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Worksterrenovaatio, prt-get readme skype02:56
Worksteryou didn't enable compat-3202:56
Worksteri added a REAME for this very reason.02:57
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renovaatioWorkster: yes, I followed the readme before building it03:25
renovaatioand I did enable compat-32, as explained in the readme03:25
renovaatioand i still got that problem03:25
jaegerthe problem isn't the repo being enabled, as we discussed, it's that the deps are out of order and maybe circular03:26
renovaatioalso, anybody here is using kdm from kde4 ?03:27
jaegernot I03:27
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Worksterjaeger, should not be i have tested that04:31
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gtk-32: 2.24.22 -> 2.24.2309:44
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Romsterz3bra, fixed10:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libmikmod: 3.1.12 -> 3.3.510:37
Romsterdiverse, up2date was my version checking method.10:39
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Romsterturned into a massive bash mess. so it's rewrittin in python now.10:40
diversecool10:40 but it's work in progress.10:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: tdb: update to 1.2.1310:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.2710:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.6310:50
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diverseRomster: how are things going?11:01
Romsterokish about the same as usual.11:05
Romsterlooking at linphone now.11:05
Romsterand testing skype deps but i'm pretty sure skype deps are fine.11:05
Romsterdid just die?11:06
diverseI can still access it11:06
Romsternot i.11:06
diversemaybe clear the browser cache?11:07
Romster26.      my last hop11:07
Romsterwas working a few minutes ago11:07
Romstersure your not cached?11:08
diverseI just cleared it and accessed it again, and it works. I'm also pinging on cli and it's reading it.11:08
Romstercurl is hanging as well.11:09
Romstera router must of died...11:09
Romsteroh now it loads.11:09
Romstera bit slow.11:09
diverseperhaps the router needs restarting?11:10
Romster27.     was dead11:10
Romsternot mine that one ^11:10
Romster75% loss eep11:10
frinnstyour govmt cant keep up with logging everything, romster. so they are dropping stuff until they catch up :)11:11
Romstergood luck i have that much traffic11:12
Romsterfrom a few thousand ips11:12
diversegood ol' vpn, another way to tell your govmt to f**k off11:12
Romsterlooks like it's recovered now.11:12
Romstervpns arn't even secure a advisory could be watching the outlet.11:13
Romsterdoes stop the isp seeing what you do though.11:13
diversewhat about all the encryption that goes on?11:13
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Romsterbut only moves the problem elsewhere.11:13
Romsterit's not encrypted after the VPN tunnel.11:13
Romsterunless your doing https/ssl stuff.11:14
diverseopenvpn uses ssl by default11:14
Romsterforces ssl for all http traffic?11:14
Romster2.8% packet loss i can live with that.11:15
diversepretty much any UDP/TCP protocol11:17
Romsteri was talking about when it leaves the VPN11:18
diverseI guess I am not sure of it myself (just started dabbling with vpn recently)11:22
Romsterthe tunnel itself is secure it's the end point where it goes into the real world. if someone on that sever can snoop or even anyone else on the open-net can eaves drop on your packets.11:24
diversemakes sense11:24
Romsterthey might still find a password that's in plain text or something11:24
Romsterso don't be fooled into a false sense of security by a VPN11:24
Romsterit'll secure some parts.11:25
RomsterISP wont know but someone knows.11:25
diverseyeah, whatever I am doing is probably logged on the VPN server I'm connecting to11:25
diverseI tested openvpn on another machine (which has win 7) in my lan and was able to get openvpn to work, but not on my machine. I'm thinking it's because mine has 2 etherports and the tun/tap connection is getting confused on where to go.11:30
Romstersure it's not a hosts.allow issue?11:30
diverseah that's probably it11:31
Romsteras it'll use the default gateway table by default.11:31
Romsteryeah that used to get me every time not anymore.11:32
diverseoh wait, but I am not running an openvpn server, I'm just trying to connect to one. Is it still needed in hosts.allow?11:34
diversewell I can connect to one, it's just unusably slow.11:35
Romsterah you have to have access to one to connect to one and afaik you need openvpn at both ends to use one.11:35
Romsteropenvpn your end some way to send traffic over the VPN tunnel to the remote end.11:35
diverseand I do that in hosts.allow?11:37
Romsterwell you run openvpn and you /might/ need a rule in hosts.allow to be able to connect to openvpn11:37
Romsterat your end.11:37
Romsterto be able to tunnel over it.11:37
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Romsterbut use ip not ipconfig11:40
RomsterIf you are using tcpwrappers (hosts.allow and hosts.deny) you should create an11:40
Romsterentry for the tunnel(s). ex ...11:40
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Romsterat the bottom11:40
