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Romstersigh work work and more work later.01:51
drijeneyah me too01:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 30201:56
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timcowchipjumanji and girara02:27
timcowchipnot the movie, the browser02:30
timcowchipits not that new02:34
drijeni know, just saying02:34
jaegerI'd be happy if anyone would just make one that adheres to the standards02:34
drijenhello jaeger02:34
drijenlong time02:35
prologicproblem is the standards are ambitious at best02:35
prologicor at least some of them or some parts of them are02:35
timcowchipjaeger: which browser comes closest?02:35
prologicso they are interpretered diferently02:35
prologiccommon problem in software development02:35
jaegerDon't know the answer to that, honestly. I haven't really kept up with them02:35
drijenjaeger: i'd like to alter your statement to be: "adheres to standards, and ignores DRM"02:36
jaegerHell, it would even be ok if they didn't adhere to the standards 100% if they were at least consistent... but every one is slightly different02:36
jaegerthey only thing they all do well is leak RAM02:36
prologicand that's because they all compete with each other02:36
prologiccompetition, profit, greed02:36
prologicbeing the no.1 browser, etc02:36
timcowchipthats what Russia stands for02:37
jaegerIn most cases I'm fine with competition... it's usually a good thing. It hasn't improved the browser space much, though02:37
prologicno, it hasn't02:37
prologicand one aspect of that I think which hargely affects this apsce02:37
prologicis the non-agreement on a specifictaion02:37
prologicthere are standards for HTML, CSS, ECMAScript (JavaScript) etc02:38
prologicbut there is no specification for implementers to adhere to02:38
prologice.g: there is no JS bytecode02:38
prologicso every JS implantation on every browser is different02:38
prologicspider monkey, v8, (whatever MS's is called), etc, etc02:38
prologicand they all behave differently02:38
prologicunlike say Python which has a specification and many many implementations on various platforms (PyPy, CPython, JYthon, IronPython, StacklessPython, et,c etc) behave the same way for the "core language" with the only differences between special cases02:39
prologiclike running atop the KVM (Jython) or the CLI (IronPython)02:39
prologicBut JS doesn't have this02:39
jaegerspeaking of python, another thing I ran into this week at work: a python 2.4 install that came with some stimulus software on windows... using popen to execute a python 2.6 executable for another python script02:45
jaegerI get that they needed to install some extra modules like matplotlib, six, numpy, etc., but I'd have used the 2.6 install for all of it at that point and left the 2.4 alone02:50
prologickinda silly way of doing it really02:52
prologicpython 2.4 -> popen (fork a new process) -> run python 2.6 -> run some 2.6 code02:52
prologicblah :)02:52
jaegerIt works in this case because all they use it for is to drive matplotlib and graph some data from a piece of hardware02:53
jaegerif they were doing anything more complicated who knows what kind of issues they might hit between versions02:53
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prologicwell it's not like it's very hard to port 2.4 code to 2.602:55
jaegerThe guy who wrote it is gone now, they're not really programmers02:56
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jaegerso I didn't try to explain any of that to them02:56
jaegerJust got it working02:56
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diverseprologic: how hard would it be to port 2.x code to 3.x?07:23
prologicnot difficult at all really07:53
prologicThere are two ways to do it07:53
prologicPort 2.x to 3.x code07:53
prologicor use a compatibility layer07:54
prologicI use the later approach in circuits07:54
prologicusing a customized six modules I keep the circuits code base07:54
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frinnstsounds like a wonderful time09:45
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Amnesiadxtr: http://rms.sexy13:38
dxtrAmnesia: Finally!13:39
dxtrHow can he possibly code with that tiny screen?13:39
jaegerwhen can we register .notsexy? :)13:44
dxtrjaeger: go ahead13:45
jaegerhaha, nice, I had no idea13:46
dxtrI think the application costs $50k13:47
jaegercertainly more than I'd be willing to pay for a joke :P13:48
dxtrI'd be willing to donate $1013:48
dxtrBut other than the application costs there are more requirements13:49
dxtrNo criminal history, DNS stability, etc. etc.13:50
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dxtr"Google has filed for 101 new gTLD strings, Amazon comes 2nd with 76 strings, and Microsoft has filed for 11"13:52
frinnstwhen was .sexy approved?13:58
frinnsti like \o/13:58
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diversewow, an "rms" version, just wow...14:47
diversedxtr: he uses emacs, he probably figured out how to get the most real estate space on his screen14:48
jaegerno frivolous window decorations, just xorg-xf86-video-emacs14:48
diversehe only uses xorg to breifly look at pictures -_-14:49
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dxtrI heard he only looks at rms.sexy15:25
joacimI should make one for my old 10-speed too. To go with joacim.sexy15:28
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frinnstDomain Name: is.sexy15:46
frinnst>>> This name is not available for registration:15:46
frinnstthat domain would have been worth a lot15:47
diversehow about
diversefrinnst: get it now, so you can make millions15:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: stunnel: fix source URL17:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] php: upate to 5.5.1017:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fcgi: update to 5.5.1017:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fpm: update to 5.5.1017:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-mysql: update to 5.5.1017:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.5.1017:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_php: update to 5.5.1017:05
diverse(eww php)17:06
diversethough, thanks for updating17:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libcap: update to 2.2417:10
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timcowchip../corelib/netinterface_unix.cpp: In function 'QList<UnixIface> get_sioc_ifaces()':20:47
timcowchip../corelib/netinterface_unix.cpp:134:15: error: 'close' was not declared in this scope20:47
timcowchipprt-get depinst psi-im20:48
pitillotimcowchip: have you tried 0.15?21:03
timcowchipI'm trying to modify sepen's Pkgfile for 0.15 now21:05
timcowchiphaving some trouble though, might go another way21:05
timcowchiplike mcabber21:06
timcowchipI see Shin has a newer version of quassel than mine21:07
timcowchipthink I'll pull mine21:09
timcowchipthen there's always gay jim21:11
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frinnsti never understand what timcowchip is talking about22:35
joacimwho is gay jim?22:37
jaegergajim, perhaps?22:37
pitillo=======> Building '/mnt/pkg_cb1/psi-im#0.15-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.23:11
DaViruznogagplz: the item location seems like a problem presently ;)23:14
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nogagplzDaViruz: rather than selling it maybe they should use it on the russians :P23:31
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