IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-02-27

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renovaatiohi, when I mount a ntfs drive, the special characters in french language like the accents arren't displayed in the filenames and directories00:20
renovaatioand I cant acces a dir if there is a special character in it's name00:20
teK_see if there's an option to specify the codepage to use during mount time00:20
teK_you can't? Tried using a good shell like zsh that does the escaping for you?00:21
teK_like: [tek@pita][~/mp3/Hans Soellner]% cd Hans\ S$'\224'llner\ -\ 241255\ 200000:21
renovaatioi use mount.ntfs-3g and when I looked up it's man, there was a mention of the option "-o windows_names" wich didn't fix my problem00:21
renovaatioalso, I use bash00:22
timcowchipreformat that thing to ext400:22
renovaatioand I still have this problem when I use a gui filemanager00:22
jaegerdo they even show up properly with ls?00:22
renovaatiotimcowchip: i wish I could00:22
renovaatiojaeger: nope00:22
jaegeralso, is your locale set? echo $LANG00:22
renovaatiojaeger: echo $LANG returns nothing00:23
jaegerhow about locale -a? does that list your preferred locale?00:23
timcowchiptry beesoft commander for a filemanager00:24
renovaatiobash-4.2$ locale -a00:24
jaegerso try setting LANG=en_CA.UTF-800:25
jaegermight not help, I'm no expert on locales00:25
renovaatiospecial characters now show as ?00:26
jaegerdoes your font display special characters properly?00:27
renovaatiocant write them in the shel00:27
teK_do you happen to use slim as a login manager?00:29
teK_I cant write german umlauts after logging in with it :)00:29
teK_oh and I hate i18n.00:29
renovaatioteK_: no, no DM00:31
renovaatiostraight to startx00:31
renovaatiothe command "locale" returns nothing exept POSIX for all variables00:35
teK_it probably should return more, consult our handboo00:35
teK_% locale | wc -l00:35
jaegeryou could also try using convmv to convert the filenames, though I've not tried that00:36
renovaatiowell, I followed the handbook scrupulously00:37
renovaatio 6.1.4. Generating locales00:38
renovaatio^ that section is the only one about locales, and I did what it said00:38
renovaatiodo I need to reboot after generating locales?00:39
renovaatioimma try rebooting. brb00:40
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renovaationo luck00:43
renovaatiocan you tell me where I should be looking for answeres? I know nothing about locales00:57
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jaegerrenovaatio: not sure, sorry01:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv: 1.11.2 -> 1.11.4 and depend on setuptools (Fixes #987)01:42
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timcowchipgit clone
timcowchipPkgfile needs to be updated02:58
timcowchipno more
timcowchipgithub strikes again03:02
timcowchiptrying to install /usr/ports/contrib/deluge03:03
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prologicRomster: patch for contrib/mako -->
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prologicRomster:  full patch for contrib/mako ->
timcowchipyou can get 0.9.1 here as well
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prologicdon't need to get it from git if it's on pypi03:15
prologicpreferable to get python tar balls from pypi03:15
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JackLFrostq/w 1103:20
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renovaatioi found it, you must eport LC_ALL in your user's .profile file04:11
renovaatioanyway to update the handbook with this info?04:12
prologicit's in the wiki04:12
prologicsorry what's the issue?04:12
prologicCRUX doesn't install a locale on your system for you04:12
renovaatiothere is a section about the locale04:13
prologichmm and?04:13
renovaatio 6.1.4. Generating locales04:13
renovaatioit would be more appropriated to tell the users that if they want their newly generated locales to be enabled, they need to put them in ~/.profile04:14
prologicGenerate locales for your system. See section "Generating locales" for more information.04:14
renovaatioor remove the locae section from the handbook04:14
prologicisn't that obvious though?04:15
prologicI think we all have export LC_ALL="<some local>" in either our ~/.bashrc ~/.profile or /etc/profile04:15
prologicmine's in ~/.profile.d/settings04:15
renovaatiowasn't obvious to me04:16
renovaationew users come from distros that dumb you down04:16
renovaatiojust like me04:16
prologic$ egrep LC .profile.d/*04:17
prologic.profile.d/settings:export LC_ALL="en_US.utf-8"04:17
prologicI can understand that04:17