diversehmm, well keep in mind, I am able to connect, I get the "completion initialized" message, but when using the internet, it just keeps on loading forever with no hope. But I guess I need the hosts.allow to not prevent my loading?11:40
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Romsterthat may be blockingit11:40
RomsterALL : : allow11:40
Romsteror what ever your local range is or just set it for openvpn some ip11:41
diversegotcha, thanks11:41
Romsternot sure exactly how and i'd prefer not using a broad ALL daemons.11:41
Romsterdepends on your paranoid level.11:41
diverseI could just put the specific ip address to make it securer11:42
Romsterand if you really wanna get technical you can alter the arp table to have mroe than one gateway and use iptables to tell what traffic goes over the tunnel by some iptables match11:42
Romsterand instead of all what ever the daemon runs as.11:43
diverseI'm not sure what deamon it runs though, I guess the same one used to run a server?11:44
Romstertop htop egrep11:45
diversegood idea11:46
Romsteror it has it's user set when it daemonizes?11:46
Romsteri'm not that familer with openvpn speffics i just know how the stuff works in principal.11:46
diverseI'm not sure myself, but it's something I could look into next time when I play around with openvpn.11:51
diverseso htop is good idea11:51
Romsteri like htop it's so pretty.11:52
diversehtop is the best software ever!11:52
Romsterps -aux for those die hard fans11:52
diverseI'm not that old school ;)11:52
Romsteri have used that one before too.11:52
nwehey, where can I find all stuff for pam.d in crux?12:29
nweI cant find it in /etc.. or maybe Im blind :/12:29
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diverseRomster: did you update linphone?12:32
Romsterpartly done waitngon my chroot to test it and it's dependencies12:34
frinnstnwe: we dont use pam :)12:35
frinnstmaybe for crux 3.212:35
nwewhat are we using then ? :)12:35
frinnstjust shadow12:36
nweah :)12:36
nwethats explain why I didn't find it :D12:36
frinnstiirc theres a port for pam in contrib or something12:36
diversefrinnst: isn't pam deprecated or something?12:36
Romsterno systemd is depreciated or i wish it was :D12:37
frinnstno, where did you hear thtat?12:37
diversedon't recall, it was some impression I got12:37
Romsterpam has been around for ages and isn't going away.12:37
frinnstpam has its uses, if you want to do fancy authentication/2-factor etc12:37
Romstershadow is jsut the crux way for being basic.12:37
diverseI gotcha12:38
frinnstsetting up pam with yubikey authentication has been on my todo-list for 2years or something ;)12:38
frinnstprocrastination always wins12:39
diversesounds badass12:39
diversethe 'yubikey authentication' I mean12:39
frinnstyeah it is12:39
frinnstwe have it running in an AD here at work12:40
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ mgmt12:40
frinnstEnter OTP: rbngltefevljubdkrjehicbejeltrivruvnfdfdllenjviudefjdhefirbtilnbc12:40
frinnstthat logs me in :)12:40
frinnstyubikeys are awesome. they work like a usb keyboard, so they work everywhere12:41
diversesounds very portable12:41
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jaegerWorkster: seems that dbus-32 wants xorg-libx11-32 but xorg-libx11-32 isn't a direct dep. My guess, though I haven't investigated it, is that if you have x libs installed dbus picks them up12:59
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Romsteroh that... a clean depinst of skype works. there is  bug report for when dbus is on the system you have to manually install dbus-3214:14
Romsterjaeger, ^14:14
Romsterthe problems with soft deps14:14
Romstermusl be interesting to try out.14:16
Romsterheading to bed14:16
Romsteri'll sort out linphone later.14:16
diverseRomster: have a good night14:21
Romsteryou can bump it loclaly but all the deps need reviewing.14:21
diverseprologic: is musl taking over the default C library spectrum now?14:21
diverseRomster: I can wait14:22
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diverseIt's good that they made the C library correct-oriented14:36
diverseDoes musl plan to work on the C++ std lib?14:38
dxtrHmm.. Wouldn't it be cool to use pkgsrc with CRUX? "Why?" you might ask. "Because why not?"14:38
dxtrI think I'm gonna try it :D14:38
diversedxtr: go for it14:38
dxtrdiverse: One of my future projects will be a linux distro with pkgsrc as the package manager14:39
diversesounds like a fun project14:41
dxtrOh, cygwin is supported14:41
dxtrBy pkgsrc14:41
dxtrThat's cool14:41
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prologicdiverse, seems that way20:01
prologicbut hey if it's 1/2 the size of glibc20:01
prologicI'm all for it :)20:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] nss: updated to 3.1620:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: hack for nss-config20:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.2720:12
penguinfanjust requested contrib access to the mailing list, hope you guys approve that ;-)20:25
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Worksterman i updated firefox now nss is bumped again22:54
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