is mostly a principle and philosphic one02:35
jaegeryou can save your mixer settings with 'alsactl store' and automatically save/restore them at shutdown/boot with the /etc/rc.d/alsa script02:35
jaegerI don't like that the perception is "systemd and no other choice" - the functional part of it I don't really care about02:35
omgwtfjaeger, so it looks that I need ata_piix, ehci_hcd, mptspi, pcieport, uhci_hcd02:35
jaegerata_piix and mptspi are the two important ones for booting02:35
jaegerehci and uchi are USB controllers, pcieport is pci-express bus support02:36
renovaatiodo you guys use the generic jernel, or do you use fancy things like the CK patch or the zen kernel?02:36
jaegerso when you're in "make menuconfig" you can hit / to search and type in "ata_piix" for example02:36
jaegerit'll tell you where to find that02:36
jaegerrenovaatio: I mostly use generic, occasionally test others02:36
omgwtfata_piix is generic ata ?02:36
jaegerI ran BFS on my HTPC for a long time02:36
jaegeromgwtf: it's intel piix, actually02:37
jaeger< >       Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support (NEW)02:37
renovaatioohh so you can search in menuconfig... damn, I lost so much time yesterday02:37
jaegerrenovaatio: yeah, one of its best features02:37
jaegeromgwtf: Device Drivers -> Serial ATA and Parallel -> the option I pasted02:38
jaegeromgwtf: the other one is < >   Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI (NEW)02:38
jaegerThat's in Device Drivers -> Fusion MPT device support02:39
jaegerAll of those drivers in both sections use this as well: <*> SCSI disk support02:39
jaegerso get those 3 options enabled and your filesystem and it should work02:39
jaegeromgwtf: technically generic IDE will probably work in a lot of situations but as it's a generic driver it won't be optimized and give the best performance02:42
Worksterrenovaatio, and add yourself tothe audio group sudo /usr/sbin/useradd -a -G audio renovaatio02:43
Worksterand log out and back in or reboot02:43
omgwtfthanks a lot jaeger, compiling again02:44
jaegernp, good luck02:44
jaegeromgwtf: just to make sure, you know you can recompile the kernel without doing a full reinstall, right?02:45
renovaatioWorkster: ok thanks for the tip. I will just try to get my WM working first tho02:47
jaegerok, carry on. :)02:47
omgwtfyou thought I was reinstalling all over again ? haha02:49
renovaatioso, why do we have to compile everything? What is the rationale behind it ?02:50
jaegeromgwtf: I didn't assume so but it's happened in the past02:50
jaegerfigured if I could save you some time I'd ask :)02:50
omgwtfno worries02:50
jaegerrenovaatio: source-based distributions just work that way. :) It was a design choice by the original author(s)02:51
jaegerwith that said, if you have multiple crux installations of the same architecture you can build on one and install the built packages on them all02:51
jaegerI used to have a job where the previous admin loved gentoo, so I had a bunch of production gentoo servers... just used one fast box to build packages for the rest, saved a lot of time02:52
jaegerthey were identical hardware02:52
omgwtfmakes sense02:53
omgwtfwow, still not working :/02:57
jaegerdid you copy the newly compiled kernel and re-run lilo?02:57
jaegeromgwtf: if you're still not sure exactly what to put in the kernel config, "make localyesconfig" instead of "make menuconfig" might help03:00
omgwtfI have to copy it again ? I assumed compiling it was enough :p03:00
jaegerlocalyesconfig tries to make a config that builds in all the things that are currently loaded03:00
jaegerAh, yes. :)03:00
jaegercopy it to /boot again and run lilo again03:01
omgwtfjust to be sure 100%03:02
renovaatiook. I have a hard time grasping the real advantages of compiling everything tho03:03
omgwtfcopying kernel from /usr/src/linux- ?03:03
jaegerwhen you recompile the kernel it does create a new one in /usr/src/linux-whatever/arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage but it has no effect on the one in /boot03:03
*** tilman has quit IRC03:03
jaegerso after you recompile, copy that file to /boot/vmlinuz or whatever you named it in lilo.conf, run lilo03:03
jaegerrenovaatio: for casual use there's no significant advantage. if you want to get more involved and specific, you can enable debugging symbols or change CFLAGS to compile with different optimization levels, etc.03:04
jaegeror you can compile with specific options like ffmpeg with or without x264 support, that sort of thing03:04
