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timcowchipit took a long time to build linux-3.10.28 with the sabayon .config which includes everything that can be included00:00
timcowchipbut not this long00:00
jaegernothing takes as long as webkit, heh00:01
timcowchiphow close is that to the end?00:03
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JackLFrostWhy are linux distros merging /bin, /sbin and /lib into /usr?00:35
JackLFrostAnd not the other way around?00:35
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timcowchipthanks jaeger :)01:53
Romsterprologic> Romster: <- i don't think that was my issue prologic02:18
prologicok nps :)02:27
prologicyou faintly got Docker working on your desktop on CRUX?02:27
prologicOr you still having issues?02:27
Romsteri haven't done any more maybe tonight after work.02:29
Romsterheading back to work now.02:29
prologicbut it's working?02:33
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diversehmm, for some reason nvidia is replacing files from libvdpau's .footprint? Is this normal?06:25
diverseRomster: ^06:26
diverseI don't think nvidia should conflict with libvdpau right?06:28
rauzgood morning06:28
frinnsthm, didnt jaeger fix that?07:19
diversefrinnst: I did a port -u just recently, so I guess not.07:20
frinnstthis issue sounds familiar07:20
diverseyeah, nvidia still fails to install because of "usr/lib/vdpau/libvdpau_trace.{so,so.1}"07:28
diverse'loves' == sarcasm08:05
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diversehow are things going frinnst?08:25
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diversealright, I fixed it, basically just commented out the symlinks for those files in the Pkgfile08:51
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Romsternot sure how to fix this when i didn't break it.09:26
frinnsti think the point is that youre not supposed to have libvdpau installed, and just use the nvidia port09:27
Romsterkinda gathering that might be the case.09:27
frinnstjaeger talked about it, but I dont remember :>09:28
Romsteror should gl-select deal with this.09:28
AmnesiaRomster: mpv isn't compatible yet with the newest rtmpdump version09:36
Romsterdamn it...09:42
Romsterthis is what i hate... i checked with prt-get dependent -all09:43
Romsteri can not be held responsible for ports that use it as a soft dependency.09:43
Amnesiamost likely mpv will get updated soon aswell09:43
Amnesiathere're worse things that could happen right:)09:44
RomsterAmnesia, actually recompile curl then try rebuilding mpv09:45
Amnesiaalready did that09:45
Romsterso not only do you need the older rtmpdump but you need curl compiled with the older one as well.09:46
Romsterthe mpv maintainer could build those in there own prefix like i do with ffmpeg-compat09:48
Romsteror disable it.09:49
Amnesiadafuq, nvm09:49
AmnesiaI forgot to reinstall rtmpdump when I recompiled curl09:49
Amnesiarecompiling curl does actually do the job, sorry mate09:49
Amnesialemme have a look09:50
Romsterthought that was weird.09:50
Amnesiaat least it is compiling now09:50
Amnesiaeh, it compiled*09:50
AmnesiaI fscking hate mornings-.-09:50
Romsteri kinda been letting ports sit a bit.09:51
Romstermpv compiled here09:51 => not found09:51 is present though09:51
Amnesiaso there's a slight mismatch there09:52
Romsterrecompile ffmpeg as well09:53
AmnesiaI'll give that a shot09:53
Romsteri broke ffmpeg and curl with that rtmpdump update.09:53
Amnesiashit happens:)09:54
Romsterrevdep should be used more often and in pkgutils.09:54
Romsterno where near as bad when i bumped icu09:54
Romsterall hell broke lose.09:55
Romsterwish we could kill this lib64 off.09:55
Amnesiarevdep doesn't bring anything up when I run it on the mpv binary09:56
Amnesiabtw, lib64?09:56
frinnstyeah its so stupid09:56
AmnesiaYou'd prefer a native 64 bit system?09:57
frinnst32bit needs to die09:57
Romsterno i mean lib64 is lib and lib32 is lib3209:57
Romsterno because some stuff still needs 32bit just because you don't use any 32bit now.09:57
Romsterbe lucky 16bit stuff don't exist anymore?09:58
Amnesiaactually it still does^^09:58
frinnstyeah but "stuff" needs to get its act together and fucking migrate to 64bit already09:58
frinnstits 2014 ffs09:58
Romsterbut in stuff like dosbox?09:58
Romsteri wish frinnst09:58
frinnstme too :)09:58
Romsterheck i was reading that windows has a 128 bit build... or was that read a hoax.09:59
Romsterand hell i doubt we will need anything more than 64bit for a very long time.09:59
Amnesiareversing a 128bit binary would be a pita:P09:59
Romsterand then it will probably be like hdd addressing only using 48 bits and not 64bits.10:00
