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renovaat1otying to depinst kde4-baseapps, and I get this :
renovaat1ois it me (pretty sure it is) or is it a bug?03:41
renovaat1oalso, hi people03:41
jaegerno idea there, sorry. I have't used KDE in a long time03:42
prologicme neither03:45
prologicask the #kde guys03:45
jaegermaybe some missing lucene package or something but that's a guess03:47
renovaat1oit was clucene03:50
renovaat1ois Alan Mizrahi here ?03:52
renovaat1osent hi an email03:55
renovaat1oit is building now03:55
jaegergood deal03:56
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renovaat1odo you guys have a bugtracker of some sort03:57
xveequick question. i've noticed that the net drops out quite frequently for no reason for about 10 seconds, then comes back on. it does this every 10 minutes or so, and its not my router thats causing it. any idea on how to fix this?03:58
renovaat1oxvee: lan or wireless ?03:59
xveeive tried rebuilding wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd04:08
jaegerDo you see any log messages when it happens aside from renegotiation? Is someone turning on a microwave nearby every 10 minutes? :)04:10
renovaat1oxvee: are using the kernel driver?04:11
jaegerDoes it happen on another wireless network?04:11
xveeum..when the computer was on gentoo, it didn't have this problem04:21
xveeand i dont have access to another network for me to try. it works fine when wired04:21
xveeyes, im using the kernel driver04:21
renovaat1oxvee: might wanna try the manufacturer's driver04:25
xveenever had issues with the ath9k driver before, but ill look into it!04:28
jaegerath9k is pretty solid, yeah04:29
xveewhich is why im sort of confused as to what to do04:29
jaegerI'd suggest narrowing down the problem. Figure out if it's your machine or something else, etc. - try it at work or school or something, see if it happens there. Maybe try the same kernel as the gentoo system04:30
xveethought it was a wpa_supplicant thing. maybe ill rebuild it from an older version04:30
jaegeralso make sure you're not calling dhcpcd in your net rc script04:31
jaegerwpa_supplicant should handle that04:31
xveeill play around with the school network tomorrow. thanks for the suggestion04:32
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xveehow have you been jaeger?04:41
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nwexcee about your problem with your wireless network.. check your dmes and see if you find something about updating  regulatory updates domains set TO (your country code) I had this problem with my computer I got from works and it using intel iwlwifi driver. have i built crda and a wireless-regdb (database) for CRDA...05:55
diverseI don't know how to feel about Google doing their own gui toolkit stack with Aura...06:40
diverseBut it's good to see migration from gtk at least.06:41
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timcowchipa file on my new salix installation07:05
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diversepft, all that article does is create unnecessary expension. He is not going for systemd at all, ever, it's quite clear.09:14
nwehey, has someone got ctrl+alt+l shortcut to work in pekwm to lock screen?09:16
diverseyou probably need a screensaver lock utility like slock to run on that shortcut09:17
nwediverse: I using xscreensaver --lock09:18
diversedoes it work when running it on the terminal?09:20
nweI have add this in my ~/.pekwm/keys KeyPress ="Ctrl l " = { ACtions= Exec xscreensaver --lock" }09:21
diverseis that a copy and paste or did you type that in?09:22
nweI copy and paste from a row thats working..09:23
diversetry this: KeyPress ="Ctrl l" { Actions= Exec xscreensaver --lock" }09:25
diversewhoops, let me correct that again:09:27
diverseKeyPress = "Ctrl l" { Actions = "Exec xscreensaver --lock" }09:28
diversenwe: basically you had forgot a quotation infront of Exec, you didn't need the extra equal sign between "Ctrl l" and {09:31
diverseand I also cleaned up the way you wrote it09:31
frinnstslock <309:32
nwediverse: try that you wrote and it still doesnt work09:33
diversenwe: did you refresh pekwm? I am sure it's one the menu items09:34
nwediverse: yup I have restart it.09:45
nweit didn't work :/ right now I lock my screen from the menu..09:46
diversetry adding the "&" at the end of the string of the execution09:49
diverselike "Exec xscreensaver --lock &"09:49
diversemaybe it needs backgrounding09:49
diverseif that doesn't work, ask Romster09:50