jaegerwith an all-binary system you're at the mercy of the packagers in terms of what features and optimizations you get03:04
jaegerfor most people that's perfectly acceptable03:05
jaegerMost of us don't really *need* a source-based distribution. For me it's a hobby, not a necessity.03:05
*** tilman has joined #crux03:05
renovaatiomakes sense03:06
renovaatiokernel is freeking long to compile tho03:07
jaegerdepends on how much stuff you enable and your hardware... it can take a long time, yeah03:07
omgwtfwow crux really hates me03:07
joacimtakes about 7-8 minutes with my config and cpu03:08
renovaatioso, not port for xbindkeys? what do you guys use for keybinding in your WM ? I like dwm fwiw03:08
joacimI think I'm only using one core too03:08
jaegerI usually use the WM's configuration03:08
renovaatiojaeger: what do you use?03:09
jaegeromgwtf: still the not syncing thing?03:09
jaegerrenovaatio: openbox, i3, mate, gnome3, depends on where I am03:09
jaegeron this particular machine I'm running mate03:09
renovaatioprt-get search kde returns nothing03:10
omgwtfyeah same error03:10
jaegerrenovaatio: take a look at the portdb at
jaegerthe KDE maintainer is very active03:10
jaeger2m21s to build my kernel config on this machine with 4 cores @ 3.1GHz03:11
jaegeromgwtf: it's still got to be a kernel config issue, that error always is. :/03:11
joacimtime for an upgrade, so i'll test it with -j303:12
renovaatiojaeger: still not used at all to this package system03:15
jaegerjoacim: my case isn't all black anymore, replaced my h60 cooler03:16
renovaatioactually, I really don't understand much03:16
jaegerjoacim: if it wasn't you and I who talked about cases feel free to ignore that :)03:17
renovaatiook, so how do you guys make the kernel compilation time leaner? ho do you know wich drivers to install, and wich not to install ?03:17
jaegerrenovaatio: practice makes perfect over time :)03:17
joacimI've talked cases in this channel before03:17
joacimand coolers =)03:17
joacimcpu coolers got big03:18
jaegerrenovaatio: you learn over time which ones are which. some tools help like lspci, etc.... take notes :)03:18
joacimI remember the dinky little think that was on my pentium mmx03:18
jaegerjoacim: this cooler is ridiculous, honestly. It's the biggest I've ever used03:18
jaegerIt works really well, though, so I guess there's that03:19
timcowchip_jaeger: if I hover over your link, quassel opens it in a little window03:19
jaegerhandy feature03:19
joacimI think mine is half as big. I have a hard time reaching the components that connect around the cpu socket03:19
timcowchip_it bloated but useful sometimes03:20
omgwtfnow with the drivers installed and all why would it post not syncing VFS ?..03:20
timcowchip_nice looking desktop03:20
joacimthe 4 pin power connector is the worst as it is between the cpu socket and the rear io ports03:20
joacimstill using my old p5b setup03:21
joacimmake -j3  429.09s user 34.70s system 187% cpu 4:07.74 total03:21
jaeger <-- there's the older one03:21
jaegerA p5b will never die :)03:22
joacimthinking about getting a newer graphics card. GTX 650 Ti or something like that. My current card is too damn noisy.03:23
jaeger650s/660s were in a good price point last time I looked03:23
jaegeromgwtf: any chance you can upload that kernel config somewhere?03:24
omgwtfi'll put it to mega03:24
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC03:25
joacimI want something more powerful, but I don't want to spend the money that a GTX 760 goes for when my motherboard is this old.03:25
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux03:26
joacimI could upgrade in steps maybe. graphics card -> cpu+motherboard+ram -> case -> ssd03:27
jaegerdoes your motherboard support pci-e?03:27
joacimheh. yes =)03:27
joacimpcie 1.103:27
jaegernot a bad path, then03:27
joacimdo they even make agp cards anymore?03:28
jaegera few, yeah03:28
jaegerI don't think any of the current GPU generations are AGP, I just mean you can still buy older AGP cards if you have to03:28
renovaatiolet's say I want some software that is not in found with "prt-get search", what would then be the best course of action?03:29
jaegerrenovaatio: check the portdb, if you don't find it there then make a port. :)03:29
jaegeryeah :) I think I have a 6200 AGP around still03:29
renovaatiojaeger: ok. Is there any documentation on "portdb" ?03:30
jaegernot really, just browse to it and search for what you want :)
renovaatioi don't understand how it works. What should I read?03:31
jaegerwell, for example, let's say you want to use KDE03:32
jaegerthere's a KDE repo listed there, you click on the "rsync" link to get the ports file for it03:32
