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JackLFrostNo default xorg config huh00:06
JackLFrostThat's a very low blow00:06
JackLFrost/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d is empty00:09
JackLFrostAnd X fails to detect anything00:10
joacim10-keyboard.conf  10-nouveau.conf00:20
joacimmy only two config files for xorg00:20
joacimgot no xorg.conf00:20
JackLFrostI have no configs whatsoever00:21
JackLFrostAnd without any configs: no screens found00:22
JackLFrostScreens found, but none have useable configuration00:22
JackLFrostxorg-xf86-video-intel is installed00:22
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joacimwhich card, which drivers do you use, did you remember to run gl-select?00:25
joacimyou might need to make a .conf-file in xorg.conf.d for your card too00:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spidermonkey: Added missing dependency01:08
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Romstertimcowchip sudo /usr/sbin/useradd -a G cdrom timcowchip01:45
Romster$ groups01:46
Romsteraudio video scanner cdrom ...01:46
RomsterJackLFrost> Last time I checked, people didn't list them with the attention they deserve <- i tend to check and report such issues01:48
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timcowchipRomster: id timcowchip02:24
timcowchipuid=100(timcowchip) gid=17(video) groups=17(video),6(disk),7(lp),10(wheel),16(audio),20(scanner),21(cdrom),100(users)02:24
jaegerhe never reads the backlog, heh02:26
timcowchipoh ok then02:27
timcowchipyeah he would have seen that already02:28
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timcowchipweechat rules03:16
JackLFrostOh well, I'm back on my arch for now. No time to dig further.03:16
JackLFrostI suspect the problem is my partial package update.03:17
JackLFrostBut updating CRUX from the base image takes some time, and I don't have it.03:17
jaegerI periodically build updated ISOs and upload them to for what that's worth03:20
jaegersometimes they have new features which break things but even if the ISO doesn't boot the packages can be installed03:20
rmullAnyone who knows anything about security thing that this SSL replacement idea holds any water?
jaegerI'm no security expert but I'd guess the problem is more about adoption than your implementation... it looks ok to me at a glance03:22
rmullIt seems too obvious03:26
rmullSo I feel like I'm missing something03:26
rmullAdoption doesn't even seem like that big of a deal03:27
rmullbrowsers/dns/websites should be able to support it if they want and only if they want03:27
jaegertry implementing it, see how it works?03:29
timcowchipJackLFrost: I'm using one of jaeger's *iso's and its bitchin'03:31
JackLFrostGood. I'll try a newer iso next time03:47
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renovaatiotrying to install jre, I get this:04:03
jaegerthat is intentional because you have to agree to oracle's license agreement and download jre manually04:04
jaegeronce you do you can put it into $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and build the package04:05
renovaatiothen I should use icedtea ?04:05
jaegerif you prefer it to oracle java, that's up to you04:05
jaegercheck "prt-get readme jre"04:05
renovaatioyeah... I should start using readmes04:05
renovaatioso far, crux is highly superior to any other distros04:07
renovaatioto my taste anyway04:07
renovaatiothank you jaeger04:09
renovaatioi must also add that the community, so far, is impressively friendly and helpfull04:09
renovaatiohaven't seen you douches yet04:09
renovaationot like Arch...04:10
jaegerglad you like it, heh. It does take some work but that's part of the fun in my opinion04:10
renovaationot that much work, once you have the base04:11
renovaatioand if you like it minimalis04:12
renovaatioi run with dwm, dmenu and urxvt04:12
renovaationot much hassle to be here..04:12
jaegerwell, I meant crux more than the IRC channel04:14
renovaatioah yeah04:15
renovaatioi meant, there is not much hassle setting up a box with those small apps04:15
renovaatiowhere should I say that the libreoffice package, when installed with "prt-get depinst" fails to grab cups and jre as dependencies?04:22
jaegeremail the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile - or if he's paying attention here, maybe he'll see that. :)04:24
jaegernote that packager and maintainer aren't always the same04:32
JackLFrostI've managed to make my arch pretty minimal, heh.04:35
