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timcowchipWorkster: there's a lot of stuff that should be added to the crux wiki01:13
timcowchiplike how to edit fstab01:13
timcowchipuncommenting whats already in there causes your system trying to mount things in non-existent directories01:14
timcowchipI guess its up to you to create them01:14
timcowchip/dev/dvd /dvd auto rw,user,noauto,unhide 0 001:14
timcowchipafter creating /dvd, works for me01:15
timcowchipnow I can use my dvd burner01:15
timcowchipso I can mount my ntfs usb drive, my samba share, and my dvd, next is my scanner then printer01:15
timcowchipwhen I get them all integrated into crux, I'll make some wiki enties01:15
timcowchipif I could just install sane-backends01:16
timcowchipI had to register at to download the package01:16
timcowchipI'll host the package on gitorius01:16
timcowchipnow that I'm an alioth member and everything01:17
timcowchipvlc seems broken01:28
timcowchiptrying to load extensions when it doesn't have any01:28
timcowchipguess I'll try mplayer01:31
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timcowchip(Ping timeout: 252 seconds) <<< whats this01:33
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rmull_timcowchip: If you like mplayer, you should try mpv01:41
Romstertimcowchip, we target experienced users, you should know you need to edit the stuff you uncomment01:43
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renovaatiohi, trying to build udisks, as a dependency fro kde, and I get an error regarding some docbook.xml. It seems that the packager of some packer forgot to strip the version of its package directory :
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renovaatiohi, trying to build udisks, as a dependency fro kde, and I get an error regarding some docbook.xml. It seems that the packager of some packer forgot to strip the version of its package directory :
timcowchiprmull: thanks I'll try it :)01:53
timcowchipRomster: you're right, of course, but in my experience, the installer usually writes an fstab based on answers to questions about what you want to mount01:56
renovaatiois it possible to remove everything exept the core apps? I want to start again without starting over for the whole process01:57
renovaatiohere is a list of everything that is in my /var/log/pkgbuild/
Romsterrenovaat1o, grab my romster/pkg-clean02:01
Romstersudo touch /var/lock/.pkg-clean-in-chroot02:02
Romstersudo pkg-clean -r02:02
Romstersudo rm /var/lock/.pkg-clean-in-chroot02:02
Romsterand pkgrm the tool after02:03
Romsteryour done with it.02:03
Romsterit's intended to be used in chroots to pkgrm /every/ port that is not in core.02:03
Romsterbut it'll also work for what you want todo.02:04
Romsterbe sure to backup your /etc and any other configs before doing that.02:04
renovaatioanyway to keep opt and xorg groups also?02:04
Romsterand don't forget to rejmerge after any major changes.02:04
Romsteredit REQUIRED=(`ls --color=never /usr/ports/core | xargs`) in pkg-clean to add the extra trees02:06
RomsterREQUIRED=(`ls --color=never /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg} | xargs` )02:06
Romsteryou may want to edit this line too02:07
RomsterLIST=(${REQUIRED[@]} sqlite3 python ccache popt distcc prt-utils pkg-clean ${KEEP[@]})02:07
Romsterfew exceptions i keep.02:07
Romsteri might add extra features to that tool if it proves handy02:08
Romsterbbl work02:08
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renovaatiostill looking for a guide for wireless02:31
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timcowchip'sup beaches?07:05
timcowchipscanner works07:06
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Romsteri'm suprised now get cups working.08:05
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timcowchipI realize soprano is not supported08:14
Romsterlucene not installed. man the kde4 stuff needs the dependencies fixed08:15
timcowchipthanks Romster, is that lucene or clucene?08:16
Romsterprobably clucene08:16
timcowchipok :)08:16
Romsteryou doing kde4?08:17
timcowchipI'm just installing kdelibs08:17
timcowchipfor print-manager08:17
Romsterkde and gnome are so bloated :/08:21
timcowchipmy other window manager is wmfs208:22
Romsteri've been on pekwm for yearsnow.08:23
timcowchipthe harbour08:25
timcowchipfor dockapps08:25
timcowchipI'm trying to build wmbiff with gnutls enabled for gmail08:26
Romsterstarted kdelibs in a chroot. lets see how broken the dependencies are.08:33
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timcowchipits broken here08:53
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timcowchiptrying kdelibs-4.12.2 and its building09:01
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