frinnstor install slock09:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] mutt: update to 1.5.2310:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.4810:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unbound: update to 1.4.2210:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.1010:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.6210:58
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: update to 1.7.411:00
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diverseGeeks shall inherit properties and methods of object earth, huh? So that means I can create another planet, ahem I mean object, through inheritance?13:03
frinnstyay for install sanitychecks with pfsense13:53
frinnstwiped its own installer with quicksetup13:54
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nwe has someone got iw reg set <country> to work?18:00
nweI trying to set it to SE but is still DFS-UNSET18:00
jaegernever tried it, sorry18:02
jaegerwhat does that do for you?18:02
nweIt looks like I need it on our wireless network at work.. I got randomly disconnected, and it says failed to update regulator domain..18:04
nweI have installed crda18:15
nwebut It looks like I have miss something..18:15
nwejaeger: any idea?18:18
jaegerI know nothing about the regulatory domain stuff, sorry... any log errors when you try to set it?18:24
jaeger <-- have you already checked here?18:25
nwenope I dont get any errors.. yeah I have already look there..18:28
jaegerhave you tried debugging with udevadm like they suggest?18:28
nweI wondering if doesnt matter if I have the modules built in the kernel or as modules.. nope I havnt18:29
nweyay now I got it to work D:18:35
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jaegerWhat was the trick?18:36
nweI change it from built in to kernel modules18:36
jaegerhow odd18:36
nweI will try to add it again to the kernel, and see18:36
nwejaeger: now I have rebuilt my kernel with the stuff into the kernel, then it doesnt work :(18:41
jaegervery odd indeed18:41
nwenow will I reboot again and check when I have them as modules instead..18:42
nweyupp and now it works again18:43
jaegerwell, good to know18:44
nwejaeger: how do you update your system prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinstalled) ?18:49
jaegerI usually use prt-get sysup18:50
jaegerif you need to *force* a rebuild of everything, though, you can do it that way18:50
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nwejaeger: ty :D18:56
jaegersame thing, modules vs. builtin18:57
jaegerThe bug is marked RESOLVED DOCUMENTED but it doesn't say where18:58
jaegermaybe in /usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/Documentation18:58
nwejaeger: I using kernel 3.1318:59
nwejaeger: thanks anyway :D19:00
timcowchipdoes ~/.dmrc work for slim?19:00
jaegernwe: just pointing it out because it seems like the same issue19:00
jaegertimcowchip: I think it just uses .xinitrc but never tried dmrc19:01
nwejaeger: yeah19:01
nweI tried ubuntu but I didn't like thats why I start to build crda and that stuff for crux.19:01
nwejaeger: do you know if xdm using xinitrc after you have login?19:02
jaegerno idea there, haven't used xdm19:02
timcowchipslim uses ~/.xinitrc to pick an xsession from /usr/share/xsessions19:03
timcowchipwith "exec $1" in ~/.xinitrc19:04
timcowchipI'm just being lazy :)19:05
timcowchiplightdm uses ~/.dmrc19:06
timcowchipbut lightdm also uses systemD19:06
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diversetimcowchip: can't you just live with startx?19:12
timcowchipI use wmfs2, razor-qt, and enlightenment19:13
timcowchipbecuase I maintenment ports for each of them19:13
timcowchipits hard to switch desktops without rebooting using startx19:15
diversewell there is a way to do it in .xinitrc, but it requires shell magic19:15
joacimyou dont need to reboot to use startx19:16
timcowchipthere used to be a debian distro called livarp that had a desktop switching script for startx19:17
joacimusing a login manager is nice tho19:17
diversejoacim: what he means is to be able to log out and change desktop environments19:17
diversewithout fuss19:17
jaegeryou could write some shell aliases that edit .xinitrc or something19:17
jaegeror just use a DM, I guess19:17
syncnpretty neat timcowchip19:36
syncni also insist on using startx and would like to put this file to use19:36
timcowchipyes it use a bunch of startup scripts for other wm's19:37
timcowchipplease feel free to use it19:37
z3brahere is my xinitrc19:37
z3braI use a function named "wm ()" to choose which wm to start19:38
z3bra(hi btw ^^)19:38
z3braif I want to change my current wm, I just "kill `pidof <curwm>`; new wm &"19:38
z3bra<newwm> &19:38
z3braThe important part is NOT TO KILL XCLOCK19:39
syncn"girl just wanna have fun" .. lol19:39
z3braotherwise, I can just "xinit <wmname> -- :1" to start a new wm in a new X server without loosing the current one19:40
