IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-02-25

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JackLFrostbtw the initscripts in crux were basically the spawn of satan last time I checked. Good thing I'm not going to use them :322:30
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teK_did you port systemd to CRUX? :))22:31
JackLFrostNo, I have my own service manager22:31
JackLFrostThat allows for neat little initscripts most of the time22:31
JackLFrostEven my udev script isn't scary:
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JackLFrostOr cjroute:
jaegerthere's still some port overlap and dependencies aren't perfect. it's what happens when people are involved. :)22:32
jaegersuggesting improvements to the maintainers helps more than anything else, probably22:33
JackLFrostI don't necessarily expect everything to be perfect, but when you build three ports in a row and all three fail...22:33
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jaegerIf the problem is with the ports, report them to the respective maintainers, hopefully quality goes up that way22:34
teK_nad somtimes, only sometimes it's the user's fault22:34
timcowchiphey the irclogger's back22:36
timcowchipthanks prologic22:36
timcowchipand thanks romster for processing my portspage22:37
JackLFrostjaeger, we'll have to see if bad ports are rare enough to tolerate them :)22:37
JackLFrostI mean. I can just fix a port, who cares.22:38
jaegerThe point I'm failing to make is that tolerating them is suboptimal; helping the maintainer at least be aware of the problem or fix it is better22:38
JackLFrostSometimes you just need something to work and too lazy to report :)22:39
JackLFrostLike I do with some bad AUR ports22:39
JackLFrostJust quitely fix the port.22:39
JackLFrostThe chromium-pepper-flash AUR port breaks every fucking time, I swear.22:40
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jaeger <-- this is amazing and whoever made it is amazing.23:47
jaegerthat mark james person23:48

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