prologicproblem though is that if we keep this trend04:17
prologicof hand-holding new users through documetnation04:17
prologicor rather duplicated documentation04:17
prologicthen our handbook will become feather fat :)04:17
prologicyou'd have to teach (through docs, handbooks, wikis, tutorials) how to use every piece of software that makes up CRUX04:18
prologici.e: GNU (really)04:18
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prologicexport LC_ALL has more to do with bash, glibc and other pieces of software than CRUX itself04:18
renovaatiohonnestly, I had to figure it out by myself. I never found any documentation anywhere for that problem, nothing.04:19
renovaatioi mean that I search the Arch, Gentoo wikis, many man pages, even the LFS wiki, just couldn't figure it out04:20
prologicperhaps you could write a wiki on it ? :)04:20
prologicbe the best place for this ihmo04:20
renovaatioanyways, i dont call the shots, its just a suggestion04:20
prologicno no04:20
prologicit's all good suggestions :)04:21
renovaatioyeah, wiki, of course04:21
prologicjust expressing my point of view :)04:21
renovaatioyeah, well ypu have a good point in your arguments tho04:21
prologica quick google for "linux set locale"04:22
prologicturns up heaps of relevant info04:22
prologic*shrugs* :)04:22
renovaatioprologic: is this appropriate:
renovaatioprologic: yes, of course, once I knew where the problem was it was easy to find how to enable locales. I already know how to do that. The problem was understanding the link between the fact that i was unable to write accents and the fact that my locales were not enabled04:34
renovaatiothat was the hard part04:34
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prologicdon't worry04:46
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prologicmy old (now dead) crux desktop had no locate set for years and years04:46
prologicuntil one day I decided I wanted to use unicode chars too04:46
prologicI don't have much need for accented characters since I only speak and write english in the ascii character set normally :)04:47
prologicbut unicode is rather useful for dev work :)04:47
prologicrenovaatio: perhaps some use of internal wiki links and some code formatting is in oder?04:55
prologicperhaps also categorize and tag the page04:55
prologicand it's ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc04:55
prologicnow ~./profile04:55
prologicperhaps also mention you could just add it to the bottom of /etc/profile04:56
prologicor even do something like:04:56
prologicmkdir /etc/profile.d04:56
prologicecho "export LC_ALL=\"en_US.utf-8\"" > /etc/profile.d/locale.sh04:56
prologicall perfectly good and valid solutions to the problem :)04:57
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timcowchipRomster: you home?07:43
RomsterteK_, mount looks for mount.ntfs-3g symlinks to /bin/ntfs-3g08:09
timcowchipRomster: my portdb link is gone08:10
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timcowchiphow come I can mount ntfs rw from sabayon but not crux08:12
penguinfanare you using the kernel rw support or fuse?08:12
Romsteri just do suso mount08:13
timcowchipoh ok08:13
penguinfanwhat does your mount command look like08:13
Romsterbut if oyu wanan do it right you need to pass the user option to allow writeing as a sat user.08:13
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Romsterbrb i oly jsut got to my pc and i have even made a coffee yet08:13
timcowchipUnpacking: sys-kernel:sabayon-sources-3.13.2.ebf2851eb4ee30dfc5f109c0c4d2ed820b55d6a3~0.tbz208:14
frinnst# ntfs-3g /dev/device /mnt/mountpoint08:15
frinnstvoil� - ntfs r/w08:15
timcowchipthanks frinnst, I'll try that08:15
penguinfanyeah that would be the fuse method08:16
timcowchipCONFIG_NTFS_RW=y from my sabayon config08:18
Romstertimcowchip, thats the in kernel one.08:19
Romsterread depreciated08:20
Romstertimcowchip, email the email address on the portsdb page to get it added08:30
Romsterit should be there if it was pointing to mine08:30
Romsterprologic, i built support for docker and want to start moving my chroot scripts to docker style but i'm stuck on how you even run it.08:33
Romsterin the docker group added docker to services=()08:34
Romsteradded none                   /cgroup   cgroup    defaults               0      008:35
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frinnstooh, cgroups08:43
frinnsti see systemd in your future :)08:43
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timcowchipsudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/TOSHIBA08:59
timcowchipit does work!08:59