Romsterwell at least mpv is ok here.10:02
Amnesiaand you recompiled ffmpeg and curl?10:03
joacimi dont get why we still get fresh new 32-bit binaries10:03
Romsterfor compatability with 32 and 64bit lazy devs that don't wanna maintain a 32bit and 64bit build10:04
Romsteror from technically reasons.10:04
Romsteror from technical reasons.10:04
AmnesiaRomster: it's still failing over here..10:05
frinnst <- I need this game in my life10:05
Amnesiampv's still expeting
Amnesiait should be expecting for /usr/lib/ to be present..10:06
AmnesiaI frinnst lol10:06
Amnesiamost likely creating a symlink manually does the job, but that's ugly..10:06
AmnesiaRomster: is present on your box, and if so, have you created it manually?10:09
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Romsterprt-get update -fr rtmpdump curl ffmpeg mpv10:16
Romstershould work.10:16
Romsterldd /usr/bin/mpv |wgetpaste10:17
RomsterYour paste can be seen here: => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fd5bc9e3000)10:18
AmnesiaRomster: I found the issue10:19
Amnesialibquvi had to be recompiled aswell10:19
Amnesiasince that was still relying on the older version10:20
Romsteroh i haven't got that installed.10:20
Amnesiaeverything's all well now, ty!10:21
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Amnesiasorry for the hassle^.^10:28
AmnesiaI've updated wireshark aswell, could you bump that up to 1.10.5?10:30
diverseRomster: the symlinks provided in nvidia's Pkgfile for those files I noted above are not really needed, I don't see how gl-select has to do with it.10:32
Romsteri was thinking of gl-select could deal with switching between libvdpu and nvidia binary.10:38
Romsteras an idea.10:38
diverseah I see10:38
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diverseAmnesia: btw, I heard the wireshark guys are going to port from gtk2 to qt411:36
nogagplzyeah woo, good riddance to gtk11:36
diverseone app down, several more to go11:40
diverseRomster: as much as you hate dealing with c++ and qt, I think you going to see a trend of apps flocking to it.11:50
Romsterbecasue gtk3 is going to crap?11:51
diversepretty much11:51
Romsterwith changing the ABI every release11:51
Romsterwhat's the crap with that?11:51
diverseand limiting choices on UI as well11:51
Romsterthey have had heaps of time to stabalise an API11:52
Romsterdigging there own grave11:52
Amnesiadiverse: lame:(11:53
diverseAmnesia: gtk is not what it use to be, you either stick with gtk2 or move on to others if you wanted to work with a sane and open gui framework.11:54
Amnesiadunno, haven't tried using them yet11:55
Romstersomeone should fork all this stuff and redhat should die.11:56
diverseAmnesia: don't worry about it, I was speaking from a dev point of view.11:56
Romsterredhat put systemd in and crap...11:56
Romsterwhy did linus let that pile of crap in.11:57
Amnesiadiverse: I know11:58
AmnesiaI haven't written anything with one of those frameworks11:58
Amnesiabut it'd mean I'd have to install qt4 solely for wireshark:P11:58
diverseRomster: Linus probably either doesn't give a f*ck or is soley busy on working with the kernel. It's not up to him how Linux ecosystem thrives, it's the community, and if the community gets sucked in to redhat propaganda, then we are screwed.12:00
diverseAmnesia: I some experience with playing with gtk in the D language in the past.12:00
diverse*I had some experience12:01
Romsterdoens't linus have sole rights what gets pulled in and what gets rejected else what the fuck is he even doing?12:01
nogagplzyou mean that kdbus shit?12:02
Romsterthat too.12:02
nogagplzsounds like the time is nigh for you to jump ship to freebds^H^Hsd12:04
diversenogagplz: is that what you are using atm?12:11
frinnstkdbus doesnt need to be a bad thing12:12
frinnstwe already have sysv ipc in the kernel12:13
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juefrinnst: right, but if the userspace part is only available via systemd, it is12:21
nogagplzno diverse12:21
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frinnstjue: yeah unless someone implements a standalone thingy12:33
frinnstgranted, the odds for that happening is probably very high12:33
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nogagplz oh lord13:20
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nwehmm this really sucks.. that I cant connect to our office-network.13:23
diversenogagplz: W...T...F...?13:27
diverseis this seller crazy?13:28
diverse(and he sold 3 already)13:28
diverse(well sold them at ~$2 prices, but still what a price jump)13:29
diversehey Romster, want to buy a usb to ps2 adapter for $1,280?13:31
