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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: openssh: updated to 6.6p100:15
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timcowchipwhat's burning?08:03
timcowchiphandbrake is broken in slackware08:12
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prologicnot in CRUX :)08:43
prologicwho cares about slackware anyway :)08:43
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timcowchipwho cares about slackware?18:18
timcowchipits the only other linux w/o systyemd18:19
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joacimbut there are a lot of them19:32
joacimzenwalk and crunchbang are the first to pop into my mind19:33
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timcowchipcrunchbang is debian-based no?20:26
timcowchipzenwalk is slackware-based20:27
timcowchipslackware and its derivatives are not systemd20:27
joacimdoesn't mean they can't go their own ways20:35
timcowchipI put systemd on my 1999 ford escort20:45
timcowchipit boots faster now20:45
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timcowch1paha, but I was reconnected by the awesome Irssi21:00
timcowch1pthe slackware handbrake thing seems to be about x26421:02
timcowch1pits much newer than crux's version21:02
timcowch1pnow don't you go updating it Romster and break evrything21:03
frinnstwhat does handbrake do? other than put a smile on my face when its snowing?21:03
timcowch1ptranscodes dvd's to mp4 files21:04
frinnsthow often do you need to do that?21:04
timcowch1pfor storing on a drive and viewing at your convenience21:05
timcowch1pyou must appreciate that21:05
frinnstsure, but you buy a dvd and then rip it? how often?21:06
timcowch1pI have every episode of Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen on my wdtvlivehub21:07
timcowch1pcirca 195821:07
joacimI just watch the DVD, or download some torrent21:07
timcowch1pdo you subscribe to netflix?21:08
joacimI would if they let me look through their library first21:09
timcowch1pnetflix used to stream Gunsmoke21:09
frinnstjoacim: they offer a month free here in sweden21:09
joacimnot gonna waste a free month until I know they have something worthwhile =)21:09
frinnstoh, cheap bastard :)21:09
frinnsthouse of cards and orange is the new black alone is worth it21:09
joacimyou know we have it rough here in norway21:09
timcowch1pthen they stop streaming and put Gunsmoke on dvd21:09
timcowch1pso I transcoded the Gunsmoke dvd's to mp4's21:10
timcowch1pand can watch them when I feel like it21:10
timcowch1plike streaming21:10
joacimthinking about buying stargate and seinfeld21:11
joacimand just watch those over adn over again21:11
timcowch1pseinfed never gets old21:11
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/media/archive/tv/Seinfeld.S01-S09.DVDRip.XviD$ du -sh21:12
joacimI'm guessing I'll download them =)21:13
joacimthe entire box-set is too damn expensive21:13
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