frinnstso you tried all other methods, but the simplest one?09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mako: 0.7.2 -> 0.9.109:02
timcowchipwish my repo was up so I could ports -u09:03
Romstertimcowchip, it is up09:03
Romster# End of file09:04
nweyay my new laptop has arrive Dell XPS :)09:04
Romsterfrinnst, it better not <<09:04
Romstertimcowchip, infact
timcowchipRomster: it might be here:, but its not here:
Romstertimcowchip, email the portdb to get it added09:06
Romsterfrinnst, you got access to get timcowchip added?09:06
timcowchipI've emailed them 5 times already09:07
timcowchipI'll keep trying09:07
Romstersepen is quite busy09:08
Romsterand it takes 24 hours to show up.09:08
Romsteri so need todo more ports testing. and get my version sort going.09:09
Romstergot most of the car sorted except the extractors so far09:10
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Romsterheavy springs and shockers in the rear and new exhaust09:11
Romsterstill need to adjust my headlights as the back end is up another 30mm now.09:11
Romsternearly at stock height.09:12
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Romstertimcowchip, deluge built here ok but i do cache all the sources locally.09:13
timcowchipI got mako from git and finished building deluge09:13
timcowchipI'll rebuild mako now that its updated09:14
timcowchipdid you see the /usr/lib/fbpanel/xlogout edit?09:15
timcowchipline #48 from "kill -SIGTERM -$SPID" to "kill -SIGTERM $SPID"09:16
timcowchipjust remove the "-" before "$SPID"09:16
timcowchipthen you can log out with fbpanel09:17
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frinnstnope, i dont have much access09:19
frinnstall for the best anyways :D09:19
timcowchipwhat does this mean: "Pkgfile: line 1: Description:: command not found" when I do ports -d09:21
frinnstsome port is probably lacking the Description field09:22
timcowchipcould it be any port?09:23
timcowchipoh no09:23
frinnstprobably from some 3rd party repo09:24
Romstertimcowchip, oh that i'll fix that after i eat. just cooked09:30
timcowchipok thanks, bon apetite09:34
timcowchipis there a pgk-util for cleaning ports?09:35
nwehey guys,  is it much work to get a laptop to get in sleeping mode and stuff like that in crux?09:36
timcowchipwhat does prtwash do?09:38
Romsterman prtwash09:41
timcowchipdo I need to be in the /usr/ports dir?09:46
Romsterno i think it uses prt-get.conf09:46
timcowchipprtwash -a -t then09:47
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timcowchipholy crap09:48
nwethe question is run crux on my new dell xps or be lazy and run debian on it..09:48
nwewhat should you guys do..09:48
Romsterdepends on time but i'd prefer crux09:49
nweI also prefer crux, but the problem I wondering about is the suspend/resuse part for it..09:51
Romsteri'm sure LFS can help if you get stuck on suspend stuff09:52
frinnsti vote windows 8.109:54
nweI will fix my work laptop this evening then :D09:56
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prologicRomster, sorry what are you having trouble with?10:10
prologicRunning the daemon?10:10
Romsterdaemon is running afaik10:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spectrwm: update to 2.5.010:11
Romsterpgrep docker10:11
Romsteror maybe not....10:11
prologicdocker info10:11
Romster2014/02/27 21:12:01 dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: permission denied10:12
Romsteraudio video scanner cdrom pkgmk sheepshaver users realtime vboxusers docker10:12
prologic$ docker info10:12
prologicContainers: 1110:12
prologicImages: 7410:12
prologicDriver: btrfs10:12
prologicls -l /var/run/docker.sock10:12
prologic$ ls -l /var/run/docker.sock10:13
prologicsrw-rw---- 1 root docker 0 Feb 12 22:26 /var/run/docker.sock10:13
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 root docker 0 Feb 19 11:53 /var/run/docker.sock10:13
prologicoh really10:13
prologicdifferent umask eh?10:13
prologic$ sudo su -10:13
prologic# umask10:13
Romsterumask 02210:13
Romster0022 here10:13
Romsteri followed the guide but it got a bit hazy on the network part.10:14
prologichmm kinda odd10:14
prologicI'd say just patch /etc/rc.d/docker for now10:14
Romster3.13.3 kernel10:14
prologicchmod 660 /var/run/docker.sock10:14
Romster2014/02/27 21:15:00 Can't connect to docker daemon. Is 'docker -d' running on this host?10:15
Romsterok try starting the daemon now..10:15
Romstersudo /etc/rc.d/docker start10:15
Romsterdocker inofo10:15
Romstersame result10:15
prologicdon't use sudo10:15
prologicit won't work10:15
prologicsudo su -10:16
prologic/etc/rc.d/docker start10:16
Romsterblah i hate running as root10:16
