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deus_exThis looks like fun
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deus_exit sure sparked a lot of debate on the internetz00:19
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timcowchipI guess I won't try to compile wmbiff with gnutls01:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: remove vdpau overlap, install opt/libvdpau if needed02:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: remove vdpau overlap02:28
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xveehey guys03:53
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tilmani can haz gnutls bugfix?06:14
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nogagplzit's low priority :P06:19
alancioI reported it already to sepen06:29
Romstermore like critical07:11
frinnstpatch or new gnutls release?07:47
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nogagplznew release07:50
timcowchipnew release of what?07:51
Romstergnutls timcowchip07:51
nogagplzhow do you pronounce gnutls07:52
timcowchipRomster: ffmulticonverter & qupzilla07:57
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Romsterwhat about those?07:59
timcowchipjust pushed them to my repo07:59
timcowchipthanks :-)08:02
timcowchip what do you think?08:03
timcowchipthe new version uses python308:09
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timcowchipwhat's happening?08:28
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timcowchipanyway I was going to update ffmulticonverter to use imagemagick and add a port for unoconv08:35
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timcowchipImportError: No module named 'PyQt4'09:15
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nwehas someone setup this for crux ?
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nogagplz8 not looking so hot10:09
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RomsterWindows 90% seriously...12:08
Romstereven with all them servers not running windows out there?12:08
Romsterthose numbers look to skewed.12:09
nogagplzwell you don't have much reason to be angry, seeing as you run beos still12:13
JackLFrostRomster, those are desktop numbers, I'm sure12:13
JackLFrostMobile machines and servers would make that pie dominated by linux12:14
JackLFrostBut on deskops Linux users really are very much a minority12:14
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joacimwindows 8 is doing hotter here12:34
joacimabout 20%12:34
Romsteroh true desktops that graph makes more sense.12:41
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nweRomster: have you setup crda for intel wireless cards?13:33
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z3braprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/gnutls13:57
z3bra=======> ERROR: File '.footprint' is not writable.13:57
z3brashould I ignore the footprint ?13:57
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rmullz3bra: Check the permissions on that file... that shouldn't happen13:58
z3braowned by root I guess13:58
z3braAs the whole port tree13:59
z3braI build my packages à simple user13:59
rmullthen you can't write a root-owned file13:59
z3brayeah sure13:59
z3brathat's why I'm asking if it's safe to ignore the footprint14:00
rmullif it's writing a .footprint, it's not checking it. It's creating it.14:00
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z3braI get a footprint mismatch on gnutls14:01
z3braSo I tried with -uf14:01
z3braAnd obviously, it refuses to write anything to the .footprint14:01
rmullRight, so it tried to replace the old one with your update, but you're not root, so it can't14:01
rmullwhether or not you should ignore the mismatch is up to you. I don't know what the mismatch is, you didn't share it.14:01
z3brayeah, so should I build the package as root, or ignore the footprint ?14:02
rmullYou shouldn't ignore the footprint, ever. Do you mean ignore the mismatch?14:02
z3bra=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:14:03
z3braNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/crywrap14:03
z3bra=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/build/gnutls#3.2.12-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:03
z3bra-- Packages where update failed14:03
z3braI got this14:03
frinnstyeah i saw that too14:03
z3braWhat did you do ?14:03
rmullwhat provides that? prt-get fsearch crywrap14:03
frinnst"new" are not really an error.14:03
frinnsti have ignore new in my pkgmk.conf14:03
z3braOh, you can ignore that ?14:04
frinnstCryWrap - Simple TCP/IP service encryption using TLS/SSL14:04
z3braI'll do that. Will that file be tracked by the package manager ?14:05
z3braEven if ignored ?14:05
z3braThat's fine then, I'll do that14:05
frinnstfootprint is just a verification thingy14:05
z3braI though it was used to fill up /var/lib/pkg/db14:05
frinnstno, it just lists the files that are expected to be in the pkg14:06
frinnstif something is missing, the build might be fucked (or the maintainer fucked up)14:07
frinnstif something is new it probably just mean that you have some other lib that the port links to/uses to add additional functions14:07
frinnstas a rule, NEW is safe, MISSING requires your attention14:08
z3braso that's fine. thank you for the infos :)14:08
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jueoops, that's my fault, forgot to install libidn15:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnutls: fix footprint15:43
z3bragud gud16:01
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tilmanthat's what it says?18:25
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diverselooks like a vim support sponser of some kind, it's just basically telling you to use vim (which I already do)18:29
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diverseit's not all that interesting18:30
tilmanit's poking fun at atom18:30
tilmanand that's all18:30
tilmangithub's chrome(?)-based editor18:31
diverseoh18:31 I should register joacim.sexy18:49
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diversejoacim: be careful, you might give Romster ideas :)21:57
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