jaegersave that file to /etc/ports and then run ports -u03:32
renovaatiooh? looks simple03:33
jaegerwell, you probably want "kde4" rather than "kde" but that's the idea03:33
omgwtfjaeger, can I upload the kernel config from crux to somewhere else ?03:33
jaegerDo you have a webhost you can scp/rsync it to?03:34
jaegerIf not, maybe use curl to post it to a pastebin type service03:34
jaegercat configfile | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us03:35
jaegerso if you're in /usr/src/linux-whateverversion, do: cat .config | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us03:38
omgwtfi just need to configure my network interface03:39
jaegerif the module for it is loaded you should be able to just do: dhcpcd -t 1003:39
omgwtfis the module for dhcp in the tcp/ip option ?03:45
jaegerthe module in this case would be for your network adapter03:45
jaegerif you see any "eth" devices listed in the output of "ifconfig -a" it's probably already available03:46
renovaatiothis is a little too complex03:47
jaegerwhat happens if you run "dhcpcd -t 10" ?03:47
jaegerrenovaatio: the portdb thing?03:47
omgwtfyou get an ip address basically from your dhcp03:48
jaegeromgwtf: if you get a valid IP address then you should be able to post your config file using curl03:48
omgwtfin order for dhcpd to work I think I had to have the ip auto something added..lemme see if it works03:49
jaegerdhcpcd will do all the configuration for you if you have a DHCP server available03:49
renovaatiojaeger: after i have added the portdb for kde4, and enabled it in prt-get, I issued: "prt-get install kde4-meta-full" . It printed, afer a couple of seconds, that the package was installed: "installed successfully". kind of weird, that after a couple of seconds, its installed, if it's supposed to compile. Then, logout/login, can't fin a binary starting with "kde"03:50
jaegerrenovaatio: that's rather strange, yeah. what does "prt-get depends kde4-meta-full" say?03:50
joacimit is prt-get depinst03:51
*** timcowchip_ has joined #crux03:51
joacimnot install =)03:51
timcowchip_export LANG=en_US.UTF-8, rebuilt clementine and its still in russian03:51
omgwtfdid not work :((03:52
jaegeroh, joacim is right, I didn't read your command closely enough03:52
jaeger"prt-get install" only installed the meta port, "prt-get depinst" is needed to install its dependencies03:53
jaegeromgwtf: ok, what does "lspci | grep -i ether" report?03:53
omgwtfethernet controller amd 79c970 pcnet3203:54
jaegerI think the module for that is called "pcnet32" so you should be able to do "modprobe pcnet32"03:55
jaegerthen "ifconfig eth0" should show some information about the interface03:55
jaegerrenovaatio: says not found03:56
renovaatiooh, just got your previous messages anyway03:56
renovaatioI guess the compilation will be quite long03:59
jaegerwill take a while, I'm sure03:59
renovaatiodo you know of any other distro that use a rc.init type of init?03:59
renovaatioarch was acceptable 5-6 years ago... :(03:59
renovaatioit got really bad lately04:00
jaegerslackware, perhaps? not sure off the top of my head, haven't really looked around recently for it04:00
jaegerthat's a guess, I don't know if they still use sysvinit04:00
renovaatiowhat I want is: 1-rolling relases 2-kiss 3-no systemd04:01
jaegerwe don't really do rolling release but you can if you know what you're doing04:01
renovaatiofor now, only crux fits these criterias04:01
renovaatioi'm aware04:02
*** omgwtf has quit IRC04:24
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux05:12
*** uspwh^ has joined #crux05:44
uspwh^Hi, someone can share me your file /var/lib/pkg/db, thanks :)05:45
nwehey guys06:53
nwehave any off you got this error from tail? tail: inotify cannot be used, reverting to polling ?06:53
nweI have try increase both fs.inotify,max_user:watches and fs.inotify.max_user_instances, but I still get that error.. it?s on a centos machine..07:01
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC07:33
cybinnwe: first thought: does your kernel lacks inotify-support? there are some shell tools for inotify with wich you could investigate further.07:34
Romsteruspwh^ touch /var/lib/pkg/db07:37
Romstercd /usr/ports07:37
Romstercd /usr/ports/core07:37
Romsterpkgadd -r some path and it'll add tot he db for you07:37
Romsterto the*07:37
uspwh^Romster I'm not in CRUX and I make a patch for prt-get, I need a sample file, could someone share it? *sorry my english*07:40
nwecybin: yeah, It?s centos default kernel..07:42
