IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-03-22

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sox: dropped04:36
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timcowchipnow that I've successfully built, installed and executed chrome, the latest firefox update won't  build05:18
timcowchipcould be just good timing05:20
timcowchipmaybe Romster will build a new firefox package for download?05:34
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Romstertimcowchip already done05:47
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timcowchipthanks Romster :)07:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.2.4 -> 2.2.607:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: scite: update to 3.4.009:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sane: new source URL09:24
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diversesigh, the tcp wrappers wasn't preventing/slowing down my OpenVPN connection. The extra eth1 interface was not interferring, tried both ethernet ports, tried ifconfig down'ing both eth0 and eth1 interfaces to see if they were conflicting with tun0, but it turns out that tun0 needs eth0 to stay 'connected' and putting down eth1 didn't do anything.09:58
diverseReally, how is it that Windows could do something so easily and yet I'm not able to do the same in Crux, this is frustrating.09:59
diverseI go to my parents machine, download the .ovpn config file, put it in the program file directory, load the openvpn gui, and boom it loads the file, like if you are running on the cli 'openvpn --config file.ovpn' and I get a decent connection.10:02
diverse(I hate you Windows)10:02
diverseRomster: how is the linphone update? Did you resolve the correct dependencies in your chroot environment?10:05
Romsterin the works10:07
diversenrxtx: are you around?10:25
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RotwangteK__: ping10:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pidgin: disable dependency tracking11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libreoffice: 4.2.0 -> 4.2.211:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ack: 2.10 -> 2.1211:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: iw: 3.11 -> 3.1411:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: medit: 1.1.1 -> 1.2.011:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 3.011:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: thunderbird: 24.2.0 -> 24.4.011:11
prologictsk tsk tsk11:13
prologicwho forgot to rebase?11:13
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diversehey is 22% packet loss to my gateway a big deal?11:19
RomsterMerge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 3.011:22
Romsterwhat is the point of that.11:22
diverseThat I wondered about11:23
Romsteri've never done that one.11:23
Romsterand prologic is onto it.11:23
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diverseit looks to me someone merged their whole contrib branch to master... I hope that didn't mess up anything...11:25
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RomsterBartlomiej .didn't think anyone would push anything before he did later. Rotwang bad boy.11:28
Romsternah wasn't to master at all, Rotwang had to rebase after he committed stuff.11:29
Romsterbecause he didn't do it before.11:29
Romsterthat commit still makes no sense.11:29
Romsterlike it's redoing my webkit and sox commits again.11:29
prologic<diverse> hey is 22% packet loss to my gateway a big deal? <-- absolutely11:30
prologicthat's quite bad11:30
prologicI'm quite frankly surprised you can even IRC :)11:30
prologicyeah someone forgot to rebase11:31
diverseprologic: well that's the measurement I got from ping flooding my gateway ;)11:31
prologicyeah :/11:31
prologicyou'll maintain some level of tcp communciatons11:31
prologicbut it won't be very reliable11:31
prologicor much bandwidth because of the loss11:31
diverseand that's probably why my openvpn connection isn't stable11:32
prologicre the merge, it's not that bad as long as the merge was successfuly and no bad merge clinfict resolution11:32
prologicbut you should really rebease if you haven't pulled/updated in a while :)11:32
prologicovp uses udp11:32
prologicso yeah that' won't be stable on 22% packet loss11:32
Romster22% is considerable but irc can recover from that.11:33
prologicyeah OpenVPN uses UDP on port 1194 iirc11:33
prologicso yeah you're kinda boned there11:33
Romsterouch UDP openvpn has to deal with the packet loss itself.11:33
prologicwell it's just the same as TCP/IP11:34
Romsterit probably does by the data tcp inside it being resent when lost?11:34
prologicTCP is built on top of IP11:34
prologicwhich itself is stateless11:34
prologicIP == UDP (for all intents and purposes)11:34
