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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: cgroupfs-mount (NEW): Scripts to mount the cgroupfs hierarchy04:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker/docker-bin: 0.9.0-1 -> 0.9.0-2 -- Adds dependency on cgroupfs-mount04:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker/docker-bin: 0.9.0-2 -> 0.9.0-3 -- Fixed typo in docker.rc04:37
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nwedoes someone know how I can specific screensaver with xscreensaver --lock ?07:31
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frinnstnwe: xautolock + slock <308:45
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nwefixades det :D08:50
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nwefrinnst: any idea about this.. channel_setup_fwd_listener: cannot listen to port:08:55
nweCould not request local forwarding08:55
nweit?s working on my mac ssh -Nf -L 8080:<ip>:80 <jumphost>08:55
nwebut not on my linux host.08:55
RotwangI'm guessing08:56
Rotwangnwe: you can't open a port 80 as a non root user08:56
nwebut I setting up a tunnel so If browse localhost:8080 I will come to <ip>:80 via jumphost08:58
alanciomaybe you should check your ssh_config for the LocalForward option09:00
alancioand also check there is nothing else listening on port 808009:01
nwealancio: nothing is listening on port 808009:02
alanciohow about you try: ssh -L<ip>:80 <jumphost>09:03
nwealancio: got the same when I trying that..09:06
nweI think I have miss something on my machine, because it?s working for all others and on my other machine..09:37
alanciotry: telnet 808010:15
alanciothat will tell you for sure if another process is listening on that port10:15
nweI found the problem :D10:18
alanciowhat was it?10:22
nweI using wifi-script from to setup my wireless connection.. and I forgot to add so loopback coming up10:26
alanciooh ok10:27
frinnstanybody know how to decrypt txt without gpg printing keyinfo and other crap?10:37
frinnstjust print the filecontents10:37
frinnstnow it prints "You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for .. blablabla"10:37
Amnesiafrinnst: you could use openssl10:38
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frinnstyeah, looks to be the simplest way :)10:43
frinnsthow can java suck so bad?11:06
diversefrinnst: suck in which way?11:07
frinnstimagine something and java will suck at it11:07
alancioit doesn't suck at sucking11:08
frinnstfucking tomcat apps11:08
alanciohey watch your mouth! tomcat...11:09
frinnstyes but java..........11:09
z3bra^ Not even as good at microsoft at it11:09
diverseoh hey z3bra11:10
z3brahi diverse11:11
z3braI just found a new app. It's awesome !11:11
z3braYou guys might like it11:12
diverseah I would to hear about it11:12
z3bra^ screenshot11:12
z3bra(along with 9menu)11:12
diversehow would you compare the two?11:13
z3braboth the same binary size11:13
z3bra53Kb ^^11:14
z3bra9menu can live after you click an item, instead of quitting like thingmenu does11:14
z3braYou can then teleport it/iconify it to you likings11:15
z3braIt can also be used as an interpretor, using #!/usr/bin/9menu11:16
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z3brabut thingmenu can create horizontal menus. You can also fit it to screen height/width11:17
z3braAnd change the width/height of menu entries11:17
z3bra(Saying; width of the menu is longest_item * 1.511:17
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z3brasame for height11:18
z3braOh, just noticed that thingmenu has a -s flag, to live until you press "cancel"11:19
z3braso basically, they're quite the same ^^11:20
diversez3bra: btw, you recommend meh as your image viewer? I have been wanting to use a different one.11:29
z3braI use this one only, and add no problem with it11:30
z3brawhy do you want to switch11:30
diversebecause I am tired of feh :)11:30
z3braI don't like feh11:30
z3braI find its behavior totally weird11:31
diverseyeah, it doesn't have smart window sizing for one11:31
z3braOpening images in fullsize, while the image is too big11:31
z3braand the resizing is not accurate at all11:32
z3braviewing a set of images with it is a pain11:32
z3braYou need to resize them endlessly11:32
z3braso that they appear *almost* correctly on screen11:32
z3brameh just fit every images to the window size, no matter if it's too big or small11:33
z3brait make image vieing a lot more evident :)11:33
diversecould you upload the pkgfile on contrib?11:35
z3braHow can I do that ?11:36
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z3bra^ you'll find it here11:36
z3braDidn't know I could upload my ports to contrib directly11:36
z3braI though some admin were supposed to do that11:37
diverseI don't know myself either, but maybe someone *cough*Romster*cough* would be interested maintaining it?11:38
z3bra"You can register your personal HttpUp repository sending an email with the following information to contrib-admin at crux dot nu:"11:38
z3brai'll do this right away11:38
diverseThanks man11:39
z3braFeel free to add wy repo until then11:39
diversefrinnst, jaeger, jue: ^11:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lcms2: update to 2.612:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: update to 7.4.20512:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 6.3.212:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.10p112:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: vim: update to 7.4.20512:10
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diverseanyone know of a good desktop remote application?13:56
diverseteamviewer just doesn't work13:58
Amnesiadiverse: ammy admin14:04
Amnesiaor just set up your own stuff?14:04
diverseI only need to be able to remote inside another desktop14:05
Amnesiaammy admin will do the job14:06
Amnesia <- awesome14:06
diversethat's a funny one14:07
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diverseAmnesia: for the server side, does it require the server to port forward for accessing through the internet?14:22
Amnesiadiverse: actually the server side is hosted by ammy admin14:23
Amnesiajust like teamviewer14:23
Amnesiaammy admin works exactly the same as teamviewer does14:24
diversethat's good, because my friend wouldn't know how to setup a server :)14:25
diversedo I run wine on it?14:25
Amnesiadunno how well it runs under wine, haven't tried14:28
diverseso you haven't tested it in Linux at all?14:28
Amnesiabut afaik there's a native linux client14:28
diverseI don't see it on the site14:29
Amnesiaah no it isn't14:29
Amnesiathere isn't*14:29
Amnesiause a vm/wine:)14:29
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diverseanyone an expert on OpenVPN?17:38
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dxtrdiverse: I don't know about expert but I've set it up more times than I can coun17:57
dxtrAre there plans to switch .md5sum to, like, .sha(1|256|512)sum? .skein(256|512)sum?18:02
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diversedxtr: I'm having issues with connectivity when connecting to an OpenVPN server and getting very very slow connections18:28
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frinnstdxtr: not really. md5 is more or less good enough for what we use it for19:23
frinnstits not to in any way validate the source of the package, only to make sure its not corrupt19:24
frinnstbut patches are always welcome :)19:24
dxtrYeah I get it. Was kinda wondering if it'd be worth making a patch for it or if the idea is ridiculous :p19:40
frinnstit has been brought up before and iirc it was shot down19:43
frinnstdont remember the details19:43
dxtrOh right19:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: updated to 1.8.10p219:53
dxtrfrinnst: Is there a TODO somewhere I can look at? I'm feeling like hacking some code20:01
dxtrBut I don't know what to do :P20:01
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dxtrAlso. Today is my birthday. Yay me20:12
dxtrSpending it doing laundry20:12
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timcowchiphappy birthday/St Patrick's day20:33
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