syncnnow thats slick19:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lighttpd: 1.4.33 -> 1.4.35 [fixes a SQL injection bug]19:40
z3brasyncn, yeah, that's for xantfarm, which is pretty useless19:40
z3brabut really cool :p19:40
syncni meant the to X sessions at once19:40
syncnbut i did lol at the girls wanna have ufn19:41
syncnand two*19:41
z3bra^ xantfarm in action19:41
syncnnever seen anything like that19:43
syncn"writes and compile source code for food"19:44
syncnthats goood19:44
z3braglad you like it ^^19:45
syncnwhats this bar tool19:45
syncnlike a text ticker?19:46
syncnlove the bg in the shot - the lego19:46
z3brawhich bar ?19:46
z3braoh, you mean from my last post ?19:46
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z3braIt's a program called 'bar'19:47
z3braIt's pretty much like dzen2, with less features19:47
syncnyea i see the descrip now19:47
z3braIt's only purpose is todisplay text at the top/bottom of the screen19:47
z3braIt's prettu lightweight, and written with xcb19:48
syncnsometimes i get so lost down the rabbit hole i foget why i started. a text ticker always going across the top of the screen with my current task/goal is an imaginary solution i have to this.19:48
z3brathat could be easily done :D19:48
z3bra(cat ~/.reminder; sleep 5) | bar19:49
syncni like it19:49
z3braecho "Call Bob to tell him about his passphrase" > ~/.reminder19:49
z3braThat's a nice application I never tough of19:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: go: Don't strip19:50
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z3bra^the wallpaper19:51
syncnwhat is it that is displaying your git stuff19:51
syncnyou get that from somewhere or write it19:51
z3brait's cgit19:51
z3brait's a simple webgit written un C using CGI19:52
z3braextremely easy to configure19:52
syncni remember lovin that motherfuckingwebsite post on HN a while back19:53
syncnalright iv finished raping your site19:54
syncnback to work ha19:54
z3brafeel free to comeback ^^19:54
syncnyea i will gonna play with bar tonight19:54
z3brait's fun19:54
syncnsee if i can tick my way to success19:55
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diversez3bra: you do have a nice list of applications shown on this blog article:
diverseI do want to make some comments about it though (just cosmetic ones)20:16
z3brathank you :)20:17
z3braThere is no comment system on my blog, as it's plain old HTML20:17
z3brabut you can still send me a mail !20:17
diverseIt's fine, I like communicating directly this way.20:17
z3brafair enough ;)20:17
diverseLet's get to the first one:20:18
diverseI think the comment "TLDR; dumbass, don't lurk on blogs if you can't read!" is not needed there. It seems kind of harsh to say to those who are interesting in reading. If people want to be ignorant, that's their problem, not yours. So I feel like taking that away will make your article more inviting, even if just a little.20:21
diverseWould you agree?20:22
z3brayeah probably20:22
z3braIt was late and I found it funny20:22
z3braBut you're probably right after all ^^'20:22
diverseThank you, and I sure no one would like to be thinked of as an "idiot," so here come my next comment:20:24
joacimI suspect this one will be long20:26
joacima comment that long on irc will end up being cropped20:26
z3braif over 512 char exactly20:27
z3braor maybe it's 512 with command name..20:27
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diverseit's not long, I just put extra thought into what I am saying. Quality > quantity. Now back to what I am going to say:20:27
z3braplease, go on ^^20:28
diverseFor your fcount application, I wouldn't say it's "REALLY DUMB" as that's too negative. Rather it seems to serve as a niche to scratch an itch. (wow that rhymed) So rather than being "really dumb" it should be noted as being "very niche" as that seems more accurate and gives the reader a better understand of it's purpose and why you wrote it.20:31
syncnyeah man agreed20:32
diverse*better understanding20:32
joacimI think it is fine20:32
z3brayeah that's correct. But this mistake is more a lack of vocabulary in english that something else20:33
z3bratoday I learnt the word 'niche'20:34
z3brathanks for that :)20:34
joacimIf I were to make you write it in a way that was inoffensive to me, I'd make you write "stupid" instead of "dumb".20:34
diversez3bra: I'm here to try to make it better. No problem with the word "niche" as it will become very useful for many things.20:35
joacimI feel dumb is connected to your ability to express yourself20:35
joacimas in mute20:35
