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Romsternothing stopping toriso from continuing 32-bit crux nor anyone else01:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: networkmanager: Updated to, improved init script06:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql-python: update to 1.2.5, dependency fix (FS#1002)10:22
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Romsterdiverse, good timing, i'm committing the work now.13:15
Romsterit's a bit of a whoopass of dependencies13:15
Romsterbut it's all source i should try it out more myself.13:15
diversewow, how many dependencies are we talking about here?13:17
Romsteruh you'll see shortly.13:21
diverseit must of gotten a lot more featureful?13:22
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Romsterdiverse, ports -u romster13:32
Romsterdiverse, probably or i was lacking most of the stuff since i was using kde way back then.13:33
Romsterbut not now.13:33
Romsterso i yanked some ports out of kde repo updated a few altered some others. had to make some others that no one else had. and updated 2 i already had.13:33
Romsterbetter all be working13:35
Romsterfrom 394 to 403 ports -_-13:38
diverseawesome, thanks Romster!! :D13:38
Romsterso much for me thinning out my repo.13:38
diverseRomster: well, that makes you are a connoisseur of ports. You keep the good ones and throw out the others. ;)13:41
diverseessentially I declare your repo as 'contrib2' since it's also a nice big collection of necessities.13:43
Romsterhonestly never thought of it as that. lol.13:43
Romstermore like less well tested stuff.13:43
Romsterah i still need to do that patch for fbpanel as well too...13:44
Romsterbut i forget what file i need to edit now.13:44
diverseit should say in the patch13:44
diverseoh wait, you are creating a patch from scratch?13:45
diverseWell I am going to test out linphone, I'll report any issues that come along.13:46
Romsterfrom scratch a tiny change to pkill or something.... i'll troll the irc log later.13:47
Romsterhopefully none.13:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.14 -> 5.1.113:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: 9.3.3 -> 9.3.413:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.43.0 -> 4.44.013:52
Romstermine is running diverse maybe later we can test it out.14:01
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diverseRomster: I got an error from trying to install jre, it keeps saying "Partial download found, trying to resume, file:///jre-7u51-linux-x64.tar.gz: Unsupported scheme 'file'.14:35
diversejre is part of the depinst of linphone14:35
jaegerdiverse: you need to download jre manually, it requires you to agree to the oracle license14:36
jaegerdiverse: see the README file in opt/jre14:36
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Romsterwhat jaeger said14:37
Romsteri'm off to bed g'night14:39
diverseRomster: have a good one14:44
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diversejaeger: is it normal for the md5sum to change for jre, or is it a bad download?14:52
diversesame exact file14:52
jaegerOn rare occasions the upstream file changes but you should check to make sure the download is correct first14:53
jaegermake sure it can extract, isn't an HTML error, etc.14:53
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diversegzip: stdin: not in gzip format14:57
diversetar: Child returned status 114:57
diversetar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now14:57
diverseyeah looks like a bad download14:57
jaegerwhat does file say about it?14:57
diversejaeger: ... the file command thinks it's an HTML doc14:59
diversedamn you wget!14:59
diverse(on the other note, looks like they came out with version 8, must be too buggy for practical use)15:01
diversejaeger: btw, any thoughts about openjdk for openjre?15:05
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jaegerI have no experience with the open* versions15:09
joacimdiverse: gotta open that in a browser. some funny stuff oracle/sun is doing with their downloads15:26
joacimhave to agree to some license first15:26
diversejoacim: I figured, although I'm thinking openjre is a better alternative (but that's my opinion)15:27
frinnstopenjre would require half of the internetz for dependencies iirc15:39
frinnstalso performance is a lot shittier15:39
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