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timcowchipsrc/import/k9avidecode.h:17:34: fatal error: libavformat/avformat.h: No such file or directory01:26
timcowchipI thought "-I/usr/include/ffmpeg-compat/libavformat" took care of that01:27
timcowchipI was getting a different error before removing ffmpeg-2.101:27
nogagplzdo you mean "-I/usr/include/ffmpeg-compat"? wouldn't the former search for libavformat/avformat.h inside libavformat01:29
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timcowchipqmake apparently found /usr/include/avformat/avformat.h01:31
timcowchipqmake apparently found /usr/include/libavformat/avformat.h01:31
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prologichey guys02:12
prologicIs it even possible (without risk) to disable journaling on an ext3  file system? My understanding is that ext2 + journalling == ext3 -- So this would involve converting the ext3 filesystem to ext2 right? What's the risk of doing this?02:13
prologicCan it even be done at all in a sensible way? Or would you have to copy the entire disk somewhere else, repartition and reformat it as ext2, remount the new disk and copy the old data back?02:13
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prologicI think this answers that question rather well02:20
prologicBut the question of risk remains02:20
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frinnststupid australian timezones03:47
frinnsthaving to get up in the middle of the night to watch f1 fp103:47
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tilmanfrinnst: WTF is wrong with you o__O :p05:40
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nogagplzyeah, stop watching out telly!05:47
frinnstf1 > *05:58
frinnstmight as well head to work05:58
tilmanfuck no05:58
tilmanyou'll give them a heartattack if you show up so early05:58
tilman(just a guess)05:58
frinnstnobodys here :D06:07
frinnstbut yeah, im usually the last one in :)06:13
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JackLFrostfrinnst, you could record it and watch later?06:42
frinnstmust .. watch .. live06:47
frinnsti've waited for months damnit! ;)06:47
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nwegood morning!07:29
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nwedoes someone know how I can turn off mirroring with xrandr?09:27
nweI fixed it :)09:39
frinnstleft-of etc09:44
nweyeahd :)09:47
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frinnstw t f15:08
frinnstaustralia again..15:08
penguinfanGood evening everyone!15:19
penguinfananyone here?15:19
Rotwangpenguinfan: sup?15:23
torisofrinnst: i never understood how people  keep snakes at home15:27
frinnsti think that snake was wild15:37
frinnstits australia after all..15:37
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Amnesiafrinnst: there're snakes in europe aswell15:43
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Feigrfrinnst: jag stängde fönstret! :)18:38
Rotwang1puhutku englantia?19:31
Rotwang1although with 3 x u would be even funnier19:33
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frinnstFeigr: gott, d� kan jag sova :D22:41
joacimNo F1 tonight?22:50
frinnstdunno, 3-4 am or something again22:58
frinnstFeigr: ducky premiere: delayed ...22:58
nogagplzwere there any decent crashes23:02
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prologicanyone here play with Ardino hw via their CRUX desktop on the command line?23:09
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Amnesiaprologic: yep23:35
Amnesiaprologic: how can I help you?23:35
prologicahh bloody awesome :)23:36
prologicdo you have any ports as such that I can install?23:36
prologicI want to completely avoid using the Ardinio Java IDE and not even have to install it23:36
prologicafaik I need the avr toolchain23:36
prologicmaybe a Makefile or the intool23:36
Amnesiasure, there you go23:37
prologicand the Ardinio core libraries23:37
AmnesiaI could send you my Makefile aswell23:37
prologicyou are a legened :)23:37
prologicplease do!23:37
prologicor maybe even a full working sample project23:37
prologicso I can have some idea of workflow, etc23:37
prologicI just got my shipment of TinyDunio boards23:38
prologicso am going to play with these and build a project23:38
prologican automatic door opener/closer for my wife's new chicken coup23:38
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prologicand do you have a working sample proejct I can borrow structure from?23:40
prologicI assume you just write in C?23:40
prologicnot sketches?23:40
prologicafaik scketches are translated to C anyway23:41
prologicbefore compiled and uploaded to the EPROM23:41
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Amnesiano, I make use of the arduino libraries which are written in c++23:42
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