prologicat least it won't work without default shipped sudoers config10:16
prologicwhich doesn't by default put /sbin/ in the $PATH10:16
prologicdocker _must_ run as root anyway10:16
prologicthe daemon10:16
Romster$ sudo su -10:16
Romster# /etc/rc.d/docker start10:16
Romster# exit10:17
Romster$ docker info10:17
Romster2014/02/27 21:16:41 Can't connect to docker daemon. Is 'docker -d' running on this host?10:17
prologicshow /var/log/docker.log somewhere?10:17
Romsterdon't know why it's this hard to get this to work.10:17
prologicyou did something wrong :)10:17
prologicor my instructions suck10:17
prologicit was kind of difficulty to get going for me at first10:18
prologicbecause basically we compile our own kernerls10:18
prologicwhereas folks that use/run this on Debian/Ubuntu have kerensls configured and compield for them10:18
Romsteri used docker-bin bcause you said docker is broken.10:18
prologicyou forgot some kernel config10:19
prologicrun against your kernel config10:19
prologiclooks like you're missing bridge stuff10:19
Romster./ |wgetpaste10:19
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
prologiccd /usr/ports/contrib/docker10:19
Romsteri ran though everything.10:19
Romsterbut the network section is highly confusing10:19
prologicnah the 'docker' port that buidls from source is fine10:19
prologicI did not ship broken stuff to contrib :)10:20
Romsteri searched in make menuconfig for them but no results.10:20
Romsteroh let me switch to that then10:20
prologicgot bridge-utils installed?10:20
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep bridge-utils10:21
Romsterbridge-utils 1.5-110:21
prologicperhaps my is missing a few tests10:21
prologiciirc there are two important bridge modules10:21
Romstergo Dependencies: mercurial10:22
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 6.3.010:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: ed: update to 1.1010:23
Romsterchown -R root:root $PKG <- pointless10:23
*** timcowchip has quit IRC10:23
Romsterand i had to unset CC/CXX to get go to compile.10:23
Romstersince i have them set for ccache10:23
prologic# CONFIG_BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES is not set10:24
prologichmm I thought there was another10:24
prologicRomster, yes really10:25
Romsterzgrep CONFIG_BRIDGE= /proc/config.gz10:25
Romsterno results10:25
prologicyeah I'm not sure how well go compiles against a ccache10:25
prologicif at all10:25
Romster$ uname -r10:25
prologicI use ccache at work on OS X quite nicely10:25
Romsterit don't at all :D10:25
Romsteri had to unset CC CXX10:26
prologicyou don't have the bridge module?10:26
prologicthat's kinda important to have :)10:26
Romsterin the go port10:26
Romsteri looked in make menuconfig seatched with /10:26
Romsterdid not find any CONFIG_BRIDGE10:26
prologicit's there10:27
prologiclook again :)10:27
RomsterLocation:                                                                                                                            │10:28
Romster  │     -> Networking support (NET [=y])                                                                                                   │10:28
Romster  │ (1)   -> Networking options10:28
Romsterand then i'm lost10:28
prologic<*> 802.1d Ethernet Bridging10:30
prologicI'll make sure I add a test for that in the script10:30
Romsterblah i went past that a millkion times and gave up10:31
Romsterwhy no symbol for that specific item10:31
Romsteris that all i am missing?10:31
Romsteri was silly and missed that.10:32
Romsterfixed and i guess i have to reboot10:36
Romstersince i did it as builtin10:36
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Romster$ docker info11:05
Romster2014/02/28 09:05:07 dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: permission denied11:05
Romsterthat seriously needs fixing and i had to unset CC CXX on go and docker.11:05
Romsterwhy is it even in the dial group...11:05
Romstersudo rejmerge11:06
Romsternothing there regarding docker11:08
RomsterChecking Networking:11:08
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 660 docker 0 Feb 28 09:04 /var/run/docker.sock11:11
Romster2014/02/28 09:11:36 dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: permission denied11:11
Romsterprologic, ^11:11
Romsterserisoulyi have less effort with chroots -_-11:12
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Romsterwhy does docker error say dial unix11:14
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux11:15
RomsterUnable to enable network bridge NAT: iptables failed: iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE: modprobe: FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.11:16