renovaatioit's not minimal if it has systemd04:37
renovaatiosystemd is evil04:37
JackLFrostWho said it has systemd? :304:37
renovaatiodhow did you do ?04:38
JackLFrostThose are my own scripts04:39
JackLFrostAlso my running work system:
renovaationow thats what I call minimal04:40
renovaatiomine's not too bad !04:41
JackLFrostI absolutely hate the idea of a huge jack-of-all-trades thing in my PID 1. So my PID 1 is dumb:
JackLFrostWell. My PID 1 is technically bash.04:42
renovaatioif you manage to put the arch repos in there, you might have a market there pal04:42
renovaatiowell if youre into maintaining a distro that is...04:42
JackLFrostOne of the ways I might go is forking Arch, yes.04:43
renovaatioi MIGHT be one of your users04:43
JackLFrostThat's not going to happen any time soon anyway.04:43
renovaatioI'm not sure Jud Vinet would be impressed with the state of arch lately04:44
JackLFrostAnd another idea is not to fork Arch, but to mantain a small repo04:45
renovaatiobase install does not have systemd amirite?04:46
JackLFrostArch's base does.04:46
renovaatioso they actually really abandones the bsd style scripts04:46
JackLFrostBut still, if I mantain a small repo that has a package that conflicts with systemd, you could install base and then take systemd out by installing my packages on top04:47
JackLFrostSo it's not a big deal that it's in base04:47
renovaatioimo crux is still beter04:48
renovaatioi just wish there were some precompiled packages repos04:48
JackLFrostYay my aur/abs/pacman wrapper now gets package-query and installs it if it's not found04:58
JackLFrostSelf-installing dependencies :305:00
alanciorenovaatio: I have updated some ports in KDE05:10
alancioand the README too, please take a look05:10
alancioit should be a smooth build now05:11
nwegood morning05:49
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timcowchipSession start up script08:19
timcowchip  UID   PID  PPID  SESS CMD08:19
timcowchip  100 24072 24064 24064 /usr/bin/openbox --startup /usr/lib/openbox/openbox-auto08:19
timcowchip/usr/lib/fbpanel/xlogout: line 48: kill: (-24072) - No such process08:19
timcowchipwhen I try to logout with fbpanel08:19
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frinnstnot a very useful error report..08:50
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timcowchipfrinnst: what would be useful?09:08
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timcowchipon other linux /fbpanel/xlogout is located in /usr/libexec not /usr/lib09:25
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frinnstso the script needs patching?09:59
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penguinfanah the irclogger is back10:25
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Romsteri try to read the backlog.10:42
teK_go slap yourself :}10:43
Romsterrenovaatio unless you count me on a rant :P10:43
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penguinfanalancio: are ther any feature changes in your KDE ports? Or just dependencies resolved? just wondering if I should rebuild it or not..13:22
alanciojust dependencies, except for kde-workspace that has an init script13:24
alancioif the version and release of the Pkgfile are the same, there is no need to rebuild13:24
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frinnstlol, the debian-devel list this month is extremely entertaining13:33
bitwizeOh, that guy came to various channels as #Fvck_SystemD.13:44
bitwizeer, Fvck_SystemD13:44
bitwizebleh, not thinking before typing this morning13:44
bitwizeA conspiracy theorist might suggest that he is a sockpuppet of some systemd supporter trying to make the other side look bad. But Chris-Chan and ParkourDude91 are really the way they are too.13:45
frinnststupid trolls, still its fun to read sometimes :)13:46
bitwizeIt is that :)13:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: rp-pppoe: fix configure's kernel mode detection16:03
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teK_frinnst: why did you slap me, I am not maintaining fbpanel?16:41
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renovaatiohi, any documentation on how to be able to mount usb drives (ntfs)18:05
teK_use ntfs-3g18:05
teK_this requires FUSE support in your kernel18:06
teK_you were asking for write support, weren't you?18:07
teK_The kernel has native ro-support18:07
renovaatioit has write support now18:07
teK_oh ok18:07
jaegerntfs-3g is always the right choiec18:07
renovaatiobut it fails when I try to mount with the kernel module18:07