Romstertcp has a garnteed resend of packets though udp does not.11:34
prologicit's even simpler than that11:35
prologicTCP is stateful11:35
prologicUDP is not11:35
prologicI wonder if PPtP uses TCP or UDP11:35
Romsterand ICMP11:36
diversewell, at least now I know what my problem is. I'm using a TCP openvpn config I download from (I want the packet reliability)11:36
prologicThe Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a method for implementing virtual private networks. PPTP uses a control channel over TCP and a GRE tunnel operating to encapsulate PPP packets. PPTP is considered cryptographically broken and its use is no longer recommended by Microsoft.[citation needed]11:36
prologicPPtP should be more stable than OpenVPn here11:36
Romsterif that 22% drop is first hop you either have a bad router nic or line.11:36
prologicoh that's right11:36
prologicOpenVPN can be configured to setup the transport/network over TCP right?11:37
prologicbut by default it uses UDP iirc11:37
diverseand UDP11:37
prologicoh both?11:37
prologicI normally use PPtP or L2TP myself11:37
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diversewell fortunately there are some servers that offer L2TP/IPSec connections:
Romsterbesides regarding git we dn't use it right anyways should be working in master and use a branch to stable.11:38
Romsterinstead we all work in branches and never master.11:39
diversewow, I get 100% packet loss from ping flooding my public ip... -_-11:52
diversehow the hell am I even here?11:52
jueRomster: that's wrong, every CRUX release is tightly related to a specific branch and never to master, doing it the way we do is the easiest for us11:53
diverseprologic: thoughts?11:54
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Romsterjue, we could use master to test newer releases before branching it off to another branch for a crux version. but i don't care it's working as it is for us.12:12
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penguinfanHi Romster14:08
Romsterhi penguinfan14:11
penguinfanThanks for your feedback on my ports14:12
penguinfanI'll check those and clean them up as suggested14:12
Romstermost of it was minor.14:12
penguinfanwell but valid and keeps them clean and working ;-)14:13
penguinfanmost of them are more for me, either for testing or just playing with them. I would anyway ask for feedback before I upload some of those14:14
penguinfanto contrib I mean14:15
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Romsterwell really you get to choose what goes in contrib.14:16
Romsterif you think it could be useful to others it can go in contrib.14:17
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Romsteri still have a few too many ports. be glad to have more contrib maintainers.14:17
penguinfanhappy to help!14:19
penguinfanI'll fly to Germany tomorrow, so plenty of time to cleanup my ports ;-)14:20
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Guest6556The way we manage our ports with git is perfectly fine14:58
Guest6556we're not maintaining a piece of software her e:)14:59
Guest6556just a collection of things :)14:59
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timcowchipjaeger: I see you found a new source that doesn't make you log in to download it18:02
poulecacaIs there a way to say in a Pkgfile that stripping is not allowed ?18:03
timcowchip# PKGMK_NO_STRIP="no"18:05
timcowchipchange to PKGMK_NO_STRIP="yes"18:05
poulecacaI mean for a particulare port only18:05
timcowchippkgmk -ns18:06
poulecacayes but I was wondering if it was possible to indicates in the Pkgfile itself that this package must not be stripped18:07
timcowchipI don't think the option can be passed by the Pkgfile18:10
timcowchipwhy do you ask?18:11
poulecacaI have some own ports for avr-{binutils,gcc,libc} that appears to not work when they are stripped but the x86 toolchain18:12
poulecacaoh that is nice18:15
horrorStruckde rien ;)18:19
jaegertimcowchip: I have no idea what you're talking about... context?18:22
timcowchipI failed to install sane-backends because I wasn't logged in to the ftp for the old source18:25
timcowchipso I became a member, logged in, downloaded the source and pushed it to my gitorius repo18:26
jaegertimcowchip: ok, why tell me that? :)18:27
timcowchipduh, you're not jue you're jaeger18:28
timcowchipI always think jaeger when I read juergen18:29
tilmanpoulecaca: better example:;a=blob_plain;f=arm-gcc/.nostrip;hb=HEAD18:35
timcowchipprt-get remove's too short18:35
timcowchipI see Romster has a new pre-built though
poulecacatilman: I've already managed to get my .nostrip regex working with the first example, but thx anyway18:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feh: 2.9.3 -> 2.1021:11
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