diversewith a 3 yr warrenty for $180?13:34
Romsterda faq13:35
Romsterwe threw a heap of those out nogagplz13:35
diverse(and who still uses ps/2?)13:36
rauzme i have an old ibm ps/2 keyboard and it is the best i every used/will use13:37
jaegerdiverse, Romster: I'm planning to remove vdpau from the nvidia port, just testing it first13:43
diversejaeger: oh okay, thanks13:43
diversewas wondering why you needed those symlinks13:46
jaegermainly to match up with their recommendations and list of installed libs/files13:47
diversewas wondering why you needed those symlinksbtw, if you want to know why redhat is corrupt read this really long post:
diversebleh, stupid middle click paste.13:50
jaegerI get enough tinfoil hattery outside the linux community already, heh13:51
diversesorry what I meant to say is if anyone is interested in knowing why redhat is corruput look at this link
diversejaeger: well you will see the connections13:54
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diverseand it's not tinfoil -_-13:55
diversebut it does spur up some contreversy13:56
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z3braqt4 compiling14:03
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diversesorry for posting the contreversial link (twice) please ignore it.14:05
diversez3bra: got qt4 to work?14:05
z3brastill compiling14:06
z3braI'll tell you in a day or two I guess14:06
diversehow fast is the cpu and on ssd or hdd?14:06
z3braand I have a fairly recent/powerful cpu14:07
z3bra(AMD A10-5800k, 4 cores)14:07
diverseprobably a good 4 hours then14:07
z3braIf only a lightweight version of mumble could pop out one day...14:08
diversehope for qt5 being lighter14:08
z3braI have absolutely NO HOPE14:08
teK_z3bra: iff you trust Romster, you may use
diverseyou can always trust Romster14:09
z3brayeah I think so14:09
z3brathanks for reminding me14:11
diverseif you are not doing any codegen optimizing, you might as well use the prebuilt ports14:11
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z3braprebuilt ports ?14:12
z3braoh, yeah14:12
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z3braWell, I don't mind compiling my packages14:12
z3braexcpet when it takes >1 hour14:12
diversewhich qt will14:12
z3braBut most of the programes I use compiles in less than 1 minutes14:13
z3brasome I'm fine with that :p14:13
z3braHere's my latest screenshot :
diversenice crux ascii art14:15
z3brathat's a figlet font14:15
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diversealso you are using the same exact kernel as me14:16
diversewhat a coincidence14:16
z3brafunny ^^14:16
z3branvidia drivers I guess ?14:16
diverse*exact kernel version14:16
diverseyou and I are running on the same version14:17
z3brathat"s the latest stable kernel that works well with nvidia drivers14:17
diverseoh really?14:17
z3braI guess14:17
z3bra3.13 is still buggy14:17
z3bra(At least, you need to patch the drivers and everything isn't fully working)14:18
diverseMy laziness saved me14:18
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z3braSomebody here told me this so I just trusted him. I did not want to try :p14:18
diverseusually I don't update kernel version all that often, so I just picked that, since it looked like it was pretty stable14:19
z3brasame for me14:19
diverseso what wm are you running?14:20
diverseit has a nice minimalist feel14:21
z3braIt's a fork of mcwm. It has double borders and many keybord shortcuts to manipulate your windows14:24
diversevery nice14:26
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meisternuHey everyone, I've got a good one. I managed to bork a fresh install so badly that the only way it will boot my system from GRUB2 is if I have a CD in the tray, any CD will do. Without a CD, GRUB2 will load, and when it tries to load the kernel, all I see is a blank screen, and I can not ctrl alt del or anything. Pop in the CD, it boots. This is using the GRUB2-efi port, on an EFI system with btrfs. I've played around with the grub.c16:04
penguinfancan you share the grub2 configuration on pastebin?16:36
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torisotimcowchip, webkit done?21:04
timcowchipthanks for asking21:12
Romsterdiverse, i'm on kernel 3.13.3 and nvidia 331.49 seems ok21:53
Romsterbbl work21:54
jaegerz3bra, diverse: yeah, as Romster said, the latest nvidia update works well with 3.1321:55
jaegerI wonder what happened with meisternu's setup, odd issue21:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.15.522:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.30.622:40
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