jaegerthe kernel module is far behind18:07
jaegerinstall ntfs-3g and you can do something like 'mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/whatever /mnt/wherever'18:08
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renovaatiobash-4.2# mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/118:12
renovaationtfs-3g-mount: fuse device is missing, try 'modprobe fuse' as root18:12
renovaatioI have installed fuse as root, and loaded the module18:12
renovaatiois the fuse package superior to the kernel module?18:12
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jaegerfuse is a separate beast that facilitates other things but it's required for ntfs-3g, which is far superior to the kernel's NTFS module18:27
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timcowchipit turns out it doesn't matter where /fbpanel/xlogout is installed /usr/lib or /usr/libexec18:51
timcowchipwhat fixes the issue is editing /usr/lib/fbpanel/xlogout line #4818:52
timcowchipfrom "kill -SIGTERM -$SPID" to "kill -SIGTERM $SPID"18:53
timcowchipjust remove the "-" before "$SPID"18:53
teK_afaics romster maintains fbpanel, not me ;)18:56
timcowchipI know18:56
timcowchipI was leaving this info for Romster18:57
teK_and I got slapped!18:58
timcowchiphow did you get slapped?18:58
teK_verbally :-)18:58
timcowchipby frinnst?18:58
timcowchiphe slapped me for posting a non-useful error message18:59
timcowchipwho's that guy think he is anyway?19:00
teK_good question19:00
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timcowch1got to go to the dentist, bbl19:41
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RomsterteK_> this requires FUSE support in your kernel <- does not use fuse anymore21:53
teK_oui? didnt know21:53
teK_what else21:53
Romsteror last i read the changelog they said that21:53
Romsterand all i do is mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/win and it works21:54
teK_how is mount/the kernel supposed to know about it? is there a mount.*ntfs* binary?21:55
Romstertimcowchip i'll look at that after work21:55
teK_there's sbin/mount.ntfs-3g..hm21:55
Romsterit's a symlink to ntfs-3g21:56
Romstermount uses it21:56
teK_but it has to detect the type of the partition first hand21:56
Romsterive never used -t in a while except for some optical formats21:56
Romsteryeah some how mount does that21:57
Romsterbbl at work21:57
JackLFrostThey need to be physically restrained or beaten21:58
JackLFrostuntill they come to a different conclusion21:58
JackLFrostor enter a state where they are no longer21:58
JackLFrostcapable of coming to any conclusions.21:58
JackLFrostI lol'd21:58
JackLFrostI lol'd so hard I've scared my cat21:58
jaegerteK_: mount tries to use libblkid or /proc/filesystems to guess21:59
teK_yeah but /proc wont help as the kernel probably does not know about ntfs_-3g_22:00
teK_so this should be in libblkid22:00
teK_btw: staedily making progress with the installation ;)22:00
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timcowchipran into this guy at rite-aid on my trip back from the dentist22:47
timcowchipthe man who introduced me to unix22:48
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timcowchipqnx actually22:53
timcowchipwas thinking of adding qupzilla and qtractor to my repo22:56
timcowchipboth ports already exist but are very outdated22:57
timcowchipgithub won't let me delete my repo or even my account22:58
timcowchipthat site has really gone to hell22:58
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JackLFrosttimcowchip, hmm? I've deleted a repo recently23:14
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timcowchiprealy how recently?23:18
JackLFrostA week or so23:19
JackLFrostIf there is a problem with deleting a repo, you sould report it23:20
timcowchipI did23:20
timcowchipand I told them to delect my acount23:20
JackLFrostI've just tested it: I can remove a repo23:21
timcowchipdamn double constonants23:22
timcowchipwell aren't you the clever one23:22
timcowchipSomething went wrong with that request. Please try again.23:23
JackLFrostWhet I mean is it's not a global issue, it seems23:23
timcowchipis what I get23:23
timcowchipthey still suck23:23
timcowchipportsdb can't remotely link to github and that's global23:24
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timcowchipgithub's response23:41
timcowchipthis is what I already tried before contacting them and telling them to do it for me23:41
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