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prologictimcowchip: no it's not00:24
prologicI just need to apply a patch to it's codebase that helps keep it on the network00:24
prologicFreeNode network is quite unstable of late :/00:24
timcowchipok, thank you for doing that :)00:25
prologicI'll try to do that over the next couple days00:25
prologicI've already applied the required patch locally to another bt I run00:25
prologicjust need to do it to this one00:25
timcowchipthis the gigolo dialog that allows mounting samba shares00:32
timcowchipclicking the refresh button normally finds samba shares at the given server address00:33
timcowchipbut no00:33
prologicwhat is this? gnome's vfs?00:35
timcowchipspacefm's mountshares plugin used to work with /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags edited to 0x8500:35
prologictbh I a) don't know and b) don't use gui(s) and c) don't use Windows or Samba at all and d) if I were to use Samba I'd use the CLI00:35
timcowchipI tried fusesmb in a cli00:36
prologicI didn't think you needed fuse for smb00:36
prologicor do you?00:36
prologicI thought there was an smbmount command00:36
timcowchipthere's cifs mount command00:37
timcowchipI'll try that again00:37
prologichmm maybe I'm wrong about that00:38
prologiclike I said, don't really use Samba at all00:38
prologicwell I don't period00:38
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timcowchipturns out "sudo /sbin/mount.cifs // /mnt/cifs -o username=guest" actually works01:04
timcowchipkind of a pain since I also have to open a root window in spacefm to navigate the share01:05
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prologicyou should be able to modify the mount point's permissions01:17
prologicso your user can access it01:17
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Romsterwhat again?01:42
Romstergot webkit done yet timcowchip ?01:42
Romster else you can use one i compiled earlier if you don't want to wait.01:43
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prologic^^^ This may in fact be the source of "some" issues you are/were seeing with Docker 0.8.1?03:19
prologicAlthough I can't say I've run into the same problems myself03:19
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timcowchipfixed, sorry about that06:13
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timcowchipyou need to update the .md5sum file06:18
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z3brahi community :)08:07
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diversefrinnst: tired?08:37
frinnstim always tired08:37
diversez3bra: hi08:37
z3brahi :)08:39
frinnstyum update on a centos machine that nobody has logged into for over a year = fun08:43
z3bradoes somebody uses steam successfully here ?08:50
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diversez3bra: ask jaeger, I think...10:33
frinnstz3bra: i think so, not I tho10:33
z3braThat's fine finally10:45
z3brathe problem came from dbus10:45
z3brarestarting it solved the problem10:45
z3braI added dbus to the daemon list in rc.conf10:45
z3braI'll see if it's fixed upon next reboot10:45
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nwehas someone using wpa_supplicant with certificate ? I have alot off problem with it.. I got connected.. but after 5 -10 min I got disconnected and it doesnt got reconnect.. I must kill both wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd and wait a while and then restart it..12:03
frinnstnot I, sorry12:06
frinnstcat6 ftw12:06
nweI cant job right now :(12:06
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renovaatiokde-workspace from the kde repo is just impossible to install for a noob like me14:21
renovaatiotoo many errors, to many unmet dependencies, etc14:21
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Romsterhassle alan about that.14:29
penguinfanrenovaatio: did you follow the new readme in the kde repo? He was working on cleaning up he dependencies using a complete fresh install of crux and running the kde installation steps.14:33
penguinfanso the dependencies should be ok, but there are some steps you need to do before hand. its all in the readme file14:33
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z3brado you guys know of a good desktop clock ?15:11
jaegerNot I, I usually just have a panel running that has a clock in it15:15
