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jaegernlightnfotis: was driving. A git hook updates the rsync repos00:49
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nlightnfotisjaeger: thanks for the answer :)09:05
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jaegernlightnfotis: no problem13:19
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renovaatiohello again14:39
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renovaatioi would like to get rid of the error messages in the boot process. Here they are:14:47
renovaatioit is a rough manual transcription14:50
jaegerrenovaatio: remove the lvm2 package14:50
renovaatiorebooting now to test it14:51
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z3brahi !15:08
diversehey z3bra15:10
diverseoh yeah, did you get your ports added to contrib?15:11
z3braAh, idk15:13
z3bradid not look at my mails these days15:13
z3brait is :D15:13
diversevery nice15:20
z3brathank you :)15:21
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renovaatiothanks jaeger , it worked (uninstalling lvm)15:21
jaegerno problem15:22
renovaationow installing skype gets me this error15:22
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TLHtry installing xorg-libx11-3215:27
TLHthen retry15:27
jaeger /usr/lib/ is the 64-bit version of libX11, is xorg-libx11-32 installed?15:27
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renovaatioxorg-libx11-32 is not installed15:34
renovaatioshouldn't it then be considered a dep?15:35
renovaatioinstalling kde and skype puts a whole damn lot of packages15:35
renovaatioon my system15:35
renovaationot too sure what to think of that15:36
z3brathat you should probably not install them ? ^^15:36
jaeger$ prt-get depends skype | grep xorg-libx11-3215:37
jaeger[ ] xorg-libx11-3215:37
jaegerkde and skype both will do that. KDE is just a rather large environment and skype is 32-bit only so needs a lot of compatibility stuff installed15:37
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renovaatioproblem is that I use both15:50
renovaatiojaeger: do you know why it didn't pull is as a dep then? I used prt-get depinst skype15:51
jaegercheck the output of "prt-get depends skype" on your install15:52
jaegersee if it's listed there15:52
renovaatiojaeger: it is15:53
renovaatiothen why did a prt-get depinst not pull it ?15:54
jaegerlooks like dbus-32 comes before xorg-libx11-32 in the build order15:56
jaegerwhich is an interesting problem as dbus doesn't generally require xorg as far as I know15:56
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renovaatioit's over my skills16:02
jaegerfor the short term, just depinst xorg-libx11-32 first16:03
renovaatioi meant that I cannot really know how to propose a fix for this problem16:06
renovaatiobut i'm ok with the installation16:06
renovaatiojaeger: thanks again16:09
z3braHow does depinst "choose" the installation order ?16:09
z3braDoes it take the line from the Pkgfile and install deps from left to right ?16:09
jaegerI've not actually looked at the code in years but I think it reads the deps and sorts them before starting16:11
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renovaatioany documentation on kde-polkit ?16:27
renovaatiocan't automount my drives16:27
renovaatiomaybe I should login with KDM instead of starting with "startx"16:28
renovaatiolemme try that16:28
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renovaatiothis is the log file of kdm, wich refuses to start16:50
renovaatioi hate when verbosity is so low16:50
renovaatiothere is obviously no problem with Xorg, i'm on it now16:53
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renovaatiostill can't start kdm17:12
renovaatiodo you know what's Alan's nick in here?17:13
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jaegermight be easier to email him, don't see him here too frequently17:47
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timcowchipyrying unsuccessfully to pipe a menu to openbox20:58
timcowchiptrying (f'n kbd)20:58
timcowchiptried openbox-menu, genmenu, obmenugen20:59
timcowchip<menu execute="/usr/bin/openbox-menu" id="xdg-app-menu" label="Applications"/>21:02
timcowchipgives me "Invalid output from pipe menu '/usr/bin/openbox-menu'"21:04
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timcowchipopenbox-menu -o menu.xml | xmllint .cache/menu.xml21:09
timcowchipdoesn't show any errors21:09
jaegerNever done that, can it not just be edited manually?21:10
timcowchipyes I have obmenu21:11
timcowchipopenbox-menu updates the menu for you21:12
timcowchipat least its supposed to21:12
timcowchipworks well on my slack install21:12
timcowchipoh well21:13
jaegerI'd investigate the "invalid output from" error, see what the actual invalid output is21:14
timcowchipobmenugen made a menu from info in *.desktop files21:14
timcowchipok thanks jaeger :)21:14
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z3braI need some help please22:17
diverseask away22:18
z3braHow can I change the default font of cups22:18
z3brafor when I print plain text files ?22:18
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diverseRomster: could you update your linphone port to 3.7.0? Also, what is "up2date" for?22:29
z3braOh, btw22:32
z3brathere is a problem with libmikmod22:32
z3brathe uri returns 40422:33
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