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diversehey siruf, can you keep your connection stable?00:25
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nogagplzmind your own business00:30
nogagplzhe might enjoy the constant interruptions00:30
diverseWell I am sure no one would mind me "constantly interrupt" him if that's the case, starting now:00:34
diversesiruf: fix your connection00:34
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joacimnot much one could do about it01:18
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Romsterother than ban him or ask a staffer to k-line until he fixed his connection01:33
jaegerdo you see the messages if you /ignore him?01:37
JackLFrostDEpends on the client and the ignore settings01:41
JackLFrostirssi ignores * from a nick by default.01:41
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JackLFrostWhich includes all types of messages. I'd imagine most clients do the same.01:41
Romstersome only ignore the text and not the join/part/quit02:01
Romsterbbl work02:01
jaegerSorry, I guess I should have phrased that as a suggestion rather than a question02:01
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xveeis crux 3.1 near completion?03:28
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jaegerseems to be getting close03:30
xveeim going to install crux on a computer of mine. would it be better to wait for 3.1, or, grab 3.0 and upgrade later?03:31
jaegerup to you, really. both would work03:32
xveeis 3.1 available for download?03:32
jaegernot yet03:33
jaegerI'm working on the first test ISO, though03:33
xveeoh sweet03:34
xveejaeger i have a question for you. why can i boot the regular iso off a usb, but not your updated one03:34
jaegerno idea... I use it from usb frequently03:35
xveedo you set it up with linux or windows? im trying to get it from a windows machine atm03:35
jaegerwhat do you mean by set it up? you mean when writing the image to the USB device?03:36
jaegerI use dd in linux for that03:36
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xveeyes i mean writing it. hrm. using windows isn't as easy.03:36
jaegertry physdiskwrite, perhaps03:36
xveeill give it a shot. i was using unetbootin and linux live usb creator, neither of which play nice03:37
jaegerJust be careful, physdiskwrite itself doesn't have a friendly gui03:41
jaegerthough there's probably one out there for it03:41
xveewell, lets give it a shot03:50
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diversejaeger: what's different in 3.1?05:57
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diverseinb4 "xvee: hi everyone"07:44
xveei've already said hello today07:44
diverseyou say it everytime07:44
xveeevery time i get on for the first time07:45
xveeat least i think so07:45
xveeanyway, how are you diverse ?07:45
diversedoing good, how about you?07:45
xveenot too bad. had a midterm today and i did really well on it, except i didn't get much sleep07:47
diversean all nighter's cramming?07:47
xveewhat have you been up to?07:49
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diverseWell I have been studying the Rust language as it's still evolving, although I'm taking a break from it for a while, because there is many changes/improvements that they are planning to do in parallel of it's development it becomes hard to follow unless you are part of the core development.07:51
xveethat sound like fun :]07:52
diversethe people from #rust on mozilla's server are very friendly and you can learn a lot from them (especially comp sci concepts)07:53
xveehow many languages do you know?07:53
xveeprogramming languages that is07:53
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diverseC, Java, (D but I don't count that since it's just a Java clone without a VM), and Rust, so far.07:54
xveethats pretty awesome07:56
xveei wish i had picked up a few languages before coming to this university07:57
xveenow i dont have time and i would really like to learn07:57
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diversexvee: really, you don't have any time (especially time to come on here and chat)?08:06
xveei usually just get on, say hi, and continue with my essays08:07
xveeif i invest in something, i like to truly invest. i dont like doing it a little bit at a doesn't work well for me08:08
diversehmm, if you want to learn programming that bad and have time for it, take a basic programming or intro to comp sci class.08:11
diverseactually learning some comp sci theory would also be good for you08:11
xveei was going to do that actually08:12
xveemy last semester will only be 9 units, which leaves room for an elective.08:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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rauzanyone problems with firefox and the flashplugin ?17:46
TLHrauz: still building18:01
TLHwill let u know when it is finished18:02
rauzok thanks18:03
frinnstnot I, what issue are you seeing?18:20
frinnstgoogle chrome - now without gtk18:21
tilmannetcraft confirmed: gtk is dying18:21
rauzfrinnst: every flash video is only black square, i can hear the sound from the flash video but see only black18:22
frinnstyeah, that confirms flash is working ;)18:23
rauzhaha :D18:24
frinnstsorry, not sure about that one. you could ldd the .so file and see if something is missing18:24
frinnsti've seen "black" videos too, but thats usually because the flashplayer is ancient18:24
frinnstbut not every video18:25
frinnstyoutube too?18:25
rauzevery flash video is only black no controll or anything but when you have luck you hit the play control of the video and then you hear the sound18:26
rauzah what the frack i dont need flash18:30
frinnstthats the spirit!18:31
joacimremoved flash from my laptop. got an hour more out of its battery18:44
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