z3braI'll find annoying to spawn a whole bar just to get the time15:17
joacimI just use an alarm clock15:20
joacimused to have a wind up one, but that one jammed up15:20
z3braI have one already15:23
z3braBut I find an on desktop clock more convenient sometimes15:24
jaegerI wonder how tough it would be to make one in cairo, for example15:24
z3braI tried making one using xcb, but the lack of background transparency pissed me off15:24
jaegerI think cairo can handle that but not sure15:25
z3brayeah sure15:25
z3bracairo is a compositor15:25
joacimoh. thought you were talking about a physical clock for your desk15:25
z3brano no no15:25
z3braan application on top of the wallpaper :p15:25
z3brakinda like xclock15:26
joacimits website seems to be dead tho15:31
z3brasearching "cairo clock" gives me the current time in Egypt :p15:33
z3braah, I don't like its look15:34
z3brathat's funny that xclock is not in crux main repos15:34
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timcowchipwebkit still building19:36
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timcowchipgot about 20 hours invested so far19:51
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timcowchipmight as well wait, but thank you Romster19:51
jaegergood times, heh19:51
timcowchipits all z3bra's fault for telling my about dwb19:52
jaegerman, Aruba Instant APs are slick19:53
timcowchipCFLAGS="-O2 -march=atom -mssse3 -mfpmath=sse -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe"?20:09
prologicatom is an archiecture now?20:10
prologicI thought it was an intel chip?20:10
prologicshoudln't that be -march=x86_6420:10
JackLFrostAtom is x86. But march isn't limited to just architectures20:11
timcowchipI remember having march=atom last time I used crux20:11
JackLFrostThere are march presets for certain groups of chips20:11
JackLFrostLike atom. Or i720:11
JackLFrosttimcowchip, if you're compiling on the same machine, march=native works btw20:12
prologicoh ic20:12
prologicdid not know that :)20:12
jaegerthere are a ton of options for march/mtune/mcpu, good info in the gcc docs20:14
jaegermostly you don't need to set mtune or mcpu with march but it's still good info20:14
JackLFrostThis reminds me I didn't tune march for my custom kernels >_>20:14
JackLFrostAlthough the boost is barely noticeable — if at all.20:14
jaegerno doubt, heh20:15
JackLFrostStill, if you're building your own, why not20:15
joacim-march=native works20:18
timcowchipthen there's ccache20:23
JackLFrosttimcowchip, wait what, is webkit seriously building for 20 hours already?20:24
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timcowchipI think I stopped it once with ctrl C to log into enlightenment to test something20:29
timcowchipso maybe only 18 hours20:29
timcowchip -fPIC -DPIC -o Source/WebCore/rendering/svg/.libs/libWebCoreSVG_la-RenderSVGEllipse.o20:54
timcowchiphow close is that to the end?20:54
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frinnstnogagplz: thats one fucked up country you live in :D22:37
frinnstMs Corlis says the incident has not discouraged her from swimming at Lake Moondarra in the future.22:38
frinnst"I think I'll just send someone else in first."22:38
frinnstlovely quote22:38
nogagplzshe's nothing if not pragmatic22:46
jaegerI wonder if is registered :P22:48
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timcowchipstill building webkit23:06
timcowchipI think it IS over 20 hours now23:06
jaegerIt's a hog and a half and the atom is no powerhouse23:07
timcowchipI'll use Romster's package next time23:08
timcowchipgpodder 3.6 is supposed to need eyeD3-0.7 or higher23:10
timcowchipthe issue is that it can no longer sync with a device23:11
timcowchipI updated gpodder to 3.6 and had no trouble syncing to a device with eyeD3-0.6.1723:12
timcowchipno, checking I find that I do not have eyeD3 installed at all23:14
prologicIs there an easier way to disable the tcpwrapper stuff ala /etc/hosts.deny /etc/hsots.allow?23:19
prologicOther than sed(ing) /etc/hosts.allow?23:19
torisotimcowchip, 20 hours of compiling?23:24
timcowchipand still going23:30
timcowchipfrinnst: I'll bet you could build webkit in 20 minutes23:31
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torisotimcowchip, something wrong there or ur pc is from the 70's23:57
jaegerIt's an atom23:58
timcowchipits in an endless loop of building webkit23:58

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