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Romstersnd-hda-intel should be in your kernel then13:24
Romsteryou didn't forget to do make modules_install ?13:24
sepenRomster: long time? 1 week?13:24
frinnstyou also need the correct codec13:24
sepenRomster: I was spammed by timcowchip :P13:24
nweRomster: I have make modules_install frinnst I have Realtek codecs13:25
nwebut when I running rexima I just see Digital113:25
sepennah, the past monday I joined to a company as a programmer/admin13:25
sepenI was a bit busy13:26
frinnstwee, congrats13:26
nweand "master" is on max13:26
sepenand on july I'll have a baby girl13:26
sepenoops, eat time, bbl13:26
Romsterbeen that busy i haven't noticed you for over a week sepen  :D13:28
prologicsepen, ol budyy ol pal!13:37
prologichow you been!? :)13:37
prologicmissed ya :)13:37
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nwegaah stupid sound :(14:03
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rmullsepen: Wow, congratulations on the upcoming baby, hope it all goes well14:28
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frinnsthow can outlook and pst-files suck so bad?14:46
frinnstits not like its a new product, they have had time to fix bugs ffs14:46
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joacimtheir enterprise customers probably like it that way15:20
joacimand why fix it when people still buy that shit15:20
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meisternuHey folks, I was just curious if someone could help shed light on an issue. I'm not sure if it's because of Crux's nls disabling or something, but on random occasions I see on websites, or steam names, etc those weird [][] symbols that appear when your PC isn't rendering the letter correctly because of it being something odd or a different language. Any way of fixing that? I see it pretty often in emoticons and the sort.15:37
frinnstnot nls related. possibly a locale issue or the font in use is actually lacking specific chars15:38
frinnstcan you reproduce it reliably by visiting a specific website?15:39
frinnstand firefox, chromium or something else?15:39
meisternuhmm, well I used how localedef was set up in the handbook except using en.US15:39
meisternuI'm using Midori, but I'm seeing it right now on a friend's Steam Name currently15:40
frinnstmight be lack of utf815:40
meisternunot sure, I used the whole en.US-UTF8 , etc that they gave as examples in the handbook15:40
meisternufor example,╯□)╯︵-┻━┻15:41
meisternuthe arms are missing on the guy flipping the table15:41
meisternuon Midori15:41
frinnstok, works for me in firefox15:43
meisternuand oddly enough it renders properly in xchat15:44
meisternuanother example, in steam my friend shows up at *ALIVE*m[][] but when I copy and paste his name in here it shows up as *ALIVE* mɑƧ15:45
sepenI'm preparing a new chromium update15:48
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tilmananyone want to port livestreamer?
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timcowchipsepen: re: Romster: "I was spammed by timcowchip :P" glad I could help :b17:56
sepentimcowchip: I was too busy these past days17:59
sepenI recenlty joined to a company, after 1 year without a 'official' job17:59
timcowchipsorry to send so many emails17:59
timcowchipcongratulations too17:59
sepennah, but I was not able to read my email account from the new office17:59
sepenor at least for now17:59
sepennah, thanks to all of you guys17:59
timcowchipbest not to use work internet for other than work18:04
timcowchipI've gotten in touble that way18:04
timcowchipfantasy baseball18:04
cybinwere do i post missing dependencies in a port?18:10
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timcowchipwhat port?18:12
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cybinsoprano is missing clucene18:13
timcowchipyou're right it is18:13
timcowchipyou could let alan know18:14
timcowchiphe's the maintainer18:14
timcowchipalancio in irc18:15
cybink...if i catch him, i will let him know. it's not that important as you can just install clucene when it complains about. so, there is no need to file a bug i think.18:16
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