z3brathe fact is that within another community of unix enthusiasts, we use the word "dumb" to talk about tools that do one only thing, in a very simple way20:35
z3braI just adopted that expression20:36
joacimso I sometimes feel saying dumb is a dumb thing to say20:36
z3braI'm not sure to totally get the meaning of 'niche' though20:36
jaegerI refer to non-managed networking equipment as "dumb"20:36
jaegersuch as switches without management interfaces20:36
z3brayeah, so it's a bad word20:37
jaegerdepends on the context20:37
jaegerit can also refer to someone who can't speak20:37
jaegerThis is one of the reasons I hate english, heh. Too many words with multiple meanings and too many words for the same things, etc.20:38
z3brahere, I guess it says "Can serve on a single purpose"20:38
z3brajaeger, other languages are the same20:38
z3braparticularly french :p20:38
jaegerfair enough20:38
joacimI think your blog-post is fine the way it is. =)20:38
diversez3bra: just so you know, "niche" is usually refered to things that are more specialized and are aimed a very narrow audiences20:39
diverse*aimed at20:39
syncnthe offensive/language aspects aside - i thought the "real dumb" encouraged me to post my "real dumb" scripts/tools. i havent cuz i dont have confidence they will be useful for anybody but me, but his post made me reconsider.20:40
joacimjaeger: I think most uses of dumb are connected to mute. like a switch without a management interface.20:40
z3brasyncn, that's an interesting thing you said20:40
jaegerjoacim: I'd never have used mute in that context20:41
z3brathat make me consider leaving 'REALLY DUMB' as it is20:41
joacimI didn't mean one could use mute20:41
joacimjust that many uses of dumb implies lack of or poor communication.20:42
joacimof some sort20:42
jaegerwell, I mean it's not exactly a bidirectional meaning. dumb can mean mute but to me dumb is a synonum for mute, not the other way around20:42
jaegersee? English sucks. :P20:43
z3braI think I'll leave my sentence like this, as it's an expression I use quite often to talk about software, and I might (read: "will") use it again20:45
joacimI just see the connection a lot of the time. Sometimes not, like with dumb modems and phones.20:45
z3braThank you a lot for the feedback guys :)20:47
diverseMy point was, it seems like calling your works "dumb" just seems too harsh on yourself. I will let it go, because you infer it as a different meaning and English is quite a weird language, because of several inconsistent idioms and phrases that don't matches the context20:47
z3braand girls (?)20:47
z3braYeah, I'm not ashamed of that piece of software (If you can call it so)20:48
z3braI use it EVERYDAY20:48
syncniv never met a crux girl :(20:48
z3braso I'm loving it :)20:48
diversez3bra: how ever I am not done yet. You appear to also have some spelling errors, buwahahahah >:D20:48
z3brayeah that's a fact :p20:49
diverse"I'll avoid mentionning server administration tools, because that's too specific."  mentionning => mentioning (remove the extra 'n')20:51
diverseoh yeah, you also did the same in all of your other `mentionning's` fix those too.20:52
joacimI don't know how to pronounce stuff sometimes. I sometimes find people who make a big deal out of people pronouncing herb with an audible h.20:52
joacimIt is the only way I'm comfortable with saying it20:53
z3bra diverse yeah I searched for other occurences, just in case ^^20:53
z3brajoacim, in France, we don't have this problem20:54
z3braWe just need people to do errors often enough, and then the french academy add a rule for that20:54
z3brafor example 'The beans' -> 'Les haricots'20:54
z3brain french, you pronounce the 's' between two words, just like in 'is upset' -> 'izupset'20:55
z3brabut with a 'h' you have to forget about that s. but people made the mistake so often that now, it's correct20:56
diversez3bra: "Their main job is to give access to multiple terminal within on PHYSICAL terminal." => "Their main job is to give access to multiple terminals within a PHYSICAL terminal."20:56
z3braah, typo20:57
diversebasically replaced "on" with "a" and added a plural for "multiple terminals"20:57
joacimIn norwegian you're supposed to pronounce skj, sj, and kj differently, but so many kids can't do it anymore so everything just sounds like skj now20:58
z3braeverytime you learn a language, you find it difficult21:00
diversez3bra: you also forget to add the "s" at the end of "terminal" which comes right after "multiple" in order to make it plural, because the point of tmux/screen is to have lots of terminals, with the plural.21:00
z3brabut in fact, even if it's your native language you can't use it right :p21:00
z3bradiverse, yeah I noticed21:01
z3braI changed it too21:01
