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diversexvee: yeah, I am00:12
diversewaiting for e19 to stablize though00:12
diversealso hoping jue could maintain a Qt version of transmission, because the gtk3 version of it just looks like s**t with the crippled 3.1000:21
Romstercan't go back to gtk2?01:44
xveei switched to rtorrent and quite enjoy it01:48
Romsteri'm enjoying deluge but that is a heavy client.01:48
joacimI use transmission-daemon with transmission-remote-cli01:49
Romsterand back to work..01:56
diverseRomster: they permanently took the gtk3 route02:06
diversexvee: btw, why did you ask?02:08
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Workster even mozilla is gonna have fun.03:08
diverse_| ̄|o <-- /me03:12
prologicwho was the fellow around here that does Aruidno stuff on CRUX03:16
prologicother than now me :)03:16
prologicI wish to thank him/her :)03:16
diverseprologic: what's that?03:21
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xveediverse: oh just wondering about your icon menu's disabling. was wondering what wm/dm you were using05:50
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nwedoess someone know how I can configure dhcpcd to use ssl-certificate?07:44
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timcowchipI made a port for loudmouth07:56
timcowchipnow mcabber will build07:58
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diversexvee: the icon disabling is gtk3's problem, has nothing to do with a DE or WM.10:08
frinnstwtf, IE is unable to open favorites10:40
diverseuse a different browser?10:41
frinnstcustomers system10:43
diverseoh :o10:43
frinnstoh how I hate this crap10:43
frinnst"yeah, i'll start it from the command line to get more debug output"10:43
diverseIE just sucks, why not convince the customer to use a different browser?10:44
diverseunless he has to play on msn -_-10:50
frinnstParsing log file sxstrace.etl...10:52
frinnstOpen output file wtf.txt failed. Error Message is:10:52
frinnstUnknown Error.10:52
frinnstParsing finished! Output saved to file wtf.txt.10:52
diverseSo it didn't output anything?10:53
frinnstno, but it was because cmd was not running with admin privs10:54
frinnstsilly uac10:54
frinnstone would think that would not generate an unknown error tho..10:54
diverseso disable uac and run everything as admin (like any normal windows user would?)10:55
frinnstyeah, no..11:15
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diversefrinnst: fix the problem?12:19
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Romsterdiverse, working on the deps as i type now.12:53
Romsterdiverse, runing as admina nd get all sorts of viruses smart...12:54
diverseRomster: I was being somewhat facetious, which was to make fun of the stupid problem that frinnst is dealing with.12:56
diversemy sympathies to frinnst13:01
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diverseWell, I guess I should have been a little more helpful or not say anything (since I don't know crap about IE)13:12
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Romsterhit a wall on a port and it's getting late i'll look into it tomorrow.14:44
diverseRomster: which port?14:44
diverse(Linphone, why do you make things harder for Romster?)14:46
frinnstwtf is linphone and why is it romsters fault?15:13
z3braI was just wondering, what do you guys use to render pdf ?15:17
frinnstmupdf mostly15:17
z3braokay thanks15:18
z3bramy heart is heavily balancing between zathura and apvlv15:19
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z3brawhat could go wrong..?15:54
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diversefrinnst: didn't say it was Romster's fault, just blaming the software for not being easy to build. Linphone is an SIP voip client, an alternative to skype.17:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: fix include issues, closed FS#100117:30
diverseI sense Romster's struggles since he has been working on this for me for the past 3 or so days.17:33
nogagplzI trust you're paying him for his time17:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.4918:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.418:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gphoto2: update to 2.5.418:35
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pitillodiverse: about linphone, have you tried my ports?20:30
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norttithis is probably a stupid question but is there anymore a 32bit x86 version?21:14
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JackLFrostnortti, not officially21:35
norttia shame, crux looked like a pretty nice distro21:37
JackLFrostDo you have a 32bit machine?21:37
norttiyes, a couple21:37
JackLFrostheh. Tough luck then21:37
JackLFrostLook at arch maybe, it still supports 32bit.21:38
norttinah, there is a very good reason why I did not select arch21:38
nortti*are *reasons21:38
JackLFrostOne of them being systemd? :D21:39
JackLFrostYeah, it's why I'm even here: at some point I'll probably switch to either CRUX or Gentoo.21:40
norttiadditional note: the 32-bit only machines are my best ones, I also have some 16/32 bit ones21:40
JackLFrostArch is becoming a bit annoying if you use it without systemd21:40
norttiheard gentoo are putting up a good fight too but, gentoo21:40
tilmanwhat OS do these 16 bit ones run?21:40
JackLFrostI use their eudev :)21:40
norttitilman: minix, amiga workbench and system 621:41
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timcowchipslackware supports 32 bit22:49
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