cybinnwe: i don't know anymore about centos than that i just don't like it. :)07:44
nwecybin: hehe :p I dont using centos by my self, on the work we using it :P07:45
Romsteruspwh^, touch the file07:46
Romsterthen use and of the crux standard tools. that's if your using pkgutils from crux if not your in the wrong channel07:46
Romstereach of our files will be different depending on installed packages in crux07:47
Romsterif your using the setup cd use mount /dev/sdx2 /mnt ; setup07:48
Romsterwithout more info i can't be of any more assistance07:48
Romsterpkgadd just requires the file to exist07:48
*** uspwh has joined #crux07:56
uspwhRomster, my English does not allow to express clearly. thanks anyway for your time07:57
*** uspwh^ has quit IRC07:58
*** Pingax has joined #crux07:58
nwehmm strange I only get that error when I tailing an symlink, If I going directly against real logfile it working..08:03
Romsteroh he made a patch for prt-get and wanted a sample file i missed that bit -_-08:13
Romstermeh i do too much i can't even read correctly...08:13
*** timcowchip has joined #crux08:18
timcowchipmy usb 500Gb ntfs drive is read only, kernel?08:26
timcowchip# CONFIG_NTFS_RW is not set08:30
timcowchipso yes08:30
*** timcowchip has quit IRC08:36
*** timcowchip has joined #crux08:37
frinnstdont use the kernel-driver for ntfs08:40
frinnstuse ntfs-3g08:41
frinnstuserspace driver via fuse08:41
timcowchipah.its a port08:42
timcowchipwhy not use the kernel driver?08:44
frinnstwrite is/was unstable08:46
frinnstntfs-3g used to be the best way to do it08:47
timcowchipso "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1" in a terminal08:47
Romsterntfs-3g still is                                                         m08:50
frinnstno, ntfs-3g /dev/disk /mountpoint08:53
*** timcowchip has quit IRC08:53
frinnstnot sure what the correct fstab entry is for fuse08:53
*** timcowchip has joined #crux08:54
timcowchipthanks frinnst, that worked08:54
*** Workster has quit IRC08:55
timcowchipbetween ntfs-3g and fusesmb, I can, once again, mount willy nilly08:55
*** timcowchip has quit IRC09:02
*** timcowchip has joined #crux09:03
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC09:07
*** pshevtsov has quit IRC09:29
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux09:41
Romsteryou can just do mount /dev/sdx /mnt and it'll use ntfs-3g for you.09:55
Romsterprovided ntfs-3g is installed09:55
*** Lukc_ has joined #crux10:38
*** Workster has joined #crux10:51
*** pshevtsov has quit IRC10:52
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux11:15
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*** jdolan has quit IRC13:01
jaegerfrinnst: mount -t ntfs-3g also works13:12
*** doomicide has quit IRC13:53
*** jdolan has joined #crux13:57
frinnstoh, magic14:36
*** Romster has quit IRC15:04
*** Romster has joined #crux15:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nut: 2.6.5 -> 2.7.115:33
*** toriso has joined #crux15:38
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: grep: update to 2.1716:00
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omgwtfhey jaeger are you around ?18:08
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timcowchipfixed my cifs issue18:49
timcowchipchanged 0x81 to 0x8518:51
Amnesiatimcowchip: wasn't cifs itself the issue:P?18:52
timcowchipcifs was an issue because it didn't mount -t cifs19:10
timcowchipPermission denied19:10
jaegeromgwtf: back for a short time, have a meeting soon19:25
omgwtfI finally uploaded that kernel19:26
omgwtfwhen you'll have time to take a peek19:27
jaegerGot the link handy?19:28
jaegerer... need the config file, not the compiled kernel19:29
jaeger /usr/src/linux-VERSION/.config19:29
omgwtflol :P19:30
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omgwtfis anyone a vpn guru here ? :D23:26
*** timcowchip has joined #crux23:29
timcowchiplooks like git hub fixed my repo page23:30
timcowchipI added bombono-dvd just now23:30
joacimwhat was wrong with it?23:34
timcowchipit didn't render correctly in a browser23:37
timcowchipnow it does23:37
timcowchipstill can't open
timcowchipor for that matter23:38
timcowchipI'm making a dvd for my daughter from an *.m4v23:40
joacimthose links used to redirect to the first file alphabetically23:44
joacimi think it should redirect to the root of the repository23:44
timcowchipit should redirect to something other than "You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. "23:46
joacimdont know how bitbucket handles stuff like this23:48
timcowchipgitorius is another option23:51

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