diversethanks, alright, I am still checking, so far so good.21:01
z3brathank you for your time21:02
z3bra(and help of course)21:03
syncndiverse: me next?21:03
*** lasso has joined #crux21:03
z3brayou got a blog ?21:04
diversesyncn: for grammar checking? Sure, however I am very tired at the moment. I need to pass out soon.21:04
syncncompletely kidding - seemed like you're offering great services21:05
z3brahe is21:05
diverseThanks guys, I do what I can to help.21:06
z3brabtw, do you know of a Pkgfile for installing ONLY libcups ?21:07
z3braand not the whole server ?21:07
syncnnot i21:08
syncnz3bra: whats your position on systemd?21:08
z3braI don't like it21:08
diversez3bra: ask jue to make one, since he is the maintainer of the cups port21:09
z3brayeah, I just wanted to know if that was already done somewhere21:09
z3brait works, and solve many issues that other init systems have21:09
diverseif it's not in portdb, not likely21:09
z3braAlso, it adds coherence to the whole system as it's having more and more feature21:10
z3braBut, that's just a boring software21:10
z3braHUGE, with a thousand dependencies. It tries to do everything at the same time21:11
z3braNo more place for tiny software21:11
z3braNo more place for CHOICE21:11
z3braand thus, for freedom21:11
z3brasystemd is working, and does its job21:12
z3braBut that's not what I want from a linux software21:12
syncnyea i mean i use it on my archs but love the do 1 thing and do it right, write it for input to other applications21:12
syncnand seems to me that systemd is crossing that line21:13
z3brayeah, it's absolutely not engaged in that way of doing things21:13
diversesystemd does a lot obfuscate Linux systems, by only mostly having binary-only boot scripts, binary-only log which are human-unreadable, while also acting as middleware to take over the system. If there was a bug in systemd, you can't fix it right away unlike shell scripts, until the fix that been made.21:14
diverseand really if you wanted parallel booting, there has been init systems that existed way before systemd came into being, like "runit" and "s6"21:15
syncnnews to me21:15
diverseand those give you more control to with the supervision capability21:15
z3brai'd like to test sinit21:15
syncnsinit == s6?21:16
z3brait looks fun21:16
z3brano it's different21:16
diverseSo really, systemd is just Redhat propaganda for the sake of being propaganda, it doesn't do anything all that new and it's engineered to obfuscate Linux which goes against Linux origins and enthusiasts21:18
syncndiverse: im with you. but all the conforming forces me to double check myself21:18
syncnlike maybe i have the wrong idea21:19
syncncuz i dont have my own distro, but the guys who do are making the switch21:19
diversewell if you go on IgnorantGuru's blog (the author the spacefm file manager) you can learn a lot about what's happening behind seens and you will see a lot of connections between what Redhat and Gnome are doing. This way you will be more informed. And really, just because everyone decides to jump off a cliff does that mean you have to as well? After all it's you choice if you want systemd or not, but it seems21:22
diverseyou don't really want it.21:22
diversethe jumping off the cliff is probably a bad way to phrase. The most important thing is choice and whenever you want to use systemd or not is up to you. Freedom of choice is the Linux way.21:24
syncnglad you said that - was trying to fight my way out of that one haha21:24
diverseThe problem with systemd is that it doesn't support choice, but it's your choice if you want to use it.21:25
z3bra"why would you want to use something else? it's perfect!"21:26
syncnyes, agreed. im more interested in they whY than the personal choice21:26
diverseWell, it's pretty much about personal choice, you have to decide what's best for you. "Have it your way" --Burger King21:28
z3brafine quote :p21:29
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timcowchipCollection  Name          Port     Installed21:31
timcowchipopt         spidermonkey  1.8.5-2  17.0.0-121:31
diverseWell guys I going to get some rest. Sorry z3bra I couldn't finish quality checking, I was distracted. I'd say it's pretty good now and I am glad you removed that first thing.21:33
diversesyncn: try to do the research, learn what's best for you.21:34
diversealright, peace out.21:34
syncnwill do , later21:34
syncngood talk21:34
z3braThat's really nice of you already :)21:34
z3braHave a good night !21:35
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dennisfileDoes anyone know how to compile an Ada program on CRUX? (Hopefully, this is the right place to ask)23:57

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