Romstergreat more stuff i am missing.11:16
teK_check the logs, I think I had exactly the same error11:20
Romsteri have to add NAT11:21
Romsteri mean it's on my gateway pc but id never thought i'd need it on my desktop11:21
Romsterprologic, sure i don't need BRIDGE_EBT_T_NAT or something?11:22
Romsterebt: 802.3 filter support11:25
Romsterbet i need that.11:25
RomsterCONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_T_NAT and that11:26
Romsterlike i said prologic the entire network part is confusing.11:27
Romsterenabled IP_NF_IPTABLES11:40
Romsterand some other stuff.11:40
*** Romster has quit IRC11:42
*** Romster has joined #crux11:45
RomsterUnable to enable network bridge NAT: iptables failed: iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE: iptables v1.4.21: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)11:47
Romsterbugger this...11:48
Romsteris it me or is my res higher or something since i bumped my nvidia version11:48
Romsteri mean lower everything looks a bit bigger11:49
RomsterDPI set to (81, 80); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config11:51
Romster1920 x 108011:51
Romsterwhy DPI of 8111:51
Romsterxrandr --dpi 60 or 96 does no difference. weird.11:57
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*** Romster has joined #crux12:02
Romsterno wonder i give up on docker easily..12:03
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:14
prologicis my not picking up the required modules in your config?12:36
prologicRomster, you're also missing the m_addrtype iptables module12:37
prologicthe script checks for these :/12:37
Romster$ ./ |wgetpaste12:37
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
prologicplease fix your kernel :/12:37
Romster$ wgetpaste /var/log/docker.log12:37
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
prologicI think I know what the problem is12:38
Romsteri've recompiled god dam 4 times enabling shit12:38
prologicwhilst the script checks the config12:38
prologicit doesn't alert you of missing stuff12:38
prologicjust a blank/null output12:38
prologicI should fix that :)12:38
prologiccheck every thing grep line in that script12:38
prologicyou need absoultely every one :)12:38
prologicI _tried_ to make this as idiot proof as possible12:38
prologicobviously needs some work12:39
Romsterguess i am more of a idiot -_-12:39
*** doomicide has joined #crux12:39
prologicI'll improve it greatly when I update the ports to Docker 0.8112:39
prologicwell it's essentially iptables, nat and bridge that's needed12:39
Romsterrepairing iphones and windows all week12:40
prologicthe m_addrtype is special though12:40
prologicfor proper openvz networking all the same modules are required too12:40
prologicunless you use openvswitch which are different again :)12:40
Romsteri realyl don't have alot of patance anymore. and the first time i did go though all them lines manually looking in my menuconfig12:40
Romsterhardly found any that matched.12:40
Romsterfrankly i think i got alot of bloat in my kernel and too lazy to trim it.12:41
prologicyou know I'm legally blind right?12:41
Romsteralso do i really need cgroups? feels dirty having enabled that.12:41
prologicand I think I have more patiance then you :)12:41
prologicno offense :)12:41
Romsteryes i know you are.12:41
prologiclxc required cgroups12:41
prologicyou need the mandatory ones12:42
prologicthere are some optional ones12:42
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prologicjust enable them all - it's easier :)12:42
Romsterdeal with the customers i deal with week after week.12:42
prologicthis is all lxc stuff12:42
Romsterplus i do have mental issues.12:42
prologicdocker just wraps lxc is a nice robust, consistent way and provides great tooling and a now huge ecosystem12:42
Romsteri gathered that i'm not that dumb -_-12:42
Romsterjust suck at the configuring stage.12:43
prologicI'm just saying12:43
prologicbecause some just say "why not just use lxc and bash scripts"12:43
prologicwell sure12:43
Romsteri could use lxc directly but docker wraps it all up.12:43
prologicbut no consistency and portability12:43
Romsterdocker is like the porcelin commands that git uses and lxc is like the plumbing git commands.12:43
Romsteri'm over bash you seen my mess.12:44
Romsterbash is some ugly effed up language that's never been thought out well.12:45
Romsteri'm always working around limits. so i'm trying to learn python more in my spare time now. but i don't get enough motivation or spare time to be in that zone to program like i used too.12:46
