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timcowchipno more jumanji? :-(01:54
timcowchipwe have jumanji :-D02:00
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frinnstFeigrim: kass isp? :D09:58
Feigrimdom har kass VPN-tjänst09:59
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diverseI'm getting missing files from gdk-pixbuf11:59
diverse(and I did revdep)11:59
diverseRomster: speaking of which, are you going to add revdep to pkgutils?12:08
prologicno please don't12:14
prologicit's not a core package/port utility12:14
prologicit's a simple bash script -- always been part of port-utils12:14
prologicIt's a rather expensive operation in the first place12:15
prologicand probably why it's a bash script and likely to remain so12:15
diversealright, but the tool itself is quite the necessity when crap happens. It's a shame it's not installed by default.12:17
prologicwell it's as I said12:17
prologicit's just a bash script12:17
prologicpkgutils is actually a C application12:17
prologicplus one bash script pkgmk12:18
prologicI think revdep and others fit better in a utilities package/port12:18
prologicprt-utils :)12:18
prologicthe only way to make this whole oeprator better and faster12:19
prologicwould be for say prt-get to when building/updating ports12:19
prologicto before hand setup real-time watching on /lib and /usr/lib12:19
prologicfor changes in any libraries potentially causes breakages12:20
prologicusing the linux inotify real time file system watching api(s)12:20
prologicif a library changes that another depends on and causes mismatches or missing libraires prt-get could detect this12:20
prologicthis is not trivial to implement12:20
alancioit could also be done by using aufs or similar12:25
alanciothe new libraries are tested in an overlapping filesystem, if there is no problem, they are moved to the real one12:26
alanciothat way you can prevent the breakage12:26
alancioor you can go ahead and then fix it immediately12:28
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prologicyeah I think it would be less trivla to implement such a detection system over a uniion file system though12:32
prologiceasier ihmo to watch the file system for changes12:32
prologicand only perform ldd checks on what changes because of builds/updates12:32
prologicwhich would be a much smaller subset than checking the entire system12:32
prologicwhich is what revdep does12:32
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SenthilGuys, what should i type to get into single user mode in crux os. linux single is not working at lilo prompt12:49
prologicinit 112:51
prologicafaik the only difference is services are turned off12:51
prologicand agetty processes are killed12:52
prologicand you're put into /bin/bash12:52
prologicstandard sysvinit stuff12:52
teK_check out /etc/rc.single..12:52
prologictbh single-user linux doesn't make a lot of sense anyway12:52
prologicbut *meh* :)12:52
Senthilit says no such boot image, press tab options12:53
SenthilThanks prologic12:53
prologicno such boot image?12:54
prologicdid you lilo/grub the system properly?12:55
prologicnb I used lilo/grub as verbs :)12:55
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alancioprologic: Check this:
prologicalancio, very interesting :)13:51
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nogagplzah it's too bad australia doesn't have critters like that, snakes got them all14:02
frinnstwell you have dropbears14:19
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diverseFrom wikipedia: "Various methods suggested to deter drop bear attacks include placing forks in the hair, having Vegemite or toothpaste spread behind the ears or in the armpits, urinating on yourself, and only speaking English in an Australian accent."14:23
diverseokay, wow...14:23
diverseI think I can sympathize why nogagplz would want squirrels14:24
diverserather than drop bears14:25
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diverseoh... they are fake, damn you frinnst14:29
frinnsthow did you not notice? :D14:30
diverseskimmed it14:31
diverseand to give me credit, I never heard of that folklore to begin with14:34
diversefrinnst: but still, well played14:43
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diversewow, people have too much free time on their hands to make a comic about the images of oddly shaped vegetables that were posted on imgur beforehand15:22
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joacim-I was 1 meter away from a young moose once16:41
joacim-that was kinda scary16:41
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