Romsterhonestly prologic you have the brain for this stuff... i'm stuck at the basic stuff.12:47
Romsteri'm just interested in docker so i can rebuild my chroot stuff into my own testing crux ports.12:48
Romsterprobably what your gonna be doing as well but i've been doing the chroot method for years now.12:48
Romsterbut i'll automate it along with stuff.12:48
Romsterif i ever get there.12:48
Romstersometimes i wonder if i should quit this and do something easier.12:49
prologicWhat I've been using so far is this:
prologicit's pretty basic12:50
prologicit's in ~/contrib/Dockerfile12:50
prologicI add new ports, update existing ones12:50
prologicedit the ~/contrib/Dockerfile && cd ~/contrib12:50
Romsteri have to say i'm a bit moody so i really should avoid irc when i am.12:50
prologicand docker build -rm .12:50
prologicand either get a cleanly built successfuly build or not12:50
prologicthen when I'm happy, commit, pull, rebase and push12:51
Romsteri can understand the docker files themself.12:51
Romsterif i ever get up to speed i'll come on board.12:58
Romsterwrong channel...12:58
prologicRomster, did you update contrib/mako?13:02
prologicI have the diff ready to commit here if you want13:02
Romsteryes i did that hours ago.13:09
Romsteryour diff had tons of whitespace changes.13:09
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux13:16
nwejaeger: hey, do you have time?13:27
prologicRomster, I like to make things look neat and tidy13:29
prologicprogrammers habit13:29
Romsteras do i and not by introducing heaps of spaces. tabs. and single spaces on the meta section13:30
prologiceach to their own :)13:35
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nweare cryptsetup included in crux-iso image?13:57
jaegernot currently. it will be at some point, just not sure which release yet13:57
nweokey, how should I crypt my disc on the installation?14:04
jaegerbuild a static cryptsetup on another machine, copy it over during installation?14:04
jaegeryou'll need to build an initrd/initramfs as well so that you can boot it later14:05
nweoh okey14:05
prologicupdated script to test Docker kernel config ^^^14:15
JackLFrostprologic, the lxc package has a good testing tool btw14:20
JackLFrostIt tests mosy of what you need14:20
prologicmany but not all14:23
prologicDocker depends on a few extra kernel options afaik14:23
JackLFrostYes. That's why I said most.14:27
prologic*nods* :)14:27
JackLFrostWell. There's an obvious typo there, but still.14:27
prologicI did have the lxc-checkconfig in there14:28
prologicbut it seems redundant now with my improved script14:28
JackLFrostYou test with lxc-checkconfig and then additionally test the ones that are required by docker.14:28
prologictypo, where?14:28
JackLFrost>tests mosy14:28
prologicoh :)14:28
JackLFrostI now have a guy who shares his favourite metal bands with me.14:46
JackLFrostI've never listened to so much good music in such a short time!14:47
Romsterstratovarious :D14:49
JackLFrostMeh, I've listened to them14:49
JackLFrostPower is rarely my thing14:50
JackLFrostI'm more of an MDM guy.14:50
Romstermaybe your more into blind guardian14:51
Romsteror more death metal... too many styles.14:51
JackLFrostBlind Guardian have exactly one album I like14:52
JackLFrostBut that album is one of my favourite metal albums.14:52
JackLFrostA Night At The Opera. The one Blind Guardian fans didn't like :D14:53
JackLFrostListening to The Haunted — One Kill Wonder right now14:53
JackLFrostIt's pretty good14:53
JackLFrostBut, say, Dark Tranquillity are more my style14:54
JackLFrostOr thrash metal.14:54
JackLFrostLich King is fucking wonderful14:54
JackLFrostAll hail the Lich King!14:55
JackLFrostRiffs are what matters. You know it if you're true!14:58
JackLFrostHairstyles and chellos... how dare you?!14:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pip: 1.5.2 -> 1.5.4 (+Taken over maintenance)15:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker-git: Deleted -- Docker 0.8+ is now considered production quality15:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: 0.8.0 -> 0.8.115:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker-bin: 0.8.0 -> 0.8.115:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: Added some missing kernel modules to test script15:00
prologicEnjoy :)15:01
prologicwoot woot :)15:03
Romsteri haven't listend to thrash in awhile.15:03
JackLFrostLich King are a good reason to do so if you're not generally against the genre15:05
joacimgod dammit!15:09
joacim$ sudo su -15:09
joacimsudo -s works too15:09

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